koda is 6

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20140730-IMG_3899tomorrow is koda and kiara’s birthday.  but since we are going to san diego tomorrow, we celebrated their birthdays today.  for the special occasion, mommy made “apple pie” treats for the dogs.  it was a recipe from a cookbook full of organic gluten-free treats that uncle henry gave koda a few years ago.  they were made with 100% human-grade ingredients that we had in our cupboards, so i guess it wasn’t all that weird that mommy sampled them.

while we sang happy birthday to koda and kiara, they waited patiently for their special treats which were sitting right in front of them.  then when we told them to “take it”, koda gobbled his right up.  kiara sniffed hers and walked away.  she eventually ate it, but it took her a long time and it seemed like she only did it to be polite.  i guess it was just too healthy for her.  we are used to eating organic gluten-free foods in this house. 😉

happy 6th birthday to koda and kiara!

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fat storage

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20140313-IMG_1786a couple of weeks ago, mommy noticed a lump about the size of a small grape on koda’s chest.  it didn’t seem to be bothering him but we figured we should get it checked out.  just in case.

so today, koda went to see dr. laura.  she examined the lump and then extracted some samples.  koda was so good and stayed very still while dr. laura stuck a needle in him.  twice.

after dr. laura examined the samples, she determined that it was mostly fatty tissue in there.  that’s good news.  that means that the lump is a harmless lipoma, just like we thought.

all this time we wondered how koda stayed so skinny.  now we know.  he stores all his fat in a lump in his chest — just like i do with my neck rolls and sienna does with her chipmunk cheeks!


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koda is 5

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20130806-IMG_1311koda turned 5 today.  and like usual, he planned to celebrate with his sister, kiara.

when mommy picked me and sienna up from school, we headed straight home to make some special treats for the dogs.  i told mommy that koda was so excited.  i didn’t really know that he was excited, but how can you not be when it’s your birthday?

the birthday treats that mommy made for the dogs were made from mostly organic ingredients because that’s what we happened to have on hand.  i even got to try some.  they were pretty tasty.  uncle henry brought over some fancy cookies for the dogs and zachary’s pizza for us!

koda really liked his treat.  i wasn’t sure if kiara liked hers as much because she didn’t gobble it up as fast as koda did.  but sienna and i sure loved our pizza!

mommy says that koda and kiara are now middle-aged, but still act like crazy puppies.  i think mommy is confused.  they are not middle-aged, they are only 5.  happy birthday, dogs!

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30 minute meals

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you’ve heard of 30 minute meals, right?  we don’t do a lot of of meal planning around here, so we eat 30 minute meals all the time.  it usually goes something like this:

mommy:  what do you want to eat for dinner?

sienna:  cheese!

me:  noodles and pasta.

mommy usually makes whatever i ask for, and then adds some other things from the fridge to make a balanced meal.

koda gets 30 minute meals, too.  that is sort of a recent thing.  now that sienna get his food, it would take about 30 minutes for her to fill his bowl by herself.  do you remember when i first started getting food for koda?  i used to like to make koda wait.  unlike me, sienna asks for help so that she can make bigger scoops.  where’s the fun in that?

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honey, i shrunk the dog!

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in mama and dada’s BK years (that’s “before kyden”), they used to foster puppies. but now that i am here, i’ve spread my stuff all over the house, and there’s no room for puppies anymore. luckily for us, uncle henry still fosters, which means that we can get our puppy fixes every now and then. mama still volunteers her time with pound puppy rescue by interviewing prospective families, processing paperwork, giving training, and doing placements of uncle henry’s foster puppies in their new homes.

when i got home from school today, uncle henry was at our house with a puppy. whoa. it was baby koda! the puppy looked just like koda when he was little. he had all the same markings, those long legs that girls are so jealous of, and big ears that are trying to stand up straight but flop over under their own weight. how did uncle henry shrink koda?

sienna and i had so much fun playing with baby koda. he ran circles around sienna and chased me around all over the backyard.

when baby koda’s new family came over, mama reviewed their adoption agreement and did all the official puppy business. on their way out the door, i kept asking them “where baby koda going?” i didn’t want them to take baby koda away. i mean, i love our regular-sized koda, but it was so great to finally be bigger than him for a day. i have been waiting for this day for my whole life.

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week of birthdays

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i was happy to celebrate sienna’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, but i wanted to celebrate my birthday too!  mama explained to me that my birthday is not until october, then she showed me on the calendar when october is.  so now, when people ask me how old i am, i tell them “i’m 2!  i’ll be 3 in october.”

i was prepared to wait patiently until october, but i didn’t realize that there would be so many other birthdays in between.  just this week, there were a lot of important birthdays around here.

monday was auntie barbara’s birthday.  i wanted to facetime with her so i could sing to her, but she wasn’t home when i called.  so i made a video for her instead.

on tuesday, koda turned 4.  we all sang happy birthday to him, but we didn’t really celebrate until today.  uncle henry and kiara came over today to celebrate koda and kiara’s birthdays.  mama made a special treat for the dogs using real organic beef and decorated it with kibble.  uncle henry made all-natural peanut butter cookies for them.  lucky dogs!

today is also miss denise’s birthday, so we made cupcakes for her.  there was an oreo baked into the bottom of each cupcake and oreo bits mixed into the cream cheese frosting.  so yummy.  i like frosting.  we all gathered around and sang happy birthday twice — once for miss denise, and once for koda and kiara.

other people’s birthdays are fun ‘cuz i like singing “happy birthday” and i like eating cake (mama makes “special” healthy cake that she lets me eat).  i especially like sienna’s birthday because i get — i mean, she gets — fun toys to play with.  but i can’t wait for my birthday to come along, and i keep asking about it.  mama is not planning to have a party for me this year and wants to take a family trip to visit mickey mouse instead.  that’s a terrible idea, don’t you think?  i told mama that i want to have a birthday party at my new gym, and that i don’t want to invite any of my friends.  i’m afraid that if my friends come, then it will end up being their birthdays.  but mama explained to me that if i don’t invite any friends, then i won’t get any presents.  “oh.  i like presents.”  this birthday stuff is so confusing.

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red light, green light

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since i now understand traffic signals, mama thought it would be fun for us to play “red light, green light” on our walk this evening.  just in case you were never a kid, i’ll explain how the game works.  when mama says “green light”, you go.  when mama says “red light”, you stop.  simple, right?

i caught on right away.  mama didn’t even have to explain the rules to me.  but somewhere along our walk, i decided that mama was waiting too long in between light changes.  so i took over.  i started calling “red light” and “green light”, and guess what — everyone listened.  even koda!

now, mama is afraid that all of our walks are going to take 2x longer than they used to.  she told dada that it was a mistake to teach me that game, but i don’t know what she’s talking about.  i think it was a fantastic idea.  RED LIGHT!

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pet parade

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yesterday, mama asked me if i wanted to go to a parade where i could see a lot of puppies.  i love puppies, so of course i said yes.

i was so excited as i was getting ready go to the parade this morning.  but mama didn’t let me pick out my outfit like i usual do — she dressed me in a light blue polo and brown shorts.  mama and i matched!  the only difference was that mama’s shirt had a pound puppy rescue logo on it.  mama said that there weren’t going to be a lot of potties around and that i should wear “special underwear” (a pull-up diaper), but i refused.  mama didn’t have time to argue because we were running late.  so we grabbed koda, and off we went.

as soon as we got into the car, i asked mama for apple juice.  remembering that we wouldn’t be near a bathroom for hours, mama tried to stall me.  but i insisted.  i got my juice.  mama got nervous.

we made it to the los altos pet parade, and guess what.  we actually got to be in the parade!  all of us, even koda!  how cool is that?!  we marched with pound puppy rescue, which is why we had to wear light blue and brown — pound puppy colors.  we even got blue ribbons to wear on our shirts.  apparently, mama and koda march in this parade every year, but this was my first time.

mama volunteered me to hold the big banner at the front of our group, but i am too short.  oh well.  maybe next year.  it was so fun to get to walk in the middle of the street and see all the people on the sidewalks watching me and taking pictures.  one guy even got right up in my face with a big video camera.  look me for me on tv 🙂

it was so cool to see all the police motorcycles, hear the bands play, play with the puppies, and march in the pet parade.  but about half way through, i turned toward mama: “mama carry kyden”.  she knew i couldn’t be tired from walking (since i walk much farther when we walk around the neighborhood), but she carried me anyway.  and then she realized that i just wanted a better view so that i could count all the puppies.  i counted out loud to 38 (skipping a couple of numbers here and there), and then i lost track.  i had such a great time that i am already looking forward to next year.

(oh, and guess what…  i didn’t pee in my underwear.  see, i don’t need those “special underwear” that mama tried to make me wear.)

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making the 2’s less terrible

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lately, when i get tired or frustrated, i like to scream, kick, hit, spit, and/or throw things.  sometimes i slap the walls or other hard surfaces and it stings my hand.  mama and dada just laugh at me and say “maybe you shouldn’t hit the wall, huh?”.  everyone assumes that i’ve been acting up because of baby sister, but it’s not her fault.  i love baby sister — i always take care of her and treat her very gently.

so now, everyone figures that i’m going through my terrible 2’s and acting age-appropriately.  the other day, dada told me that he knows that i’m just going through a phase, but he asked me to be “a little less terrible”.  i’ve always been a little bit ahead of the curve with my physical development, so it makes sense that i would start my terrible 2’s early, right?  mama actually thinks that i entered that phase when i was 15 months old, but i’ve recently kicked it into high gear.

but why now?  so mama thought about all the changes in my life and thinks she might have figured it out.  before baby came along, mama used to take me and koda out somewhere fun (park, ponds, creek, etc.) every day after my nap.  but now that dada is back to work, mama hasn’t dared to try taking me, baby, and koda out by herself.  today, we finally did it.  we just went for a stroll around the neighborhood (i led the way), but mama made it seem like it was a huge accomplishment.  i don’t get what the big deal was.

we’ll see if getting my evening exercise helps make me any less terrible.  mama and dada sure hope so.

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while mama and dada were in the hospital with baby sister, koda stayed with his sister at uncle henry’s house.  he came home earlier this week.  i sure missed him!  mama said that he probably loved his kid-free vacation — nobody to step on him, nobody to run into him with ride-on cars, nobody to use him as a body pillow…

baby sister was sleeping when koda came home, and since she went back to the hospital later that same day, they never really got the chance to get to know each other.  but she finished her baby tanning session today, and now she’s finally home to stay.  yay!  we were all happy to welcome her home.  and koda was finally able to give her a proper greeting.  it reminded me of the first time that i met my furry brother.

mama says that poor koda will soon have two crazy kids torturing him.  but if you ask me, i think he’s lucky to have a brother and a sister who will take care of him.

wait a minute…  i just realized that i am now a middle child, aren’t i?

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