last-minute thanksgiving

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at school, sienna and i both did projects showing what we are thankful for this thanksgiving.  i am thankful for yummy food like salad and ranch (dressing).  sienna is thankful for mommy and daddy a nd me and gung-gung, and koda.  after i saw what sienna is thankful for, i burst into tears.  i felt terrible for not saying that i was thankful for my family — i had picked food that i was thankful for because that’s why all my friends at school were doing.  don’t worry, i made sure to tell mommy that i was thankful for her.

20141127-IMG_5071anyway, since we had been recovering from our trip all week, we weren’t thinking about thanksgiving.  apparently, nobody else was, either.  grandma and grandma were planning to have a small dinner with uncle randy.  uncle jamie and auntie alyssa joked about going out for hot pot.  it seemed that we were on our own for thanksgiving.  but the thing is, daddy won a turkey in that golf tournament that he played in last week.  and daddy loves turkey with all the fixin’s, so he asked mommy to make a traditional thanksgiving dinner.  for him.  so, since mommy was going to be making dinner anyway, we made everyone come over to help us eat all the food.  plus, mommy thought it was pretty lame that everyone was going to spend the holiday separately.

20141127-IMG_5081it was all very last-minute, but our thanksgiving dinner came together nicely — especially when it came to dessert.  we had six pies!  mommy made two, uncle randy brought two, and grandpa brought two.  apparently, nobody talks to each other.  or maybe everyone just really likes pie.

we had a wonderful thanksgiving.  daddy got his delicious turkey with gravy, stuffing, and green bean casserole.  sienna and i got to play with cousin zoey.  and the most important thing is that we all got to spend the holiday together with our family.  happy thanksgiving!

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lots to be thankful for

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thanksgiving is a time when we take time out to celebrate all of the things we are thankful for.  earlier in the week, when mommy asked me what i was thankful for, i said “optimus prime!”  but the next day, i made a turkey at school, and on each of its tail feathers, my teacher helped me write the things i was thankful for:  TEACHERS, MOM & DAD, TOYS, HOUSE, FOOD.  mommy was curious if i came up with those things on my own, or if those ideas were influenced by teachers or friends at school.  so at bedtime that night, we had a talk.

mommy and i talked about what it means to appreciate the things we have and not take them for granted.  we have a house and warm clothes.  some kids don’t have those things.  “why don’t they have a house or clothes?”   mommy explained that their mommies and daddies might not have enough money to buy a house or warm clothes, so they have to sleep on the street and wear the same clothes all the time.  “but why don’t they have money?”  mommy explained that they might not be able to find a job like she and daddy have.  and so on.  i had many more questions, but i eventually understood.  i am glad that we have a house and clothes to keep us warm.

we also have a mommy and a daddy.  some kids don’t have that.  “why don’t they have a mommy and a daddy?”  as i thought about that, i got really quiet, and then i began to cry.  instead of answering my question, mommy just held me really tight and told me that she and daddy love me so so so so much.  she never gave me a straight answer, but i let it go.  it was a pretty heavy bedtime conversation, and i was exhausted.

by the way, when sienna’s teacher asked her what she was thankful for, she said “mommy and daddy”.  she was the only one in her class who said that.  (others were thankful for their toys or for ABC’s.)  do 2 year-olds even understand what that means?

20131128-IMG06anyway, thanksgiving dinner was a fun family gathering.  we went to uncle mike’s and auntie zhelia’s house.  it was my first time in their new house, and i really liked it.  they have something called a bay window, but it basically looks like a stage.  check out the show that sienna, cousin zoey, and i put on.  (scroll down to see the video.)  our show is really not all that interesting, but mommy just wanted to document how silly we are when we get together.

20131128-IMG_0230as always, everyone brought so much food for our thanksgiving feast.  my favorite was the berries with whipped lemon marscapone that mommy made.  and sienna… she would have eaten nothing but candied yams and cranberry sauce for dinner if we let her.  we had a nice time seeing all of our family, and i had fun acting crazy with cousin zoey.  check out our family photo.  can you believe that all 21 of us are looking at the camera?  amazing!

we didn’t get to see grandma and grandpa today, but we will go visit them tomorrow.  happy thanksgiving!  gobble gobble.

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thanksgiving fusion

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we invited everyone over to our house for thanksgiving dinner this year.  so after the turkey trot, we went home to get the house and all the food ready.

mommy cooked the best turkey ever.  don’t tell her i told you, but her secret is brining.  we are definitely brining every turkey we make from now on.  in additional to the turkey, though there was a vast array of other food.  the tanakas like their thanksgiving dinner very traditional:  gravy, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie.  the quons prefer a more modern twist on old favorites:  cumin-spiced cranapple sauce, cucumber/corn/avocado salad, quinoa with roasted fennel, beets, and brussel sprouts, a vegan pumpkin pie made with tofu and maple syrup, and more!  there was something for everyone at our fusion thanksgiving dinner.

holidays are always fun because we get to eat lots of yummy food and spend time with our families.  i especially like playing with cousin zoey — we bring out the crazy in each other.

but thanksgiving is a special holiday when we take time to think about all the things that we are thankful for.  i told mommy that i want to say thank you for mommy, daddy, sienna, and uncle henry — but not koda because he doesn’t say “you’re welcome”.

sienna just learned a new word this thanksgiving.  she is thankful for pie.  vegan tofu pumpkin pie, to be exact.

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thankful for desserts

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before i tell you about my thanksgiving, lemme say this:  two thanksgiving celebrations in one day is TOO MUCH!

we started off the day at cousin zoey’s house.  auntie alyssa is a vegetarian and cousin zoey is allergic to eggs.  so… guess what was on the menu.  tofurkey, vegan stuffing, and vegan pumpkin pie (made with tofu).  dada was very scared.  but uncle jamie took pity on dada and also served a real turkey, a real pecan pie, and lots of other yummy stuff like dungeness crab and brie mac and cheese.  i didn’t eat much, though.  cousin zoey and i were too busy playing with all her toys.  i made the wheels on her pink bus go round and round, and we made coffee and baked pies in her play kitchen.  good thing i’ve had so much practice making real coffee and baking real desserts.  (baby sister just sat around all day in zoey’s bumbo.)

one thing that i did take time to eat, though, was magic cream.  i watched auntie alyssa pour milk into the mixer.  then it turned into bubble milk.  then it turned into magic cream!  she called it whipped cream.  i call it delicious on top of pumpkin pie.  or on jello.  or by itself.

after lunch, uncle jamie thought that we might like to play at the park near his house.  actually, i think he just needed to work off all those pumpkin pie calories, so we went for a wagon ride to the park.  that was fun.  baby sister wanted to come too, but there wasn’t enough room for her.

i was having so much fun that we stayed until 4pm — way past my nap time.  so i slept in the car and we went straight to grandma and grandpa tanaka’s house for dinner.  i had a few bites of food, but i was having too much fun playing the piano and running around in circles (literally) to eat dinner.  but once again, i took a timeout from playing to eat dessert.  there was a real pumpkin pie, cream puffs, seven layer jello, and coffee cheesecake.  uncle randy made the cheesecake, and it’s best darn cheesecake i’ve ever had.  it might be the only one, but it was the best!

i always say that one of my favorite parts of thanksgiving is seeing family.  but now, i think that it’s a tie between family and desserts.  i only got like three tiny bites of dessert, but that’s more than i’ve ever had.  okay, i’m crashing from my sugar high now.  zzzzz…

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new traditions

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everybody has their thanksgiving traditions.  for some people, it’s the macy’s thanksgiving day parade.  for others, it’s volunteering at a soup kitchen.  before i came along, my family’s thanksgivings were about football, family, and food.

FOOTBALL:  mama and daddy always watch NFL games on thanksgiving day

FAMILY:  they always get together with their families on this long weekend.  i always enjoy seeing my grandparents and my aunties and uncles.  but i especially love playing with cousin zoey!  she is such a chatterbox!  is it true that all girls talk too much?

FOOD:  there is always sooo much food — i think over-eating is a thanksgiving requirement

this year, we added two things to the list:  friends and fun.

FRIENDS:  last year, thanksgiving happened twice.  but this year, it happened three times!  we celebrated with daddy’s family on thursday and mama’s family on friday.  then on saturday, mama and daddy invited their friends over for thanksgiving dinner (again!).  it was so fun to see my aunties and uncles.  i hope we get to have three thanksgiving dinners every year!

FUN:  it’s always fun to see friends and family, but i’m talking about the kind of fun you can only have at the children’s discovery museum!  i met my friends logan, sierra, and chloe there on friday morning.  i dunno what all the talk was about “black friday” — if you ask me, it was more like “blue friday” or maybe “wet friday”!  i am starting to get a little bored of the wonder cabinet (the place for little kids), but i painted a blue masterpiece in the art room (double-fisting it with two paintbrushes in my left hand and one in my right) and i had a blast playing in the waterways.  even though i was wearing a shower curtain, i got drenched!  we are definitely making CDM one of our thanksgiving traditions 🙂

happy thanksgiving to all!

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giving thanks

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thanksgiving happened twice this year.  that seems appropriate because i have so much to be thankful for this year 🙂

at the quon thanksgiving dinner on thursday, i got to meet so many new cousins, aunties, uncles, and other relatives.  everyone loves me and thinks i’m such a perfect angel.  i slept through most of dinner — and why not?  i was so warm and comfy with everyone holding me all night long.  i think cousin caitlyn and bak-bak (great grandmother) love me the most.  caitlyn loved holding me and even offered to babysit me for free 🙂  she kept trying to make me laugh by playing peek-a-boo, but i just don’t know how to laugh yet.  bak-bak was so excited to see me that she snatched me out of mommy’s arms at the first opportunity.  every time mommy came to get me so that bak-bak would be free to eat, she just shooed mommy away!

the next day, we had another thanksgiving dinner at grandma and grandpa tanaka’s house.  everyone had so much fun playing with me.  grandma brought out a big bag of colorful stuffed animals so that i could practice tracking movement with my eyes.  i am getting so good at it!  even koda wanted to play with me — he was so excited that he accidentally stepped on my chest.  i was scared, but i’m ok.  i’m tough!

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