oahu vacation: recap

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for our first few days on oahu, we stayed at the hilton hawaiian village in honolulu.  it was a nice room, but sienna and i thought it was small.  i guess we were expecting a big house or 2-BR villa like the places that we’ve stayed at during other hawaii vacations.

after a few days in honolulu, we checked in at disney’s aulani resort where we met up with matthew and jeffrey.  it was UH-MAY-ZING.

since i was missing 6 days of school, mommy and i had to sign an independent study contract.  that means that i had to do homework every day.  a boatload of it.  i had to practice writing upper and lower case letters and numbers, draw and caption a detailed picture of what i did each day, draw 16 pictures that started with the letters A, B, C, D, create simple patterns using objects that i saw each day, identify items in groups of 1-12, find things that start with each of the letters of my name, read for 15 minutes and and re-tell the stories, and do jumping jacks and sprints.  and that’s on top of my regular homework sheets.  TK is intense.

anyway, here’s a recap of what we did each day.  (if you want to skip the words and just go straight to the photos, click here.  mommy and daddy took some of the photos, but most of them were taken by the aulani photogs.)

FRIDAY (11/14):  arrived on oahu.  walked around honolulu.  dinner at 678 hawaii.  shopping at walmart to stock up on homework supplies.  pearl tea at tea boss for daddy.

20141115-1E7A6352SATURDAY (11/15):  headed to northshore.  breakfast at kono’s.  played at laniakea beach (since there was a surf competition at haleiwa ali’i beach park).  visited the dole plantation.  picked up food at yama’s fish market.  swam at the hotel pool.  watched “wreck it ralph” at movie night on the lawn.  toward the end of the movie, i stood up and said “i’m hungry”.  so we went and had a late night snack at CJ’s NY style deli.

SUNDAY (11/16):  malasadas at leonard’s.  we looove malasadas.  they are deeelicious!  coffee break at glazer’s.  lunch at sushi king.  pure aloha shave ice.  aloha stadium swap meet.  checked into the aulani.  dinner at aloha salad.

20141117-Photo 0055MONDAY (11/17): character breakfast.  fish are friends (we made fish food and fed it to the fish in the rainbow reef).  eruption disruption (science experiment simluating a volcano eruption).  dinner at monkey pod.  starlit hui (luau without food).

20141118-Photo 0249TUESDAY (11/18):  water slides.  water slides.  water slides.  hula lessons, stich’s goo (science experiement where we made goo).  dinner at plantation tavern.

WEDNESDAY (11/19):  scuba diving with hawaii nautical with for mommy and daddy.  eruption disruption.  menehune mix up (interactive music show).  surf’s up with chip and dale (we decorated mini wooden surfboards and had a dance party with chip and dale).  grown ups had a fancy dinner at ama ama.

20141120-Photo 0429THURSDAY (11/20):  toddler splash and play (built sand castles and dug for treasure in the sand).  kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming.  canoe race (decorated and raced mini canoes).  menehune adventure trail (ipad-led scavenger hunt through the resort).

FRIDAY (11/21):  lunch at teddy’s bigger burgers and yama’s fish market (again).  on our flight home, daddy and i sat separately from mommy and sienna.

oahu highlights:

  • the food.  OMG the food.  our faves: leonard’s malasadas (honolulu), yama’s fish market (honolulu), shave ice at uncle clay’s house of pure aloha (honolulu), monkeypod (kapolei), thai lao (kapolei).
  • perfect weather.  warm, nice breeze, and it wasn’t even humid.
  • pressing the elevator buttons in the hotels
  • aunty’s beach house.  this is the kids’ activity center where we did so many cool things.  my favorites were stitch’s space goo (stitch said that the goo we made were his boogers) and surf’s up.
  • performing in the starlit hui.  sienna accidentally stole some coconut shell “instruments”.
  • swimming (for me), water slides (for sienna).  sienna especially loved the tube slide that was super dark and fast.  i was too scared to try it, but she went over and over and over again!
  • wreck dive, including plenty of giant turtles (for mommy and daddy)
  • paddle boarding and kayaking (for mommy and sienna).  sienna got to stand up on the board and hold her own paddle on the kayak!
  • menehune adventure trail.  the magic of the menehune lives on!
  • hanging out with the lims all week.  matthew and i were BFF’s and did everything together, which was especially awesome because sienna and jeffrey still nap every day.

oahu lowlights:

  • homework
  • homework
  • homework
  • no shiny yellow race car.  it would only fit 2 people.
  • no turtles.  we even went to the northshore beach nicknamed “turtle beach”.  false advertising.
  • our only complaint about the aulani is that the food is just meh, and the food in the shopping center across the street is only slightly better.  good thing we had cars so that we could go into town to find good food!

our plan has always been to visit a different island every time we go to hawaii.  next on our list is the big island.  but we had such an amazing time at the aulani that we just might keep going back there until sienna and i get tired of it.  it think we’re good for at least another 4 years.  who’s in for aulani 2016? 🙂

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oahu vacation: and we’re off

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20141114-IMG_4974every other year, we take a family vacation to hawaii with friends.  when i was 1, we went to maui with the tais.  when sienna and i were 1 and 3, we went to kauai with the angs.  this year, we’re it’s oahu with the lims.

20141114-IMG_4979the airplane ride over was uneventful.  i had a little trouble getting my ears unplugged on the descent, but at least i didn’t throw up all over myself like last time.  when we landed, our first stop was the car rental place.  sienna and i picked a yellow race car, but mommy said that our car seats wouldn’t fit in there.  oh well.

we are going to spend a few days in honolulu and then we’ll meet matthew and jeffrey at disney’s aulani resort on the west side of the island.  everyone says that we’re going to love it there.  i just hope that they have real swimming pools with real water — not like the salty water in the ocean.

full report when we get back!

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socal trip day 4 (sort of): the drive home

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when we left allie’s house, our plan was to drive north for a bit and then find a hotel near redondo beach.  we wanted to stay some place near sierra and sofia’s house so we could wake up in the morning and meet up with them before heading home.  well, sienna and i fell asleep long before we got to redondo beach, which gave  mommy and daddy a brilliant idea.  they decided to keep on driving while sienna and i slept.  the new plan was to keep driving until they were too tired to keep their eyelids open, at which point we’d stop and find a hotel.  well, daddy kept driving and driving and driving.  and when he couldn’t drive anymore, mommy took over.  sienna and i slept almost the entire way home.  we woke up when we stopped in livermore (15 minutes away from home) for gas.  at that point it was around 3:45am.  and we were wide awake.

once we got home and washed up for bed, sienna and i fell asleep pretty easily around 4:30am.  we are bummed that we didn’t get to see sierra and sofia, but mommy and daddy feel that they made the right decision.  i didn’t have to suffer through a long car ride home, and the rest of the family didn’t have to endure my persistent complaining about the long drive.  we slept in today (sunday) and had a relaxing day recovering from our busy weekend.

20140801-IMG_3965trip highlights:

  • helicopter ride at sea world
  • sienna’s first pedicure
  • the extraordinary desserts at extraordinary desserts
  • auntie barbara’s new roku
  • playing at the lake with allie
  • chocolate crepes for breakfast every day

trip lowlights:

  • not getting to see sierra, sofia, auntie jo, and uncle dave
  • not getting to paddle the kayak
  • sitting in the car for hours and hours and hours

thanks to auntie barbara and baby allie (and auntie cindy and uncle tim) for being such great hosts!  we had a great time in socal, but i think it’ll be awhile before we take a long road trip again. 🙂

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socal trip day 3: mission viejo

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when we first decided to take this trip down to san diego, we weighed the pros and cons of flying vs. driving.  mommy and daddy knew that the drive would be painful (mostly because i don’t travel well), but we really wanted the flexibility to be able to visit some socal friends while we were down in socal.  so that’s ultimately why we decided to suck it up and road trip.

the second stop on our trip was mission viejo.  that’s where baby allie lives.  and we had to go visit her this weekend because she will be moving soon (her current house is already on the market).  this was the last opportunity we were gonna have to see her current house and hang out in her lake.  we didn’t know this, but mission viejo has a private lake that is open only to residents of the city, and their guests.  how cool!

i20140802-IMG_3988 think the last time we saw baby allie was almost 2 years ago at my disneyland birthday party.  she was only 10 months old then.  now, she’s all grown up!  check out his photo of baby allie and sienna.  baby allie is 4 months younger than sienna, but about 4 inches taller.  sienna and i could use some of those tall genes!  and i guess we shouldn’t call allie “baby” anymore. 😛

20140802-IMG_3979we swam in the water and played in the playground, then decided to hit the lake in some kayaks.  we had been looking forward to going kayaking for a really long time.  when we went to kauai a couple of years ago, we planned a kayaking day, but nobody would rent us a kayak because it had stormed the day before and the waters were too rough.  we were so disappointed.  so today, we were so excited to finally go kayaking!

20140802-IMG_3989daddy and i got a kayak, mommy and sienna got a kayak, allie and uncle time got a kayak, and auntie cindy got one all to herself.  do i look happy?  no?  that’s cuz i wasn’t.  i was so mad.  i didn’t want to sit around — i wanted to paddle!  i kept complaining that kayaking was so boring.  sienna, on the other hand, didn’t seem to mind being chauffeured around the lake.

20140802-IMG_4355after our day at the lake, we went out for sushi, then back to allie’s house.  we were so eager to wash the lake off of us (there were signs posted saying that the water could cause rashes!), so we all showered up and then stayed and played for a short while.  we had such a fun time hanging out with allie.  we really really really wish they lived closer to us!

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socal trip day 2: san diego

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before we left for our trip, mommy asked us to choose between spending a day at sea world or at legoland.  doing both was not an option because we didn’t have enough time.  that, and mommy hates theme parks.  we’ve been to seaworld a couple of times already, so mommy and daddy thought we’d pick legoland.  but legoland sounded boring — who wants to look at legos all day long?  we decided to go to seaworld so we could see the dolphins.

we started our day with a leisurely breakfast.  my breakfast of choice?  chocolate crepes, of course!  auntie barbara had stocked up on all the stuff we needed to make chocolate crepes.  she got some sienna-friendly foods too, and plenty of snacks to last us the whole weekend.  auntie barbara’s house is way better than a hotel.  plus, she just got a roku, so i had fun playing with it.  i was able to pick up the remote control and navigate my way to super why without any help.  auntie barbara was so impressed by me.  mommy was more impressed by roku’s intuitive UI.

20140801-IMG_3922so, on to sea world.  we only stayed for a few hours, but we got to do a lot of fun things.  in the morning, we petted the fish in the new explorer’s reef touch pools, walked through the park with a flamboyance of flamingos, and played in the sesame street bay of play.  i had fun climbing up the 3-story nets, running across the suspension bridges, and sliding down the twisty slide.

20140801-IMG_3940sienna was so sad that she was too short to play in some of the attractions in the bay of play.  she tried going down the twisty slide but she was stopped by the slide monitor.  sienna stood next to the measuring stick to see if she was tall enough, but she ended up being too small — even on her tippie toes.  don’t feel too bad for her, though.  sienna had a blast in the water play area and also on elmo’s flying fish.  when she figured out that she could make her fish fly higher by pulling on the lever, she squealed with glee.  she actually squealed.  look how happy she was!  (this is a candid shot).

we watched a couple of shows in the afternoon:  pets rule! (a funny performance by rescue dogs, cats, and even a pig!) and blue horizons (the dolphin show).  we really loved the pet show.  it was so funny!  the dolphin show was cool (we love dolphins) but it was way too hot to be sitting in the blazing sun for so long.

20140801-IMG_3959 20140801-IMG_3956my favorite part of sea world was the wild arctic.  daddy and i took a helicopter (simulator) ride to the arctic, and when we got there, we saw beluga whales, a polar bear, and a giant walrus.  the crazy thing is that we ran into mommy and sienna there!  i was so surprised to see them because sienna was too small to go on the helicopter.  i asked mommy “how did you get here???”  (i still have no idea how they got there.)  that helicopter ride was my favorite part of the day!

w20140801-IMG_3970hen we got back to auntie barbara’s house, sienna passed out right away.  auntie barbara came home from work early to hang out with us, so she took me swimming in her pool while sienna napped.

20140801-IMG_3976after our evening swim, we all went out to dinner at tender greens (don’t let the name fool you —  they had plenty of non-vegetarian options, so daddy didn’t starve) and then dessert at extraordinary desserts (everything looked so good that we wanted to get one of everything!).  our tummies are sooo happy.  the greens were tender and the desserts were extraordinary!  all of the desserts at that place were decorated with gold leaf and fresh rose petals.  and now, we (mostly mommy) are wondering if after eating there, everyone has sparkly poo that smells like roses. 😛

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socal trip day 1: the drive down

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mommy has been going to san diego for work a lot lately.  and every time she goes, sienna and i want to go with her.  so mommy told us that next time, we would all go to san diego together.  we picked this weekend for our trip because it was the only weekend we had free all summer.  (although we did have to reschedule some plans with matthew and jeffrey and also miss swim class).

daddy had to work a half day, but sienna and i played hooky from school.  we slept in, ate a leisurely breakfast, and then helped mommy pack for the weekend.  we drove down to daddy’s work and picked him up for lunch.  then after a yummy lunch at chez sovan (one of mommy’s favorite places to eat in the south bay), we hit the road.

20140731-IMG_3913sienna is a great on road trips.  she’ll play games and sing songs, but she’s also perfectly content singing to herself or just sitting in silence and taking in the scenery as we drive past.  she also naps in the car.  me?  not so much.  i don’t like long trips.  mommy and daddy say that i “don’t travel well”.  i need to be entertained constantly, and even still, i whine and complain.  “why is it taking so long?”  “why does auntie barbara live so far away?”  “how many more minutes?  how about now?  how about now?”  “awww, why aren’t we there yet?”  see the photo?  that was taken right after lunch.  we hadn’t even left the bay area yet, and i was already pouting.

we left home at around 11:45am, and we finally made it to auntie barbara’s house in san diego at around 10:30pm (including stops for a sit-d0wn lunch and dinner, and a couple of quick stops for gas and coffee).  that’s ~525 miles of “who am i?”, “i spy…”, the word game, and silly knock knock jokes that didn’t make any sense at all.  our “in-car entertainment” was so good that we barely noticed that we didn’t get to hear a single disney song.  but it wasn’t good enough to stop me from complaining throughout the entire drive. 😛

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boys & mommies tahoe weekend

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kai-kai and i took our mommies to tahoe this past weekend.  it was just us boys and our mommies — no daddies and no sisters.

since sienna is so attached to mommy, we took special care to prepare her for her weekend alone with daddy.  we told her that she couldn’t come with us because she is too little to go skiing (or “skeeting”, as she says).  she took it well.  apparently, she had already make plans with daddy.  watch.


i skipped school on friday so we could hit the road and get an early start.  kai-kai and auntie victoria came to our house, and kai’s auntie kassandra (visiting from indonesia) decided to join us at the last minute, too!  kai-kai sat in sienna’s car seat, and we all rode up togeher in mommy’s car.  the roads were clear and the drive to kings beach was pretty easy since there hasn’t been any snow in tahoe.  i guess that’s the one upside to this drought we’re having.  we stayed in on friday night and just cooked dinner and played in our hotel room (which was right on the lake).


sienna’s went to school as usual, and daddy came home early so he could pick her up.  it turns out that sienna didn’t eat any of the lunch that mommy packed for her (she usually finishes the whole thing).  daddy thinks that sienna was on a hunger strike protesting against being abandoned by mommy and me for the entire weekend.


on saturday morning, it was raining and windy in king’s beach.  mommy figured that the rain would cause the slopes to be really icy, and she was ready to scrap our skiing plans.  but we were already all the way up in tahoe, so we sucked it up, bundled up, and headed to diamond peak.

20140111-mommy was planning to take me to the bunny slopes and teach me how to ski, but kai-kai had planned to take a lesson.  (it turns out that auntie victoria had never skied before!)  so i decided to take a semi-private lesson with him, which worked out great.  the timing was perfect, our rental gear was included, and we got our own private little bunny hill with a magic carpet to take us back up to the top after each run. we learned to make “pizzas” with our skis.  a big pizza wedge makes you go slow, and a skinny pizza makes you go fast!

it was snowy, windy, and cold, and mommy was sure that i would only last a few minutes before wanting to head back inside.  but i didn’t complain one time (even though icicles were forming on my helmet).  mommy was so surprised.  and actually, mommy was the only one complaining about the weather.  kai-kai and i did great in our ski lesson.  our instructor complimented me on my good form riding up the magic carpet and skiing down the hill.

here’s a video from my ski lesson:

20140111-IMG_0963after our ski lesson, i surprised mommy again by wanting to ski with her some more.  so we rode up a LONG chair lift (which i really loved, by the way) to the top of a pretty long hill.  i didn’t have poles, so i took one of mommy’s.  mommy helped me down the really steep parts, but i was doing pretty good on my own on the flatter parts.  and then suddenly, “i gotta go potty!  i gotta go potty!”  mommy gave me 2 choices:

1) make yellow snow (which would have involved stripping off all of my layers in the middle of a snowstorm)

2) ski down the hill really fast to find a restroom in the ski lodge.

obviously, i went went option #2.  it was mommy’s first time on skis in ~25 years, and she wasn’t sure if she’d remember how to ski.  well, i guess she did okay because we made a beeline straight down the hill and made it to the potty just in time.  whew!

here’s a video of me skiing with mommy.  (mommy was skiing backwards while she was taking this video, but she was going too slow, so i passed her.)

after my potty break, it was almost time to return the ski gear we had rented.  plus, my head was hurting.  i think my helmet was too tight.  so mommy and i just waited for everyone else to make their way slowly down the hill.  we only skied for a few hours, but we were beat.


every morning when sienna wakes up, she goes to mommy and daddy’s room and climbs into their bed right next to mommy.  she lies on mommy’s arm and pulls it around her because she likes to be held in a very particular way.  but if sienna doesn’t find mommy in her room, she wanders downstairs to look for her.  when sienna woke up on saturday morning, i’m guessing that she looked for mommy in her room, and probably looked downstairs, too.  but since mommy was nowhere to be found, sienna went and smacked a sleeping daddy on the face and demanded “where’s mommy?”  daddy reminded sienna that mommy was skiing in tahoe.  sienna was on the very of tears, but made herself feel better by singing “grown ups come back”, a little tune we learned from daniel tiger.  and then she looked at pictures of mommy on daddy’s iphone, and that cheered her up.

sienna and daddy spent the day playing at grandma’s house.  we always have so much fun there.  grandma noticed that sienna is much more independent and strong-willed when i’m not around.  i think grandma was implying that i stifle sienna’s independence, but really, i keep sienna in check.  she’s so willful and demanding as it is — can you imagine the little dictator that she would become if she didn’t have me around?


20140112-IMG_0964sunday was sunny and warm and there was fresh snow on the ground.  what a perfect day for skiing.  too bad we were headed home.  but we did stop at north tahoe regional park for some sledding on our way out.  and guess what.  i love sledding.  LOVE it.

when we first arrived, kai-kai wasn’t in a sledding mood, so rode with auntie and mommy.  and then i joined kai-kai in playing in the snow.  we dug an “oven” (a hole) and collected “marshmallows” (chunks of ice) to “cook in the oven”.  we probably spent a good hour doing that.  we also collected pine cones and climbed a snow bank and then finally got back to sledding.

kai-kai and i took turns being in the front of the sled, and we tried different runs.  sometimes we would stop right at the bottom of the hill (“not cool”) and sometimes we would slide all the way out to the rock barrier at the side of the road (“SO COOL!”).  one time, we almost hit a tree and mommy yelled at us to “BAIL OUT!”, but we didn’t know what that meant.  we missed that tree by just a few inches!

i wanted to stay and sled all day, but it was well into the afternoon and we were all getting hungry.  we found a pasta place for lunch, then headed home.


20140110-IMG_0887when sienna woke up on sunday, i guess she remembered that mommy was gone.  she climbed into bed with daddy and sang “grown ups come back”.  and then she laid on daddy’s arm and pulled his arm around her.  she had never done that with him before.

the 49ers played in (and won!) the divisional playoffs on sunday, so sienna and daddy had a lazy sunday watching a lot of football.  actually, i think daddy watched a lot of football and sienna fed him a lot of m&m’s.  win-win.  well, win-win-win if you include the niners. 🙂

we all had a really fun weekend.  here are some photos of our boys & mommies tahoe weekend.  and thanks for taking the videos, auntie victoria!  i missed koda and gung-gung last weekend, but i didn’t miss daddy or sienna because i facetimed with them every night.  i like being silly and making sienna laugh.

sienna keeps asking if she can go “skeeting” when she gets bigger.  i told mommy that i am going to teach sienna how to ski by letting her watch me and telling her to do what i do.  we hope to go skiing again in the spring when the weather is warmer.  too bad sienna is still too small.  but being the adreneline junkie that she is, i bet she will LOVE sledding!

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summer weekend in santa cruz

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20130902-IMG_1563 last summer we spent a weekend in tahoe with two other families.  we had so much fun that we decided to do it again this summer.  but instead of tahoe, we went to santa cruz.  we rented a house that was just a block away from the beach and a short walk (1/2 mile) from the boardwalk.

in our three families, there are a total of 5 kids.  two of the kids (kai-kai and maddie) are older than me and one kid (malia) is a week and a half younger than sienna.  it’s about a 2.5 year age range, and we all like playing together.  and since there are only 5 kids, the grown ups always have us outnumbered.  mommy and daddy really like that. 🙂

it was a 3-day weekend, so we got to do lots of fun things.  here are the highlights and lowlights on our trip.


picking raspberries and strawberries.  mommy taught us to pick the red berries, because the white ones were not ready yet.  she showed us how to pluck them by the stem so the berries don’t get squished.  sienna is not a good berry picker — she kept squashing them in her little hands.  i am an excellent berry picker.  plus, maddie helped me by telling me to throw the moldy ones back on the ground.

20130901-IMG_1546riding the rides on the boardwalk.  we really liked the pepsi convoy, and the boat ride ride was really cool because we got to ring the bell.  but the best ride was the cave train.  the ride had a posted sign that said that it “might frighten small children”, so mommy tried talking me and sienna out of riding it.  but we insisted.  while we waited in line, she talked to us about how the ride was just pretend, and if we got scared that we should just close our eyes and hold her hand and sing a song.  but we weren’t scared. 🙂  we liked the train ride!  there were even dinosaurs inside the cave.  so cool!

20130901-victoriaplaying at the beach.  all the girls were tired, so it was just me and kai-kai at the beach.  (sienna was with us, but she slept in the stroller the entire time.)  we played in the waves, dug ditches in the sand, and i even got to fly a kite for the first time!

building a fort with the living room couch cushions and playing “hiding places” with kai-kai.

cooking in the imaginary kitchen in the backyard.  the patio chairs were our stoves and ovens, and the landscaping rocks were our food ingredients.

20130901-victoria 2doing fireworks (sparklers) every night.


no daddy.  daddy met up with us on friday night, and he spent the night with us in santa cruz.  but first thing in the morning, he left to go home because he had to work all weekend.  when i woke up on sunday morning, the first thing is said was “i really miss daddy”.

20130901-IMG_1557having to walk sooo faaar.  before sienna was born, i used to refuse to ride in my stroller.  but on this trip, sienna and i fought over who got to ride and who had to walk.  i ended up doing most of the walking since i am bigger, but i got tired.  luckily, auntie victoria helped out by letting me ride in kai-kai’s stroller for part of the walk to the beach, and she pushed sienna (who was sleeping) in her stroller part of the way from the boardwalk to the beach so mommy could give me a piggy back ride.

it got a little chilly at night.  but that ended up working in our favor because mommy let me and sienna climb into bed with her when we woke up in the middle of the night. 🙂

we had a really fun time and i hope we get to do summer trips like this every year.  mommy suggested that we go to cabo next year because all of us kids will be old enough to drop off at day care

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“la sandwiches”: part 3 of 3

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after our day at disneyland, we checked into a hotel near the park.  we didn’t want to interrupt sierra and sofia’s regular routine by staying over at their house on school nights.  plus, our hotel is walking distance from california adventure, where we went on monday.


20130715-IMG_6948we started the d20130715-IMG_1160ay with a character breakfast at PCH grill.  (not a bad way to spend a monday morning, right?)  matthew, edison, logan, and mason met us there.  matthew and i were dressed like twins, and logan and edison were, too.  totally unplanned!  we had a buffet breakfast with over-priced, but pretty good food.  the chef made a plate of gluten-free, egg-free, mickey mouse waffles just for sienna, and that made it worth every penny. 🙂  while we were eating, mickey and his friends came to dance with us and visit us at our table.  we saw mickey, minnie, stitch, pluto, and daisy.  stitch even helped us sing happy birthday to sienna. 🙂  my friends had so much fun hanging out with the characters, but sienna and i weren’t all that into it — we were too busy eating.  after breakfast, however, we all ran and jumped and danced around the stage.  we had a blast!

auntie mimi met up with us after brunch, and we all rolled into california adventure some time after noon.  it was our (the whole tanaka family’s) first time at cal adventure.  everyone else had been there before, so they led the way and we followed along.  us big boys went to watch disney junior live! and then we went to a dance party.  we thought the dance party was going to be a show, but it turned out to be an all-day kiddie rave.  while we were partying it up, mommy and auntie cheryl stayed with the sleeping babies (sienna and mason).

20130715-IMG_7093after we left hollywood land, we headed toward cars land (with a quick spin on the bumper cars in a bug’s land along the way).  we spent most of the afternoon at cars land, which was the highlight of the trip for me.  i was so excited to see mater and lightning mcqueen, and we even rode some rides while my friends were napping in their strollers.

20130715-IMG_7212next stop: paradise pier.  we (very nervously) went on the little mermaid ride.  it looked and felt like it might be similar to the snow white ride (which trauamatized us the day before), but it’s wasn’t so bad.  it helped that mommy and daddy distracted us during the ursula part of the story.  after that, we headed over to the 3-D toy story ride.  while we were in line, i had to go potty, so daddy and i didn’t get to ride.  sienna said we missed out — it was her favorite!

everyone was hungry, so we left the park and headed to downtown disney for dinner.  we agreed to go to the restaurant with the shortest wait time, so to house of blues we went.  and that was our day!  we didn’t stay for fireworks and we didn’t stay for world of color, even though everyone said we had to go see it.  oh well.  i make it through the day with no naps and no major meltdown, so that was a win.  we didn’t want to press our luck. 🙂


the next morning, auntie alice and auntie mimi met us at our hotel and ate breakfast with us.  then, we kidnapped auntie mimi so we could take her home with us.  it was pretty awesome to have an another person in the car to sing songs and play games with.  sienna travels will in the car.  i do not.  throughout the entire car ride, i whined about “why aren’t we home yet?” and “why is it taking so long?”.  sienna just chilled.

well, that was it.  that was our fun-filled, action-packed, trip to socal.  mommy wasn’t sure that we’d survive back-to-back theme park days, but we did it.  (click here for disney photos.)  sienna and i had a great time and we can’t wait to go back to disney again!  but somehow, i don’t think that’s happening any time soon.

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“la sandwiches”: part 2 of 3

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we purposely didn’t make any plans for sunday — we reserved the entire day to spend quality time with our friends, sierra and sofia.  we thought we might do something low key, like play at the beach, or check out an aquarium, or even just stay in and hang out.  since we were guests at their house, we left it totally up to them.  and guess what.  they decided that they wanted to go to disneyland.  (no complaints here!)


20130714-IMG_1192since we had just had 2 long days and late nights, we were exhausted by the time sunday rolled around.  we slept in, ate a good breakfast, and took our time getting ready.  by the time we got to disneyland, parked, and took the tram to the park, it was after 11:00am.  luckily, the lines weren’t long, so we had time for a few rides before lunch.

20130714-IMG_1140we headed to frontierland to find food (and ketchup, which i sucked straight out of the packet when nobody was looking).  we also found jesse and woody!  sienna did NOT like jesse, which was surprising because she likes other characters.  i guess jesse is kind of freaky looking with her gigantic head.  we hung out there for a long time, watching local performers and even joining in in the big thunder ranch jamboree.  mickey showed up too, and sienna and i sat at a table and colored with him.  he even drew a picture of me and sienna!  we could have stayed there all day.  the grown ups didn’t mind because the shaded seating was a nice break from the hot sun.

20130714-IMG_1146after lunch, we hung around toontown for awhile.  we visited mickey in his house, went on the roger rabbit ride, and we even went on the roller coaster.  the roller coaster was a little bumpy, but i liked it.

and then we were off to fantasyland.  first, we watched the beauty and the beast show.  it was a very campy production, and us kids didn’t really get the jokes.  but at the end, “rose petals” (made of tissue paper) were thrown all over the stage.  we collected lots of them as souvenirs — so many, that the clean up crew didn’t have anything to clean up.  after that we decided that we had time for one more ride before dinner, and we chose the one with the shortest line.  the snow white ride.  IT WAS TERRIFYING!!!  i wanted to get off right away, but there was no escape.  sienna jumped into mommy’s lap and cried “no! no!”.  mommy covered sienna’s eyes and apologized to her throughout the entire ride.  to erase the horrifying images out of our heads, we headed straight to the carousel afterwards.  (it didn’t work.  i woke up screaming in the middle of the night.)

we headed back to frontierland and had a leisurely sit-down dinner.  during dinner, someone — i won’t name names — had a bit of a diaper issue.  so… question to my aunties and uncles:  hypothetically speaking, if your kid had a diaper explosion and poo’d on your shirt, what would you do (on a hot hot hot day)?

20130714-IMG_1197a)  buy a new shirt at disneyland apparel prices

b)  change into the long-sleeved pullover that you had brought in case it got cold at night

c)  continue to wear the stinky shirt

hypothetically speaking, of course…

after dinner, sierra, sofia, sienna, and i put on a little show on a nearby stage.  and that was our day.  sierra and sofia stayed awhile longer to go on more rides, but we were exhausted, and we headed out.  our day at disneyland was about as low-key as disneyland gets.  and we loved it.  never mind that that low-key day cost us hundreds of dollars in park admission and food. 😉

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