leap frogging and BMX riding

Posted by kyden on Friday Feb 20, 2015 Under sienna

so, you know how i work at leap frog?  i’ve tested products for them at least 4 different times.  well, i haven’t been asked to test products in almost a year, but sienna got the call today!  she stole my gig!

today was sienna’s first time working at leap frog.  she tested a video game where you ride a train, play mini games at the stops, and pick up letters along the way.  this train game helps you practice your alphabet.  mommy said the game was too easy for me, so that’s why they needed a little baby like sienna to test and not a smart big kid like me.  i heard sienna did a really good job working and she had fun, too.

after sienna’s day at work, she and mommy picked me up from school and we hit a nearby BMX park.  we got the idea from logan and mason who went riding last week — uncle greg shot video.  it looked fun, so sienna and i wanted to try it too.

we started out in the kids’ track, but that got boring really fast. we dropped right in to the big park, but some of the jumps were so big that i would try to ride up, and then i’d lose momentum before i reached the top and then roll backwards and fall down.  i got really frustrated at first. i eventually got the hang of it, and it was really fun. also, i found some smaller rollers that were more my speed.  sienna was fearless from the start. she would fall down, dust herself off, and just keep on going!

we were so mad when we mommy said it was time to go.  we had to leave because a lot of grown ups were starting to hit the park and they were flying over us on their bikes (literally).  it didn’t bother us — it was actually really cool to watch them — but mommy was afraid that we were going to get killed.

here’s video of me and sienna during our first time out at the BMX park.  i hope we get to go again soon!

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