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sienna loves chocolate pudding. mommy made us some special chocolate pudding out of coconut milk, chia seeds, and unsweetened cocoa powder. it’s sienna crack.

at the end of the original video, sienna whispers “chooocolaaate” in a creepy silence-of-the-lambs voice, but daddy edited that part out. too bad.

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reverse reverse psychology

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mommy has always used reverse psychology to teach me lessons about “bad” foods.  like that time that i wanted to suck sriracha straight out of the bottle.  mommy squirted some onto her finger and let me taste it.  WAAAHHH!!!  or that time that she warned me not to play with the wasabi, but i didn’t listen.  she didn’t stop me from touching it, and i ate some.  WAAAHHH!!!  i’ve learned my lesson.  now, when mommy tells me “you can try some, but i don’t think you’ll like it”, i believe her.    i don’t even want to try it.  i totally trust her.

well, i’ll tell you what.  the reverse psychology does not work on sienna at all.  when mommy lets her taste “bad” foods in an attempt to turn her off to them, sienna likes it.  and then she asks for more.

the other day, sienna insisted on trying mommy’s hot sauce.  mommy let her have a taste to prove that it wasn’t marinara sauce (or whatever sienna thought it might be).  sienna ate the whole cup of hot sauce.  with a spoon.  and the time that she took a sip of mommy’s black coffee, she wanted more.  no sugar.  no cream.  black.  yuck!  (don’t worry, it was decaf.)  mommy often orders her soon dubu jigee (korean tofu stew) and tom yum gai (thai hot and sour soup) extra spicy.  sienna likes it.  she eats it and doesn’t even need to guzzle milk after each bite.

clearly, reverse psychology does not work on sienna.  at least, not when it comes to food.  i think there is something seriously wrong with her taste buds.  either that, or she’s just way smarter than i’ve been giving her credit for.

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allergies and epi pens

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a couple of weeks ago, sienna got a blood test to see what see was a allergic to.  i joked that she was allergic to food, but it turns out that it’s not a joke.  she IS allergic to food!

wheat allergy:  MODERATE.  egg allergy:  MODERATE.  peanut allergy:  HIGH.  milk allergy:  negative.  (a bunch of other common allergens were also tested, but those came back negative too.)

these results are confusing because we are pretty sure that sienna is allergic to milk.  her skin turns red wherever milk touches her.  but the test came back negative.

and wheat?  how can you be allergic to wheat?  there is wheat in everything!  she eats lots of stuff made with wheat, and while that might explain the random red splotches around her mouth, she’s never had any other (respiratory, GI, etc.) reaction to it.

well, the doctor said that the blood test only tells part of the story.  one way to confirm her allergies is to do an oral food challenge.  i know, it sounds like a food network show, but it’s not.  basically she would sit in a controlled hospital environment and eat the food that is suspected to cause a reaction.  she would eat small amounts of the food at regular intervals while under constant supervision and monitoring (heart rate?).  it’s a 4 hour ordeal, and you can only test one food at a time.  and the next available opening is not for another month.

in the mean time, we got an epi pen.  since sienna’s peanut allergy is HIGH, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  and now we have a month to decide what food we want to test during the food challenge.  test wheat?  what if it causes a mild skin reaction, but nothing serious?  same question about milk.  should sienna keep eating the offending foods while managing her skin issues?

i think we should experiment on sienna at home.  we have 2 epi pens (which cost $100 each after insurance), so we might as well use them, right?  we can’t let good epinephrine go to waste.  mama got a little nauseated just thinking about having to stab sienna with that big needle.  but i’ve been practicing.  there is a big plastic hypodermic needle in my toy medical kit, and it looks a lot like the epi pen.  if sienna ever needs to be stabbed, i’m the kid for the job.  (look at the photo!  i’m ready!)

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milk: it does NOT do a body good

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well, the good news is that sienna likes to drink milk. (i didn’t, when i first started transitioning to cow’s milk.) the bad news is that she’s allergic to it.

after sienna turned one, i had planned to start sharing my milk with her. so one day, mama made a strawberry breastmilk smoothie for sienna and added just a little bit of my (cow’s) milk to it. sienna sucked it up through the straw, then then it run out of her mouth. suck, run out. suck, run out. over and over again. a few minutes later, sienna started kicking and squirming and scratching herself. her chin was all red where the milk touched her skin and she had a rash all over her body. all that happened after sienna had just a little bit of milk and barely swallowed any of it. so no more cow’s milk for sienna.

but when sienna went to see her new dermatologist last week, he suggested trying cow’s milk again. since it didn’t seem to cause any problems with her breathing, why not? so that evening, sienna drank a mix of breastmilk and cow’s milk. same reaction as before. then, just to be triple sure, mama dabbed some milk onto sienna’s skin — on her back and on her forearm. her skin turned red in both places.

sienna has an appointment at an allergy clinic next week. until then, she is not allowed to eat foods that commonly cause allergies (like peanuts and eggs).

today, dada bought some goat’s milk for sienna. (i didn’t even know that goats could make milk!) she likes it, and she is not allergic to it. yay! but did you know that goat’s milk is 6-7x more expensive than cow’s milk? dada thinks we should get a pet goat so we can get free milk all the time. but i have a better plan. i think we should get a girlfriend for koda, and sienna can just drink dog’s milk.

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sushi night and groundhog day

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after malia’s party, we had to go shopping to buy food because auntie judy was coming over for dinner. since we were already near the japanese market, we decided to go there to buy fish and have a sushi night.

the whole time were in the market, dada was talking funny. (he was speaking to me in japanese.) i kept telling him “dada, don’t talk like that”, because i didn’t like it. but the more i protested, the more he spoke to me in japanese. he kept it up during the entire car ride home, too. “dada, don’t talk like that. grandma talk like that.” mama thought it was sooo funny because dada never talks to me in japanese. good thing auntie judy came over, because i think that’s the only reason why dada stopped talking funny.

our sushi dinner was yummy. i like sushi. (don’t worry, i don’t eat the raw stuff.) a ladybug from the park must like sushi too, because she followed us home from the party. i think she must have stowed away in mama’s bag. i had never seen a white ladybug before — cool, huh? we let it free in our backyard. i hope it’s not a rose-eating ladybug or something bad like that.

after dinner, mama went upstairs to put sienna to bed, and i put auntie judy and gung-gung to bed downstairs. i laid pillows on the ground, told everyone to put their heads on the pillows, then i covered them with blankets. then i announced that it was read book time, and i read “if you give a mouse a cookie” to them. (really, i just narrated the illustrations.) after that, it was goodnight time, so i turned off the lights.

when mama came downstairs, all the lights were off and it was dark. she asked what was going on down here. i turned on the lights and said “it’s wake up time!” then i put away all the blankets and pillows, waited for a few seconds, then started the bedtime routine all over again FOR THE 6TH TIME.

dada said it was like groundhog day. auntie judy was laughing so hard that her stomach hurt.  okay, it’s goodnight time… again!

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healthy junk

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dear annie’s and earth’s best:

thank you for your brilliant packaging and marketing tactics.  you have successfully tricked mama into believing that your snack foods are healthy.  little does she know that they are just organic, grossly over-priced versions of other junk food that i am not allowed to eat.

  • organic bunny fruit snacks = gummy bears
  • bunny graham friends = teddy grahams
  • organic snack mix = goldfish crackers and salted pretzels
  • sesame street crunchin’ grahams = honey graham sticks
  • sesame street crunchin’ crackers = mini ritz crackers
  • sesame street yogurt rice crisp bars (not pictured because i ate them all) = rice krispies treats

i still only get to eat a couple of yummy bites at a time, but it’s better than nothing.

i also have a product idea that i’d like to share with you:  cupcakes with lots and lots of frosting.  if you make them organic and package them appropriately, i might be able to convince mama to let me eat them.  that would be terrific.  thanks for your consideration.

a loyal consumer,


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mama day (and more)

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today is mama’s day. to help her start the day off right, dada and i went out get bagels from her favorite bagel place. and on the way home, we went to the store to buy her a few bags of her favorite chips. we would have gotten more, but the store ran out. i hope these last her the rest of the week! i also picked out a card for her. it’s a girlie pink card that’s supposed to be from a daughter, but i liked it because it had minnie mouse on it. dada encouraged me to get a different card, but i insisted on that one. if anyone asks, i’m gonna say that sienna picked it.

while we were out, mama got a special delivery — a big box of chocolate covered strawberries and cake pops from auntie barbara! what a sweet surprise. i think auntie barbara is trying to show me up. mama loves all her special treats, but wants to know why everyone is trying to fatten her up 😛

after breakfast, we packed up all our stuff for the day and headed out. first stop, chipotle. that’s right. grandma wanted burritos for her mama day lunch. we hung out with grandma for awhile, and then off to swim lessons. uncle randy and grandma came to watch me and sienna swim. uncle randy was inspired at how fearless we are in the water. grandma was horrified.

after swim lessons (and our usual post-swimming froyo at pinkberry), we went straight to zoe’s birthday party. both sienna and i fell asleep on the way there. the party was at airborne, the same place where maddie had her party a few months ago. it took me a little while to wake up from my power nap, but once the fog cleared from my brain, i had a good time. and now that sienna is crawling and cruising, she got to participate in the fun, too! well, sort of. she mostly hung out with her friend, malia, while i ran through the birthday party obstacle circuit. (remember when i said that sienna has man hands? well, she has big floppy rabbit feet, too. check out this photo!) sienna wanted to get in on the big kid action, but she’s too little. i almost flattened her when i was going down the slide that she was trying to climb up.

after playing in the gym, we went to the party room for dinner. there was pizza, lemon grass chicken, shrimp rolls, and a whole spread of vietnamese food. mama kept offering me chicken and broccoli and other stuff, but i kept saying “no, i’m good”. i got to eat a whole slice of pizza — which i never get to do — why would i want anything else?

what a busy day we had. i had been practicing all morning to say “happy mama day” to mama and grandma, but sometimes i accidentally said “happy birthday” instead. now you can see why. happy mama day to mama and grandma. and happy birthday to zoe!

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bucktooth baby

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sienna has four teeth now — two baby teeth on the bottom and two humongous grown-up-sized teeth on the top.  she is going to look like a bunny.  i guess that’s appropriate since she was born in the year of the rabbit. i was born in the year of the ox, and i am strong like ox!

sienna must have gotten the big-teeth gene from auntie barbara.  i’ve seen pictures of auntie from when she was little, and she had big teeth too.  dada says that he and uncle randy used to call her “bucktooth barbara”.  “bucktooth sienna” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but “bucktooth baby” does 😉

anyway, now that sienna has enough teeth to chew with, i’m worried that she is going to start eating my food.  and if you’ve ever seen me eat, you know that i can eat.  a lot.  well, sienna can too.  if she starts eating my food, i will go hungry!  so i found a solution to the problem — i’ve started eating her food!

i’ve discovered that baby’s food is so yummy that i want to eat it all the time.  my favorites are avocado chunks, baby carrots (steamed extra soft), and baked pears.  all organic, of course.  i’ve always preferred organic carrots over regular ones.  regular carrots taste like dirt.

today, i re-discovered the magic of puffs.  magic puffs used to be my favorite — i can’t imagine why i ever stopped eating them!  i wanted to eat the entire container of puffs, but mama kept telling me that they belong to sienna.  baby wants wants to eat my steak.  i want to eat her puffs.  i think that i can work with bucktooth baby to negotiate a fair trade.

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back away from the fruit!

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ever since ees-nano came along, i’ve had to share all my stuff with her.  she uses my car seat, stroller, and crib.  she reads my books, plays with my toys, and she even wears my clothes.  i don’t mind at all.  i didn’t even mind when mommy started mushing up my veggies for her to eat.

but about a week ago, ees-nano got teeth.  she has two little bottom teeth coming in.  and to help soothe her gums, mommy started putting my fruit into my mesh feeder and giving it to ees-nano to chew/suck on.  nooo… not my fruit!  i told mommy no.  i told her that those were kyden’s strawberries.  and kyden’s apples.  and kyden’s pears.  but she didn’t listen.  ees-nano loved them and chomped away.

and then for the next few days, ees-nano screamed in pain whenever she went poo-poo.  also, her butt was red and irritated.  we think that the acid in the fruit changed the pH in her poo and that it was hurting her when it came out.  apparently, this can happen with babies who have extra-sensitive skin.  so, ees-nano stopped eating my fruit and now she’s all better.  she’s happy, i’m happy… everybody wins.

i told her to stay away from my fruit.  i hope she learned her lesson.

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a real chinese new year celebration

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gung hay fat choy!  today is the first day of the lunar new year.  last year, our chinese new year celebration was a quiet dinner that mommy cooked at home.  it was a good dinner, but mommy doesn’t cook traditional chinese food.  luckily, auntie mimi invited all of us to join her family’s chinese new year dinner at their house.  she said that the dress code was “gold and red”.  i wore the one red shirt that i have.  baby sister had plenty of clothing options and a selected a brand new red dress out of her closet.

auntie mimi and her parents cooked a feast fit for a king. or maybe an emperor.  make that 100 emperors.  there was chicken, pork, fish, chinese broccoli, mushrooms, sticky rice, nian gao (traditional chinese new year cake) and lots more.  they even cooked jai!  gung-gung kept talking about jai last year, but i had no idea what it was.  now i know.  jai (also called “buddha’s delight” or “monk stew”) is a very traditional stew that is usually only prepared for chinese new year.  it’s made with exotic ingredients like tree ear fungus, ginko nuts, black moss, golden lily buds, and other strange-looking stuff.  mommy ate three servings.  gung-gung was loving it, too.  dada wasn’t daring enough to try it.  i ate my share, though, and everyone was so surprised that i would eat such an exotic dish.  dada missed out.  (baby sister missed out too, but only because she doesn’t have teeth to chew with).  oh well.  more for me.

aside from the food, another great thing about a real chinese new year celebration is all the red envelopes.  i thought they were so cool that i kept collecting the ones that were laying around — even the ones that i had previously handed out to other people (from mommy and dada).  i saw one peeking out of auntie mimi’s back pocket, so i pick-pocketed her.  she didn’t even notice 😉  check out these super-cool red envelopes that baby sister and i got that night.  did you that they come with money inside of them?

thank you auntie mimi (and family) for inviting us over for such a special chinese new year celebration.  gung hay fat choy!

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