winter celebrations

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at back-to-school night (which was on the first day of school), mommy learned that my class would have two holiday celebrations this year — halloween and valentine’s day.  no christmas party.  but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t acknowledge the holidays.

yesterday we did a friendship wreath activity.  i had no idea what to expect — all i knew was that mommy made 3 dozen sugar cookies in the shape of gingerbread men.  would all of those cookie people hold hands in a giant circle?  would each cookie be a “leaf” that we’d glue together into a wreath?

20141217-IMG_5326well, it turns out that other mommies made cookies too (in the shape of gingerbread men and stars) and other parents apparently bought out the candy aisle at safeway.  when we walked into the multi-purpose room, there was a green ring (cut out of a paper plate) and 6 cookies for everybody.  there were also tubs of colored frosting and piles of twizzlers, peppermints, skittles, marshmallows, and other candies scattered all over the table.  we decorated our cookies and then used frosting to glue those cookies to our green plates.  and voila — our friendship wreaths were done.

our teacher said that we could eat our friendship wreaths when we got home.  but actually, i had planned to give 5 of the cookies to daddy and only save one for myself.  mommy vetoed that idea.  she said that too many dirty hands had been all over the cookies and the candy. so i guess my friendship wreath will just be a decoration.

today, we invited our parents to our classroom and put on a winter holiday performance for them.  we sang a lot of songs.  probably about 10 or so.  we sang songs about christmas, kwaanza, hannukah, diwali, and some that were just about winter.

mommy didn’t have enough memory on her phone to record all the songs (and i wouldn’t post all of them even if she did), but here are a couple of them.

this one is my favorite of all the songs we performed: “must be santa”

this one is mommy’s favorite: “listen to the water”

happy winter holiday to everyone, no matter what you celebrate!

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homework sucks

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starting transitional kindergarten was an adjustment for me: new school, new schedule, new friends, new rules, etc.  but i’m handling it well.  luckily for me, i have mommy to help me remember my healthy snack and tote bag every day, homework folder and poetry binder on mondays, share item on tuesdays, red school shirt on wednesdays, and library book on fridays.  whew.

one of the changes that came along with TK was mandatory homework.  i was worried about it at first.  i asked mommy if it was going to be too hard for me.  mommy told me that i was going to love it, because i love to learn.  and she was right.  my regular homework is actually really fun.  each day, in addition to reading for 15 minutes, i have one activity to complete.  here are some examples from this month’s homework sheet:

  • tell what you think it would have been like to travel on the mayflower.
  • write a friend’s phone number.
  • guess how long it will take for an ice cube to melt.  time it to check your guess.
  • make up and tell a story about five little pilgrims and a turkey.
  • make popcorn.  glue the kernels onto paper to write the letters in your name.

fun stuff, right?  so when i heard that i was going to have homework to do in hawaii (since i was skipping 6 days of school), i wasn’t worried at all.  well lemme tell you… it SUCKED.  i wrote about it in my oahu vacation recap, but it’s worth repeating.  this is what i had to do for homework while we were in hawaii.

  • write upper and lower case letters and numbers every day
  • draw and caption a detailed picture of what i did each day
  • draw pictures of 16 items that start with the letters A, B, C, D
  • create simple patterns using objects that i saw each day
  • identify items in groups of 1-12
  • find things that start with each of the letters of my name
  • read for 15 minutes and and re-tell the stories
  • do jumping jacks and sprints

and that was on top of my regular homework sheet.  it was awful.  my penmanship is terrible to begin with, and i was rushing to finish so i could go play, so my letters and numbers just got messier and messier.  mommy kept making me erase them and write them over again.  it took FOREVER.  homework brought me to tears every day, and mommy was so frustrated that she almost cried, too.  mommy said that if this is what it is going to be like, one of us if not going to survive the next 14 years of homework.

mommy already told me that finishing high school is non-negotiable.  you know what that means?  that means that college is optional.  i have already decided that i am definitely not going to college.  who the heck would sign up to do more homework when they don’t have to?

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last day of school

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20140815-IMG_4140if you’ve been following along on my school journey, you know that i am going to attend transitional kindergarten at coyote creek in the fall. i went to a TK orientation in june, and then i had my pre-K graduation a few weeks later.  but then i continued in my pre-K class at the goddard school through the summer.  how anticlimactic. TK doesn’t start for another week, but i’ll be attending a week-long “camp” at kid’s country, the before/after school care program at coyote creek.  so that means that today was my very last day at goddard. i am going to miss my super awesome teachers (miss brianna and miss elyse) and all my eagles friends, but i’m ready to go to a big kid school.  i promised to visit whenever we come pick up sienna from school, and that’s going to be all the time.  goddard definitely hasn’t seen the last of me!

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preschool graduation

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1E7A4693i had my preschool graduation this evening.  for this special occasion, mommy ordered a flower lei for me.  when she picked it up, she was disappointed to see that it was the ugliest mess of flowers that she had ever seen.  while sitting in her car in my school parking lot, she completely disassembled it and used the flowers and ribbon to re-make the lei herself.  i loved it. =)

1E7A4644we arrived at the school early, so mommy and daddy got pretty good seats — 3rd row, right on the center aisle.  unfortunately, others parents knelt in the aisle, blocking everyone else’s view.

during the graduation ceremony, we heard speeches from our school director and all 3 of our teachers, all of us kids performed a song/dance for our parents, and we all received our diplomas.  afterwards, we had a party in the owls classroom.

despite all the people who didn’t stay in their seats, mommy managed to sneak in a few good photos.  here they are.

i hear that i will have a transitional K graduation ceremony next year, and a kindergarten one the year after that.  i guess i’ll get to have a graduation ceremony and party every year.  how exciting!

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TK here i come!

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in case you missed this guest post by mommy, i am not going to meet the minimum age requirements to go to kindergarten next year.  this is despite the fact that i am currently in a pre-k class, and my teachers think that i’m more than ready for kindergarten and possibly even for 1st grade.  here’s an excerpt from the written assessment by one of my teachers, communicated to mommy in a parent-teacher conference yesterday:

“kyden is an amazing student.  he has shown development far beyond his age and continues to flourish in class.  he’s able to read most books with an exception of a few more advanced books.  kyden is not only able to grasp new information and concepts, but he’s also able to relay the information to friends while helping them through it.  he’s our mini teacher!”

regardless, we are following the district rules, and i’ll be going to transitional kindergarten next year.  the big bummer though, is that all four of the TK programs in our area are being consolidated to one campus (coyote creek) — and it’s not our resident school.  this causes all sorts of logistical issues, but mommy’s biggest concern was putting me into a new school for one school year, then moving me to our resident school the year after that.

coyote creek hosted an orientation today for incoming TK students and parents.  on the way there, mommy asked me to help her remember that my classroom will be K4.  easy peasy!  K for kyden, and 4 because i’m 4 years old!

we got to check out our classroom, meet our teachers, meet future classmates, and get a glimpse of what TK will be like next year.  mommy made an effort to meet other families that live in our area.  she met 2.  both were girls.  neither seemed all that interested in playing with me.  oh well.

there are a lot of things that mommy hates about this situation.  to name a few:

  • 20140604-IMG_3321after school care.  we were not notified until late march that TK was not being offered at our resident school.  by that time, the on-site after school program at coyote creek was already full.
  • parking.  there is no on-campus parking.  there will be 4x the usual number of families trying to pick up and drop off their kids (because of the consolidation).  street parking is on a long hilly road.
  • commuting.  i was planning to walk or ride my bike to school next year.  coyote creek is a 10 minute drive (in the opposite direction of daddy’s work) with no traffic.  we hear it’s much longer with traffic.  and it’ll be even longer still, since we’ll have to park and walk up a long hill.
  • transition.  this will be my 4th school in 3 years.  next year when i go to our resident school, it will be my 5th school in 4 years.

after the orientation, mommy asked me if i wanted to stay at my current school and repeat pre-K.  it sure would be a lot more expensive, but so much more convenient!  i was not interested.  i am definitely going to coyote creek next year.  go cougars!  (i think that’s their mascot.)

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mommy appreciation day

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this week is teacher appreciation week, so we’ve been talking a lot about “appreciation” and what that means.  mommy and daddy helped us make special gifts and write personal notes to give to our teachers to show them that they are appreciated.

well, this coming weekend is mother’s day.  so today at school, we had a celebration to show our mommies how much we appreciate them. let’s call it a mommy appreciation day.

luckily for mommy, the  peacocks (sienna’s class) and the eagles (my class) had our celebrations at different times.  first, was sienna’s.  sienna’s class sang two songs for their mommies.

the first time they sang “i really love my mommy”, half the class didn’t sing.  so in take two, the teacher asked everyone to sing really loudly.  they did.  well, sienna and her friend sylvia did, anyway. 😛  sienna knew the song really well because she has been practicing by singing it to mommy every morning when she wakes up.

there are 4-5 other kids that aren’t shown in that video because they are sitting with their mommies and/or not singing.  (you can see them in the first take if you’re interested.) here’s the second song: “you are special”.

20140508-IMG_300920140508-after the performance, sienna and her friends gave their mommies the presents that they made for them.  they also served them brunch. do you see the plate of food that sienna made for mommy?  i think she’s trying to tell mommy something. 😛  or maybe she just didn’t want mommy to get too full because she knew that she’d be having a second brunch with my classroom later that morning.

in my eagles class, we had also prepared a couple of songs for our mommies.  it was supposed to be a surprise, but the day that we learned the “M-O-M-M-Y” song, i started singing it at home every day.  here it is.

and here’s the “sweetheart” song. mommy was surprised by this one because i never sang this one at home.

20140508-IMG_3016after we sang, we gave our mommies the poems and flowers that we made for them. i also gave mommy a wrapped gift, but i told her that she had to wait until sunday to open it. don’t tell her, but it’s a jewelry tray made out of play-doh.

we all had brunch together, and mommy ate with me even though she had already had brunch with siennna.  i guess she was still hungry.  and then i showed mommy the big mural that our class made, telling our moms why we love them.  do you see what i said?  “i love my mom because she takes care of me.” 🙂

we appreciate you, mommy!

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mean boys

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you always hear about the mean girls in high school and about the grade school bullies who steal lunch money from smaller kids.  but nobody ever talks about the mean boys in preschool.  they’re there.  yes, it starts that early.

today, mommy picked us up from school and we went to t-ball, just like any other tuesday.  and when we got home, sienna and i played while mommy cooked dinner.  i was trying to do tangram puzzles, but whenever  i placed a piece, i would slightly bump another piece already on the board.  i got so frustrated and upset — to the point of tears.  mommy suspected that i was upset about something more than just the tangrams, and she was right.

she asked me probing questions about my day, and i finally told her (through sobs and tears) about the boys at school who were mean to me.  there are two boys who always play together and  they ganged up on me today.  they didn’t hurt me physically, but they said mean things like “i’m gonna flush you down the toilet!” and “i’m going to take all your money!”  i told them that i didn’t like it and i asked them to stop, but they didn’t listen.  they really hurt my feelings and made me cry.

20140429-IMG_2682mommy and i talked for a long time about mean people and how to deal with them.  she said that i will run across mean people my whole life and that there are even some mean grown ups.  can you believe it?

mommy’s #1 piece of advice to me was this:

you do NOT have to be friends with mean people.  if someone says something you don’t like, ask him to stop.  if he doesn’t stop, walk away.  play with other friends who are nice to you, because you have lots of friends who treat you nicely.

it’s true.  i have lots of nice friends.  if you’re wondering  (like mommy was) why i’m even friends with those boys, it’s because they are usually nice to me.  mommy helped me realize that they didn’t really mean the things that they said.  they can’t flush me down the toilet — i won’t fit!  and they can’t steal my money because i never bring any money to school!

and that leads me to another important lesson that i learned today.  unkind words can hurt people’s feelings, even if you’re just kidding.  once in awhile, i say mean things to sienna and gung-gung just as a joke, like “i’m going to flush you down the toilet.” (now mommy knows where i got that from.)  i’m going to try not to say stuff like that anymore because i know how it feels.

i’m a pretty great kid as it is, but i’m going to try to be even nicer.  so please be nice to me too, otherwise, i might not be your friend any more.  mommy says that i don’t have to.

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stripes and stripes forever and ever and ever

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20140203-IMG_1262sienna is a big girl now.  she made an easy transition into the peacocks class (2.5 – 3 yos) at school, she can use the potty by herself, and she picks out her own clothes and gets dressed by herself.  this is all good.  almost.

the problem is, she has no fashion sense.  she understands matching, and she looks for common colors in each piece of clothing that she puts on, but she doesn’t get that the same concept does not apply to patterns.  remember when daddy dressed me in a mismatched outfit because he thought that green matches with green matches with green?  sienna apparently thinks that stripes matches with stripes matches with stripes.  i wonder where she gets that from.

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eagles holiday performance

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my class had a holiday party at school today.  we brought in special treats to share with our friends (i insisted that mommy make 5-layer jello), and we put on a little performance for our parents.  (mommy came, but daddy couldn’t make it because it was at lunchtime.)

the first two songs aren’t your typical christmas classics, so you might not have heard them before.  they’re really cute songs though, so i posted them in case you want to hear.

the 3rd song we performed was “jingle bells”.  kinda, boring, i know.  so to increase your viewing enjoyment, keep your eye out for these fun little nuggets:

  • the jingle woodblock and jingle maracas
  • the kid who first looks like he’s scratching his butt, who later looks like he’s flogging himself with bells, who later whacks himself in the balls
  • the white kid break-dancing
  • my girlfriend, maria (hint: she has golden hair)

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school photos: it’s a racket!

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20131112-kyden and sienna falling leavessienna and i took school photos for the first time last month. we both wore new outfits and practiced smiling.  mommy even had an idea for a shot where sienna and i would be throwing leaves up in the air and catching them as they fell.  well, it turns out that sienna is not good at throwing leaves on command, and even worse at catching them.  do you see the leaf that landed right on her face?  good plan.  poor execution.

well, we got the prints back last week, and we’ve been trying to decide whether or not we are going to buy any of them.   most of the photos aren’t very good (bad composition, eyes not in focus) but there are a few that are okay.  here are the best of the bunch.  what do you think?  mommy was conflicted.  on one hand, mommy and daddy take so many photos of us that are so much cuter than these.  but on the other hand, mommy felt like she had to buy our school portraits because… well, i dunno.  as a keepsake from this school year?

well, we ended up buying one sheet of photos for 3 different poses — one of sienna, one of me, and one of both of us together.  each sheet has 3 photos.  i figure that one will go to grandma, one to bak-bak, and one will sit in a box somewhere and collect dust.  and then in 15 years or so, when we pack up our stuff to go away to college, we’ll find the box photos and laugh about how dorky we looked back in the 10’s and how primitive 2-D photographs were back then.

oh, and the best part…  as soon as mommy paid for these photos, she found out that we are going to be taking photos again in the spring.  the portrait studios and schools are partnering to milk parents for every penny that they’ve got.  it’s a racket!

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