leap frogging and BMX riding

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so, you know how i work at leap frog?  i’ve tested products for them at least 4 different times.  well, i haven’t been asked to test products in almost a year, but sienna got the call today!  she stole my gig!

today was sienna’s first time working at leap frog.  she tested a video game where you ride a train, play mini games at the stops, and pick up letters along the way.  this train game helps you practice your alphabet.  mommy said the game was too easy for me, so that’s why they needed a little baby like sienna to test and not a smart big kid like me.  i heard sienna did a really good job working and she had fun, too.

after sienna’s day at work, she and mommy picked me up from school and we hit a nearby BMX park.  we got the idea from logan and mason who went riding last week — uncle greg shot video.  it looked fun, so sienna and i wanted to try it too.

we started out in the kids’ track, but that got boring really fast. we dropped right in to the big park, but some of the jumps were so big that i would try to ride up, and then i’d lose momentum before i reached the top and then roll backwards and fall down.  i got really frustrated at first. i eventually got the hang of it, and it was really fun. also, i found some smaller rollers that were more my speed.  sienna was fearless from the start. she would fall down, dust herself off, and just keep on going!

we were so mad when we mommy said it was time to go.  we had to leave because a lot of grown ups were starting to hit the park and they were flying over us on their bikes (literally).  it didn’t bother us — it was actually really cool to watch them — but mommy was afraid that we were going to get killed.

here’s video of me and sienna during our first time out at the BMX park.  i hope we get to go again soon!

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super bowl XLIX

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uncle henry got a new TV a few months ago.  it was big news.  so big, that he even wrote about it in his annual holiday letter!  it’s a big TV.  bigger than ours.  so obviously, the super bowl party was at his house this year.

we were all excited to watch the big game — especially me.  i had been talking about it and looking forward to it for weeks.  mommy ran her prop bets pool like usual, and this year, daddy kicked it up a notch by putting it online.  everyone entered their predictions in a web form, and as mommy entered the actual answers, scores were tabulated and ranking were displayed online, in real time.  everyone who played could keep tabs on how they were doing right from their phones!

i don’t think many people actually cared about the outcome of the game, but the pool kept them engaged.  all of us kids were in another room playing a game that logan brought, and we didn’t watch much football at all.

uncle greg was the winner of mommy’s pool, and the loser (who also won money) was somebody’s wife of a friend who i didn’t really know.  but i guess that the real news is that the new england patriots won the superbowl.  my prediction was totally right!  i was a little off on the points, but maybe i got confused and thought that mommy was asking about the over/under rather than the spread.

i don’t have any photos from the day, so here’s a completely unrelated video of sienna cheering. you can pretend that she was cheering for tom brady. 🙂

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superbowl predictions

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are you excited for the super bowl? we are! here are our thoughts on deflategate and predictions for the big game.

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party! party!

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20150125-IMG_5615greyson had a bowling birthday bash today.  sienna and i were both planning to go, but it turned out that silvia was celebrating her birthday today as well. if it was anyone else, sienna would have skipped the party, and bowled with the boys.  but silvia is sienna’s BFF. so we split up.

mommy took sienna to silvia’s party at studio grow. that’s the place where cousin zoey had her 2nd birthday party.  but that was when sienna was still in mommy’s tummy, so today was her first time really getting to play there.  all the kids at the party were from school, so sienna knew everyone there.  but for some reason she acted shy and wanted to cling to mommy all morning.  at least she had fun riding the mini roller coaster with her BFF, birthday girl silvia.

20150125-IMG_5624one of the items in the goody bag that silvia gave to all her friends was a bag of bird seed.  so after the party, sienna stopped at the pond right outside studio grow to feed the ducks.  there were only two ducks in the pond, so mommy insisted that sienna only give them a little bit of food.  she didn’t want them to eat too much and get tummy aches.  sienna understood.

20150125-IMG_0596but when all the other kids saw sienna, they wanted to join in on the duck-feeding.  and sienna didn’t want to be left over, so she continued to feed the ducks.  i’m pretty sure that those two ducks ate waaay more than they should have today.  i hope their tummies are okay.

20150125-IMG_0595meanwhile, i was bowling with the boys at greyson’s slugterra wipeout party.  bowling, i get.  i love bowling!  that part was really fun.  i didn’t really get the slugterra wipeout theme, though.  apparently, those are greyson’s favorite TV shows.  slugterra is a TV show targeted toward older kids, so i never heard of it.  i guess it’s about slugs.

the goody bags that greyson gave us contained, among other things, glasses and headbands that would turn us into slugs.  we are supposed to take a photo of our slug-selves and send them to greyson’s mommy.  in a week or so, greyson is going to pick a winner.  what do you think — do i look like a scary slug?  i hope daddy remembers to send mine to auntie char so i can win a prize!

happy birthday to silvia and greyson!

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pumped up about the new pump it up

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20150111-IMG_554820150111-IMG_5547mason has his birthday party at the all new pump in up in santa clara.  that place is awesome.  we had so much fun!

sienna and i have been to pump it up a bunch of times, and they’re all kind of the same.  but not this one!  at this pump it up there were lots of inflatable activities that we’d never seen before.

sienna liked playing dodge ball inside the obstacle course, and of course, she loved the giant slides.  my favorite was the bazooka war — logan and i totally took edison and greyson!  i also liked the batting cages.  the balls were easy to hit because they were just floating in the air. 🙂

when it was time for cake, daddy said sienna could have one bite of his cupcake.  with that one bite, she ate almost the entire cupcake (along with daddy’s finger)!

daddy said it wasn’t funny, but everyone else was laughing, so i guess they disagreed.

happy birthday mason!  thanks for the fun party.  i’m totally having my next birthday party at the new pump it up!

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winter break is awesome

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both sienna’s and my school were closed for winter break (the week between christmas and new year’s).  that’s a whole week of no school!  mommy always takes that week off of work, so we get to go do fun things.  two of the funnest things we did were watching “walking with dinosaurs” and rockin’ and jumping at rockin’ jump.  and auntie barbara was in town and we got to hang out with her, so that made it extra fun.

20141228-IMG_5404on sunday, we went to the shark tank, but there was no hockey and no sharks.  there were dinosaurs.  we got a big group together (including gung-gung, grandma and grandpa, uncle randy, auntie barbara, and even matthew and his family) to see “walking with dinosaurs”!  the dinosaurs looked so real that i thought they might eat me.  they didn’t.  it was a pretty cool seeing all those big dinosaurs, but sienna i will probably get more out of it in a few years.  mommy thinks that kiara (uncle henry’s dog) must be part dinosaur because she has the same brindle coloring as the stegosaurus that was in the show.

20141228-IMG_5402after the show, we all went out to eat at vung tau.  that’s the place that we seem to always end up at when we go to downtown san jose with matthew.  they have noodles and a parking lot, so you can’t really go wrong there.  and after that, some of us went out to get pearl tea.  (daddy and auntie audrey love their pearl tea.  mommy and uncle alan are more coffee drinkers.)

today, we wanted to go on a super fun trip with mommy and auntie barbara.  we actually planned to do an overnight ski trip to tahoe, but the below-freezing weather forecast killed that idea.  so we thought we’d head east into strawberry and go sledding for the day, but the snowpark’s facebook page reported icy conditions AND sell-out crowds.  apparently, our idea was not an original one.  so instead, we slept in, had a lazy morning, and headed over to rockin’ jump.

20141229-IMG_542220141229-IMG_5421what started out as a lazy day turned into a very active afternoon.  rockin’ jump is SO FUN.  the place was packed, but we avoided being trampled by big kid (and grown up) trampoliners by staying in the toddler area.  auntie barbara taught us how to do toe touches!

we also played basketball (i still can’t dunk, not even with the help of a trampoline) and jumped into the foam pit.  there was also a dodge ball arena and a joust pit. we had no interest in dodge ball, but sienna and i waited in line to joust to our deaths (or until one of us fell off the balance beam into the foam pit). we were turned away because we are too little. 🙁 even still, we all had so much fun that we can’t wait to go back.

winter break is awesome!

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winter celebrations

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at back-to-school night (which was on the first day of school), mommy learned that my class would have two holiday celebrations this year — halloween and valentine’s day.  no christmas party.  but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t acknowledge the holidays.

yesterday we did a friendship wreath activity.  i had no idea what to expect — all i knew was that mommy made 3 dozen sugar cookies in the shape of gingerbread men.  would all of those cookie people hold hands in a giant circle?  would each cookie be a “leaf” that we’d glue together into a wreath?

20141217-IMG_5326well, it turns out that other mommies made cookies too (in the shape of gingerbread men and stars) and other parents apparently bought out the candy aisle at safeway.  when we walked into the multi-purpose room, there was a green ring (cut out of a paper plate) and 6 cookies for everybody.  there were also tubs of colored frosting and piles of twizzlers, peppermints, skittles, marshmallows, and other candies scattered all over the table.  we decorated our cookies and then used frosting to glue those cookies to our green plates.  and voila — our friendship wreaths were done.

our teacher said that we could eat our friendship wreaths when we got home.  but actually, i had planned to give 5 of the cookies to daddy and only save one for myself.  mommy vetoed that idea.  she said that too many dirty hands had been all over the cookies and the candy. so i guess my friendship wreath will just be a decoration.

today, we invited our parents to our classroom and put on a winter holiday performance for them.  we sang a lot of songs.  probably about 10 or so.  we sang songs about christmas, kwaanza, hannukah, diwali, and some that were just about winter.

mommy didn’t have enough memory on her phone to record all the songs (and i wouldn’t post all of them even if she did), but here are a couple of them.

this one is my favorite of all the songs we performed: “must be santa”

this one is mommy’s favorite: “listen to the water”

happy winter holiday to everyone, no matter what you celebrate!

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homework sucks

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starting transitional kindergarten was an adjustment for me: new school, new schedule, new friends, new rules, etc.  but i’m handling it well.  luckily for me, i have mommy to help me remember my healthy snack and tote bag every day, homework folder and poetry binder on mondays, share item on tuesdays, red school shirt on wednesdays, and library book on fridays.  whew.

one of the changes that came along with TK was mandatory homework.  i was worried about it at first.  i asked mommy if it was going to be too hard for me.  mommy told me that i was going to love it, because i love to learn.  and she was right.  my regular homework is actually really fun.  each day, in addition to reading for 15 minutes, i have one activity to complete.  here are some examples from this month’s homework sheet:

  • tell what you think it would have been like to travel on the mayflower.
  • write a friend’s phone number.
  • guess how long it will take for an ice cube to melt.  time it to check your guess.
  • make up and tell a story about five little pilgrims and a turkey.
  • make popcorn.  glue the kernels onto paper to write the letters in your name.

fun stuff, right?  so when i heard that i was going to have homework to do in hawaii (since i was skipping 6 days of school), i wasn’t worried at all.  well lemme tell you… it SUCKED.  i wrote about it in my oahu vacation recap, but it’s worth repeating.  this is what i had to do for homework while we were in hawaii.

  • write upper and lower case letters and numbers every day
  • draw and caption a detailed picture of what i did each day
  • draw pictures of 16 items that start with the letters A, B, C, D
  • create simple patterns using objects that i saw each day
  • identify items in groups of 1-12
  • find things that start with each of the letters of my name
  • read for 15 minutes and and re-tell the stories
  • do jumping jacks and sprints

and that was on top of my regular homework sheet.  it was awful.  my penmanship is terrible to begin with, and i was rushing to finish so i could go play, so my letters and numbers just got messier and messier.  mommy kept making me erase them and write them over again.  it took FOREVER.  homework brought me to tears every day, and mommy was so frustrated that she almost cried, too.  mommy said that if this is what it is going to be like, one of us if not going to survive the next 14 years of homework.

mommy already told me that finishing high school is non-negotiable.  you know what that means?  that means that college is optional.  i have already decided that i am definitely not going to college.  who the heck would sign up to do more homework when they don’t have to?

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best day of my life

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mommy and i were watching a pound puppy rescue slideshow today, and one of the songs that was used for background music was “best day of my life”. mommy sort of recognized the song but she doesn’t know it very well. so she was so surprised when i started singing along. and imagine how shocked she was when i did this!

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sienna loves chocolate pudding. mommy made us some special chocolate pudding out of coconut milk, chia seeds, and unsweetened cocoa powder. it’s sienna crack.

at the end of the original video, sienna whispers “chooocolaaate” in a creepy silence-of-the-lambs voice, but daddy edited that part out. too bad.

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