my last super halloween

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20141031-1E7A6275 it’s that time of year again, when sienna and i dress up in costumes and go around the neighborhood collecting candy for daddy.  yup, halloween!  because “frozen” has been so popular this year (and apparently, elsa costumes have been flying off the shelves), this year has become known as the year of the elsa.   but no elsa for us.  if you ask sienna, she’ll tell you that she dressed up as a mermaid.  but actually, she was ariel the princess, not the mermaid.  no seashell bras for her!  and guess what i dressed up as.  yup.  superman.  for the 4th year in a row.

20141030-1E7A6147before we got to trick-or-treating, sienna and i had halloween celebrations and parades at our schools.  mine was yesterday.  out of the 11 girls in my class, there were 5 elsas.  no surprise there.  but what was surprising was that all of their costumes were different!  we played fun games and did some spooktacular crafts, then my classroom got to be line leaders in the parade around the whole school!

20141031-1E7A6190sienna’s halloween parade was today.  since it was raining, they just walked around the hallways in her preschool.  boring.  but guess what.  of all the princesses in siennas classroom, there wasn’t a single elsa.  that was shocking.

matthew braved friday night rush hour traffic to join us for dinner and trick-or-treating again.  it rained all day, so we were worried that our candy-collecting plans would be ruined, but there was a break in the weather right when we were ready to head out.  perfect timing!

20141031-IMGP0590last year, we really enjoyed knocking on doors and ringing doorbells — we were actually disappointed when we came across a house with a candy bowl sitting outside.  but this year was all about the candy bowls.  it was so exciting to get candy without even having to do anything!  it made it much easier to pick the ones that daddy likes rather than taking our chances with whatever got dropped into our buckets.

20141031-1E7A6247sienna, matthew, and i had so much fun trick-or-treating.  jeffrey came with us too, but auntie audrey carried him so he didn’t get any candy.  sienna is much faster now, so we were able to venture farther than we did last year.  but when we hit the houses around the park, sienna tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and sprawled out flat on her face.  her candy went flying everywhere.  she cried and cried and mommy suggested that we turn around and head home.  but all sienna really cared about was putting her tiara back on.  once she did that, she was fine.  so we carried on. 🙂

halloween is so much fun and we are already looking forward to trick-or-treating again!  i’ve already started thinking about what i want to dress up as.  maybe optimus prime — not sure yet.  but this is definitely my last year being superman.  it’s the end of an era.

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G&M farms pumpkin patch, revisted

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20141023-1E7A583620141023-1E7A5795i got to go on my very first school field trip last week.  my TK class went to G&M farms, the same pumpkin patch that we went to last year.  (mommy was a driver.)  our family had been making it a point to visit a different pumpkin patch every year, but sienna and i are okay with sticking to this one.  it has a corn box, which is the best thing ever.  we could stay in there for days.

20141026-1E7A5905anyway, when i went to the pumpkin patch with my class, it was really cool.  we started our visit with a hay ride through the cornfield, then headed over to an outdoor classroom that was set in a clearing between some giant corn stalks.  there, we learned about the life cycle of the pumpkin plant — from seed to blossom to gourd to seed again — in a fun, interactive lesson.  after class, we explored the play area where we navigated our way through the hay bale maze, played in the corn box, and said hello to the llama, cows, sheep, and chickens.  finally, we got to select some indian corn, gourds, and pumpkins (which we picked right out of the field!) to take with us.  the only problem was that each kid could only take one pumpkin.  i couldn’t get one for sienna.

20141026-1E7A5961so today after swim class, we went back to G&M farms with isaac and isabelle.  our main goal was to get a pumpkin for sienna, but we had to get in some play time in the corn box.  of course.  we were in there for over an hour.  when it was time to go find a pumpkin, we had to pull sienna out, literally kicking and screaming.

one of the rules we had for our school field trip was that the pumpkin we chose had to be small enough for us to carry by ourselves.  today, sienna didn’t have any rule like that.  so now, she has a bigger pumpkin that i do!

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mommy and daddy ate all our halloween candy

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for the past few years, jimmy kimmel has been challenging parents to tell their kids that they ate all of their halloween candy and to record their responses on video.  this year, mommy got in on the fun.

at 0:50, i prove that i’m smarter than mommy
at 1:14, i get angry (like my angry face?)
at 1:35, so much love

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1st halloween in our new ‘hood

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in our new neighborhood, there are a lot of families and a lot of kids.  so we expected that on halloween, porches would be lit and the streets would be buzzing with hundreds of kids.  we decorated our house, carved our pumpkins (actually sienna just blinged hers out), and we bought 3 giant bags of candy from costco.  we were ready for the mad rush!

1E7A3705our first trick-or-treater of the night was a super gangnam style chicken on rollerskates.  that’s what he called himself.  i was going to do my job and give him 2 pieces of candy, but his costume made mommy laugh out loud, so she told him that he could have as much candy as he could grab with one hand.  she regretted it as soon as she saw his ginomrous hand and long fingers reach into our candy bowl.  lesson learned.  mommy also regretted not taking a photo of the super gangnam style chicken on rollerskates.

1E7A3721anyway, our favorite halloween tradition is going trick-or-treating with matthew.  in his neighborhood, people don’t really get into halloween, so he comes to ours.  but now that we live in san ramon, it’s a long drive to get all the way up here on a weeknight, especially with traffic and all.  so by the time he arrived and we all scarfed down our dinners and changed into our costumes, we didn’t hit the streets until almost 8:00pm.

matthew was chase (the police bot), sienna was a bumblebee, and i was superman (for the 3rd year in a row).  mommy suggested that i dress up as bumblebee, the rescue bot.  then i would have matched with matthew and sienna.  clever, huh?  but i didn’t go for it.  i wanted to be superman.

1E7A3745matthew and i took turns ringing doorbells (last year we were too short to reach the doorbells so we had to knock), and we all said “trick-or-treat” together.  as soon as we got our candy, matthew and i thanked the candy-givers and ran off to the next house.  (i ran so fast that my cape kept coming off.  mommy wanted me to leave it off, but i insisted on putting it back on every time because i wanted to fly.)  but not sienna.  sienna hung around the porch and just kept looking at the candy-givers.  usually, they gave her more candy because they didn’t want to close their doors on a cute little bumble bee.  i think it was all part of her plan.  mommy would eventually coax her down from the doorstep, then sienna would say “my friends are leaving me!” and then she’d run after me and matthew.  all night, mommy was yelling, “wait for your sister!”  she was totally holding us back.

in our new neighborhood, there were more elaborate halloween decorations than in our old one — haunted mazes with scary music, flying ghosts, and candy bowls with skeleton hands that grab you.  (lemme tell you, sienna is brave.)  in our old neighborhood, some houses didn’t get into halloween, and that was okay.  they left their porch lights off, so we just skipped them.  but the weird thing about our new neighborhood is that there were a lot of houses that were all dressed up for halloween, but they just left a bowl of candy on the porch with a sign that said “please take 1” (or in some cases, 3 or 4).  we’re not sure if that’s because lots of people go to house parties (we did run across a bunch of those), if families/neighbors all like to go trick-or-treating together (like cousin zoey and her entire cul-de-sac), or if it’s because we got a late start and those houses were done for the night.  the candy bowls are a nice thought, but not fun for us.  we don’t care about candy, we just want to ring doorbells!

1E7A3747we hit 3 cul-de-sacs this year.  we could have done more, but sienna was too slow.  i hope jeffrey (matthew’s baby brother) can go trick-or-treating with sienna next year so that matthew and i can run off by ourselves.  back at home, daddy greeted a lot of trick-or-treaters, but not nearly as many as we expected.  (maybe 75-100?)  we still have an entire unopened bag of candy!

here are some pictures of our halloween fun (including a few from our parade at school).  i can’t wait for halloween to come next year.  i will probably be superman.  again.  happy halloween everyone!

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1E7A3447i can’t wait for halloween to come.   for weeks, i’ve been talking about wanting to go to a pumpkin patch with a maze.   and every time we drive by a house with halloween decorations, i get really excited.  “look!  they’re having halloween at their house!”  so this weekend, we got ready for halloween.

1E7A3489on saturday, we went to a nearby pumpkin patch with cousin zoey.  she took us to G&M farms, a place in livermore that she goes to every year.  we liked this pumpkin patch a lot.  they have all the usual stuff (corn maze, cow train, pony rides, etc.), but the coolest part was the hay maze, corn pit, and the playground.  yup, there’s a playground right in the middle of the farm.  cool, huh?

first, we hit the hay maze.  i brought my maze map (do you see it in my hand in one of the photos?), but it still look us a really long time to find the exit.  mommy said that she made a starbucks run while we were making our way out, but i think she was just being super silly.

IMG_1868the corn pit was the best.  we had never heard of a corn pit before!  sienna and i buried ourselves in corn kernels, and then cousin zoey and i made corn angels.  cousin zoey loved the corn pit.  sienna and i liked it too (me, more so than sienna), but we got hungry so we went to go find some food.  cousin zoey refused to leave.  i think she is going to live in there forever.  as we were getting out of the pit, we heard a lady say that there were a ton of corn kernels in her underwear.  gross!

on our way out of the pumpkin patch, we said hi to a mama cow, a baby cow, and a couple of llamas.  and of course, we had to stop at the playground so that sienna could go down the slide and i could play on the digger.

we didn’t even have time to ride on the cow train or the ponies but it was still super fun.  and we picked up a couple of overpriced pumpkins to complete the decorations for our house.  here are more photos from our day at the pumpkin patch.

today (sunday), we put up our halloween decoration.  we have a giant spider web, some giant spiders, spider icicle lights, a giant plastic jack-o-lantern, and of course, the pumpkins that we got from the pumpkin patch yesterday.  now, we are having halloween at our house.  we are halloween-ready!  come trick-or-treating at our house so you can see all of our decorations.  i promise that we won’t give you the melted chocolates from my birthday party pinata.

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halloween is super!

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last year, i decided that halloween was my favorite holiday because it was so much fun.  and this year was even better!

we didn’t carve pumpkins this year, but sienna and i decorated pumpkins at madison and kailyn’s birthday party.  i think they came out pretty good, don’t you?

and since we had so much fun last year, matthew came over to go trick-or-treating with me again.  as soon as he arrived, we scarfed down our dinners.  then we rushed to get dressed in our halloween costumes so we could hit the streets before the storm rolled in.  i was superman.  sienna was supergirl.  matthew was a different kind of hero — a firefighter.  with outfits like ours, you’d think we would be protecting the neighborhood, right?  we pillaged it.

matthew and i are trick-or-treating pros, but it was sienna’s first time.  at the first house, matthew and i knocked.  when the people opened the door in their costumes, matthew and i yelled “trick or treat!”.  sienna cried.

at the second house, sienna didn’t cry, but she didn’t really know what to do.  she just stood there and looked bewildered.  it took a few houses for sienna to get into it.

we ended up hitting 4 cul de sacs, including our street.  that’s a LOT of houses!  at most of the houses, matthew and i knocked and yelled “trick or treat!”  we held out our treat bags and collected candy, then i grabbed sienna’s bucket to make sure she got some, too.  while matthew and i ran off to the next house, sienna stood on the porch and waved.  the people in the houses didn’t want to close the door on her, so a lot of them gave her extra candy (hoping that that would get her to turn around and leave).  she’s so smart!  why didn’t i think of that?

all of our treat bags got so full that uncle alan had to lighten our loads by stuffing his pockets with our candy.  even still, our bags were too heavy, so auntie audrey and uncle alan helped us carry them.  sienna kept dropping her bucket and spilling her candy, but she refused to let anyone help her.  every time mommy tried to take her bucket, sienna protested loudly.

when we got back home, we dumped out all our loot, and the grown ups picked out the candy that they wanted to keep.  (they said something about a halloween parent tax.)  that’s okay, we didn’t care about the candy.  we just had fun dressing up, knocking on doors, and carrying glow-in-the-dark swords and flashlights.  we poured the rest of the candy into our bin.  there was a LOT of candy.  for the rest of the night, we let trick-or-treaters take as much candy as they could grab with two hands.  and we still have lots leftover!

i had such a fun time trick-or-treating that i can’t wait to go again.  matthew, do you want to come over and go trick-or-treating again tomorrow? 😀

(click here to see the rest of our halloween pics.)

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pre-halloween fun

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i finally got this pumpkin patch thing figured out.  i used to think it was about the pumpkins.  but who wants to carry big heavy pumpkins from the pumpkin patch all the way to the parking lot, which is usually very far away?  not mommy.  not daddy.  not me.  and sienna is too little.  but it’s okay, because i figured out that it’s not about the pumpkins AT ALL.  it’s about the rides.

today, we met maddie and malia at uesegi farms, and i loved it.  it is my favorite of all the pumpkin patches that i’ve been to (spina and lemos farms).  they have the best rides, and the lines were really short, even though it was the saturday right before halloween.  mommy and daddy also liked it the best because it was so pretty, well laid-out (not crowded), and easy to get to.  the only downside is that the rides are pretty expensive.  but i’m worth it.  sienna too, i guess.

we went on a cow train ride, a real train, hayride, a pony ride through the garden (not like those ponies that just walk in circles in a corral), and went through a kiddie corn maze.  i liked all of the rides except for the hayride.  it was too bumpy.  daddy thought that i was getting motion sickness like he was.  sienna liked it though.  she was standing up and leaning out of the truck the whole time.  sienna is fearless.  can you believe that she even rode on the pony?  mama walked with her so she wouldn’t fall off, but at least she went on it.  i was so proud of her 🙂

we only spent two hours there.  we would have stayed longer to watch the live performers (i love live music!) but everyone was too hungry.  we left without even looking at any of the pumpkins!

later in the evening, we went to greyson’s halloween party.  it was a costume party, so everyone dressed up.  even mommy!  (daddy is not in the picture because he was still wearing his clark kent outfit.)  what do you think — do we look SUPER?

sienna and i spent most of the evening in greyson’s play room hanging out with chloe, kaylen, ehren, and emily.  we were having so much fun that we stayed up way past our bedtime.  we were just about the last kids to leave 😀

thanks greyson for a spooktacular time!

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definitely superman

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last year, i was superman for halloween.  i didn’t even know who superman was, but since matthew was spiderman (and we were planning to go trick-or-treating together), mama picked something for me in the superhero theme.  i was fine with it.

about a month ago, mama started asking me what i wanted to be for halloween this year.  my answer was always the same.  superman!  mama suggested dozens of different ideas, and she even took me shopping to see buzz, mickey, a firefighter, and lots of other cool costumes.  they were nice and all, but i wanna be superman!  mama was very confused by this.  i never talk about superman.  i’ve never even seen superman in a book or on tv or anywhere.  but still, i wanna be superman!  so mama bought me a new superman costume.

a few days later, i changed my mind and decided that i wanted to be thomas the train.  mama said that i could be a train conductor.  i liked the idea of wearing my thomas the train hat and blowing my train whistle while trick-or-treating.  but that idea passed quickly.  and then i wanted to be a mailman.  and then a penguin.  those thoughts passed quickly, too.  and now…  i’m back to superman.  i definitely want to be superman.  but i still have 2 weeks to change my mind 😉

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most kids say that christmas is their favorite holiday, but i just looove halloween.  and what’s not to love?

first, there are the pumpkins.  dada got a pumpkin for everyone in the family, and we were all going to carve our own jack-o-lanterns.  but mama was a pumpkin hog and she wanted to make three of them into angry birds.  she sure is obsessed with that game.

i liked helping mama sketch her designs onto the pumpkins, but then she tried to make me clean the insides out of the them.  as soon as my hand touched the slimy pumpkin guts, i was done.  gross!  so, i let mama do the rest.  and since mama made my pumpkin into an angry bird, i took baby sister’s.  i had to have a jack-o-lantern that matched my halloween costume, just like last year 🙂

matthew came over to go trick-or-treating with me, but before we could go, we had a halloween dinner.  we made our own pizzas!  how fun!  i kept putting more and more and more cheese on mine.

then, we got dressed up and went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.  i knocked on the doors, and matthew said “trick or treat!  happy halloween!”  matthew and i made a great team.  (baby sister stayed at home to help dada give out candy.)

after our treat bags were full, matthew and i went back home.  but that wasn’t the end of the fun.  kids were still coming to the door, so matthew and i took over the candy-giving duties.  opening the door and giving out candy was just as fun as trick-or-treating.

what a fun night.  we had a blast!  matthew is such a fun trick-or-treat buddy that i hope to make this a halloween tradition — trick-or-treating with matthew around our neighborhood, and maybe even the pizza-making 😉  but somehow, i have a feeling that baby sister will want to tag along next year.

(click here to see more halloween photos.)

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haunt the hallow

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matthew invited us to join him at “haunt the hollow” today.  it was an event at happy hollow where kids like us could go trick-or-treating.  in the morning we rode the train, played in the playground, and went on some rides.  then after lunch, it was time to put on our costumes and go trick-or-treating.

i came thiiis —> <— close to being a shark for halloween (again) this year.  but mama finally came to her senses and got me a new costume.  i was superkyden!  the three of us were superheroes:  spiderman, superman, and supercow 😀

we went trick-or-treating at booths set up all over the park.  most places gave out healthy treats like fruit leather and organic crisped rice bars.  at one booth, they let us drive (well, sit in) the sharks zamboni.  how cool!  at first, i thought i got to sit in there cuz sharkie and i are buddies, but it turned out that they were letting just about anyone drive it.  after we got tired of collecting healthy halloween treats, we fed the goats, played some more, and then called it a day.  i liked the healthy snacks, but dada was disappointed that he didn’t find any chocolate when he raided my candy bag.

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