drink drink evolution

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because i was a breast-fed baby, i never really drank from a bottle all that much.  but when i started eating solids, i started drinking water with my meals. enter… the sippy cup!

playtex baby the first sipster™ spill-proof cup (not pictured).  7 oz. capacity.  manufacturer recommended age: 4-12 months

i tried out this sippy cup starting around 6+ months, but didn’t use it very consistently.  they weren’t teething toys…  they weren’t bottles…  what were those things? i took me about 2 months to figure it out, but by that time, i had chewed the rubber spouts to pieces and they had become choking hazards.  (mama threw them away — that’s why they are not in the picture.)  luckily, it turned out that i was a natural with a straw, so i moved on to the straw cup.

tommee tippee discovera™ active straw (pictured, right).  10 oz. capacity.  manufacturer recommended age: 12+ months

around 9+ months, i started using these straw cups.  they worked out great for me.  that is, until i chewed the built-in straws right off the cups.  and again, they became choking hazards.  oh, and the other bad thing about these is that sometimes my drink would squirt out of the straw like a geyser for no reason.  i’m not sure why that happened.  i think the cup might have been magic… or haunted.  mama and dada also said that these cups were a pain to wash.

tommee tippee discovera™ active drinker (pictured, middle):  10 oz. capacity.  manufacturer recommended age: 24+ months

at 15+ months i found the perfect drinking cup.  there is no spout to chew off, the flow of liquid is good, the cups are insulated, and they’re pretty much spill-proof.  around 17+ months i started drinking from a regular cup during meals, but i still use a spill-proof drinking cup when we go out or when i drink my milk upstairs before bedtime.

boon fluid sippy cup (pictured, left):  9 oz. capacity.  manufacturer recommended age: 9+ months

i am now 21+ months and i just got a new drinking cup.  i love it and i love drinking from it cuz it’s sooo cool-looking, dontcha think?  like my previous cup, there is no spout to chew.  the flow of liquid is not as good (maybe because this cup is for 9 month olds?).  also, there is no valve on the spout — just a small slit.  that makes washing very easy, but it means that the cup does drip a tiny bit if you hold it upside down.  good for older kids who can hold their cups upright.  bad for little babies who hold their cups upside down and throw them all around. since this cup drips a little bit and is not insulated, i don’t take it out on long trips.

here are my cup ratings for kids who are aggressive chewers, like me:

the first sipster by playtex: 🙂 🙂 (out of 5)
discovera™ active straw by tommee tippee: 🙂 🙂 (out of 5)
discovera™ active drinker by tommee tippee: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 (out of 5)
fluid by boon: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 (out of 5)

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li’l trainer tableware

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it has been a long time since i’ve written a product review.  i’ve been so busy playing with new toys and reading new books to take the time to review baby gear.  but yesterday, i came across a product so crappy, that i felt compelled to share.

lately, i have doing pretty well feeding myself with a spoon and fork.  i usually use regular adult sized plasticware, but sometimes, i get to use real silverware like a grown-up.  but because i am such an aggressive stabber, mama thought it would be in the best interest of the dining table, koda, and everything else around me, to get me some eating utensils that are a little less sharp.  she had already decided on the gerber graduates safety fork and spoon set.  they are just the right size for my little hands, and well-textured to make for easy gripping.  plus, they come in cool colors!

so we went to the store to buy my utensils, and we saw a tableware set that included the fork, spoon, and a suction plate!  perfect, right?  i have been wanting a suction plate for awhile, but eating right off my booster- or high-chair tray has been working out fine, so i never got around to getting one.  but since the set was right there, and so nicely packaged, we decided to get it.

first of all, the suction piece is removable.  great, more parts to keep track of.  secondly, it is not intuitive to assemble.  mama is at least as smart as the average mom out there, and it took her a long time to figure out how to attach the suction piece.  auntie judy couldn’t even figure it out, and auntie judy is super smart!  and most importantly, the suction DOESN’T WORK.  even if you get it to stick, it un-suctions itself after just a few seconds.

mama searched online to see if she was doing something wrong, and in the process, she ran across many reviews for this product.  they are all terrible.  she should have done her homework before buying this useless piece of _____.  (i dunno what word you chose to insert there, but i was thinking “plastic”.)  moral of the story: impulse shopping = bad.

li’l trainer tableware by gerber graduates: 🙂 🙂 (out of 5 :))

(2 smileys for the the spoon and fork, but don’t waste your money on the 3-piece plate assembly.)

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twilight turtle

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one of the things that has helped me transition to sleeping in my own bed (co-sleeper) is my nighttime routine. this is a big deal because mommy and daddy aren’t “routine” kind of folks, but it’s all part of the jedi mind trick. (i’ll explain. read on.) this is what bedtime looks like for me:

  • change into my jammies
  • sit with mommy on her bed and read a bedtime story. i have so many stories to choose from because mommy has always loved and collected children’s books (and i’m not even counting the ones that she had when she was a kid). one of my favorites is “snoozers” by sandra boynton.
  • turn off the lights and turn on twilight turtle (which, despite what auntie cindy would have you believe, is not a story about baby vampires)
  • lie down in my bed and listen to mommy sing songs to me. she always sings “never gonna let you down” by surface and “in your smile” by na leo pilimehana. after that, it could be “loving you” by minnie ripperton, “here i go” by sugar babes, or any of a number of other old skool slow jamz. sometimes, i get disney princess songs. ewww. (mommy says that i would appreciate them more if i was a girl.)

this whole routine is typically takes about an hour.

so anyway, lemme tell you about twilight turtle. he is da bomb. by day, he is a stuffed toy that hangs out with my other stuffed animals. you’d think that he wouldn’t really get along with my lion, giraffe, elephant, and other jungle creatures, but he is such a cool guy that he doesn’t have a problem fitting right in. by night, he is not only a nightlight, but he also turns the room into a starry night sky. when i get older, mommy and daddy are going to teach me about orion, the big dipper, and the seven sisters from the comfort of my own bed!

the first time i saw the starlit “sky”, i was wide-eyed with wonderment — completely mesmerized. but now, when i see the stars, i know that it’s sleeptime. (that’s the jedi mind trick.) and even when i wake up in the middle of the night, mommy turns on the stars to help me relax and fall back asleep. twilight turtle rocks.

great feature for mommies and daddies: twilight turtle has a 45-minute auto-shutoff. (he also projects the constellation in 3 different colors, if you’re into that.) great tip for all my little ladies: if turtles aren’t your thing, you can get a twilight ladybug! she’s just as cool as twilight turtle, but not as fun to say.

twilight turtle by cloud b: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 (out of 5 :))

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brest friend and exersaucer

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when i was still inside mommy’s tummy, mommy asked my friends for advice on what baby gear to get for me.  she wanted to know what things they liked, what was a waste of money, etc.  the responses were varied, which makes sense since every baby is different and has different preferences.  but the two things that every single one of my friends said was a “must-have” were the brest friend nursing pillow and the exersaucer.

the brest friend is a $50 piece of foam with a $18 cover.  moms are supposed to wrap the pillow around their waists and lay babies on the foam platform to nurse.  who wants to be lying horizontally, balanced on a hard piece of foam, while they’re trying to eat?  not me!  i don’t get why these things get such rave reviews.   i used the brest friend one or two times and i was done with it.  i was much more comfortable in mommy’s arms, or as i got bigger, sitting in reclined position in her lap.  and guess what.  mommy’s laps are easily portable, they don’t clutter up the room, they are never out of stock, and they are free!

well, since the brest friend recommendation was a bust, i was skeptical about the exersaucer.  but lemme tell you — i love it.  thanks to my very generous friends (marcus and joshua & connor), i have two of them!  each one is like a dozen toys in one.  there is a spinning monkey, a teething toy flower, a peek-a-boo lion, a duck pond that lights up and counts, a jeep that plays music, and lots more.  the seat in the middle rotates, encouraging me to “walk”/rotate around to play with (and of course, taste) all of the toys.  mommy and daddy think it’s great that the little toys are removable and interchangeable so that they can get new ones if i get bored with or break these.  i have so much fun playing in the exersaucer every day that i don’t even realize that it’s helping me develop hand/eye coordination and build strong leg muscles so i can stand and walk!  apparently, one of my exersaucers can be expanded into an s-shaped activity table, but i’m not old enough to use it in that configuration yet.  the only complaint that mommy and daddy have is that some of the toys are right at my eye-level.  and since i am not super stable on my feet yet, they have to watch me very carefully to make sure that i don’t fall forward and poke my eye on a hard plastic turtle tail or dragonfly wing.

note to my younger buddies:  tell your mommy and daddy that you hafta hafta hafta have an exersaucer.   there are several different models, so how to choose?  as a rule of thumb, the more batteries required, the better.  more batteries = more lights, sounds, and music!

brest friend nursing pillow:) (out of 5 :) )

exersaucer by evenflo: :) :) :) :) (out of 5 :) ) — i’d give it 4.5 smilies if i knew how

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snuzzler and cradler

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way back when i was a baby, i was too little for my infant carrier/car seat, which is designed for kids up to 32 pounds.  (32 pounds, seriously?  who’s gonna carry around a 32 pound kid in a 10 pound carrier?  note to self:  write a product review about my infant carrier.)  mommy and daddy didn’t like the infant insert that came with the carrier, so they got me a snuzzler.  it is warm and cushy, and it kept me tucked into my carrier as snug as a bug in a rug.  as promised, it provided proper head, neck, and back support during car rides, and because it is two separate pieces, it grew with me as i grew taller.  as an added bonus, it kept me warm and cozy during the cold fall and winter months.  summer babies, i don’t know what to tell ya.  sucks to be you.

because i love the snuzzler so much, i used it for as long as i possibly could.  (do they come in adult sizes?  i want to get one for mommy!)   don’t i look so comfy in it?  now, before you start judging me, please note that i posed this photo for product demo purposes only.  i wouldn’t go out in public without pants on — what kind of boy do you think i am?!

about a week ago, the snuzzler started to feel uncomfortably snug.  so i graduated to the cradler.  the cradler is supposed to support my head and jaw to keep my head from flopping forward or sideways.  it doesn’t.  since i have good head control now, i like to lift my head to look around.  but when i lean back to rest my head, one of two things happens:

  1. the sides of the cradle collapse slightly inward, preventing my head from moving  back into position.  this forces my head to stay flopped forward, and it’s so uncomfortable!  it is also a driving hazard because mommy is constantly looking back to make sure my head isn’t bobbling around.
  2. my ears fold forward and they get stuck in that position.  is it just me and my big ears?  i know it’s not because of my big head — we’ve already established that i have a pinhead.

please let me know if you know how to prevent these  issues.  i’ll be your best friend!

snuzzler by kiddopotamus: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 (out of 5 :))

cradler by kiddopotamus: 🙂 🙂 (out of 5 :))

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boudreaux’s butt paste

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since i have a lot of new little friends on the way, i’ve decided to help them out by writing reviews about baby gear and supplies that i’m using.

it might seem odd that my first product review is for a diaper rash ointment since i don’t have a diaper rash problem.  i think i had a mild rash one or two times, but with just a dab of butt paste, it was all gone by my next diaper change.  that testimony alone might be enough to give boudreaux’s butt paste a rave review, but there’s more.

being a chunky monkey has its pros and cons.  the biggest pro is that it makes mommy happy.  while a chubby baby is not necessarily the sign of a good mom, i heard that it makes moms happy.  after all, it’s their only tangible reward for all the effort and pain of breastfeeding!

the biggest downside to being a chubby baby is having neck rolls.  so many people think it’s cute, but lemme tell you, it’s downright yucky.  it’s only a slight exaggeration when mommy says i can smuggle contraband in there.  in actuality, all sorts of other things hide in those rolls:  drool, milk, shirt lint, blanket fuzz, sweat, etc.  no matter how much mommy cleaned my neck and tried to keep it dry, nothing worked.  people suggested using a bit of cornstarch or baby powder, but it just ended up turning into a smelly paste since the area never sees the light of day.  ewww, gross.

two nights ago, my neck was more red and chafed than usual, and even a little bit raw.  mommy had already tried everything else, so she gave the boudreaux’s butt paste a try — on my neck!  i thought that was so silly.  it’s butt paste, not neck paste!  but she explained to me that the idea is the same — it prevents chafing and helps to heal my delicate skin.  and guess what… it totally worked!  by the next day, my neck was completely healed!  my neck feels better than ever and not even the slightest bit red.  mommy is so smart!  i just wish she had that brilliant idea a long time ago.  i’m guessing that any diaper rash ointment would have done the trick, but none of the others are as fun to say as “boudreaux’s butt paste”!

boudreaux’s butt paste: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 (out of 5 :))

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