sienna’s empty seat

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the last few times that sienna has gone to a sharks game, she went with mommy and auntie judy.  but sienna is too big to sit on mommy’s lap now, so today sienna got her own seat for the first time.  she had a hard time understanding why auntie judy couldn’t go with them.

20141025-IMG_4803sienna paid a little more attention to the game than she had before — at least she wasn’t flashing everyone like that one time last season. she did the cheers but she wasn’t into the action on the ice.  i think she was most excited about the continuous ring of lights around the arena.

20141025-IMG_4797even though she had her own seat, sienna still insisted on sitting in mommy’s lap.  mommy didn’t mind — she said that sienna is a pretty good lap warmer.  sienna’s seat (and actually, the 2 seats next to hers) were empty throughout the entire game.  what a waste!

sienna fell asleep during the 3rd period, which is crazy because all the scoring happened in the 3rd period.  but the sharks didn’t do enough, and they ended up losing to the sabres 1-2.  they looked terrible.

after the game, mommy and sienna spent the afternoon with miss denise (our former nanny) and her family.  i haven’t seen her in almost a year!  they had a nice visit, and i am bummed that i missed out.  but that’s okay, daddy and i spent the day doing some daddy/son bonding.  i hope to see miss denise soon, though!

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bye bye old house

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20130718-IMG_121620130718-IMG_1210we went to go visit our old house today.  mommy said that it would be the last time that we could go visit.  i don’t really understand it, but apparently, our house is going to belong to someone else tomorrow, and someone else is going to live in it.  i asked it if was going to be miss denise, but mommy said no.

20130718-IMG_1214mommy and daddy are so happy about finalizing the sale of the house (and so quickly!) but they are a little bit sad, too.  it’s the first house that mommy and daddy bought together.  and then koda came along, and then me, and then sienna.  it was the place that our family called home.  we made a lot of wonderful memories in that house and in the neighborhood.  we will miss it a lot.

mommy is sad that sienna and i will probably have no memories of our old house when we grow up, so we took these photos to look back on one day.  our first house. our first home.

bye bye old house.  thanks for the memories!

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train of lights

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during the holidays, the niles canyon railway gets all dressed up in christmas lights.  matthew went last year, and he invited us (and auntie mimi) to join him this year.  i love trains and i love lights, so what’s not to love the train of lights!

it was so cool.  i liked all the lights inside and outside of the train.  and the open-air cars were especially cool because you could see the trees and mountains close enough to touch them as we passed them by. and because it was such a cold evening, mommy brought warm milk for us to drink.  i want to drink my milk warm from now on!

we rode the train from niles (in fremont) to sunol, and back.  just as we started back, we santa.  mommy and daddy have never told me about santa, so they were surprised when i exclaimed, “look!  i see santa!  santa lives in the north pole.”  mommy asked me where i learned about santa.  “miss denise.”  of course :).

when santa made his way over to our seats, i leapt into his lap.  literally.  we chatted for a minute, but i don’t remember what we talked about.  i just remember everyone laughing about how comfortable i was with this stranger in a weird red suit.  sienna, not so much.  she wanted nothing to do with him.

we had a great time on the train of lights all the way until all that warm milk made its way through my system.  i had to pee.  badly.  we had to walk through a bunch of cars to find the restrooms, and then we waited for what seemed like a very long time.  and then right when it was my turn, they shut down the restrooms.  (they ran out of water to flush.)  i told mommy that i had to go now and that i couldn’t wait 10 minutes to get back to the train depot.  so we ran up through a few more cars to find the port-a-potty.  one look at that thing, and suddenly i didn’t have to pee so badly anymore.  i actually tried to go in there, but couldn’t.  (mommy didn’t blame me.)

the train of lights was so cool.  thanks for inviting us, matthew!  if you wanna see some of the photos that auntie mimi and daddy took, click here.

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week of birthdays

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i was happy to celebrate sienna’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, but i wanted to celebrate my birthday too!  mama explained to me that my birthday is not until october, then she showed me on the calendar when october is.  so now, when people ask me how old i am, i tell them “i’m 2!  i’ll be 3 in october.”

i was prepared to wait patiently until october, but i didn’t realize that there would be so many other birthdays in between.  just this week, there were a lot of important birthdays around here.

monday was auntie barbara’s birthday.  i wanted to facetime with her so i could sing to her, but she wasn’t home when i called.  so i made a video for her instead.

on tuesday, koda turned 4.  we all sang happy birthday to him, but we didn’t really celebrate until today.  uncle henry and kiara came over today to celebrate koda and kiara’s birthdays.  mama made a special treat for the dogs using real organic beef and decorated it with kibble.  uncle henry made all-natural peanut butter cookies for them.  lucky dogs!

today is also miss denise’s birthday, so we made cupcakes for her.  there was an oreo baked into the bottom of each cupcake and oreo bits mixed into the cream cheese frosting.  so yummy.  i like frosting.  we all gathered around and sang happy birthday twice — once for miss denise, and once for koda and kiara.

other people’s birthdays are fun ‘cuz i like singing “happy birthday” and i like eating cake (mama makes “special” healthy cake that she lets me eat).  i especially like sienna’s birthday because i get — i mean, she gets — fun toys to play with.  but i can’t wait for my birthday to come along, and i keep asking about it.  mama is not planning to have a party for me this year and wants to take a family trip to visit mickey mouse instead.  that’s a terrible idea, don’t you think?  i told mama that i want to have a birthday party at my new gym, and that i don’t want to invite any of my friends.  i’m afraid that if my friends come, then it will end up being their birthdays.  but mama explained to me that if i don’t invite any friends, then i won’t get any presents.  “oh.  i like presents.”  this birthday stuff is so confusing.

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buppy love

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a couple of nights ago, miss denise found a stray puppy running down the street by her house. the next day (yesterday), miss denise’s husband was gonna bring puppy to a shelter, but mama said NO WAY! so instead, the puppy came to our house 🙂

i love puppy. i played with her all day long. anytime she wasn’t in sight, i ran all around the house calling “buppy? buppy?” until i found her. i liked holding her in my lap and hugging her. baby sister loves puppy, too.  don’t worry, we still love koda.  i hug koda all the time, but i just can’t pick him up and hold him in my lap like i did with puppy.

when i woke up from my nap yesterday, mama crated puppy so that she could carry baby sister upstairs and come get me. i heard puppy crying, so i ran downstairs and freed her.  i just wanted to hold her, but she wanted to explore the whole house.  she even started climbing up the stairs!  i yelled for her to come back, but she didn’t listen.  uh oh.  MOMMEEEEE!!!

during dinner, puppy tried to eat my meatloaf. i stuck out my hand and told her “back”, just like i tell koda. but she didn’t listen. i need to train her better.

so when i woke up this morning, i looked for puppy so we could start our training, but she was nowhere to be found. buppy? buppy? where are you, buppy? come out, come out, wherever you are!

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man of the house

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when i woke up from my nap yesterday, mama came to get me out of my bed. she was all dressed up and ready to go out. dada, too. then, a few seconds after i came downstairs, miss denise arrived. i cried and screamed and clung onto mama. mama thought i was just tired. miss denise thought i just didn’t want mama to leave. i guess it was a little of both. mama told me that she and dada were going out with their friends and that i was going to be the man of the house while they were gone. she said that i had to stay home to take care of miss denise and baby sister.

so off they went. first, mama and dada went to dinner with kai’s mommy and daddy (auntie victoria and uncle ming). they went to a turkish restaurant. i never heard of a turkish restaurant, but i guess turkish people hafta eat something. everyone liked the food, and they loved the drinks. mama was so happy to enjoy a glass of wine, and she was super excited that she got carded. i dunno what that waiter was thinking ‘cuz mama looks old. he must have been trying to earn a bigger tip. 


after dinner, dada and uncle ming ordered turkish coffee. check out how it was served!  those little cups look like they’re from a miniature tea set.

after the mini coffees, they all met up with maddie and malia’s parents (auntie alisa and uncle steve) to go to a kapalana concert. i know, you probably never heard of kalapana. mama says they’re the earth wind & fire of hawaii. to me, they just look like a bunch of old grandpas.

mama texted us a few times during the night to see how everyone was doing. i was doing a good job taking care of everyone.  mama ordered a pizza for me, and i shared it with miss denise.  baby sister wasn’t very hungry.  i think she’s getting her teeth, though, so i gave her a teething ring.  she kept wearing it like a bracelet, so i held it in front of her mouth so she could chew on it. tough job, i know. but these are the things that you do when you’re the man of the house.

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happy anniversary to mama and dada!

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mama and dada usually take me (and now, baby sister, too) everywhere.  but once a year, they go on a date night to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  they always pick fancy places that are not “kid-friendly”, and baby sister and i don’t get to go 🙁  on their anniversary last year, i stayed at home and miss denise came over to take care of me.  we had a great time hanging out together all night.

this year, we planned to have a big party at home when mama and dada went out.  it was me, baby sister, miss denise, and gung-gung.  we were having a great time and everything was fine until 9pm when baby sister got hungry.  miss denise made her a bottle, but she wouldn’t drink it.  we all tried to feed her, but she refused to eat.  so miss denise and gung-gung took turns holding her and walking around with her to try to get her to stop crying.  nothing worked.  i went to sleep at my normal bedtime (10pm), but baby sister waited up for mama to come home to feed her.  it’s a good thing that mama and dada didn’t know how upset baby sister was, otherwise they wouldn’t have enjoyed their date night.

when mama got home, she fed baby sister the bottle, and she drank it just fine.  uh oh.  if mama is the only one that can feed baby sister (breast or bottle) mama is never going to be able to leave her alone again.  i think we have a diva in the making.  and they say that i am the difficult one.

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wanna come out and play?

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during the week, most of my friends go to daycare while i stay home with miss denise, my nanny.  we do fun stuff at home like coloring, reading, learning numbers and ABC’s, and playing with my toys.  we also go out every day to walk with koda, play with the ducks at the pond, and run around at the playground.

ever since baby sister came along, mama has been playing hooky from work and taking her out.  no fair!  i like staying home with miss denise, but i want to go out to fun places with mama, too!  so baby sister and i made a deal.  some days, i’ll stay home and mama will go out with baby sister.  and some days, baby sister will stay home with miss denise and mama will take me out on playdates.  good plan, right?  but then i remembered that most of my friends are in day care 🙁  but not edison!

today, edison and i met up at pump it up jr.  i had been there before for maddie’s 2nd birthday, and i hated all the bounce houses.  mama wasn’t expecting me to have much fun in the inflatables, but she figured that i could play on the slides and ride in the cozy coupes.  plus, it would be cool just to hang out with edison.  but guess what.  i had SOOO MUCH FUN!  edison and i climbed, slid, ran, and bounced all over the place.  what a blast!  and even after mama got kicked out of the inflatables (she wasn’t wearing socks, which is required for all jumpers) i ran around and played by myself.  mama couldn’t believe that i was having so much without her.

one of the best parts of the day was playing with the water fountain.  mama has never let me drink out of a water fountain before, but she didn’t have the energy to stop me, today.  i climbed up on the step stool, pressed the bar to turn it on, and stuck my face into the stream of water.  some of the water made it into my mouth, but most of it drenched my shirt.  mama had to take my shirt off and wring it out over the sink.  good times 🙂

edison and i had such a fun time today!  mid-week playdates are the best because all my local hotspots are less crowded than on the weekends.  so if anyone wants to play hooky from daycare, gimme a holler!

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crime of fashion

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when mama saw the outfit that i was wearing this morning, she knew that i must have been really really bad.  apparently, a charcoal t-shirt w/ neon yellow urban design + green pajama pants w/ navy blue dinosaurs + fuzzy brown socks w/ baby blue stripes = a crime of fashion.  but how does that make me bad?  daddy is the one who put me in that mismatched outfit!

well, first lemme tell you about my daily schedule.  mama starts working early, and daddy doesn’t have to leave for work until 9:30am when miss denise (my nanny) arrives.  and mama always gets done working before daddy comes home.  so what that means is that daddy takes care of me in the morning.  he feeds me breakfast, changes me out of my pajamas, and gets me ready for my day with miss denise.  when miss denise leaves at 3pm, i am napping.  when i wake up from my nap, mama feeds me my afternoon snack, takes me (and koda) out somewhere fun, and then cooks my dinner.  after dinner, mama helps me get ready for bed (which includes bathtime and brushing teeth — yay!), reads books with me, and puts me to bed.

some of my friends’ nighttime routines include picking out clothes for the next day so that their daddies know what to dress them in.  i don’t know why, but mama doesn’t do that.  so that means daddy gets to pick my outfits every morning.  mama says that there is a high correlation between how well-matched my outfit is and how well-behaved i’ve been that morning.  i’m not sure what that means, but i’ve noticed that if i act cute, then daddy dresses me cute.  and if i act badly, then daddy dresses me badly.  that’s how mama knew that i was really bad this morning.  i mean, look at this outfit!  this is bordering on child abuse, dontcha think?

since today is daddy’s birthday, you’d think i would have been nicer to him, right?  but i was protesting because i heard that mama and daddy are going out for a fancy dinner tonight, and I’M NOT INVITED!  what’s up with that???

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potty party

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guess who went #2 in the potty today.  no silly, not daddy.  he uses the grown-up toilet.  i’m talking about in my potty.  i did!  i did!

everybody clapped and cheered — there was such a big celebration.  i wasn’t sure what all the excitement was about, but everyone was clapping, so i did too.  even koda came over to join the potty party.

i kept trying to grab my poo with my bare hands so that i could put it in the toilet, but mama and miss denise (my nanny) wouldn’t let me.  i did get to flush the toilet, though.  that was so exciting.  i’ve been wanting to do that for months!

i know you’re dying to see what my poo looked like.  i wanted to take a picture of it inside the potty (as proof to show daddy, or just a souvenir), but mama wouldn’t let me.  you’ll just have to take my word for it.

i hope koda doesn’t get any ideas about using my potty so that everyone will cheer for him.  although, that would be pretty cool if i could train him to use it, huh?  i think i’ll work on that 🙂

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