art and wind (and puppets)

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when mommy asked me if i wanted to go to the art and wind festival this year, i said yes. but then, i looked at the photos and videos from last year, and it all came back to me.  “you just walk around and look at stuff.  that’s boring.”  the problem was that i went with a bunch of grown ups last year.  seven grown ups and me.  sienna didn’t come with us because she was at home, napping.  so this year, it was just me and sienna and mommy and daddy.  and we checked the schedule in advance to make sure we could catch the fun kid stuff that we wanted to do and see.

20140526-IMG_3228we headed out after lunch, and we got special passes to park in uncle ritchie’s neighborhood again.  (thanks uncle ritchie!)  when we arrived at the festival, we headed straight for the children’s puppet theatre to wait for a production of “three billy goats gruff”.  (uncle ritchie and auntie margaret found us there and watched with us.)  it was our first time watching a puppet show!  it was a fun and interactive show, and sienna and i both really enjoyed it.  from the photo it looks like we were far away, but we had the best seats in the house because we were in the shade. =)  we liked the puppet show so much that we wanted to stay for the next performance, “little red riding hood”.  but since it wasn’t going to start for a little while, we went to check out the rest of the festival.

i didn’t want to just walk around and look at boring stuff with uncle ritchie and auntie margaret, so we split up from them and went to find the kid’s zone.  by the time we got there, sienna was asleep in the stroller.  i found a ball toss game that i wanted to play, so i got in line.  when it was finally my turn, the lady asked for 3 tickets.  tickets?  what tickets?  we didn’t have any tickets.  we looked over at the ticket booth, and the line was 10+ people long.  mommy didn’t want to wait because it was too hot.  so instead, we decided to go get some jamba juice.  yesss!

20140526-IMG_3231we made it over to the food court area, and guess what.  they were out of jamba juice.  i was so upset and i couldn’t understand how they could possibly be out of jamba juice.  why couldn’t they just make more???

we had about 30 minutes before the keiki hula performance — sienna wanted to see it because she wants to join a halau when she turns 3.  so in the mean time, i dragged mommy back to the children’s puppet theatre where we caught the second half of “little red riding hood”.  after the puppet show, we made our way over to the ampitheatre for the hula performance.  on the way there, i spotted a “game” at one of the booths.  the lady said i could spin the wheel to win a prize, but i told her i didn’t have any tickets.  she let me spin anyway, and i won a plastic bracelet with something printed on it.  i have no idea what.  but i got a bracelet.  cool!

sienna was still sleeping when we got to the hula performance, but we stayed and watched for a few minutes anyway.  i didn’t really like it because it wasn’t “real hula”. sienna’s style of hula doesn’t really look like real hula either.  daddy says she looks like one of the plastic hula dolls that sit on your dashboard and bobbles around as you drive.

even though it seemed like i had fun at the art and wind festival this year, i told mommy that i didn’t. it would have been fun if i got to play games. i hope mommy and daddy remember that for next year.

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off and riding

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remember how i got a cool new bike last august?  it was too big and my feet couldn’t touch the ground when i was sitting on (or standing over) the seat.  so it pretty much just sat in the garage.  in december, auntie cindy gave me cousin jerrod’s old bike to try out.  i didn’t ride it much because the days were short and the weather was cold during the winter.  but now that it’s springtime, i’m back in the saddle.

jerrod’s bike is probably 10 years old and 10 pounds heaver than mine.  but my feet can touch the ground when i sit on that bike, so that makes it better.  all it took was a couple of spins around our cul de sac, and i was off and riding.

this video is from one week ago.  i had a hard time starting by myself, but once i got rolling, i could balance and ride pretty well.  but still, i didn’t have the confidence to ride my big 16″ bike.

well guess what.  over the weekend, i decided to ride my big bike, and i did just fine!  and because my bike is so much lighter, i can even start by myself now. 🙂

now i’m off and riding all by myself, just in time for the triathlon coming up in 2.5 weeks!  i like to ride really close to the curb and then make a really sharp turn at the very last second.  mommy and daddy think that i might be a little too confident on my bike now.  good thing i ride with a helmet, gloves, and knee pads.  safety first!

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roaring good time on mother’s day

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20140511-IMG_310220140511-IMG_3094we wanted to do something a little different to celebrate mother’s day this year.  so instead of our usual brunch, we took mommy and grandma (and the rest of the family) on a train ride!

first, we met grandma, grandpa, and uncle randy for lunch.  we ate at chez sovan, one of the places that mommy misses most about the south bay.  then we all headed down to roaring camp, which is in a little town called felton, near santa cruz.  grandpa said that he had taken the family there when daddy was little, but daddy didn’t remember it.  for mommy, me, and sienna, it was our first time.

20140511-IMG_305920140511-IMG_3099there are a couple of different routes you can take from roaring camp.  there’s a 3 hour beach train to santa cruz, but nobody believed that sienna and i would be able to sit still for that long.  we chose the stream train through the redwood forest.  while we waited for our train, sienna and i entertained ourselves by played in the little “town”.

the train ride was about 90 minutes long (round trip), including a stop at the top of bear mountain.  throughout most of the ride, sienna alternated between providing sound effects and signing “let it go” at the top of her lungs.  luckily, the train was pretty loud, so she didn’t embarrass us too much.

20140511-IMG_3087when we got to the top of the mountain, we went for a short walk. i was so excited because i’ve never actually been in the woods before.

20140511-IMG_3095after the train ride, we got off, and i spotted some big troughs where people were panning for gold.  i wanted to find gold!  so we all gathered around and a man demonstrated for us, proper panning technique.  mommy asked to see a sample of the gold so we would know what we were looking for.  the man showed us a gold flake in a small vial.  i asked in disbelief, “that little dot?!”

we found the first gold flake pretty quickly.  but we couldn’t go home with just one, because sienna and i would surely fight over it.  it took us a long time to find the second one, but we eventually did, and quickly found a few more after that.  we ended up with 6 little dots of gold in total.  maybe 5.  one of them is so small, it’s hard to tell. 😛

20140518-IMG_3150when we got home, sienna and i gave mommy the special cards that we made for her.  daddy helped us trace our hand prints and connect them with a folded strip of paper that says “i love you this much!”  when i was making the card, i told daddy that i love mommy more than that, and i wanted a strip of paper that was much much longer.  he said he didn’t have one.  but that’s okay, i made sure mommy knew.

me: i love you more than the moon.

mommy: i love you more than the moon and all the stars.

me: i love you more than googol.

(i recently learned that googol is the biggest number in the whole world.)

happy mother’s day to mommy and grandma.  we hope you had a roaring good time on your special day!

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we left our hearts… in san jose

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20140510-IMG_303520140510-IMG_3036we spent the day down in the san jose today.  first, we went to kaylen and kadence’s joint birthday party.  it was a “frozen” themed birthday party at a frozen yogurt shop.  clever.  and those are two of our favorite things, so we had high expectations.  it ended up being even better than we imagined!

in addition to all of the “frozen” decorations and of course, the froyo, there was a face painter there who did some really incredible artwork on our faces.  sienna got a butterfly and i got the whole solar system.  and they were finished off with sparkly rhinestones and glitter, too.  check us out!

20140510-IMG_3037but wait, there’s more.  there was also a balloon guy who could make anything out of balloons.  seriously.  anything.  i saw him make turtles, butterflies, princesses, and a lightning mcqueen.  i asked him to make me something from “frozen”, so he made me olaf, the snowman!  after all of us kids had balloon creations, the balloon guy thought it would be fun to arm all us with balloon weapons.  within a few minutes, we all had a sword and/or a bow and arrow.  he was right.  it was fun.

the little kids didn’t really know what to do with the swords at first.  see how kadence and sienna and holding theirs by the “blade”?  they caught on quickly, though.

20140510-IMG_3040sienna was singing “happy birthday to kaylen and kadence” during the whole drive down, so she was more than ready when the time came to sing for real.  i was too full from all the froyo i ate to have any cake.  i know, mommy and daddy were shocked, too.  but daddy didn’t mind — he ate my piece.  daddy raved about the cake.  he said it was the best birthday he’s ever had.  and that’s saying a lot because daddy has been to a lot of birthday parties and has eaten a lot of cake.

happy birthday kaylen and kadence!

the froyo shop is close to grandma’s house, so we went there afterward.  sienna took a nap while i played with grandma.  grandma has a bunch of toys that she keeps at her house for us to play with when we visit her.  today, we played with the 3-D wooden farm puzzle.  the fences doubled as hockey sticks and the animals made good pucks! after an hour of playing grandma said she was tired and needed a break. so i told her she could rest for one minute. i set a timer. 😛

as an added bonus, grandpa came home in time to have dinner with us, and uncle randy surprised us by dropping by with manju for dessert!

we may have moved away, but we still love our friends and family in san jose. 🙂

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lose LA! go SJ!

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as usual, the sharks were strong during the regular season.  and as usual, the sharks had home ice advantage in round 1 of the playoffs.  but when they went up 3-0 in the series against the kings, it was a good sign that this post-season was going to be different than usual — this might actually be the year that we make it to the stanley cup finals!

but then, game 4 came around and the series went to 3-1.  and then game 5 came around and it was 3-2.  and while we were watching game 6, i made up a cheer.

it didn’t work.  i don’t know what the heck sienna was doing — making faces at the kings players, i guess — but that didn’t work either.

the kings tied up the series 3-3. we were disappointed that the sharks lost, but then i heard mommy say “i guess we’re going to game 7 on wednesday”, and  i got so excited! yay, we get to go to a sharks game! mommy quickly corrected me and explained that when she said “we”, she was talking about her and daddy. i protested and whined about it. sienna joined in too. but to no avail.

20140430-IMG_3143 20140430-IMG_2684mommy and daddy went to game 7 and left us at home to watch it on TV. at least we didn’t have to sit next to a bunch of kings fans like daddy did. sienna and i cheered for the sharks, and we even wore our team gear. sienna wore my jersey (which actually fits her perfectly) and i wore mommy’s (which she forgot to bring). we did the “lose LA” cheer that i made up, too. but none of it helped. the sharks blew their 3-0 series lead and let the sharks take the series.

i keep asking when the next sharks game is going to be. mommy and daddy tell me that the sharks are taking a break to rest, so we won’t get to see them play again until september. what do they need to rest for? they couldn’t have been playing all that hard when they gave away their 3-0 lead! it’s tough being a sharks fan.

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egg-cellent hunting

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20140420-IMG_2437happy easter!  we joined in on our neighborhood egg hunt and brunch last year, but this is our first official easter living in our new house.  and actually, the easter festivities take place in cousin zoey’s cul de sac, so this morning, we walked across the park to her house.  we all lined up at the end of the cul de sac, did a countdown, and then everyone was off and running.  everyone except sienna, that is.  she casually strolled along, wearing the new easter dress that grandma sent, and daintily carrying her new hello kitty easter basket from uncle henry.  daddy says that he’s raising her to be a princess.  she shouldn’t have to work for things — things should come to her.  i think she’s learning well.  see for yourself.

20140420-IMG_2430most of the eggs were not very hidden — they were laying out in plain sight. some were a little harder to get though, like the ones up in the trees. i quickly filled up my bucket, dumped it out in cousin zoey’s house, and went back out for round 2. i filled up my second bucket, and sienna eventually filled up her hello kitty basket. by that time, all of the easy-to-find eggs were gone. so we were done. sienna and i headed inside to play at cousin zoey’s house.

IMG_2436all of the other kids (and adults) were out mingling in the cul de sac or trampling gardens in their quest for the golden eggs. the golden eggs had numbers in them, and prizes were awarded according to the number inside. sienna thought she had found a golden egg, but it turned out to be a fake.  (it’s metallic, but more green than golden.)  mommy eventually found an authentic golden egg and gave it to me. i turned it in for a matchbox car, a punching balloon, and pack of fun dip. i refused the fun dip even though it was offered to me repeatedly. everyone thought that sienna and i were just being anti-social hanging out inside, but i later told mommy that i didn’t want to be outdoors because it was too hot.

20140420-IMG_2448we eventually went back out to join the festivities. there was a potluck lunch, a slip ‘n slide pool combo, and even a shave ice machine! i really wanted to play in the slip ‘n slide, so daddy went home to get my swim clothes. i jumped in, and immediately jumped back out. the water was icy cold! i only swim in 92 degree water. i don’t think i’ll ever be able to swim in a normal pool. i was perfectly happy with my icy cold shave ice though. sienna too.

20140420-IMG_2451when we got home, sienna took a nap while i opened our eggs and sorted our stash. we got a lot of chocolates and starbursts for daddy. we don’t get to eat any of the candy, but that’s okay because we got a giant bouquet of fruit (sent by uncle randy, of course) while we were out :). we also got a few stickers and a handful of quarters. quarters! those went right into my money jar. we don’t have to tell sienna about those. next year, we’re going to pay more attention to which house has the quarter-filled eggs and start collecting eggs there from now on.

happy easter!

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batter up!

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20140408-IMG_2341i had my first t-ball class today.  after i registered for the class a couple of weeks ago, i went out and got a baseball glove.  mommy and i spent a long time in the store trying to figure out whether i should throw with my right or left hand.  you know, so i could figure out which glove to get.  after about an hour, mommy reluctantly bought me the left-handed glove (i decided i wanted to throw righty).  she was hoping that i would use my left-handed tendencies to give me an advantage in athletics.  instead, i just use my left hand to eat and write (sometimes).

anyway, in my first class, we practiced throwing, fielding, hitting, and running the bases.    i am totally hooked.  i am still trying to figure out if i want to bat left or right, but there’s plenty of time for that.  my first priority is finding a favorite team.  we started class by introducing ourselves and telling the class who our favorite baseball team is.  i didn’t know what to say because i don’t know any baseball teams.  i only know the sharks.

after class, mommy asked me if i want to be a yankees fan since one of the pitchers is mashiro tanaka.  he must be my uncle or a long lost relative or something.  so uh, go yankees?

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winter sports

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when you think of winter sports, you think of ice skating and snowboarding, right?  not us.  this winter, sienna played her 1st session of soccer, and i played my 3rd session of basketball.

20140318-IMG_1830remember when i first started playing basketball and i couldn’t dribble?  i still can’t.  after a few bounces, the ball gets away from me (which is actually an improvement from when i first started).  but give me a break — the sessions are only 4 weeks long (which means 4 total classes) and only one of those classes is focused on dribbling.  so i’ve had exactly 3 days of dribbling practice in my life.  same goes for shooting.  but at least i can make a shot once in awhile.  like on this video.  (don’t tell anyone, but the shot i took right before this one was an air ball.)  the best part of my basketball game is my defense.  i am good at “shuffle shuffle shuffle defense!” (stretching out my arms and shuffling laterally).  sometimes, i guard mommy and daddy while they’re walking around the house or the store or wherever.  they don’t like it because i’m always in their way.  duh.  that’s the point.  told you i was good at it.

i really like basketball, but i’m not sure if i’m going to get to play again next session.  i already do karate and swimming year-round, and i really want to sign up for tee-ball and tennis in the spring.  mommy says that there are not enough days in the week for all of my activities.

20140319-20140319-IMG_1832during the winter session, sienna took her first mommy & me soccer class.  in that class, they didn’t play real scrimmages, they just did silly games with the coach to learn some basic skills.  sienna says she liked it but she didn’t always seem to be into it.  she especially disliked one of the games that they played on the last day of class.  the coach pretended to be a pinata.  the kids were supposed to kick a soccer ball to hit the coach, and if they hit him, he threw “candy” (colored discs) into the air.  sienna refused to kick the coach.  that game really upset her.

sienna isn’t very good at dribbling a soccer ball.  i think the slick surface of the gym floor made ball control a challenge.  she really wants to play again next session, and since it’ll be springtime, the class will be held out on the grassy field.  mommy thinks that will help her with ball control.  i just think that’ll make her more tired.  i don’t like playing soccer outdoors because the grass makes the ball go shorter distances when you kick it and the sun makes me all hot and sweaty.

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sienna’s mermaid song

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i think it’s kind of odd when people are into music that is before their time. like, if mommy or daddy liked doo-wop, that would be weird because they weren’t around in the 50’s and 60’s when that music was popular.

well, sienna and i have a new favorite song. sienna calls it “my mermaid song”. you might know it as “part of that world” from “the little mermaid” movie (which we’ve never seen). the movie came out in 1989, 20 years before we were born. i guess that makes us kind of odd.

remember when i said that sienna could sing in tune? i was wrong. so very wrong.

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see kyden read

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i love to read.

i’ve been reading for a long time, but nobody believed it.  mommy and daddy just thought that i had memorized all the books in our house and that i was reciting rather than reading.  but then christmas rolled around and i got a bunch of new books that i had never read (or heard) before.  and guess what.  i was able to read them all by myself.

mommy and daddy were so shocked.  i still need help with new words sometimes, but i can often figure them out through context.

after mommy recorded this video, i wanted a do-over. i was embarrassed that i didn’t know some of the words and i knew i could do better. but mommy said the whole point was to let me read a new book that i had never seen before.

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