sienna’s empty seat

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the last few times that sienna has gone to a sharks game, she went with mommy and auntie judy.  but sienna is too big to sit on mommy’s lap now, so today sienna got her own seat for the first time.  she had a hard time understanding why auntie judy couldn’t go with them.

20141025-IMG_4803sienna paid a little more attention to the game than she had before — at least she wasn’t flashing everyone like that one time last season. she did the cheers but she wasn’t into the action on the ice.  i think she was most excited about the continuous ring of lights around the arena.

20141025-IMG_4797even though she had her own seat, sienna still insisted on sitting in mommy’s lap.  mommy didn’t mind — she said that sienna is a pretty good lap warmer.  sienna’s seat (and actually, the 2 seats next to hers) were empty throughout the entire game.  what a waste!

sienna fell asleep during the 3rd period, which is crazy because all the scoring happened in the 3rd period.  but the sharks didn’t do enough, and they ended up losing to the sabres 1-2.  they looked terrible.

after the game, mommy and sienna spent the afternoon with miss denise (our former nanny) and her family.  i haven’t seen her in almost a year!  they had a nice visit, and i am bummed that i missed out.  but that’s okay, daddy and i spent the day doing some daddy/son bonding.  i hope to see miss denise soon, though!

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cake trumps lee’s

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we did a lot of stuff today.  a LOT.  just like every saturday, we started the day bright and early with soccer practice and a match.  then we all headed across the bay to jeffrey’s dol.  mommy and sienna drove separately from daddy and me because we were going to separate places afterwards.

20140927-IMG_4563the first thing we did when we arrived at jeffrey’s party was guess which object he would pick during the doljabee.  i knew what to do because matthew (jeffrey’s big brother) also had a dol when he turned one.  i predicted that jeffrey would pick the baseball, ‘cuz that’s what i would pick.

20140927-IMG_4554just like at matthew’s party there was a balloon guy at this party.  actually, there were two.  the balloon creations that they were making were so elaborate that we needed two of them to keep up with the demand!  check us out!  sienna got a hello kitty headband and wand.  on the suggestion of the balloon guy, i agreed to a teenage mutant ninja turtle outfit.  it came complete with a turtle shell, headband, and TWO swords.  i didn’t really know what the teenage mutant ninja turtles were before today, but i am definitely a fan now!  i think these guys might be the best balloon artists we’ve ever seen.

we enjoyed the buffet at jeffrey’s party, too.  buffets are the best because we get to sample a lot of different things.  we love samples — especially when they are desserts.  mommy even let us try some cotton candy.  sienna and i had one pull each, and then mommy set the rest aside.  and then mommy turned to talk to auntie ann for a couple of minutes, and when she looked back, there was no more cotton candy.  guess who at the WHOLE THING.  i’ll give you a hint — her name rhyme with “bienna” and starts with an “s”.

20140927-IMG_4580daddy and i had to leave jeffrey’s party before the doljabee because we had a sharks game to get to.  i love hockey, and the sharks are the best!  i especially love going to sharks games with daddy because we always get to eat yummy junk food like pizza and giant pretzels.  today, we got to go to lee’s sandwiches!  bahn mi is so yummy and lee’s is the best.  one of the things i miss most about our old house was that there were 6 lee’s within 5 miles.  the closest lee’s to our new house is ~30 mins away.  anyway, dinner was delicious!  oh, and we beat the ducks, too. 🙂

20140927-IMG_4571mommy and sienna stayed for jeffrey’s doljabee, and guess what.  he picked the baseball.  i was right!  i guess that means that he is going to grow up to be an athlete.

2014927-mimiafter that they went to auntie mimi’s new house for her house blessing and birthday party.  auntie mimi never actually gave them an address and she never answered her phone.  but based on landmarks that auntie mimi had referenced and house photos that mommy had seen, they found the party.  once they got there, sienna got to play air hockey on a mini table and eat lots of yummy food including s’mores pudding and chinese cake.

the next morning, sienna and i compared notes about our evening activities to see who had the better night.  i rubbed my lee’s sandwich in her face, but she trumped that with s’mores pudding and chinese cake.  i think sienna might have won this round, but i didn’t tell her that.

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father’s day weekend

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just like last year, we celebrated father’s day 3 times this year.  it wasn’t just father’s day — it was father’s weekend!


20140613-IMG_3442we had a father’s day ice cream social at school on friday.  daddy came home early so that he could pick us up and spend some time with us.  sienna and i ate ice cream, but daddy didn’t have any because he’s an ice cream snob.  we gave daddy the special presents that we made for him at school.  i made him a card and a trophy.  sienna actually gave daddy a poem that she made, but she said it was for mommy. 😛


20140614-IMG_3444on saturday, we took gung-gung out to lunch at sasa, a japanese restaurant in walnut creek.  mommy picked it because gung-gung likes fancy gourmet burgers, and this restaurant has an umami burger on the menu.  of course, that’s what gung-gung ordered.  and actually, daddy did, too.

sasa ended up being a great find.  it’s really rare to find a place where mommy enjoys the quality of the food, daddy gets enough to eat, and sienna and i are adequately entertained.  this place was a winner all around, and we are all looking forward to going back.  bonus points: it’s just down the street from cream, home of the $2.50 homemade ice cream sandwich!  (yes, we stopped there for dessert.)


20140615-mimi120140615-IMG_3450today was the yankee’s game. or, if you ask sienna, it was the A’s game.  we met grandma, grandpa, and uncle randy there.  uncle henry, auntie mimi, and auntie judy came, too.

i was so excited to see the yankees play since they are my favorite team.  grandma and grandpa were looking forward to seeing masahiro tanaka pitch, but the rotation didn’t work out.  we missed him by one day.  oh well.

20140615-mimi2it was my second time going to a baseball game, but it was sienna’s first.  we sat through the first 2 innings, but then we got restless.  uncle henry told us about the stomper fun zone, so we headed over there.  that place is amazing!  we got temporary tattoos, colored pictures of stomper, and played in the playground.  i even got to test my arm in the fast pitch game and take some swings in the batting cages (those games cost money).  we would have stayed there all day, but mommy insisted that we head back in the 8th inning.  by the time we got back to our seats, the score was 10-3, A’s.  i guess we missed a lot of action!  i didn’t care much.  sienna didn’t care at all.  she sat with her back to the field the entire time that we were in our seats.  the final score was 10-5.

20140615-mimi3since we spent so much time away from our seats, we barely got to spend any time at all with grandpa (or grandma or uncle randy).  so after the game, we agreed to meet for dinner at a place that grandpa picked.  the restaurant ended up being closed.  none of us could think of another nearby restaurant, and everyone was tired (sienna was asleep before we got out of the parking lot), so we just ended up going our separate ways.  it was an anti-climatic end to a weekend of father’s day celebrations.  oh well.

happy father’s day to daddy, gung-gung, and grandpa!

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lose LA! go SJ!

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as usual, the sharks were strong during the regular season.  and as usual, the sharks had home ice advantage in round 1 of the playoffs.  but when they went up 3-0 in the series against the kings, it was a good sign that this post-season was going to be different than usual — this might actually be the year that we make it to the stanley cup finals!

but then, game 4 came around and the series went to 3-1.  and then game 5 came around and it was 3-2.  and while we were watching game 6, i made up a cheer.

it didn’t work.  i don’t know what the heck sienna was doing — making faces at the kings players, i guess — but that didn’t work either.

the kings tied up the series 3-3. we were disappointed that the sharks lost, but then i heard mommy say “i guess we’re going to game 7 on wednesday”, and  i got so excited! yay, we get to go to a sharks game! mommy quickly corrected me and explained that when she said “we”, she was talking about her and daddy. i protested and whined about it. sienna joined in too. but to no avail.

20140430-IMG_3143 20140430-IMG_2684mommy and daddy went to game 7 and left us at home to watch it on TV. at least we didn’t have to sit next to a bunch of kings fans like daddy did. sienna and i cheered for the sharks, and we even wore our team gear. sienna wore my jersey (which actually fits her perfectly) and i wore mommy’s (which she forgot to bring). we did the “lose LA” cheer that i made up, too. but none of it helped. the sharks blew their 3-0 series lead and let the sharks take the series.

i keep asking when the next sharks game is going to be. mommy and daddy tell me that the sharks are taking a break to rest, so we won’t get to see them play again until september. what do they need to rest for? they couldn’t have been playing all that hard when they gave away their 3-0 lead! it’s tough being a sharks fan.

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places to go, people to see

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20140405-IMG_2333sienna and i had a really long day today.  really long, and really fun.  we started our morning on the peninsula for max’s 3rd birthday party at his house.  mommy and daddy drove separately because we all had different places to go and different people to see.

apparently, max loved the fire truck that came to visit us for my birthday party.  so much so that he got one for his party too!  the fireman came, i sat in the fire truck (sienna wasn’t interested), and then i was over it.  the other kids had fun trying on gear and spraying the hose, but i was more interested in getting back to playing.

20140405-IMG_2331max has a really fun backyard with a basketball court, play structure, and jungle gym.  sienna and i had fun swinging and climbing.  i also had a lot of fun playing basketball with auntie judy.  she got a first-hand view of my “shuffle shuffle shuffle defense”.  we also enjoyed all the yummy hawaiian food.  since most kid parties serve pizza, mommy usually pre-eats.  but not today.  mommy and daddy knew the food would be good because max’s parents are foodies.

20140405-IMG_2318after a few hours, sienna got tired, so she left with daddy and they headed down to grandma’s house.  sienna napped in the car, just like we planned.  mommy and i (and auntie judy) stayed at max’s party until we were the last one’s left.  happy birthday max!

after the party, mommy and i went to uncle kyle and auntie jen’s house.  i hung out with joshua and connor while mommy caught up with the grown ups.  it’s always so fun to visit them because they are older boys (8 and 6 years old) and they have the coolest toys.  after a couple of hours, mommy and i headed to grandma’s house to have dinner with everyone.

20140405-IMG_2337after dinner, mommy and sienna met up with auntie judy and went to the sharks game.  sienna was really good during the first period.  she didn’t flirt with boys like she usually does, but she made friends with another little girl who offered to share her popcorn. 🙂

by the middle of the second period, sienna was done.  she wouldn’t sit still, she kept taking off her earmuffs, and she kept kicking her feet (almost kicking the people in front of her and next to her).  mommy was ready to take her home in the middle of the second period, but sienna promised to start behaving.

amazingly, sienna made it through the end of the game.  unfortunately, the game ended 0-3 (predators won) and there was no scoring in the 3rd period.  (mommy wished that they would have left early to beat the rush.)  well, now we know that sienna is too big to be sitting on mommy’s lap and will need her own seat at sharks games from now on.  but we’ll worry about that next season.  i call dibs on playoffs!

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boys vs. girls

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it’s not often that our family splits up to do separate activities.  at least, not for the whole day.  but today we did.

we had tickets to the sharks game today.  it was my turn to go (since sienna went last time) but i insisted that i didn’t want to.  sienna didn’t want to either.  daddy’s feelings were hurt.  sienna always wants to be with mommy, and daddy is used to that.  but i had always loved going to sharks games in the past, and i especially like going to games with daddy because he lets me eat pizza and pretzels!  so why not today?  it took mommy and daddy a little while to figure out that i don’t like going to games without my earmuffs.  (we lost them somehow when we moved to our new house.)  the games are too loud, and those disposable foam ear plugs don’t stay in my ears.  so i agreed to go to the game if i had my ear muffs.  luckily, logan let me borrow his.

20131129-IMG_0237in the morning, mommy went to have brunch with her high school friends (auntie jo and auntie cheryl) and their families.  we see auntie cheryl’s kids (logan and mason) pretty often, though not as often as when we lived in the south bay.  we see auntie jo’s kids (sierra and sofia) only a few times a year because they live in socal.  but today, they all met up together.  mommy brought sienna with her.  i missed out because i was going to the game with daddy.  i heard that the brunch wasn’t all that good anyway.  but the company was great!  they all played on the planter outside the restaurant and then walked over to starbucks afterwards.  i wish i could have had some bubble milk from starbucks.

20131129-mikewhile mommy was brunching with her friends, daddy and i made some art projects and played wii bowling.  and then we were off to the tank (with a small detour to the brunch spot to pick up logan’s ear muffs).  as usual, we had pizza for lunch, and then i had a giant pretzel for snack.  meat, cheese, and carbs.  mmm….  the game was exciting, and the sharks continued their winning streak.

after the game, we headed to grandma’s house.  mommy and sienna met us there later.  when i saw mommy, i proudly told her that the blues got 3 and the sharks got 5.  and i got to see everyone throw their hats inside (on the ice)!  yup, i saw my very first hat trick.  how exciting!

so who do you think had the better day today?  the boys or the girls?

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all’s fair in love and hockey

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when i first heard that mommy and sienna were going to the sharks game tonight, i was upset.  i wanted to go!  but mommy explained to me that i just went to the sharks game last week, so it was sienna’s turn.  i understood that.  i am all about fairness.

20131005-IMG_1818so mommy and sienna went to the game with auntie judy.  sienna hasn’t been to many games, so we weren’t sure if she would be into it or not.  well, she really liked wearing my old shark jacket.  and she really liked doing the shark chomp during power plays and clapping and yelling along with the cheers.  but she had no interest in the actual game.

20131005-IMG_1821sienna hardly watched any of the game at all.  she squirmed around in her seat and sat with her back to the ice through most of the game.  she waved to and flirted with people sitting around her.  and she kept talking about her boy sitting in the row behind her: “my boy has a shark on his shirt”, “my boy has a shark hat”.  and then she took off her jacket, lifted her shirt, and started playing with her nipples.  remember when she became fascinated with her nipples a few weeks ago?  apparently, she hasn’t gotten over that yet.

i swear, you can’t take that girl anywhere.  i don’t think sienna should be allowed to go to any more sharks games — she doesn’t even like hockey.  i’m going to all of our sharks games from now on.  i think that’s fair.

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guys night at the tank

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tonight was our first sharks game of the season. but before we went, we had to decide who was going to go to. mommy kept saying that we only had two tickets. and i kept thinking, “so what’s your point?” we’ve always had two tickets, and we’ve all gone to games together before.  so when mommy said that only two of us could go to the game, i didn’t understand.

20130921-mimidaddy and i ended up having a guys night at the tank. (“SAP center” doesn’t sound nearly as cool as “HP pavilion”.) mommy and sienna didn’t mind because they went to dinner at auntie mimi’s house for an autumn moon celebration.

20130921-mikeguys nights with daddy are awesome — we get to eat pizza and pretzels for dinner. 🙂 daddy let me decide where to eat. round table? pass. amici’s please! before the game, i told daddy that i didn’t want to see the giant shark head with the glowing red eyes. that thing freaks me out. so during the pre-game intros, we ate our pizza, and after the freaky shark head levitated to the ceiling, daddy and i went down to our seats. i hadn’t finished my pizza yet, so i brought it to my seat and continued to eat during the 1st period. but as soon as there was a power play, i dropped my slice to do the shark chomp. priorities! and throughout the rest of the game, i cheered and clapped along with all the cheers. 🙂

i don’t even remember who won, but it doesn’t matter — i have fun at sharks games no matter what. and besides, it was pre-season anyway.

btw, i never found my earmuffs.  i know they’re in this house somewhere

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good sportsmanship

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i took mommy to another sharks game today.  it was there that i realized what my superpower is.  i have sharkie-radar.  mommy always thought that i just had a good eye for sharkie, but i really can spot him from anywhere.  all throughout the games, “look mommy, there’s sharkie!”  and today, before the game started, i spotted him way way way up in the rafters.  too bad i don’t have a more useful superpower.  oh well.

20130407-IMG_0277anyway, today’s game was against the dallas stars.  it was a fun game because i got to do the shark chomp (since one of the stars players was bad and had to go sit by himself in a timeout), and i got to sing “they hey song” four times since the sharks scored four goals.  during the game, we left our seats four times for food, potty breaks, or just to walk around and stretch our legs.  and every time we left, the stars scored.  i saw none of their goals.  none.  so as far as i’m concerned, the sharks scored 4 goals and the stars scored 0.  that means that sharks won, and that’s what i told people when they asked.

actually, it turns out that the stars won in a shootout, but those are just minor details.   i guess it’s like when i play board games like “candyland” and “chutes and ladders”.  everyone always says that nobody can win all the time, and that we should even take turns winning.  that’s good sportsmanship. so since the sharks had won their last 7 games in a row, the must have decided that it was time to let someone else win.  they are such good sports.  and it doesn’t matter to me — i love going to sharks games, regardless of the outcome. 🙂

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kyden at the sharks game with mommy

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how do you like the title of this blog entry?  i came up with it all by myself.  clever, huh?

tonight, we went to the sharks game!  i LOVE sharks games!  mommy and i went straight from my gym class to the shark tank.  to the right of our seats was a guy wearing a red wings shirt.  mommy made me sit next to him.  to the left of our seats was an older couple who i met at the last game i went to.  they remembered me and told mommy how much they enjoyed it when i taught them how to do the shark chomp last time.

whenever i go to games, people are always commenting about how cute i am.  i mean, i know i’m cute and all, but i’m pretty sure it’s my enthusiasm for the game — not my cuteness — that grabs people’s attention. 🙂

mommy taught me a little bit about hockey etiquette tonight.  first, i learned that you can’t go to (our leave) your seat in the middle of a play.  so we didn’t. when we returned from a potty break, we waited at the top of the stairs until a stoppage in play. and then i learned that you aren’t supposed to sit forward in your seat.  i tried to follow that rule, but every time i scooted back in my seat, my chair squished me like a sandwich!

i didn’t get to do the shark chomp tonight because there were no power plays for the sharks. mommy explained that if the red wings were bad, they would get a timeout. they would have to stop playing for a few minutes and sit by themselves. then, the sharks would be on power play, and then i would get to do the shark chomp.  but the red wings were being good all night, so no shark chomping for me.  but that’s okay, the sharks won anyway.  2-0!  and i did have fun clapping along with the music, yelling along with the cheers, and singing “the hey song” — that is, until…  well, you’ll see.  (darn chair!)  i like “the hey song”, but i’m a little troubled by it because you’re not supposed to say “hey”.  hay is for horses. i kept asking mommy why we say “hey” at sharks games, but she never really gave me a good answer.

by the way, mommy asked me which of the two videos i wanted to post, and i insisted on including both.  so here ya go! 🙂

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