one step forward (for her), one step back (for me)

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20140331-IMG_2281guess who’s potty trained.  yes, sienna!  well, during the daytime, anyway.

for a long long long time, she was staying dry all day at school, but she was peeing in her pull-up in the evening.  but that was because mommy and daddy weren’t reminding her to go potty every couple of hours like her teachers do at school.

a couple of weekends ago, i was shopping with mommy, and we picked out some frozen and little mermaid underwear for sienna.  her favorites!  mommy washed them and put them away so they would be ready for sienna whenever she was ready for them.  well, that’s all it took.  starting the very next day, sienna dressed herself in her underwear and insisted on wearing them.  the deal she made with mommy and daddy was that she could wear underwear, but if she had an accident, she would change into a pull-up for the rest of the day.

well, sienna did have potty accidents a couple of times, but since then, 100% dry.  no more diapers!  (except for at nighttime.)

i, on the other hand, went to bed pull-up-free for almost a week.  i wet my bed every single night that week.  mommy and daddy tried everything.  cutting off liquids at dinner time.  making sure i peed right before i fell asleep.  one time, mommy even woke me up to pee.  sometimes, i’d wake mommy up (always mommy, never daddy) in the middle of the night to tell her i had an accident.  sometimes, i would just wake up in the morning soaked in pee.

20140401-IMG_2284one time, mommy checked on me when she came home from volleyball (around 10:30pm) and she saw that i was wet.  so she woke me up, cleaned me up, changed my sheets, and put me back to bed.  then she checked on me again before she went to bed (around 1:00am) and i was wet again!  that’s when mommy finally realized that i’m not peeing in my pull-up in the morning when i wake up — i’m peeing during the night.  sometimes more than once.  i guess that’s what happens when you have a tiny bladder and you sleep like a log. zzzzzzzzzz…

so anyway, i’m back to wearing pull-ups at nighttime.  i wonder if sienna will be nighttime potty trained before me.

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i am 4 1/2

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20140401-kyden barn standingi am 4 and a 1/2 today!  mommy left for texas this afternoon, so i knew she wasn’t around to celebrate my 1/2 birthday with me at dinner time.  so instead, we had a morning celebration.  i requested a special breakfast of yogurt topped with bananas sprinkled with cocoa powder and homemade granola balls (mommy rolls them into balls instead of cutting them into bars like normal mommies do).  so yummy!

anyway, here’s what i’ve been up to these days.

daily schedule:

  • 7:20am: wake up to a song of my choice.  my alarm clock is mommy’s old iphone.  for the alarm tone i get to pick from a dozens of songs that daddy downloaded for me.  i usually start my morning with one of the songs from frozen.
  • 7:30am: i take off my pajamas and get dressed for school.
  • 8:00am: breakfast.
  • 8:30am: daddy drives us to school.
  • 1:00pm:  we have nap time at school every day, but i hardly ever nap.  maaaybe once a month.
  • 4:30pm: mommy picks us up from school.  sometimes it’s later, but with all of our after-school activities, we’re usually outta there by 4:30pm.
  • 6:45pm: dinner.  we’ve been trying to eat dinner a little earlier so we can get to bed earlier.  but unfortunately, that means that we usually have to start without daddy. 🙁
  • 8:00pm: shower or bath, change into pj’s, and brush teeth.  i recently stopped wearing a pull-up at nighttime, but i’ve peed in my bed every night, so far.  so we’ll see how long this lasts.
  • 9:00pm: mommy and daddy usually take turns putting me to bed.  and when we read a book, we read alternating pages.  i could read the whole thing by myself, but that would take too long. 😛
  • 9:15pm: lights out.

favorite indoor activities:

  • reading
  • drawing
  • sleeping

favorite outdoor activities:

  • riding the scooter in my school playground.  it’s not what you think.  it’s a squarish board with wheels at the corners, and you sit on it and push with your feet.
  • playing with a hula hoop like a jump rope (also at school)
  • playing soccer and t-ball

favorite book:  doc mcstuffins: engine nine feelin’ fine

favorite TV show: kai-lan, doc mcstuffins, curious george

favorite song:

  • do you wanna build a snowman?
  • let it go
  • love is an open door

favorite mobile app:  clumsy ninja

favorite foods: i am a super good eater.  i always eat my healthy foods, but when given the opportunity, i’ll gladly eat foods that are not healthy too.

  • pizza (i like making my own)
  • jello cake (think tiramisu, but with a jello/cream cheese/fruit mixture in place of the marscapone/rum/espresso)

favorite character:  cat in the hat

favorite animal:  dolphins and whales (because they both spray water)

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week 2 at school: a turning point?

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mommy makes lunch for me to bring to school every day. she packs it in my sharks bag, and she slips a note with my name on it into the side pocket. last friday, she also started drawing a happy face on my finger when she drops me off in the morning. (she got this tip from matthew’s mommy.) she said that if i get sad at school, i can just look at my finger and it will make me happy! 🙂

mommy drops me off at school in between her morning meetings (usually between 8:30 – 9:30am) and on most days, she picks me up between 5:15 and 5:45pm. but on mondays, i get picked up a little early because mommy has to get me home and settled before she leaves for volleyball (in the south bay) at 5:30pm. and on thursdays, i get picked up around 3:45pm because we have to get to gym class in the south bay.

so that’s my routine. week 2 at school started out just like the end of week 1. every morning, i cried and protested about not wanting to go to school. when mommy dropped me off, i clung to her and cried some more. the happy face on my finger helped, but only for a moment.

on thursday morning as mommy was putting my lunch bag on shelf, i noticed that she didn’t write me a new note. she left the old note in my bag from the day before! i asked mommy why she didn’t change my note. she was surprised that i noticed (since i can’t actually read what the note says), and she felt terrible.

20130510-IMG_0484so on friday morning, mommy made sure to show me my new note when she dropped me off. it was a good morning. when mommy left, i didn’t cry at all. and when mommy realized that she had forgotten to draw the happy face on my finger, i told her “that’s okay, i don’t need it.” mommy was so happy that she wanted to cry.

since the morning drop off went so well, mommy thought that i was feeling more comfortable and that i might be better about using the potty at school. plus, the teachers started clearing the community bathroom for me so that i could have some privacy when i was doing my business. but it didn’t matter — i still peed in my pants every day during nap time.  one issue at a time.

mommy thought that we had reached a turning point with the crying at drop off, but the school director told her not to be surprised if i have a hard time again next week. since i’ll be spending so much time with mommy and daddy all weekend, the separation anxiety might set back in on monday.  (that means that i should cry when mommy drops me off on monday morning, right?)

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my uh-mazing sister

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a couple of weeks ago, i wrote about how sienna started asking to use the potty.  but as soon as she started sleeping through the night, she stopped going.  so we thought that the whole thing was just a fluke.  but for the past week, sienna has been using the potty successfully 5+ times each day.  and it’s not like anyone ever pressures her or even encourages her to go — we just help her when she tells us that she needs to go.

well right now, we are in tahoe for a 4-day weekend.  (i’ll give a full recap of the weekend later, but i just have to pause to tell you how amazing my sister is.)  during the long drive up, sienna said “poo-poo” (which really just means that she has to use the potty) 5 minutes after we had made a pit stop for me.  we didn’t stop for her.  and during the weekend, we have been out playing in the snow all bundled up like eskimos, and not taking sienna to the potty.  plus, we are in an unfamiliar place, and not keeping to our regular routines.  i thought for sure that all of those things would make sienna forget about using the potty for the weekend, and maybe forever.  well, not forever, but maybe for another year or so.  but not so.

sienna has been using the potty successfully all weekend (so far).  all the grown-ups are amazed.  i am amazed too, but mostly because i can’t figure out how she pees, since she doesn’t have a penis.  where does the pee come from???  anyway, i think it’s official — my 17-month old sister is potty training herself.

i take some of the credit for sienna’s self-potty-training — she has been watching me do it for a long time, and she always wants to copy me.  so it makes sense, right?  but there’s something else that i noticed this weekend that is also pretty amazing.  sienna holds a crayon in proper writing position.  what?!  crazy, right?   i don’t even hold a crayon properly yet, so i have no idea where she learned that from.

oh, and look closely at the photo.  did you notice that sienna is left-handed?  she definitely gets that from me 😀

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no more non-accidental “accidents”

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i stopped wearing diapers during the day time last march.  i guess you could say that that’s when i was potty trained, but it was a long process.  i almost never had accidents when we were out and about, but i often had accidents when i was at school or at home.  accidents, happen.  they happened at least once a week, and sometimes it was many times a day.  everyone was really frustrated because they knew that i wasn’t having accidents — i knew when i needed to pee, and i could obviously hold it long enough to make it to the potty.  mommy eventually came up with a theory that i only had “accidents” in places where i had a change of clothes immediately available.  it made sense, since everyone knows how much i hate being wet or dirty.  so what to do?

one of my uncles suggested that if i had an “accident”, i should stay in my pee-soaked clothes for 30 minutes before i got to change.  mommy vetoed that idea.

and then one of my aunties suggested that mommy throw away my pee-soaked clothes if i had an “accident”.  mommy was willing to try that.

so that’s our current deal.  if i pee in my pants, mommy will throw away my clothes.  i’m not really all that attached to my underwear or pants, so the threat of losing them doesn’t really bother me.  my real incentive to stay dry is that i don’t want to have to walk around without pants and let everyone see me half naked.

it has been a month now, and i’ve only had one accident — and it really was an accident.  i was getting on the potty but i couldn’t get my pants off in time.  i am doing pretty great overall — i go to the potty on my own without being reminded.  but i do need to work on not waiting until the very last minute before heading to the bathroom.

i still wear a pull-up at night.  and every morning when i get up, it is very wet and full.  mommy’s theory is that i know i’m wearing a pull up, so i just pee in it when i wake up.  it’s easier than getting out of my warm bed and then stumbling to the potty when i’m still half-asleep.  we’ll tackle that problem another day.

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sleep or potty?

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a week ago, we launched operation kitty cat in hopes of getting sienna to sleep through the night, in her own bed.  i already wrote about the first night and the 1 hour and 45 minute ordeal.  on the second night, sienna woke up in the middle of the night, as expected.  mommy spent only 30 minutes repeating the cycle of (1) calming sienna down so she’d stop crying, (2) putting sienna back in her own bed, (3) singing/talking to soothe her to sleep, (4) waiting for sienna to doze off (waiting father and farther each time until she was eventually outside of her room).  after mommy got back into bed, sienna cried for 4-5 more minutes, and then fell back to sleep.  after a couple of days, we realized that no matter how long mommy or daddy stayed with sienna, she always cried when they left.  and then she’d fall asleep.  so really, this operation was more about sleep training mommy and daddy.

and then there was a little bit of a setback because sienna got sick.  so over the weekend, mommy or daddy slept in her room so they could comfort her when she wasn’t feeling well.  they also wanted to be able to check if she had a fever so they could give her tylenol, if needed.  but after that short setback, each night got a little bit better with fewer wakings and less crying.  and then last night…  sienna slept through the whole night in her own bed!  yes, she woke up a cried for a couple of minutes, but she quickly went back to sleep on her own.  i hope i’m not jinxing it by writing this post.  and i hope it wasn’t just a fluke.

speaking of flukes…  right after we launched operation kitty cat, sienna started asking to use the potty.  she’s only 17 months old, so we thought it surely must have been a fluke.  but for the next 4 days, she continued to use the potty successfully.  so cool, right?  we were all so amazed and so proud of her!

today was a different story, though.  sienna kept saying that she needed to use the potty, so i’d pull down the little training seat, position the step stool for her to climb on, and wait for her outside the bathroom just like mommy and daddy used to do for me.  (mommy helped, too.)  but this happened 5 or 6 times, and sienna never went pee-pee or poo-poo in the potty today.  oh well.

so for a few days, sienna was potty-training herself but not sleeping through the night.  and now, she is sleeping through the night (fingers crossed) but not using the potty.  i guess you can’t have it all.  but we’re not complaining.  changing a few diapers during the day is a not a bad trade off for some peace and quiet at nighttime.  now, we’ll all sleep better around here.  even koda.  (poor koda’s bed is near sienna’s room, so he had been moving down to the other end of the hallway to sleep at night.)

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mini pooper

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guess who went poo-poo in the potty today.  yes, me.  of course, me.  but guess who else.

today, sienna said “poo-poo” and started walking toward the bathroom.  i know sienna is only 17 months old, but miss denise thought it would be fun to let her try the little potty.  mommy suggested putting her on the big potty instead.  miss denise thought sienna would be scared, but mommy had put her on it once before, so knew that she would be fine with it.

apparently, sienna made a big giant poo.  it was so big that denise saved it so that mommy could take a photo.  mommy passed on that opportunity.  it’s too bad that i was at school, ‘cuz i totally would have taken a picture of it.  i know that you’re just dying for a visual!

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marking my territory

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i have been doing so well using the potty that i stopped using a pull-up during naps. i did great for the past two weeks, then i had an accident during nap time yesterday. but you can’t really blame me for that, right?

well today, i peed on the tile, on the carpet, on a chair… some of those times, i announced that i had to go potty, then i proceeded to go — on the tile, or on the carpet, or on the chair.  it’s only 3:45pm and i have already had 5 “accidents”. i guess you can blame me for those.

mommy keeps asking me why i’ve been peeing all over the house today.  i haven’t been able to give her a good answer.  the only thing that she can think of is that i think i am a dog and am marking my territory.  i am marking the house, and sienna sleeps in a dog bed.  i guess it makes sense that we think we are dogs, because koda thinks he is human.

mommy is so frustrated with me that she roughed me up a little. look at the marks on my face! if you can’t reach mommy after tonight, check the prison. she just might be there.

(STOP!  don’t call CPS!  i was just kidding about mommy roughing me up.)

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i am 3 years old!

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happy birthday to me :)

i am 3 years old. here’s what i’ve been up to these days.

daily schedule:

my daily schedule hasn’t changed much since my last update.  however, mama noticed that when she and dada play volleyball together, miss denise has be in bed and asleep by 9:00pm.  so now, dada is trying to get me to bed earlier, too.  this is a new thing.  we’ll see how it goes.

things i’m good at:

  • spelling my name.  nobody taught me.  i just kept seeing my name written on a lot of my things, so one day i announced “K-Y-D-E-N spells kyden!”  now, i do it all the time.  i especially like typing my name on computers, tablets, and phones.
  • manners.  i am pretty good at saying “may i please” and “thank you”.
  • going potty by myself.  i can go potty, wash my hands, and do everything all by myself.  (expect when i go poo-poo, a grown up insists on helping me wipe.)

things i’m working on:

  • staying in my bed all night.  lately, i’ve been getting up in the middle of the night and asking mama to come to bed with me.  sometimes she does.  but when she’s too tired, i get to crawl in bed with mama and dada.  last night, mama told me to back to my room.  i was not happy about it — i even cried — but i did.  i went back to my room and went back to sleep.  could be a fluke, but could be a turning point!
  • going to gym class by myself.  now that i’m 3, mama and dada don’t go into class with me anymore.  lately, i’ve been crying and not wanting to go into the gym, but once i’m in there, everything is fine.
  • grammar.  i’m getting better at it every day, but sometimes i still say things like “what you said?” and use “my” instead of “i” or “me”.

things i do that make mama and dada unhappy:

i’m pretty much over my terrible 2’s, so i’m generally a pretty good kid.  (either that, or mama and dada have just gotten used to my terribleness :P)  i still push sienna and grab toys away from her once in awhile, but she’s used to it.  so when she doesn’t cry about it, nobody notices, and i get away with it.  heh heh heh.

things i do that make people smile/laugh:

i am a funny kid.  everyone says so.  i’m not trying to be funny, i guess i just say funny things.  i actually don’t think they’re all that funny, but for some reason, other people do.

  • i hold the door open and say “come on in!”… even when it’s not my house.
  • when sienna wakes up from a nap:  “sienna, did you have a nice nap?”
  • when i am not included in the conversation:  “what you talking about?”  “i want to talk about that.”
  • “i love you so so much.”  some of my friends have learned to say this phrase to their parents just prior to asking for something.  i haven’t learned that trick yet.
  • when mama leaves for volleyball:  “i don’t want you to go.  i want you to stay here forever.”
  • when sienna wears a dress:  “sienna looks nice.” 🙂
  • “cool!”,  “wow!”,  “nice!”, and/or  “whoa!”  my aunties and uncles think i’m a well-trained gift-opener, but i nobody taught me to say those things.

favorite indoor activities:

  • playing ball.  i know, i’m not supposed to throw or kick balls inside the house, but i do.
  • taking photos.  what can i say?  it’s in my blood.
  • pretending to cook using stuff on the kitchen counter than i’m not supposed to play with.

favorite outdoor activities:

  • playing at the park.
  • riding my cozy coupe with the floor panel removed.  i power it with my feet, apparently like fred flinstone.  i don’t know who that is, but that’s what mama says.
  • soccer.  i’m playing soccer again this session, and i’m getting a lot better at dribbling.

favorite bookbig blue book of beginner books.  it has six stories.  my favorites are “the best nest” and “go, dog.  go!”.  i don’t like “are you my mother?” because it makes me sad.

favorite song:  i love music — i especially like watching live bands.  i like playing instruments and i love to sing.  lately, my favorites have been the birthday song (i even sing “happy birthday” to myself)!  i also like singing “down by the station” and “baa baa black sheep”.

favorite mobile app:  i’ve been using the tablets and phones less and less lately.  i think mama has me on a 12-step program.

favorite foods that i’m only allowed one bite of:   animal cookies.  they’re the new chocolate bunnies.

favorite characters: thomas the train.  i was so over him for awhile, but i have a recently renewed interest.  (nobody knows why.)  and of course, mickey and his clubhouse friends.

favorite animal: lions

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private pooper

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mama went to texas this week and she came home last night.  so when i threw a fit on our way to school this morning, mama figured it was because i wanted to stay home so to spend time with her.  but since thursdays are one of my regular school days, mama made me go.

we when arrived at school, i refused to walk up to the door.  miss shawna (my teacher) had to come out to get me and carry me inside.  mama felt terrible for leaving while i was crying, but she hoped that i would calm down quickly and enjoy my day.  shortly after i got there, i went poo-poo in my underwear.  (before that, i hadn’t had a poo-poo accident in a really long time.)  after going poo-poo, i was happy and i had a great day.

when mama came back to pick me up at the end of the day, i was playing with my friends and didn’t want to leave — just like usual.  and like usual, miss shawna told mama about my day — what i did, who i played with, how i ate, etc.  miss shawna also shared her theory about why i was so upset in the morning.  she thinks that i am not comfortable going poo-poo at school.  remember how i used to go poo-poo every day after lunch?  i don’t anymore.  when miss shawna asks me if i have to go, i tell her that i will wait to go poo-poo at home.  (that’s my teacher in the photo, along with my friends, pranu and ched.)

now mama is concerned that i am going to be one of those weird kids who can only go poo-poo in their own house.  don’t worry, that’s not my issue.  i just don’t like pooping while people are watching me.  i make an exception for mama, dada, and miss denise, but even then, i prefer it when they close the door.

so i like pooping in private.  can you blame me?


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