sienna’s mermaid bed

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while mommy and i were at the WOC sports day event 20140729-IMG_3880last weekend, daddy and sienna went bed shopping.  sienna’s new mattress was delivered that night, but daddy still had to disassemble her toddler bed and air out the new mattress, and mommy had to buy and wash sienna’s new bedding.  sienna wanted a hello kitty comforter and sheets, but mommy vetoed that idea because everything hello kitty is pink, which would not have matched with sienna’s yellow walls.  but mommy found a little mermaid bedding set which sort of matches if you squint and glance away after about 2 seconds.  (the walls in that room were baby blue when we bought the house.  the color would have matched perfectly.)

sienna loves her new big girl bed.  she calls it her “mermaid bed”.  she was so happy that she was finally going to sleep in it tonight.  that is, until mommy pulled the covers back.

sienna threw a fit.  she screamed and cried so hard that she couldn’t talk.  after she eventually calmed down, mommy figured out that sienna didn’t want ariel to be covered.  so, the pillow always has to be ariel-side up.  (the other side has a different design).  and the comforter cannot be folded over.  so, even though it’s a really warm night, sienna got under the blankets and insisted that the comforter be pulled over her so that ariel would be showing.

there is something seriously wrong with my sister.

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sleeping solo

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when we moved into our new house, mommy and daddy started taking turns putting me to bed at night. i keep track of whose turn it is. my bedtime routine is a little different depending on who is putting me to bed. mommy lies in bed with me and we talk about our day and what we did. and then we talk about the next day and all the things that we are going to do. i always ask mommy to stay with me for a little while, so she does.  if she has work to do, she leaves after a few minutes, but sometimes she stays until i fall asleep.

when daddy puts me to bed, he lies down with me, too.  sometimes he lies in my bed, but sometimes i make him lie down on the floor.  daddy tells me the “story of a little boy”.  (the little boy’s name is kyden and he has a dog named koda.)  when the story is over, i ask daddy to leave.

20130705-IMG_1057last night, it was mommy’s turn to put me to bed.  we went through our regular nighttime routine, and then she laid next to me while waiting for me to fall asleep.  after about a minute, i turned to her and asked her to leave.  mommy was stunned and asked me if i was sure.  i was sure.  so mommy went to take a shower and when she was done, she came back to check on me.  she expected me to be asleep when she came back to my room, but i wasn’t.  so she laid down next to me again, and i asked her to leave… again.  mommy was a little hurt and a little sad, which is ironic because she and daddy spent so long “training” me to go to sleep by myself.  mommy explained that she wants to spend as much time with me as she can because she misses me so much now that i’m in school full-time (6-7 hours a day).  but she is very proud of what a big boy that i’m becoming.

20130705-IMG_1054sienna, on the other hand, is not so good at sleeping by herself.  regardless of who is putting her to bed, she needs her routine to be exactly the same.  she lays down in her bed, holds minnie with one arm and bunny with the other, and asks to be covered with two blankets.  even during the recent heat wave, she needs TWO blankets.  then she tells mommy/daddy to sit down in the chair in her room (since sienna is in a toddler bed, mommy and daddy can’t lie down next to her).  and she tells them what song to sing — either “wheels on the bus” or “baby song” (“hush little baby”).  oh, and sometime during the songs (each of which are repeated several times), she always gets up to go potty — even if she had gone just a few minutes before.  so she goes to the potty, and the routine starts all over again.  and if mommy/daddy tries to sneak out before she’s sound asleep, sienna gets out of bed, starts crying, and they’re back to square one.

even after sienna falls asleep, there’s no guarantee that she is going to stay asleep.  lately, she’s been waking up about 2 times in the middle of the night.  she either asks (read: demands) to sleep in mommy and daddy’s bed or she wants to go downstairs and eat breakfast (even if it’s 2:00am).  when mommy or daddy put her back in bed, she screams.  loud.  luckily, i am a heavy sleeper like daddy, and i almost always sleep through all of the commotion.

remember when mommy and daddy used to say that sienna was the easy one?  i bet they’ve changed their position on that.

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sleep update

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it’s been awhile since i’ve given a sleep update.  sienna is sleeping pretty well on most nights.  she goes to bed around 9:00pm.  since she is not nursing at nighttime anymore, mommy doesn’t always have to be the one to put her to bed.  as long as she has minnie mouse and her two blankets, she’s fine.

sienna wakes up around 6:00am every day.  mommy gets sienna out of bed, brings her into her bed, and then nurses her.  that used to be enough to get sienna to go back to sleep for a little while, but not anymore.  i think that mommy isn’t making much milk these days, so there isn’t enough to fill sienna’s tummy.  mommy can sometimes stall sienna for about 30 minutes, but after that, sienna insists on going downstairs to eat breakfast.

i used to wake up at 6:00am every morning, too.  but now, i can sleep ’til 7:30 or 8:30am.  mommy is really looking forward to the day when sienna can sleep in that late because that means she will get to sleep in, too!

i am a really good sleeper.  at nighttime, i don’t need someone to stay with me until i fall asleep anymore.  i haven’t needed that for a few months, actually.  mommy or daddy can leave my room while i’m still wide awake, and i will just lie in bed until i fall asleep — as long as they leave my door open.  on some afternoons, i will even go up to my room by myself (reluctantly), and lay down and take a nap.

mommy can’t wait until sienna is as good of a sleeper as i am.  when i was 2 1/4 years old, i was sleeping in until 7:00am.  but maybe that’s because i was going to sleep at 10:00pm.  i think i will try to get sienna to stay up an extra hour with me.  maybe that will shift her sleep schedule and let everyone start getting more sleep around here.

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sleep or potty?

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a week ago, we launched operation kitty cat in hopes of getting sienna to sleep through the night, in her own bed.  i already wrote about the first night and the 1 hour and 45 minute ordeal.  on the second night, sienna woke up in the middle of the night, as expected.  mommy spent only 30 minutes repeating the cycle of (1) calming sienna down so she’d stop crying, (2) putting sienna back in her own bed, (3) singing/talking to soothe her to sleep, (4) waiting for sienna to doze off (waiting father and farther each time until she was eventually outside of her room).  after mommy got back into bed, sienna cried for 4-5 more minutes, and then fell back to sleep.  after a couple of days, we realized that no matter how long mommy or daddy stayed with sienna, she always cried when they left.  and then she’d fall asleep.  so really, this operation was more about sleep training mommy and daddy.

and then there was a little bit of a setback because sienna got sick.  so over the weekend, mommy or daddy slept in her room so they could comfort her when she wasn’t feeling well.  they also wanted to be able to check if she had a fever so they could give her tylenol, if needed.  but after that short setback, each night got a little bit better with fewer wakings and less crying.  and then last night…  sienna slept through the whole night in her own bed!  yes, she woke up a cried for a couple of minutes, but she quickly went back to sleep on her own.  i hope i’m not jinxing it by writing this post.  and i hope it wasn’t just a fluke.

speaking of flukes…  right after we launched operation kitty cat, sienna started asking to use the potty.  she’s only 17 months old, so we thought it surely must have been a fluke.  but for the next 4 days, she continued to use the potty successfully.  so cool, right?  we were all so amazed and so proud of her!

today was a different story, though.  sienna kept saying that she needed to use the potty, so i’d pull down the little training seat, position the step stool for her to climb on, and wait for her outside the bathroom just like mommy and daddy used to do for me.  (mommy helped, too.)  but this happened 5 or 6 times, and sienna never went pee-pee or poo-poo in the potty today.  oh well.

so for a few days, sienna was potty-training herself but not sleeping through the night.  and now, she is sleeping through the night (fingers crossed) but not using the potty.  i guess you can’t have it all.  but we’re not complaining.  changing a few diapers during the day is a not a bad trade off for some peace and quiet at nighttime.  now, we’ll all sleep better around here.  even koda.  (poor koda’s bed is near sienna’s room, so he had been moving down to the other end of the hallway to sleep at night.)

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operation kitty cat

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if you hadn’t heard, sienna doesn’t like to sleep.  mommy usually puts her to bed around 9:00pm and sits with her until she falls asleep.  sienna sleeps pretty well for a few hours, then wakes up in the middle of the night.  it used to be that she would go to mommy and daddy’s room and sleep the rest of the night with them.  but a few of weeks ago, mommy and daddy decided to start putting sienna back into her own bed to sleep there.

so during the past few weeks, mommy or daddy would walk sienna back to her room, let sienna climb back into bed, and then lie down on the floor right next to her.  but the problem is that sienna wouldn’t go back to sleep.  she would lie down, but pop her head up every minute or so to see if someone was still there.  because it’s usually the middle of the night, mommy and daddy would often fall asleep on the floor in sienna’s room.  sienna figured this out.  so if mommy was with her, sienna would wait until mommy fell asleep, then crawl out of bed and cuddle up next to her on the floor.  mommy would wake up, put sienna back in bed, and this cycle would repeat all night long.

if daddy was with sienna, she would wait until he fell asleep, then she’d slide out of bed, tip toe around him, then go and find mommy.  a couple of weeks ago, she did that, but mommy wasn’t in her room.  so sienna went downstairs to look for her and couldn’t find her — she was out shopping at target.  i guess sienna fell asleep on the stairs waiting for mommy to come home.  daddy had no idea!

either way, sienna’s nighttime activities have been preventing mommy from getting any sleep.

when i go to bed at night, i say “good night, see you in the day time!”  that’s because i know that if i wake up in the middle of the night, i’m supposed to go back to sleep.  but if i wake up and it’s day time, i can go see mommy and daddy in their room (if they’re still there).  so since it’s a new year, sienna made a resolution to start doing the same thing.  it’s actually daddy’s resolution, but it sounds better if i tell the story this way.  i’m calling it operation kitty cat.  why?  because cats sleep a lot.  plus i like kitty cats.

the first step in operation kitty cat is to help sienna learn to sleep by herself.  so last night, the baby gates went up in sienna’s room.  (is it just me, or does this look a lot like the pens that you’d set up around a puppy’s crate?)  when sienna woke up at 2:00am, mommy went to her room to talk her back into bed and soothe her back to sleep.  sienna crawled in and out of bed, over and over again, screaming the entire time.  after an hour, mommy couldn’t take it any more.  daddy’s turn.  he did the same thing, standing outside sienna’s door and going in to check on sienna every few minutes.  that went on for another 45 minutes.  the house was finally quiet by 3:45am.

operation kitty cat, night 1:  1:45 of crying time.

i’ll let you know how the next few nights go.

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what happened here?

Posted by kyden on Monday Nov 19, 2012 Under sienna

over the weekend, mommy took sienna up to her room to put her down for a nap.  they were in there for a long time, but that’s no surprise — sienna doesn’t nap easily these days.  but then i started hearing some banging, so i went to go check on them.  when i opened the door, i was confused about what i walked in on.  sienna had a screwdriver in her hand and her crib was… well, gone!  “what happened here?” i asked.

well, it was just what it looked like.  mommy helped sienna turn her crib into a toddler bed.  she’s only 15 months old, a little young to be moving out of her crib, but mommy thought sienna might nap better in there.  (lately, she only naps on koda’s bed or on a little inflatable trampoline in her room.)

well, naps are improving.  she will nap in her crib now, but someone needs to stay with her until she falls asleep.  but her bedtime routine, which used to be a breeze, is now a struggle.  her routine hasn’t changed — at the end of the night, she still reaches for her bed and says “bed”, mommy puts her in down in her bed, and the sienna rolls over and closes her eyes.  that used to be the end of it.  but now, she tosses and turns and pops up every few minutes to check to see if mommy is still there.  if mommy leaves before she falls asleep, sienna cries.  if she falls asleep and then wakes up in the middle of the night (which happens every single night), sienna cries and stumbles around the house looking for mommy.

this is just another transition period, and peace and quiet will be restored soon enough, right?  that’s what i keep telling myself.

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following directions

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for awhile now, i’ve been resisting taking my naps. i nap more reliably at school than at home, but even at school, i don’t always nap. the rule at school is that even if you don’t nap, you have to sit quietly and rest. so most of the time, i get so bored sitting quietly… by myself… in the dark… that i end up falling asleep.

so when i told mommy that i wasn’t tired this afternoon, mommy tried that trick.  she told me that i didn’t have nap, but i had to stay quietly in my room.  at first, mommy stayed in my room while i laid quietly in my bed.  but then she got an important phone call, so she went downstairs to take it.  i never came out of my room (which i usually do when i refuse to nap), so mommy assumed that i had fallen asleep.  she was wrong.

i had stripped the sheets and blankets off my bed.  i had tossed the hood from my race car bed.  i had removed and emptied all of my drawers.  i had cleared my bookshelf.  and i had dumped my trash can upside down.  but i followed mommy’s directions.  she told me to stay quietly in my room, and i did.

when mommy came to check on me and discovered the mess, she wasn’t angry at all.  i could have sworn i even saw her smile.  she just told me to put everything back where it belonged — and she didn’t even use her stern voice.  then she went downstairs to make dinner.  i think mommy was just relieved that i didn’t hurt myself, break anything, or set anything on fire.  plus, she must have realized that i did follow her directions.

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non-sleeping beauty

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i need help.  during sienna’s nap time is when i used to get my one-on-one time with miss denise.  we would play hopscotch, blow bubbles, “wash dishes” (i.e. splash around in a sudsy sink), or whatever i wanted to do.  but for the past couple of months, sienna has been refusing to nap in her crib.  she naps well anywhere else — carseat, stroller, mommy and daddy’s bed, the floor, even on koda’s bed.  and the strangest thing is that sienna sleeps great in her crib at nighttime.

most of the time, miss denise tries to put sienna down for a nap in her crib.  there is a lot of crying (a LOT) and a lot of wasted time.  and that means sienna is not getting enough rest and i’m not getting my fun one-on-one time.  booo…

i remember when i was sienna’s age, i hated napping in my crib, too.  i used to take naps on a big down comforter on the floor in my room.  i can’t remember how i got back into the routine of napping in my crib again.

until we figure it out, maybe we should just let sienna sleep on that big down comforter or on koda’s bed, like she did today.  (of course, koda’s bed is filled with cedar chips, and since sienna is allergic to cedar, we cover it with a blanket before we let her roll around on it.)  that’s better than hearing hear cry all afternoon and her not getting enough rest.

does anyone have any better ideas?  please help!

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i am 2 1/2 years old

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i am 2 1/2 years old. here’s what i’ve been up to these days.

daily schedule:

  • 7:45am: wake up.  my wake up time varies wildly between 7:00 and 8:30am.  it depends on whether i napped the day before.
  • 8:30am: 1st breakfast
  • 10:45am: 2nd breakfast
  • 1:00pm: lunch
  • 4:30pm: mommy always tries to get me to nap, and i always protest.  mommy used to fight me for hours until i finally fell asleep — sometimes as late as 6:00pm.  lately, she lets me choose.  if i nap, i get to watch nina and star (part of my regular bedtime routine).  if i don’t want to nap, that’s okay — but no nina and star.
  • 7:00pm: dinner
  • 8:30pm: watch nina and star
  • 8:45pm: shower
  • 9:00pm: read stories and brush teeth with sienna.
  • 9:15pm: lights out. bedtime songs.  dada usally puts me to bed,  but i always ask mama to come see me after she’s done putting sienna in her crib.
  • 9:45pm: zzz…  (it takes me a long time to fall asleep these days because i am so chatty that my nighttime conversations with mommy and dada last forever.)

things i’m good at:

  • identifying shapes
  • counting to 20
  • using the potty.  i can take off my pants and underwear, do my business, wipe, and flush by myself.

things i’m working on:

  • telling mommy and dada when i need to go pee-pee and poo-poo.  i tell them sometimes, but they still have to remind me to go.
  • pulling up my pants.  i can usually get the front and the sides, but i have trouble getting them over my butt.
  • putting my shoes on the correct feet.  i get it right about 50% of the time.

things i do that make mommy and dada angry:

  • pretending that i need to use the potty to trick mama into spending time with me or to get out of bed and avoid napping
  • squishing my food between my fingers like play-doh
  • snatching toys from sienna

things i do that make mommy and dada forget about all the things that made them angry:

  • teaching baby what she’s not allowed to play with (remote control, mommy’s laptop, etc.) by telling her “baby, no”, taking the object away, then giving her one of her toys to play with instead.
  • teaching baby by example — like helping her press buttons to make my toys work or showing her how to brush her teeth.
  • telling them (mostly mommy) “i love you”, unprompted.

favorite things to say:

  • “kyden pee-pee potty.  mommy wait outside.  close door.”  give a kid some privacy!
  • “mommy/dada/gung-gung, two hands.”  i remind everyone to use two hands to hold their drinks, just like they always tell me.
  • “mommy, i love you big much.”  i tell her many times each day.
  • “baby, you’re okay.”  i say this to calm sienna when she’s crying.  i keep repeating it, matching the volume of her cries, decibel for decibel.  sometimes, i end up screaming “baby, you’re okay!!!” at the top of my lungs.  i wonder why it doesn’t calm her down.
  • “mommy/dada GO!”  i don’t like it when they stop at red lights.
  • “kyden do it ‘self.”  i want to do everything myself.
  • “no, ky-DEN.”  why do people call me things that aren’t my name?  even my stuffed dog (scout) calls me “ky”.  whenever people call me “ky”, or something else that isn’t my name, i correct them.

favorite indoor activities:

  • serving fake tea for anyone who will drink it.  mommy keeps telling me that the play tea set belongs to sienna, but i say that it’s mine.  i don’t see her name on it.
  • building puzzles
  • helping out in the kitchen — making lattes, baking, washing dishes…

favorite outdoor activities:

  • swimming.  i am so happy to be back in the pool.  i giggle and laugh with glee throughout my entire lesson.
  • climbing.  i’ll climb anything.
  • jumping.  actually, i’ll jump anywhere.  sometimes i jump (instead of walk) all the way down the street.

favorite book: i have lots of favorites these days, but i recently started reading “love you forever” almost every day.

favorite song: i still like “the wheels on the bus”, but at bedtime, i always ask to hear “hush little baby”.

favorite iphone apps: youtube (to watch mickey mouse club house) and “alligator game” (where’s my water?)

favorite foods that i’m only allowed one bite of: cupcakes, gummy bummies (annie’s homegrown berry patch organic fruit snacks)

favorite characters: donald duck, mickey mouse, nina and star (sprout tv hosts)

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sleep training mommy

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i used to hear mommy joke with dada about having baby sister sleep with her forever.  except i don’t think she was joking.  dada didn’t think she was joking either.  so about a month ago, dada decided that it was time to set up the co-sleeper.  finally.  baby sister was over 5 months old, so it was about time.

then a couple of days ago, mommy fed baby at 1am just before she went to bed. just like always.  but instead of putting baby in the co-sleeper, mommy but baby to sleep in her crib!  you’d think that mommy would finally get a good night’s sleep, right?  wrong.  mommy couldn’t sleep.  she knew that she would have to get up every 3 hours to feed baby, and she was worried that she wouldn’t hear her when she woke up (even though she was in the next room and the baby monitor was on).  so mommy half-slept while she waited for baby to wake up.  she waited… and waited… and kept waiting.  she barely slept all night because she kept thinking that baby was going to wake up any minute.  but baby sister slept til 7:30am!  well, that’s mommy’s story.  the rest of us think that mommy just doesn’t know how to sleep without a baby right next to her.

the next night, mommy washed both of baby’s crib sheets.  and she accidentally forgot to dry them.  yeah, right.  so baby sister had to sleep in the co-sleeper that night.

last night, baby sister was back in her crib.  she was on her way to sleeping through the night, and mommy was facing another whole night by herself.  well, dada was with her, but you know what i mean.  i didn’t want mommy to be lonely, so at 4:00am i ran toward her room calling “mama?  mama?”.  she happily carried me back to my room and laid down with me in my race car bed.  i just laid there in silence with my eyes wide open.  after 30 minutes, mommy brought me to her room and let me sleep with her and dada.  she said that she was worried that baby was going to wake up, cry, and disturb dada.  but i know the truth — she just wanted to cuddle with me because she was having separation anxiety.

see, mommy told everyone that baby and i were conspiring to keep her from sleeping through the night.  but actually, we are trying to gently wean her away from holding a baby while she sleeps.  we are sleep training mommy 🙂

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