sienna is 3 1/2

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sienna is 3 1/2.  she took advantage of this special occasion to have a photo shoot in her favorite dress (and also got a free sundae from red robin out of it).

20150124-1E7A6620here’s what she’s been up to.

daily schedule:

  • 7:30am: daddy wakes her up.  she gets herself dressed in some crazy outfit with accessories that often do not match.
  • 8:00am: breakfast.
  • 8:30am: daddy takes her to school on his way to BART
  • 12:00pm: lunch at school
  • 1:30pm: nap.  the rest of her classmates fall asleep between 12:45 and 1:00pm, but sienna is always the last to fall asleep.
  • 4:45pm: we pick sienna up for our evening activities
  • 6:45pm: dinner.
  • 8:15pm: get ready for bed.
  • 9:00pm: mommy and daddy usually take turns putting sienna and me to bed.
  • 9:15pm: lights out.

things she’s good at:

  • drawing and writing.  she’s always had really good fine motor control.  she’s no leonardo da vinci, but her drawings are much more detailed and realistic than mine were at her age.  she is getting good at writing her letters and can almost write her name.  she usually writes the S rotated at a 90 degree angle and she usually writes the E with ~7 horizontal bars instead of just 3, but that’s not bad for a 3 year old!maybe it’s a girl thing.
  • counting.  she finally stopped skipping the number 16 when she counts to 20!
  • running.  sienna and i agree that she is good at running.  mommy doesn’t understand (or agree with) this assessment, but this is my blog, so i’m going with it.

things she’s working on:

  • karate.  she just started taking classes at my dojo.  she’s still in the trial period and i’m not sure if she’s going to continue.  she doesn’t always stay focused during standing attention or sitting attention.
  • asking permission.  sienna often takes/grabs things without asking.  it’s not nice.  it’s also very dangerous because she sometimes sneaks junk food, and she doesn’t know how to read labels to see if they have peanuts (which she is very allergic to) in them.
  • flossing her teeth.  she still needs help flossing.  her silver tooth is evidence of that.

favorite indoor activities:

  • jumping on trampolines
  • making special drawings for mommy
  • doing puzzles

favorite outdoor activities:

  • running around
  • finding bugs to look at
  • drawing with sidewalk chalk

favorite book:  little red riding hood

favorite TV show:  paw patrol

favorite song:  shake it off, best day of my life

favorite mobile app:  leo’s pad.  it’s a series of interactive learning stories.

favorite foods:  pizza

favorite character:  little mermaid

favorite animal:  doggies and cats

favorite school subject:  sharing (on fridays, we bring a toy to school to show and share with our friends)

favorite color:  pink and purple

what i want to be when i grow up:  princess

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i am 5!

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20141001-1E7A5423i am 5 years old today!  now that i am in public school, i don’t get to celebrate my birthday with cupcakes or other special treats.  instead, the school recommends that students acknowledge their birthdays by donating a book to the classroom library.  so that’s what i did.  i donated “pete the cat and the new guy”.  i really like the other “pete the cat” books that we have at school, but we didn’t have that one — until today.  my teacher gave me a special birthday crown to wear all day, and also, mommy surprised me by coming to volunteer during PE time.

and of course, in keeping with our birthday tradition, mommy picked me up early from school and we went to the park.  here are some photos from my first afternoon as a 5 year old.

here’s what i’ve been up to these days.

daily schedule:

  • 7:45am: on most days, i roll out of bed whenever i feel like it.  since i’m on a PM schedule, i don’t have to wake up early for school.  except on wednesdays.
  • 8:00am: breakfast.
  • 8:30am: i hang out at home, usually playing by myself or with gung-gung while mommy is on conference calls.
  • 10:15am: mommy drives me to kids country (the before- and after-school care program on campus) whenever there is a break in her meeting schedule.  that usually happens between 10:00 – 10:30am.
  • 11:55am: my kids country teachers walk me over to my school classroom (K1).
  • 3:15pm: my kids country teachers walk from my school classroom (K1) back to kids country.
  • 4:15pm: mommy usually picks me up from kids country between 4:00 – 4:30pm.
  • 4:30pm: we pick up sienna.
  • 4:45pm: we are off to our evening activities, or we go home and play (which usually means riding our bikes around the neighborhood).
  • 6:45pm: dinner.
  • 8:15pm: get ready for bed.  i’m still wearing pull-ups to sleep, but once my current pack runs out, i plan to stop.
  • 9:00pm: mommy and daddy usually take turns putting me to bed.
  • 9:15pm: lights out.

things i’m good at:

  • reading.  i love to read, and i’m really good at it.  mommy and daddy (and gung-gung) don’t read to me (or even with me) anymore.  i read books to them, all by myself.
  • organizing.  i like to organize things neatly.  i always help put things away at school, which is one of the reasons why i’m a teacher’s pet.
  • remembering things.  i have a really good memory.  i am already reminding mommy and daddy to do things, especially setting their fantasy football rosters.

things i’m working on:

  • apologizing.  when i do something wrong, i have a really hard time saying “i’m sorry”.  i don’t know why.
  • writing.  i still write with a mix of capital and lower case letters.
  • staying dry at nighttime.  i’m actually dry almost 100% of the time, but i still insist on wearing a pull-up at night.

favorite indoor activities:

  • bowling
  • making cards and signs.  i give cards to mommy and/or my teachers almost every day.  and you should see all the signs that i’ll posted all over our house!
  • watching sports (especially football and hockey)

favorite outdoor activities:

  • climbing and playing in the playground at the park
  • riding my bike
  • playing soccer

favorite book:  goodnight, goodnight construction site

favorite TV show: paw patrol

favorite song:

  • best day of my life (by american authors)
  • hey soul sister (train)
  • let it go (disney version)

favorite mobile app: spell fall.  although, i lost my iphone 🙁 so i only get to play once in awhile on mommy’s phone.

favorite foods: i am a super good eater.  i always eat my healthy foods, but when given the opportunity, i’ll gladly eat foods that are not healthy too.

  • pizza (i like making my own)
  • gogurt-style yogurt tubes (frozen).

favorite character:  superman

favorite animal:  dolphins.  because they can jump so high.

favorite school subject:  recess

what i want to be when i grow up:  crossing guard.  because they get to hold stop signs and blow whistles all the time.

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sienna is 3 years old!

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20140721-1E7A4996happy birthday to sienna! :)

she turned 3 years old today.  in keeping with our new tradition, sienna celebrated with her friends at school, then mommy sprung her from school early and took her to play at the park.  here are some photos from their afternoon together.

here’s what she’s been up to.

daily schedule:

her schedule is still the same as mine.  she still naps every day though.  i rarely nap.

things she’s good at:

  • using the potty.  sienna has been potty trained for several months and rarely has an accident.  she still wears a diaper/pull-up at night, but usually wakes up dry.
  • dressing herself.  she gets dressed by herself every morning.  sometimes she wears crazy outfits, and mommy and daddy allow it.  they call it self-expression.  i call it lack of fashion sense.
  • sleeping.  sienna has suddenly become a good sleeper.  she used to be such a light sleeper that mommy would have to tip toe and hold her breath when going to check on her at night.  and half the time, sienna still woke up.  but almost overnight, sienna has become a much better (heavier) sleeper.  but that’s not to say that she doesn’t still wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and try to crawl in bed with mommy.

things she’s working on:

  • identifying numbers.  she can correctly identify most numbers, but sometimes she get one wrong and just starts to guess.  mommy and daddy never noticed this because we don’t work on “academics” at home, but her teacher pointed out this issue during her parent-teacher conference a couple of months ago.  i wonder if she’s dyslexic.  i’m pretty sure i knew all my numbers well before i turned 3.
  • putting her shoes on the right feet.  she still puts them on the wrong feet sometimes.  i don’t get it.
  • sharing.  sienna is not very good at sharing, even when i ask very nicely.  she is a mean girl.  not all the time, though.  sometimes she is very sweet and affectionate, but only when she feels like it.

favorite indoor activities:

  • stamping.  she got some new stamps for her birthday and is having a blast with them.
  • pretend play.  she especially likes to play restaurant where we take orders and serve pretend food that we prepare on our pretend grill.
  • stickering.  is that a word?  she loves to play with stickers.  whether it’s a sticker activity book or just decorating things with stickers, sienna is all over it.  good things she doesn’t put stickers on the window of mommy’s car any more.  mommy didn’t like that very much.

favorite outdoor activities:

  • sliding.  that’s where you’ll find her on any playground.
  • biking.  she getting pretty good at riding her run bike.  she already wants to get a pedal bike!
  • jumping.  since she is also a climber, this is a little scary.  she likes to climb up and jump down.  i hope she doesn’t hurt herself.

favorite book:  goodnight moon.  (that’s funny, because she chooses “brown bear” to read more often than any other.  she has the animals memorized but doesn’t always get the order right.  so when she “reads” the book, she guesses at the animal on the next page.)

favorite TV show:  super why

favorite song:  twinkle twinkle traffic light.  (that’s what she says, but she sings “let it go” all the time.)

favorite mobile app:  leo’s pad.  it’s a series of interactive learning stories.

favorite foods:  pasta, bread, cake… anything made of wheat.  sienna recently starting eating wheat, so this opens up a whole new world of foods for her!

favorite character:  little mermaid

favorite animal:  dog.  just like koda!

favorite color:  pink

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i am 4 1/2

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20140401-kyden barn standingi am 4 and a 1/2 today!  mommy left for texas this afternoon, so i knew she wasn’t around to celebrate my 1/2 birthday with me at dinner time.  so instead, we had a morning celebration.  i requested a special breakfast of yogurt topped with bananas sprinkled with cocoa powder and homemade granola balls (mommy rolls them into balls instead of cutting them into bars like normal mommies do).  so yummy!

anyway, here’s what i’ve been up to these days.

daily schedule:

  • 7:20am: wake up to a song of my choice.  my alarm clock is mommy’s old iphone.  for the alarm tone i get to pick from a dozens of songs that daddy downloaded for me.  i usually start my morning with one of the songs from frozen.
  • 7:30am: i take off my pajamas and get dressed for school.
  • 8:00am: breakfast.
  • 8:30am: daddy drives us to school.
  • 1:00pm:  we have nap time at school every day, but i hardly ever nap.  maaaybe once a month.
  • 4:30pm: mommy picks us up from school.  sometimes it’s later, but with all of our after-school activities, we’re usually outta there by 4:30pm.
  • 6:45pm: dinner.  we’ve been trying to eat dinner a little earlier so we can get to bed earlier.  but unfortunately, that means that we usually have to start without daddy. 🙁
  • 8:00pm: shower or bath, change into pj’s, and brush teeth.  i recently stopped wearing a pull-up at nighttime, but i’ve peed in my bed every night, so far.  so we’ll see how long this lasts.
  • 9:00pm: mommy and daddy usually take turns putting me to bed.  and when we read a book, we read alternating pages.  i could read the whole thing by myself, but that would take too long. 😛
  • 9:15pm: lights out.

favorite indoor activities:

  • reading
  • drawing
  • sleeping

favorite outdoor activities:

  • riding the scooter in my school playground.  it’s not what you think.  it’s a squarish board with wheels at the corners, and you sit on it and push with your feet.
  • playing with a hula hoop like a jump rope (also at school)
  • playing soccer and t-ball

favorite book:  doc mcstuffins: engine nine feelin’ fine

favorite TV show: kai-lan, doc mcstuffins, curious george

favorite song:

  • do you wanna build a snowman?
  • let it go
  • love is an open door

favorite mobile app:  clumsy ninja

favorite foods: i am a super good eater.  i always eat my healthy foods, but when given the opportunity, i’ll gladly eat foods that are not healthy too.

  • pizza (i like making my own)
  • jello cake (think tiramisu, but with a jello/cream cheese/fruit mixture in place of the marscapone/rum/espresso)

favorite character:  cat in the hat

favorite animal:  dolphins and whales (because they both spray water)

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sienna is 2 1/2

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sienna turned 2 1/2 today.  she was so excited that she walked around telling everyone “today is my 1/2 birthday!” we’ve never celebrated our 1/2 birthdays before, but sienna was so excited about hers that we couldn’t resisted sticking a candle in a (gluten-free) lemon bar and singing “happy 1/2 birthday to you…”!

20140122-IMG_3840here’s what she’s been up to.

daily schedule:

her schedule hasn’t changed much from a few months ago, but when she wakes up in the morning, she always looks for mommy.  if mommy is already downstairs working, sienna goes downstairs and hangs out with her until daddy wakes up.  if mommy is still in bed, sienna crawls into bed with her and lays down on her arm.  then she pulls mommy’s arm around her because she wants to be held in a certain way.  she always wants mommy to face her too, so if mommy’s head starts turning away from her, sienna grabs her face and whips it back toward her.

the only other change is in sienna’s blankets at bedtime.  she used to want 2 1/2.  now she wants none.  strange girl.

things she’s good at:

  • getting dressed by herself.  she gets SO MAD when someone tries to help her.
  • counting to 20.
  • swimming.  mommy says that sienna is a better swimmer than i am, and that’s saying a lot.  sienna can swim the length of the (small) pool, on her back, by herself.

things she’s working on:

  • good manners.  she is demanding and sometimes needs to be reminded to say “please” and “thank you”.  but now that i think about it, she is very good as saying “excuse me” when interrupting a conversation.
  • sharing mommy.  she cries real tears when mommy holds another baby, or even when mommy puts her arm around daddy or other friends.
  • using the potty.  sienna stays dry all day at school, but she’s not potty trained yet.  she still wears a pull-up because mommy and daddy learned their lesson in potty training me too early.  sienna is pretty good about telling someone when she needs to go, and she can take off her pants, do her business, wipe, and flush by myself.  (she’s not as good at wiping herself when she poos though.)  maybe it’s mommy and daddy who need to work on making the leap and ditching the pull-ups.

things she does that make mommy and dada angry:

  • hitting me for no reason.
  • running away whenever she needs to stay still.  like, when mommy or daddy is fixing her hair or trying to put lotion on her.
  • talking back.  sienna is SASSY.

things she does that make mommy and dada forget about all the things that made them angry:

  • feeding m&m’s to daddy and almonds (or whatever snack she’s eating) to mommy.
  • telling them (mostly mommy) “i love you”, unprompted.
  • when someone gets hurt, she stops whatever she is doing to check if that person is okay.  she asks “are you okay?” with genuine concern (and has the sweetest little voice).

favorite things to say:

  • “can you check on me?”  if daddy puts sienna to bed, sienna asks mommy to check on her before she goes to sleep.  (mommy checks on us every night before she goes to bed.)  if mommy puts sienna to bed, she asks daddy to check on her before she does to sleep.  i don’t think daddy ever does.  =P
  • “NO!  DON’T HELP ME!”, “I WANNA DO IT MYSELF!”, “MOVE YOUR HAND!”, and various other proclamations of independence.
  • “i took a nap today” (when mommy asks if i took a nap that day at school), “i’m not whining (when i’m whining), “i’m being a good listener” (when i’m not being a good listener).  she’s always trying to act like the goody-goody, but we know the truth.
  • “it’s nice to kiss.”  usually, she says this when she does something bad and we tell her “that’s not nice”.  she responds with “it’s nice to kiss” and she then she kisses her victim.  and that works.  IT WORKS!  how are the grown ups around here so gullible???  *rolling eyes*
  • “i have a booger.”  no context needed.

favorite indoor activities:

  • helping out in the kitchen — soda streaming daddy’s water, hand-mixing whatever mommy is baking, scooping rice into the rice cooker…
  • pretend play.  she plays dress up at school and takes care of her baby doll at home.
  • story time.  she can’t read yet, but she loves to have books read to her.

favorite outdoor activities:

  • driving my old lightning mcqueen e-car.
  • sliding.  she can slide all day.  i think that’s all she does during outside time at school.  climb up, slide down, repeat.
  • whatever i’m doing.  if i’m shooting hoops, she wants to shoot.  if i’m playing golf, she wants to golf.  if i’m running around, she wants to run.

favorite book: “super sweet dreams”.  it’s a kai-lan bedtime story.

favorite song: tiny tim the turtle.  i had never heard of this song before.  in case you haven’t either, you can click here for the video.  she also really likes the duck song.  this is one of my favorites, too!

favorite iphone apps: she doesn’t really play games, but she does love watching youtube videos of herself (and me).

favorite foods that i’m only allowed one bite of: jello, lemon bars

favorite characters: doc mcstuffins, kai-lan

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sienna is 2 1/4 years old

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20131021-1E7A3555sienna is 2 1/4 years old.   here’s what she’s been up to these days.

daily schedule:

  • 7:30am: wake up.  she crawls into bed with mommy and daddy, usually about 15 minutes before i get there.  when she hears me coming, she lies right on top of mommy so that i can’t get near her.
  • 7:45am: sienna picks out her outfit for the day, and she has VERY strong opinions about what she wants to wear.  it’s almost always a skirt or dress.
  • 8:00am: breakfast
  • 8:30am: off to school.  daddy usually drops us off at school these days.
  • 1:00pm:  we have nap time at school every day.  sienna naps every day for about 2 hours.
  • 5:30pm: mommy picks us up from school.  but when we have gym class, we leave school at around 3:15pm.
  • 7:15pm: dinner.
  • 8:00pm: shower or bath.  if we can take a bath, change into PJs and brush our teeth before 8:30pm, we get to watch one show.  lately, we have been watching daniel tiger or curious george.
  • 9:00pm: lights out.  mommy or daddy covers her with 2 1/2 blankets, and then sings a song to her.  you read that right — 2 1/2 blankets.  she insists on having 2 blankets over her, and then 1 blanket that covers her only from the knees down.  weird girl.

things she’s good at:

  • speaking in complete sentences.
  • remembering and singing song lyrics.  she sings on pitch, too (unlike me).
  • going to sleep by herself.  at bedtime, mommy or daddy sing songs to sienna, and (most of the time) they can leave the room while she’s still asleep.  sienna talks and sings to herself (or maybe to her stuffed animals?) until she falls asleep, and usually stays in bed until morning.

things she’s working on:

  • using the potty.  sienna is really good at using the potty at school, but that’s probably because they take her to the potty every 2 hours.  at home, mommy and daddy take her if she says she needs to go, but they aren’t proactive about encouraging it.  remember when sienna was asking to go potty every 15 minutes?  i’m pretty sure mommy and daddy un-potty-trained  her because they are lazy.
  • counting.  it’s not so much that she’s working on counting, but more that she’s just not very good at it.  she usually counts 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 5, 6, 7, 8, and then some random jumble of numbers after that.  when i was her age, i was good at counting to 10.  maybe i should work on it with her.
  • she can climb into her car seat by herself, but she still needs help aligning the buckle to snap it together.

things that make her laugh:

  • washing her hands under the spray faucet in the kitchen sink.  it tickles her hands and makes her giggle like a little girl.  oh wait.  i guess that means it makes her giggle like… herself.
  • tickle torture.  she screams and fake-protests, but when she gets free, she says “do it again!  do it again!”
  • saying silly things.  for school photos last week, the photographer asked her to say “stinky feet” which sienna thought was HILARIOUS.  sienna talked about it all day.  “i said ‘stinky feet’ today!”

things she does that do NOT make mommy and dada laugh:

  • hitting me.  sometimes, sienna hits me for no reason.  she doesn’t hit her friends — only me.  maybe it’s because when she was a baby and she hit me on accident, i never hit her back.  but now that she’s bigger and hits me on purpose sometimes, i still don’t hit her back.  maybe i should start.
  • resisting eating her vegetables.  sienna will eat green vegetables if they are cooked in something tasty (like a sauce), but if they are just steamed, she will eat around them.  she’ll end up with a bowl full of nothing but veggies, and then the drama queen will come out: “i need heeeelp”.  it’s ridiculous because she insists on doing everything else by herself and she can obviously eat rice, meat, and fruit just fine.  she eventually finishes her vegetables, but only after dropping some on the floor, dropping her spoon a bunch of times, and whining and complaining through the whole thing.  it’s a production, really.
  • not being a good listener.  sometimes, she does the opposite of what she knows she’s supposed to do.  just because.  like, when we’re leaving school at the end of the day, sienna will stop before the door, and refuse to move.  or when mommy is trying to put lotion on her after bathtime, she’ll run away to the opposite corner of the room.  hopefully these are just her terrible 2’s and that it’s just a phase.

favorite indoor activities:

  • reading books.  it doesn’t matter if a grown up reads to her, if i read to her, or if she just reads to herself.  sienna loves books.
  • the “bancy beam” (balance beam) at gym class. we only have class on fridays, but she talks about the “bancy beam” all week long.
  • helping out in the kitchen — making daddy’s diet coke with the soda stream, operating the blender to make smoothies and apple/pear sauce, etc.  she’s even happy just watching mommy cook.  she pulls up the stepstool to the counter and asks “can i watch you, mommy?”

favorite outdoor activities:

  • slides
  • swimming.  i didn’t think anyone could like swimming as much as i do, but sienna definitely does.
  • playing in our backyard.  golf, basketball, tee-ball, it doesn’t matter.  she just likes to run and play.

favorite book:  i’m not sure that she have a favorite book because she reads so many different ones all the time.  but lately, she’s been choosing “finding nemo” a lot.

favorite song:  “B-I-N-G-O”.  i don’t believe it, but that’s what she says.  i think she likes it because she just learned it (i taught it to her).

favorite iphone app:  she doesn’t use iphones.

favorite sayings:

  • “i want to wear a skirt today”, almost every morning while picking out her outfit
  • “i wanna do it by myself”, in reference to everything
  • “mommy, i see a cow outside my window!”.  that’s not actually her favorite saying (although she does enjoy cow-spotting), but the first time she said it we were all stunned.  sienna’s vocab, sentence structure, and grammar are so much better than mine were at her age.

favorite foods that she’s only allowed a little bit of:  jello.  she understands that most yummy junk foods will make her itchy, so she’s pretty good about not asking to eat them.

favorite characters:  minnie mouse, abby cadabby

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i am 4!

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20131001-1E7A3350 happy birthday to me :)

i am 4 years old. here’s what i’ve been up to these days.

daily schedule:

  • 7:15am: wake up.  i crawl into bed with mommy and daddy (usually about 15 minutes after sienna does).  when sienna sees hears me coming, she lies right on top of mommy so that i can’t get near her.
  • 7:30am: i change out of my pajamas and pull up (yes, i still wear a pull up at night) and get ready for the day.
  • 7:45am: breakfast
  • 8:15am: off to school.  daddy usually drops us off at school these days.
  • 1:00pm:  we have nap time at school every day.  i usually nap, but some days (maybe once a week) i don’t.  on the weekends, i often forget to nap.
  • 5:30pm: mommy picks us up from school.  but when i have soccer, gym, basketball, or other activities, i leave school before 4:00pm.
  • 7:15pm: dinner.  we’ve been eating dinner later because daddy gets home later (due to his commute) and we try to wait for him.
  • 8:00pm: shower or bath.  if we can take a bath, change into PJs and brush our teeth before 8:30pm, we get to watch one show.  usually, we watch either daniel tiger or kai-lan.
  • 9:00pm: read a book.  mommy and daddy usually take turns putting me to bed.  i keep track.  one of them does most of the reading, but i can read a lot of the words now.
  • 9:30pm: lights out.

things i’m good at:

  • reading short words.  i can read a lot of 3-, 4-, and 5-letter words.  i’m good at recognizing words that i’ve previously learned and sounding out new words that i haven’t seen before.  my grammar is getting really good too — even with irregular verbs.
  • going potty.  i don’t have potty accidents any more.  (i hope i’m not jinxing myself by writing that!)
  • using my words.  when someone (usually sienna) is mean to me or hits me, i don’t hit back.  i tell her in a firm voice, “please stop.  i don’t like that.”

things i’m working on:

  • basic math.  i always have to count on my fingers.  even if i’m just adding 5 + 1, i don’t get that i can start at 5 and then add one to get to 6.  i hold out 5 fingers, then 1 more, and count “one, two, three, four, five, six”.
  • penmanship.  my handwriting is terrible and my stroke order is really weird, but for some reason, nobody ever corrects it.
  • night time potty-training.  well, i’m not really working on this yet, but soon.  mommy says that when i run out pull-ups, i’m going to have to start using the potty at night so i don’t pee in my pajamas.

things i do that make mama and dada sad:

i often get overly sensitive about things.  for example, i was teaching sienna spanish the other day, and she was saying the word incorrectly.  i taught her the right pronunciation and asked her to repeat after me, but she ignored me and continued to say the word incorrectly — she thought it was funny.  i got really frustrated and upset and started yelling, but she still wouldn’t listen.  i eventually started to cry.  mommy and daddy aren’t sure if this is lack of emotional maturity, age appropriate behavior, or just me being a sensitive kid.

things i do that make people smile/laugh:

i am a funny kid.  everyone says so.  i’m not trying to be funny, i guess i just say and do funny things.

  • i speak in spanglish and will only continue the conversation if the other person (mommy) responds to me in spanish.  i also sing “i am a pizza” in french (“je suis une pizza”).
  • i like to check the labels on the fruit and veggies in our fridge to see if they’re organic or not.
  • if someone asks me to throw away some trash, i inspect it carefully to see if it should be recycled instead.
  • i’ve recently started speaking up for myself at restaurants (ordering my food) and stores (asking store clerks where the restroom is).  grown ups find this very charming for some reason.
  • when we walk koda, i always make mommy and daddy turn on their GPS run trackers so that i can see the route that we’re traveling and where we are on the map.
  • mommy used to always say (and write) “i love you so so much” to me and sienna.  but a couple of weeks ago, i decided that i should get 3 “so”s since i was 3 years old.  now that i’m 4, mommy loves me so so so so much.

favorite indoor activities:

  • arts and crafts.  i like to draw, paint, cut, and make stuff.
  • building things.  i like to build things with legos, magnetic tiles, blocks, or anything else that is stackable.
  • helping out in the kitchen.  i like to help mix cake batter, operate the blender to make smoothies, preheat the oven, and anything else that mommy and daddy need help with.

20131001-1E7A3421favorite outdoor activities:

  • riding my bike.  mommy made the mistake of buying me a bike that’s too big — my feet can’t touch the ground.  so even though i was doing so great with my run bike, i am now totally dependent on my training wheels.  when i tried out cousin zoey’s smaller bike (where my feet could touch the ground), i was a lot more confident and did pretty well without training wheels.  mommy is tempted to buy me a new (smaller) bike, but is waiting to see how much i’m really going to ride now that summer is over.
  • basketball and golf.  i have a new basketball and some new putters, so i have been playing in our backyard!
  • playgrounds.  i still love playing at the playground.  slides are still my favorite, and i recently learned how to pump my legs so i can swing by myself!

favorite book:  transformers: rescue-bot books.  i have the chase book and the heatwave one.  because of those books, i now love rescue-bots (even though i have never actually played with the transformer toys).

favorite songs:

  • i am a pizza
  • mister sun
  • going on a bear hunt

favorite mobile app:  i actually lost my iphone when we moved, and daddy just found it a couple of weeks ago.  i still don’t use it much, but i do like to watch videos of my favorite songs on youtube sometimes.

favorite foods that i’m only allowed a tiny bit of:   jello.  mommy special layered jello for my birthday party and now i’m hooked.  it’s even better than cake!

favorite characters:  heatwave the fire-bot.

favorite animal:  owls.  because i am in the owls classroom at school.

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sienna is 2 years old!

Posted by kyden on Sunday Jul 21, 2013 Under Uncategorized

1E7A2989happy birthday to sienna 🙂

things she likes:

  • singing.  she learns new songs really quickly.  i recently taught her “i am a pizza” (a new song that i learned from school), and she is already singing along!  that is her new favorite song.  although, a couple of weeks ago, it was “five green and speckled frogs”.  so check back soon, it will probably change again.
  • minnie mouse.  she sleeps with minnie mouse every night, she loves her minnie mouse bag, and she always wants to wear her minnie mouse shirt (she only has one).
  • picking out her own outfits.  sienna has very strong opinions about what she wants to wear, and if you try to put something else on her, she will protest.
  • getting dressed by herself.  if someone helps to put her pants or shirt on her, she’ll throw a fit, take it off, and put it back on herself.  so if you see her with her clothes on inside out and/or backwards, you’ll know why.
  • buckling herself into her car seat.  she can’t buckle the bottom part yet, but she can climb into the seat, put her arms through the shoulder straps, align the chest clips and snap them together.  (i couldn’t do that when i was 2!)
  • carrying her own bags.  for example, she always insists on carrying her lunch bag over her shoulder on her way in and out of school.  i’m not sure if this is a sign of independence or if she just likes to accessorize.
  • going fast.  being pushed in the jogging stroller /shopping cart or riding in the bike seat with mama, she likes to go fast.  i know, because she says so: “go fast!”  and then she squeals with glee.
  • jumping.  she likes making big jumps, and especially loves playing in jumpy houses.
  • helping around the kitchen.  she helps mommy make smoothies in the blender, helps daddy to fizz his water with the soda stream, and helps mash the bananas when mommy makes scones for us.
  • stickers.  she likes to stick them all over the place — on the dining table, on the couch, on herself…
  • being tickled.  mommy does this tickling rhyme on sienna’s back, and sienna squeals through the whole thing.  and when mommy is done, sienna asks “try again!  try again!”

things she doesn’t like:

  • raw tomatoes, and some other foods too, but i can’t think of them right now.  mommy and i used to play this game where i would close my eyes, and then mommy would put something into my mouth and i’d guess what it was.  sienna is not down with that game.  she will inspect the food on the spoon/fork before she opens her mouth.  sometimes, mommy will put something into sienna’s mouth, and she’ll spit it out and inspect it before she decides if she is going to eat it or not.
  • staying home while i go to school.  sienna pretty much wants to do everything that i do.  so when i go off to school, she says “sienna go school”.  pretty soon, we will start going to the same school together.  sienna is so excited!
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sienna is 23 months old

Posted by kyden on Friday Jun 21, 2013 Under sienna

20130622-1E7A2947things she likes:

  • swimming
  • swimming
  • swimming
  • talking.  she talks a lot.  a LOT.  and she speaks in complete sentences.  sometimes she mixes up her pronouns, and she doesn’t pronounce some of her double consonants correctly.  so being the good big brother that i am, i correct her grammar.  my grammar is better than sienna’s, and i have a larger vocabulary, but i think her articulation might be better than mine!
  • her flip flops.  she just got her first pair a couple of weeks ago and she loves them.  she calls them “fop fop”s.
  • doing everything herself.  she protests, “self!” anytime someone tries to help her.  climbing in and out of her car seat, washing her face, getting undressed… she wants to do it all herself.  (she can’t actually undress herself, but she likes to try.)
  • annoying me.  sometimes, she does things just to annoy me, like push me, poke me in the chest, or hit me on the head.  i am not supposed to push/poke/hit her back because she is little, and i’m pretty sure she knows that (and that’s why she does it).
  • school.  sienna has visited a couple of preschools, and she had a blast. she didn’t want to leave.  she has also come with mommy to pick me up from my school a few times.  she loved it.  when i leave for school in the morning, she always says that she wants to go too.  we tell her that she can go to school when she turns 2.  she can’t wait.  (i wonder if she will still like it when she realizes that she will be going for the whole day.)
  • swimming.  have i mentioned that she likes to swim?  sienna loves swimming.  if you ask her if she’s ready to go swimming, she responds “super ready!”.  she smiles and laughs throughout her entire swim lesson.  even her teacher asked if she is always so happy.

things she doesn’t like:

  • her car seats.  at first, we thought it was just the car seat in the daddy’s car that she doesn’t like.  she still rides rear-facing in the infant carrier when in daddy’s car, and that thing can’t be very comfortable.  but she doesn’t sit in there often, so we thought it would be okay.  apparently, it’s not.  she protests, and protests loudly.  in the past couple of days, sienna started complaining about her car seat in mommy’s car too.  in there, she has a comfy forward-facing convertible car seat just like mine.  but she doesn’t seem to like that one either.  “mommeee!  i don’t like this chair!  don’t like this chair!”  it makes for some really long (and noisy) car rides.
  • hearing other people sing when she’s not in the mood.  i’m not sure, but i think she thinks that people are trying to put her to bed, and that’s why she doesn’t like it.
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sienna is 22 months old

Posted by kyden on Tuesday May 21, 2013 Under sienna

20130522-1E7A2743things she likes:

  • taking showers.  sienna used to be lukewarm about showering, but now she loves it.  i think she likes the bench in mommy and daddy’s shower, and she definitely likes to help squeegee the shower door.
  • having company when she goes potty.  whenever sienna goes potty, she wants mommy to sit down on the floor right in front of her.  you know how i know?  because she says so: “mommy, sit down, floor.”
  • biking.  we often bike to the park after school, and sienna always yells “go fast!”
  • riding in electric cars.  she loved riding with me in the electric car at uncle paul’s birthday bbq, so now she always wants to drive my one-seater lightning mcqueen car.  that’s a problem because doesn’t know how to drive by herself (she has tried as is terrible at it), and when i drive, she can’t fit in the car!
  • giving hugs and kisses.  sienna is very affectionate.  she asks for “big hug” and puckers her lips and asks for “kiss”.  she also says “so so much”, which in siennaese, means “i love you so so much”.
  • daniel the tiger.  uncle henry suggested this show because he ran across an episode about daniel going to school for the first time.  daniel was nervous about it, just like i was.  we liked it so much that we’ve added daniel the tiger into our rotation of kai-lan videos that we get to watch on special occasions.  sienna and i both like daniel the tiger. thanks, uncle henry!

things she doesn’t like:

  • sitting close to the dining table.  about a week ago, sienna started throwing a fit when she was pushed in close to the table to eat.  maybe she feels like she trapped if she’s pushed in close?  not sure.  so now, she sits about a foot away from the table and drops food all over herself and the floor when she eats.
  • sleeping through the night.  about a week ago, sienna woke up in the middle of the night, and mommy thought she might have a fever (but didn’t take her temperature).  so mommy brought sienna into her bed and let her sleep with her.  well, i don’t know if sienna really had a fever that night or not, but she certainly isn’t sick now.  but sienna is still waking up in the middle of the night, every night.  it’s time for daddy the sleep master, to work his magic.  mommy is going on a business trip in a few weeks.  maybe he’ll wait until then.
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