delicious start to the new year

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grandma makes a traditional japanese meal every year for new year’s day.  she says that since nobody likes the food, she just makes a small amount for herself and grandpa.  ummm, hellooo???  i guess she forgot that i love all the special food she makes!  i reminded her.

20150101-IMG_5465i also invited myself and the whole family over for a new year’s day lunch.  so all of us, including auntie barbara and uncle randy, converged at grandma’s house today.  grandma made a whole big spread for us, including sushi (a newfound favorite of mine).  one of the traditional dishes that she makes is soup with mochi.  it’s called ozoni.  nobody really likes it except for me and sienna.  auntie barbara says the mochi makes her gag.  maybe next time grandma can cut it up really small for her like she did for me and sienna.

20150101-IMG_5470-2all of that traditional food must have put grandma in the mood for more traditional japanese things.  so grandma asked sienna if she could dress her up in a kimono that our great-grandma sent from japan.   the kimono was actually auntie barbara’s, but i don’t think she ever actually wore it.  it was waaay too big for sienna, but after grandma did a little sewing, it was perfectly sienna-sized.  and since sienna loooves playing dress up, she was completely on board with the whole idea.

so, yeah… that happened.  grandma turned sienna in a life-size japanese doll.  what do you think?  who wore it better: sienna, or the actual japanese doll? 🙂

happy new year everyone!

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bye bye 2014

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20141231-IMG_5447every year for as long as i can remember (the past 3 years), we’ve rung in the new year with a NY NYE party at matthew’s house. if you haven’t been paying attention, NY NYE = new york new year’s eve. we do our countdown on eastern time.  it used to be that just us big brothers celebrated together, but now we all have little siblings. good thing matthew has a couch that’s big enough for all of us.

edison and lucas couldn’t make it this year, but logan and mason joined in on the fun for the first time.   we ate a yummy dinner, we played with matthew’s toys, and we even got about halfway through a board game before everyone lost interest.

20141231-IMG_5451and then just like every year, we gather on the couch with our party paraphernalia just before midnight (EST) and do the countdown together.  at 9pm, we all blow our party horns and destroy the hair cells in each others’ ears.  it’s so fun that it’s totally worth the noise-induced hearing loss that will probably result some day.

20141231-IMG_5458and then…  we all get a cup of sparkling apple cider to “cheers” with.  if you look closely at this picture, we are all toasting with our siblings, except for matthew, because jeffrey didn’t get any cider.  you can almost see the thought bubble above jeffrey’s head: “hey, where’s my drink?”  every year, mommy and daddy tell auntie audrey and uncle alan how brave they are to provide sugary drinks to a bunch of amped-up toddlers who are sitting on their light-colored couch.  but no accidents yet!

this is the best way ring in the new year — with our family and my BFFs.  and by the way, there’s actually room for more kids on the couch if matthew, logan, or edison decide they want a little sister.  just saying.

happy new year!  bring on 2015!

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bye bye 2013

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20131231-IMG_0728today is new year’s eve.  i don’t think sienna really understands what that means, but she knew enough to put on a special party skirt when she got dressed this morning.  i know what it means, though.  today is the last day of 2013 and that means we get to do a countdown tonight.  tomorrow when we wake up, it will be 2014!  i have to remember to tell mommy to put up our new calendar.  (uncle randy makes tanaka family calendars for all of us every year.  they include photos from the past year as well as some really really old photos of daddy, uncle randy and auntie barbara from when they were little kids.)

20131231-IMG_0731just like last year, we went to matthew’s house for a NYNYE party.  but this year, two new guests showed up.  look!  both edison and matthew have new baby brothers.

we played, ate dinner, played some more, then at midnight EST, we had our countdown.  we blew our party horns, toasted with organic sparkling cider (nobody spilled!), then went back to playing.

2013 was a big year for us.  we moved to san ramon! and gung-gung officially moved with us.

  • sienna and i found a school we love near our new house, and we are both going to school full-time.  i am in pre-K.
  • we found a new gym class and swim school near our new house.  i continued playing soccer and dabbled in basketball and tennis.
  • we took our first trip to the snow and spent the weekend in tahoe with the yamamotos and tais.
  • we celebrated sienna’s 2nd birthday party at disneyland and visited california adventure for the first time.  she also had a “summer soiree” (non-birthday party) at the little gym.
  • we went on our annual beach weekend to santa cruz with the nishimotos and tungs.
  • i had an awesome fire truck 4th birthday party at our new house with a real life fire truck!
  • we made a lot of great new memories with our families and friends.

we are looking forward to what 2014 has in store. 🙂

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japanese new year

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new year’s day is a big deal in japanese tradition.  families come together to eat special foods called osechi-ryori.  it’s stuff like burdock, lotus root, chestnuts, and mochi rice cake soup.  each dish and ingredient has a different meaning, like good health, prosperity, happiness, long life, and so on.  last year, grandma made lots of food for me and packed it up for me to bring home.  but i’ve always wondered why we never went over to her house on new year’s day.  this year, we did.  we weren’t planning to go, but daddy had to help grandpa do some stuff around the house.  lucky me, ‘cuz i got to eat grandma’s special new year food.

daddy doesn’t like any of that food, so he bought himself a burger on the way over.  but when we got there, grandma made me a plate full of stuff that nobody thought that i would eat.  auntie barbara said that she was forced to eat it earlier in the day and gagged on it.  i thought it was delicious.  while i was eating, i said (completely unprompted), “grandma makes me the best food.”  that totally made grandma’s day.  she said that she loves me so much and that she is going to buy me so many christmas presents next year 😛

grandma was so happy that i liked the food she made because nobody else appreciates all the hard work that she puts into making 3 days worth of traditional food.  (except mommy.  mommy likes it too.)  grandma said that from now on, she is going to make a whole elaborate spread and invite us over for special new year’s meals.  and now i know why we’ve never spent new year’s day at grandma’s — because daddy doesn’t like the food.  but that’s fine.  daddy can have his burgers.  the rest us will eat the good stuff.

happy new year!

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bye bye 2012

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today is a special day.  it’s the last day of the year.  i understand days and weeks and months, but i’m a little fuzzy on the concept of years, so i don’t really get it.  but it seemed like a big deal to everyone, so i just went with it.

first, kai-kai came over to hang out during the day.  we played board games (sesame street chutes and ladders and hungry hungry hippo), ate lunch, and then played outside in the backyard.  it’s fun having friends my age to play with.  i like playing with sienna too, but she’s not very good at board games.  we let her play hungry hungry hippo with us because we needed more people.  we even let koda play.  koda’s not very good either.  kai-kai and i always got the most marbles.

in the evening, we went to matthew’s house for a NYNYE party.  that’s not a typo.  it was a new york new year’s eve party — celebrated on eastern standard time!  we had dinner, we played with matthew’s bazillion toys all evening long, and then at midnight EST, it was time.  we had our countdown, blew our party horns, and toasted with apple cider.  best kiddie new year’s party idea ever!

2012 was another good year for us.

  • sienna and i continued swimming and gymming, and i started soccer classes.
  • we took a family trip to san diego (with grandma and grandpa) where mommy, daddy, auntie barbara, and uncle randy ran the rock ‘n’ roll 1/2 marathon relay.
  • we went to lake tahoe for a summer beach weekend (with gung-gung, the tungs, and the nishimotos).
  • we celebrated sienna’s 1st birthday party in the park with elmo.
  • i had an awesome 3rd birthday party at disneyland (and a fun weekend in LA with the wolberts).
  • we took a family vacation to kauai (with gung-gung and the ang family)!
  • we made a lot of great new memories with our families and friends.

2012 was pretty great, but there are some exciting changes coming our way in 2013.  stay tuned!

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bye bye 2011

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2011 was a good year for us.  i continued my summertime swim lessons.  i continued my weekly gym classes.  we spent a lot of time (and i mean a lot) at CDM and gilroy gardens.  we saw elmo and his friends live on stage.  we took a family trip to san diego (including a visit to sea world).  i got a baby sister!  i had an awesome train party for my 2nd birthday.  we celebrated baby sister’s 100th day.  i dressed up like superman and went trick-or-treating around our neighborhood.  we fostered a puppy — just for a day, but it was fun!  we went to see thomas the tank engine and rode on a passenger car that he pulled through santa cruz.

we didn’t really do anything special to bring in 2012.  in fact, baby and i were fast asleep by midnight.  mommy and dada stayed up and toasted with sparkling cider.  they are party animals.

but in keeping with japanese tradition, grandma cooked up a mountain of food  because cooking is not allowed during the first three days of the new year.  she packed a special plate of food just for me — and i really mean just for me.  none for baby sister.  none for mommy.  none for dada.  grandma loves me 🙂

can’t want to see what 2012 has in store for us.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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bye bye 2010

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2010 was a good year.  i traveled to carmel/monterey, socal, and maui.  i celebrated my 100th day (red egg & ginger party) and my 1st birthday!  i got to dress up like a shark and go door-to-door asking strangers for candy.  i learned how to roll over, sit up, crawl, stand, walk, and run.  i was so productive!  but it’s time to say buh-bye to 2010 and welcome 2011.

to celebrate the arrival of the new year, i went to a noon year’s eve party (just for us kids!) at the childrens’ discovery museum.  there was a ball drop at noon, just like the one in NYC at midnight.  there were so many people gathered around, so i sat up on top of an ambulance to get a better view.  we counted backwards from 10, the ball dropped, confetti was scattered, and we sang “auld lang syne”.  i don’t really get it, but i guess it’s supposed to be just like the real thing.

so i decided to watch dick clark’s new years rockin’ eve to see if it really was like the real thing or not.  but in my old age, i have been getting sleepy earlier.  and unlike last year, i couldn’t last until midnight to bring in 2011 with the rest of the family.  oh well.  mama turned on my monitor (which i never use at night anymore) so i could be with everyone (virtually) for the toast at midnight.  it was kinda like when musicians accept their grammys via telecast.

happy new year everyone!  thanks for all the love, laughter, and good times in 2010.  looking forward to lots more in 2011!

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