super bowl XLIX

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uncle henry got a new TV a few months ago.  it was big news.  so big, that he even wrote about it in his annual holiday letter!  it’s a big TV.  bigger than ours.  so obviously, the super bowl party was at his house this year.

we were all excited to watch the big game — especially me.  i had been talking about it and looking forward to it for weeks.  mommy ran her prop bets pool like usual, and this year, daddy kicked it up a notch by putting it online.  everyone entered their predictions in a web form, and as mommy entered the actual answers, scores were tabulated and ranking were displayed online, in real time.  everyone who played could keep tabs on how they were doing right from their phones!

i don’t think many people actually cared about the outcome of the game, but the pool kept them engaged.  all of us kids were in another room playing a game that logan brought, and we didn’t watch much football at all.

uncle greg was the winner of mommy’s pool, and the loser (who also won money) was somebody’s wife of a friend who i didn’t really know.  but i guess that the real news is that the new england patriots won the superbowl.  my prediction was totally right!  i was a little off on the points, but maybe i got confused and thought that mommy was asking about the over/under rather than the spread.

i don’t have any photos from the day, so here’s a completely unrelated video of sienna cheering. you can pretend that she was cheering for tom brady. 🙂

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superbowl predictions

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are you excited for the super bowl? we are! here are our thoughts on deflategate and predictions for the big game.

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