party! party!

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20150125-IMG_5615greyson had a bowling birthday bash today.  sienna and i were both planning to go, but it turned out that silvia was celebrating her birthday today as well. if it was anyone else, sienna would have skipped the party, and bowled with the boys.  but silvia is sienna’s BFF. so we split up.

mommy took sienna to silvia’s party at studio grow. that’s the place where cousin zoey had her 2nd birthday party.  but that was when sienna was still in mommy’s tummy, so today was her first time really getting to play there.  all the kids at the party were from school, so sienna knew everyone there.  but for some reason she acted shy and wanted to cling to mommy all morning.  at least she had fun riding the mini roller coaster with her BFF, birthday girl silvia.

20150125-IMG_5624one of the items in the goody bag that silvia gave to all her friends was a bag of bird seed.  so after the party, sienna stopped at the pond right outside studio grow to feed the ducks.  there were only two ducks in the pond, so mommy insisted that sienna only give them a little bit of food.  she didn’t want them to eat too much and get tummy aches.  sienna understood.

20150125-IMG_0596but when all the other kids saw sienna, they wanted to join in on the duck-feeding.  and sienna didn’t want to be left over, so she continued to feed the ducks.  i’m pretty sure that those two ducks ate waaay more than they should have today.  i hope their tummies are okay.

20150125-IMG_0595meanwhile, i was bowling with the boys at greyson’s slugterra wipeout party.  bowling, i get.  i love bowling!  that part was really fun.  i didn’t really get the slugterra wipeout theme, though.  apparently, those are greyson’s favorite TV shows.  slugterra is a TV show targeted toward older kids, so i never heard of it.  i guess it’s about slugs.

the goody bags that greyson gave us contained, among other things, glasses and headbands that would turn us into slugs.  we are supposed to take a photo of our slug-selves and send them to greyson’s mommy.  in a week or so, greyson is going to pick a winner.  what do you think — do i look like a scary slug?  i hope daddy remembers to send mine to auntie char so i can win a prize!

happy birthday to silvia and greyson!

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we left our hearts… in san jose

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20140510-IMG_303520140510-IMG_3036we spent the day down in the san jose today.  first, we went to kaylen and kadence’s joint birthday party.  it was a “frozen” themed birthday party at a frozen yogurt shop.  clever.  and those are two of our favorite things, so we had high expectations.  it ended up being even better than we imagined!

in addition to all of the “frozen” decorations and of course, the froyo, there was a face painter there who did some really incredible artwork on our faces.  sienna got a butterfly and i got the whole solar system.  and they were finished off with sparkly rhinestones and glitter, too.  check us out!

20140510-IMG_3037but wait, there’s more.  there was also a balloon guy who could make anything out of balloons.  seriously.  anything.  i saw him make turtles, butterflies, princesses, and a lightning mcqueen.  i asked him to make me something from “frozen”, so he made me olaf, the snowman!  after all of us kids had balloon creations, the balloon guy thought it would be fun to arm all us with balloon weapons.  within a few minutes, we all had a sword and/or a bow and arrow.  he was right.  it was fun.

the little kids didn’t really know what to do with the swords at first.  see how kadence and sienna and holding theirs by the “blade”?  they caught on quickly, though.

20140510-IMG_3040sienna was singing “happy birthday to kaylen and kadence” during the whole drive down, so she was more than ready when the time came to sing for real.  i was too full from all the froyo i ate to have any cake.  i know, mommy and daddy were shocked, too.  but daddy didn’t mind — he ate my piece.  daddy raved about the cake.  he said it was the best birthday he’s ever had.  and that’s saying a lot because daddy has been to a lot of birthday parties and has eaten a lot of cake.

happy birthday kaylen and kadence!

the froyo shop is close to grandma’s house, so we went there afterward.  sienna took a nap while i played with grandma.  grandma has a bunch of toys that she keeps at her house for us to play with when we visit her.  today, we played with the 3-D wooden farm puzzle.  the fences doubled as hockey sticks and the animals made good pucks! after an hour of playing grandma said she was tired and needed a break. so i told her she could rest for one minute. i set a timer. 😛

as an added bonus, grandpa came home in time to have dinner with us, and uncle randy surprised us by dropping by with manju for dessert!

we may have moved away, but we still love our friends and family in san jose. 🙂

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i’m too young to play in our city t-ball league, but i really really wanted to play.  so i’m taking a t-ball class.  we are learning all the basics — hitting, fielding, catching, etc. — and i love it.

20140503-matthew tballmy friend matthew is playing in a real t-ball league, so we went to go see him play today.  logan came too.  in the morning, i made a sign for him that said “GO MATTHEW GO”.  the sign took a little longer than expected, even with mommy’s help, so we arrived 30 minutes into what was supposed to be a one hour game.  unfortunately, they called the game early due to players’ loss of interest. 😛  i’m still not 100% sure what that means.  all i know is that i didn’t get to see matthew hit at all!  that’s okay though.  we held up the sign for him while he was fielding.  after the game, we ran the bases a few times and then went to lunch.

real t-ball is so cool.  they use real aluminum bats and they even have real uniforms.  i can’t wait until next year when i can play real t-ball too!  i wonder if sienna will make a sign for me that says GO KYDEN GO!

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close to home

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when we first moved to san ramon, one of the things that we missed was all the kid activities that used to be so (relatively) close to home.  we were no longer near the children’s discovery museum, or happy hallow, or gilroy gardens, or theatres/arenas that hosted performances like “sesame street live”.  but we’re settled in our new house now, and we love it.  we still go out to do fun things sometimes, but we really enjoy just hanging out at our house and in our neighborhood.

20140301-IMG_1508don’t worry.  we have not become recluses.  we still see our friends.  like last weekend, isaac came over to our house and we rode our bikes to the park and played there all afternoon.  we stayed close to home and hung out with friends this weekend, too.

20140301-IMG_1506on saturday, maddie and malia came to hang out with us.  yup, me and three girls.  now i know how sienna feels all the time when she plays with me and my buddies.  sienna and malia mostly played doll house, but maddie and i had fun with my garbage truck and i taught her a game that i invented using the fake money from my cash register.

and then on sunday, i had my first playdate with a friend from school.  jero lives in our neighborhood, so mommy and i walked over to his house while daddy was putting sienna down for a nap.  jero has a bunch of movies, so he asked me which one i wanted to see.  mommy was hoping that we’d pick “frozen” (which is not out on DVD yet), but we decided on the one that jero said had a garbage robot and another robot that shoots.  how could a boy say no to that?  can you guess what movie that is?  “wall-e”.  sooo exciting.

yes, it was so exciting that we watched about 5 minutes of it and then got bored and went to play.  ava came over to play with us, too.  she is a girl from school who lives a couple of doors down from jero.  one of the reasons why we chose the school that sienna and i are currently going to is so that we would make friends who live close to us.  the plan is working!   also, jero will be in my transitional-K class next year.  and the following year, ava will join us in our kindergarten class.  too bad my girlfriend maria lives on the other side of our community and will be going to a different school than us. 🙁

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partipalooza party place

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today, i went to princeton’s birthday party at partipalooza.  it wasn’t the first party for a school friend that i was invited to, but it was the first that i was able to attend.  the invitation didn’t say that siblings were invited, so i assumed they weren’t.  i told sienna that she couldn’t go, so she stayed home with daddy.  but once i got there i felt kinda bad because everyone else brought their siblings.  one of sienna’s classmates was even there.

partipalooza is a really fun party place that’s sort of like a pump it up.  the party starts in one room, moves to another, and then finally to the party room where the birthday kid sits in a giant throne while everyone eats pizza and cake.  the first room had a few inflatables.  i climbed up and slid down the giant slide a few times, but i quickly lost interest once i noticed the air hockey table.  i love air hockey.  that’s princeton, the birthday boy, playing with me.  and the girl who’s grabbing me from behind is one of my friends from school.  when she saw me, she yelled my name like i was a celebrity and then ran over to grab me.  mommy thinks she likes me.  after a marathon session of air hockey, i made my way over to the foosball table.  i had never played foosball before, but it was so fun.  now i’m hooked.  i didn’t care about the jumpy houses at all.  air hockey and foosball all day long.  mommy says that i’m a frat boy in the making.

20140208-IMG_129520140208-IMG_1296the next room was sort of like an arcade.  there was a mini bowling alley, rock climbing wall, a basketball game, and some arcade games that i didn’t pay attention to.  i bowled and bowled and bowled.  at the very end, mommy (strongly) encouraged me to try some other activities so that other people could have a chance to bowl.  so i shot some hoops, but that got old quickly because i couldn’t make any baskets.  so i moved on to rock climbing, but only got half way up before it was time to go eat.  but that’s okay because i didn’t want to go any higher anyway.

so then it was off to the party room for pizza and ice cream cake.  what kid wouldn’t be happy about that?  me.  i just wanted to get back into the activity rooms to play some more, and i was so upset that i wasn’t allowed.  i had so much fun at princeton’s party, and partipalooza was such a nice change from the usual birthday party places that we go to all the time.  happy birthday princeton!

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putt putt party

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20140126-IMG_115420140126-IMG_1149a couple of days ago, i was invited to a classmate’s birthday party.  mommy was typing the RSVP email as i was dictating: “kyden wants to go bowling first, then have pizza.”  and that’s when mommy and i had the talk about birthday parties and how the birthday boy/girl gets to choose what to do.  on my next birthday, i want to have a bowling party, and all my friends will bowl with me.  but at my friends’ birthday parties, they will choose the activity, and i will do whatever they choose.  okay.  got it.

today, greyson had a putt putt party to celebrate his 3rd birthday.  i’m not sure why it’s called “putt putt” when really, it’s miniature golf.  but you play the whole course with a putter.  oh.  i just got it.

20140126-IMG_1151anyway, greyson plays mini golf 2x/week, so he’s a regular.  we have a putting green in our backyard, but sienna and i had never been mini golfing before.  it was so much fun!  we golfed and golfed, but we also had a big shaded picnic area where we ate lunch and hung out between rounds.

20140126-IMG_1147i had a blast and didn’t want to stop playing, but sienna, not so much.  she didn’t even get through the entire course one time.  her form is terrible, which might be why it wasn’t as fun for her.  we all kept trying to help her, but (like everything else in her life) she insisted on doing it herself.

between the mini golf, the pizza, the pinata, and the chocolate cupcakes (which i got to take 4 bites of), we had a great time.  since it was greyson birthday and he picked golf, we all had to play.  he made a good choice.  happy birthday greyson!

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super fun BDO at super franks

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i’ve been to super franks a couple of times for friends’ birthday parties, but today, we had a BDO there.  make that boys (plus sienna) day out.  in the morning, sienna and i met edison at super franks at 10am right when it opened.  the safari adventure room was open, and of course, the arcade, but the fun stuff (bounce house, foam pit, zip line) were in rooms that were closed until the afternoon.  apparently, they were having birthday parties in those rooms.

20140125-IMG_1123so after an hour of climbing up and sliding down an inflatable slide, we headed back to our house for a lunch break.  matthew, jeffrey, and logan joined us there.  we hung out at home for a couple of hours and we were having so much fun playing that i wasn’t 100% sure that we were going to go back to super franks.  but we eventually made it.

20140125-cherylwe headed straight upstairs to the fish tank where we jumped in the bounce house, flopped into the foam pit, climbed up and slid down the plastic play structure, and raced around on ride-on jet skis.  after that, we went to the mini gym to ride plasma cars, shoot hoops, and play a game of dodge ball.  by that time, all my friends were tired and headed home.  but sienna and i rallied because at 3:30pm, they opened the zip line!

sienna was too little to ride the zipline by herself, but she still had fun.  the last time i rode a zip line was at edison’s 1st birthday party, and i hated it.  i cried through the whole thing.  today, i meant to ask the guy to push me slowly, but i forgot to.  so i went FAST.  and i loved it!  sienna and i both couldn’t get enough of the zip line, but they closed it at 4pm. here are videos of me and sienna zip lining.

after they closed down the zip line, we were ready to go home.  on our way out, we passed by a dance party going on in the main lobby.  it was a kiddie rave complete with music, lights, bubbles, and even a dancing stuffed animal (but unlike miley cyrus, this was a non-twerking G-rated stuffed animal).  i didn’t want to get up on the stage at first, but when i saw sienna up there getting her groove on, i eagerly joined her.

after the kiddie rave, they announced that there would be a flashlight safari coming up.  i wanted to stay for that, but mommy and daddy insisted that sienna had to get home to take a nap.  awwwww.  i hope we can go back again and stay for ALL the activities.  super franks is super fun — it’s an all day party over there!

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boys & mommies tahoe weekend

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kai-kai and i took our mommies to tahoe this past weekend.  it was just us boys and our mommies — no daddies and no sisters.

since sienna is so attached to mommy, we took special care to prepare her for her weekend alone with daddy.  we told her that she couldn’t come with us because she is too little to go skiing (or “skeeting”, as she says).  she took it well.  apparently, she had already make plans with daddy.  watch.


i skipped school on friday so we could hit the road and get an early start.  kai-kai and auntie victoria came to our house, and kai’s auntie kassandra (visiting from indonesia) decided to join us at the last minute, too!  kai-kai sat in sienna’s car seat, and we all rode up togeher in mommy’s car.  the roads were clear and the drive to kings beach was pretty easy since there hasn’t been any snow in tahoe.  i guess that’s the one upside to this drought we’re having.  we stayed in on friday night and just cooked dinner and played in our hotel room (which was right on the lake).


sienna’s went to school as usual, and daddy came home early so he could pick her up.  it turns out that sienna didn’t eat any of the lunch that mommy packed for her (she usually finishes the whole thing).  daddy thinks that sienna was on a hunger strike protesting against being abandoned by mommy and me for the entire weekend.


on saturday morning, it was raining and windy in king’s beach.  mommy figured that the rain would cause the slopes to be really icy, and she was ready to scrap our skiing plans.  but we were already all the way up in tahoe, so we sucked it up, bundled up, and headed to diamond peak.

20140111-mommy was planning to take me to the bunny slopes and teach me how to ski, but kai-kai had planned to take a lesson.  (it turns out that auntie victoria had never skied before!)  so i decided to take a semi-private lesson with him, which worked out great.  the timing was perfect, our rental gear was included, and we got our own private little bunny hill with a magic carpet to take us back up to the top after each run. we learned to make “pizzas” with our skis.  a big pizza wedge makes you go slow, and a skinny pizza makes you go fast!

it was snowy, windy, and cold, and mommy was sure that i would only last a few minutes before wanting to head back inside.  but i didn’t complain one time (even though icicles were forming on my helmet).  mommy was so surprised.  and actually, mommy was the only one complaining about the weather.  kai-kai and i did great in our ski lesson.  our instructor complimented me on my good form riding up the magic carpet and skiing down the hill.

here’s a video from my ski lesson:

20140111-IMG_0963after our ski lesson, i surprised mommy again by wanting to ski with her some more.  so we rode up a LONG chair lift (which i really loved, by the way) to the top of a pretty long hill.  i didn’t have poles, so i took one of mommy’s.  mommy helped me down the really steep parts, but i was doing pretty good on my own on the flatter parts.  and then suddenly, “i gotta go potty!  i gotta go potty!”  mommy gave me 2 choices:

1) make yellow snow (which would have involved stripping off all of my layers in the middle of a snowstorm)

2) ski down the hill really fast to find a restroom in the ski lodge.

obviously, i went went option #2.  it was mommy’s first time on skis in ~25 years, and she wasn’t sure if she’d remember how to ski.  well, i guess she did okay because we made a beeline straight down the hill and made it to the potty just in time.  whew!

here’s a video of me skiing with mommy.  (mommy was skiing backwards while she was taking this video, but she was going too slow, so i passed her.)

after my potty break, it was almost time to return the ski gear we had rented.  plus, my head was hurting.  i think my helmet was too tight.  so mommy and i just waited for everyone else to make their way slowly down the hill.  we only skied for a few hours, but we were beat.


every morning when sienna wakes up, she goes to mommy and daddy’s room and climbs into their bed right next to mommy.  she lies on mommy’s arm and pulls it around her because she likes to be held in a very particular way.  but if sienna doesn’t find mommy in her room, she wanders downstairs to look for her.  when sienna woke up on saturday morning, i’m guessing that she looked for mommy in her room, and probably looked downstairs, too.  but since mommy was nowhere to be found, sienna went and smacked a sleeping daddy on the face and demanded “where’s mommy?”  daddy reminded sienna that mommy was skiing in tahoe.  sienna was on the very of tears, but made herself feel better by singing “grown ups come back”, a little tune we learned from daniel tiger.  and then she looked at pictures of mommy on daddy’s iphone, and that cheered her up.

sienna and daddy spent the day playing at grandma’s house.  we always have so much fun there.  grandma noticed that sienna is much more independent and strong-willed when i’m not around.  i think grandma was implying that i stifle sienna’s independence, but really, i keep sienna in check.  she’s so willful and demanding as it is — can you imagine the little dictator that she would become if she didn’t have me around?


20140112-IMG_0964sunday was sunny and warm and there was fresh snow on the ground.  what a perfect day for skiing.  too bad we were headed home.  but we did stop at north tahoe regional park for some sledding on our way out.  and guess what.  i love sledding.  LOVE it.

when we first arrived, kai-kai wasn’t in a sledding mood, so rode with auntie and mommy.  and then i joined kai-kai in playing in the snow.  we dug an “oven” (a hole) and collected “marshmallows” (chunks of ice) to “cook in the oven”.  we probably spent a good hour doing that.  we also collected pine cones and climbed a snow bank and then finally got back to sledding.

kai-kai and i took turns being in the front of the sled, and we tried different runs.  sometimes we would stop right at the bottom of the hill (“not cool”) and sometimes we would slide all the way out to the rock barrier at the side of the road (“SO COOL!”).  one time, we almost hit a tree and mommy yelled at us to “BAIL OUT!”, but we didn’t know what that meant.  we missed that tree by just a few inches!

i wanted to stay and sled all day, but it was well into the afternoon and we were all getting hungry.  we found a pasta place for lunch, then headed home.


20140110-IMG_0887when sienna woke up on sunday, i guess she remembered that mommy was gone.  she climbed into bed with daddy and sang “grown ups come back”.  and then she laid on daddy’s arm and pulled his arm around her.  she had never done that with him before.

the 49ers played in (and won!) the divisional playoffs on sunday, so sienna and daddy had a lazy sunday watching a lot of football.  actually, i think daddy watched a lot of football and sienna fed him a lot of m&m’s.  win-win.  well, win-win-win if you include the niners. 🙂

we all had a really fun weekend.  here are some photos of our boys & mommies tahoe weekend.  and thanks for taking the videos, auntie victoria!  i missed koda and gung-gung last weekend, but i didn’t miss daddy or sienna because i facetimed with them every night.  i like being silly and making sienna laugh.

sienna keeps asking if she can go “skeeting” when she gets bigger.  i told mommy that i am going to teach sienna how to ski by letting her watch me and telling her to do what i do.  we hope to go skiing again in the spring when the weather is warmer.  too bad sienna is still too small.  but being the adreneline junkie that she is, i bet she will LOVE sledding!

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final day of freedom

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20140101-IMG_0773today was our last day of vacation, so we made the most of it by spending the day with local friends:  ice skating with ashton and braylon, then movie night with isaac.

in the morning, we headed out to a new ice rink in livermore called tri valley ice.  none of us kids had ever skated before, so our parents were prepared for it to be a very short outing — especially for me, because i have a very low tolerance for being cold.  as daddy and i were stepping onto the ice together, he announced to mommy “you know i don’t know how to skate, right?”  wait, what? why was i just finding this out??? daddy did okay, though.  he only let me fall a few times.  daddy and mommy each took me around the ice a couple of times.  it was fun, but i was ready to leave.  but then… we discovered the buckets!

once i found the buckets, i was able to skate all my myself!  it was so fun and i was so proud of myself.

sienna wanted nothing to do with the buckets. she loved skating with mommy though. i was ready to leave after about 8 times around the rink, but sienna wanted to stay and skate all day.

we all had fun, but we were ready to leave after less than an hour — except for sienna, who kept saying “but i’m not done yet!”.  even the grown ups were ready to leave because their ankle bones were getting chafed and bruised. they thought it was such a brilliant idea to go to a new ice rink with brand new rental equipment, but new skates are really stiff and really uncomfortable!  we worked up a big appetite, so we stuffed our faces (and defrosted) at a nearby pho place.

later in the afternoon (when sienna woke up from her nap), we headed over to isaac’s house.  we had planned to finish watching the movie “tangled” that we started last week, but we had too much fun playing together that we never got around to watching the movie.  (i think it’s the grown ups who really want to finish the movie.  we could care less.)

isaac and i always have a lot of fun playing together, and sienna sometimes gets in our way.  so we gang up on her and aren’t very nice to her sometimes.  i say we’re just toughening her up for her own good, but we kept getting in trouble.  mommy had to remind me that even when i’m having fun with my friends, sienna is still my sister.  and i know that family always takes care of each other.  so am i supposed to stand up for her?  or is she supposed to learn to stand up for herself like the strong independent girl that we want her to be?  i am so confused.

well, our vacation is officially over.  we’re back to school tomorrow, and mommy and daddy are back to work.  happy new year!

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day after christmas: friends dinner

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20131226-IMG_0637we celebrated christmas again, today.  logan, mason, sierra, and sofia came over today to play, eat, drink, and be merry!

our dining table only seats 8 , and there were 13 of us, so we ate in shifts.  kids ate first.  mason and sofia are still little (almost 2) so they needed a little help, but the rest of us kids ate all by ourselves.  and then as soon as a kid was done, one of his/her parents took the open chair. 😛  the grown ups talked about how nice it is that we are all finally at an age where we can play together on our own with no (or minimal) supervision, and they can just sit around and chat and drink wine.

after everyone was done eating, we exchanged gifts and opened more presents.  see me in the photo?  going clockwise, that’s sierra, sofia, and logan.  sienna wasn’t in the photo because she had already gone upstairs to get ready for bed.  she didn’t nap today and it was way past her bedtime (actually, all of our bedtimes).  mason is not in the photo because he was indecent — he was not wearing pants.  i’m still not sure why.

we all had a really great time hanging out with great friends.  i hope we get to do this again next year!  merry day after christmas! 🙂

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