egg-cellent hunting

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20140420-IMG_2437happy easter!  we joined in on our neighborhood egg hunt and brunch last year, but this is our first official easter living in our new house.  and actually, the easter festivities take place in cousin zoey’s cul de sac, so this morning, we walked across the park to her house.  we all lined up at the end of the cul de sac, did a countdown, and then everyone was off and running.  everyone except sienna, that is.  she casually strolled along, wearing the new easter dress that grandma sent, and daintily carrying her new hello kitty easter basket from uncle henry.  daddy says that he’s raising her to be a princess.  she shouldn’t have to work for things — things should come to her.  i think she’s learning well.  see for yourself.

20140420-IMG_2430most of the eggs were not very hidden — they were laying out in plain sight. some were a little harder to get though, like the ones up in the trees. i quickly filled up my bucket, dumped it out in cousin zoey’s house, and went back out for round 2. i filled up my second bucket, and sienna eventually filled up her hello kitty basket. by that time, all of the easy-to-find eggs were gone. so we were done. sienna and i headed inside to play at cousin zoey’s house.

IMG_2436all of the other kids (and adults) were out mingling in the cul de sac or trampling gardens in their quest for the golden eggs. the golden eggs had numbers in them, and prizes were awarded according to the number inside. sienna thought she had found a golden egg, but it turned out to be a fake.  (it’s metallic, but more green than golden.)  mommy eventually found an authentic golden egg and gave it to me. i turned it in for a matchbox car, a punching balloon, and pack of fun dip. i refused the fun dip even though it was offered to me repeatedly. everyone thought that sienna and i were just being anti-social hanging out inside, but i later told mommy that i didn’t want to be outdoors because it was too hot.

20140420-IMG_2448we eventually went back out to join the festivities. there was a potluck lunch, a slip ‘n slide pool combo, and even a shave ice machine! i really wanted to play in the slip ‘n slide, so daddy went home to get my swim clothes. i jumped in, and immediately jumped back out. the water was icy cold! i only swim in 92 degree water. i don’t think i’ll ever be able to swim in a normal pool. i was perfectly happy with my icy cold shave ice though. sienna too.

20140420-IMG_2451when we got home, sienna took a nap while i opened our eggs and sorted our stash. we got a lot of chocolates and starbursts for daddy. we don’t get to eat any of the candy, but that’s okay because we got a giant bouquet of fruit (sent by uncle randy, of course) while we were out :). we also got a few stickers and a handful of quarters. quarters! those went right into my money jar. we don’t have to tell sienna about those. next year, we’re going to pay more attention to which house has the quarter-filled eggs and start collecting eggs there from now on.

happy easter!

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egg-cellent easter prep

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IMG_2409 IMG_2407when i woke up this morning (the day before easter), i told mommy that i had a dream about painting easter eggs with sienna.  well, thanks to uncle henry, dreams do come true!  uncle henry had brought over an easter egg decorating kit a few weeks ago, and mommy had put it away with no intention of using it this year.  but after that dream i had, she had to bring it out.

IMG_2414sienna and i wrapped, dyed, and stickered our eggs.  and then we put them in the fridge.  what are you supposed to do with eggs after you decorate them?  well, i asked mommy to make a deviled egg for me.   i didn’t actually know what it was called, but i was able to describe it well enough for her to figure it out.  sienna had to steer clear because of her egg allergy.  poor sienna — she’s missing out.  deviled eggs are so yummy.

the neighborhood easter egg hunt that we’re going to tomorrow is not in our cul de sac, but we want to contribute, so we stuffed a few dozen eggs.  most families stuff their eggs with candy, but we went for a healthier (though less tasty) option.  we filled ours with stickers and erasers.

with our real eggs decorated and plastic eggs stuffed, we are all ready for easter!

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egg-cellent party crashers

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20130331-IMG_0203we haven’t moved into our new house yet, but we crashed a egg hunt and brunch in our new neighborhood.  every year on easter, they close off the cul de sac, and every family scatters dozens of eggs in their front yards.  most are really easy to find (and get), but some are stashed in hard-to-reach places like in trees, on top of big trucks, or hanging from a second story balcony.  in addition to the hundreds of regular eggs, there are 10 golden eggs hidden in super secret hiding places that are harder to find.  last easter, only 6 of the 10 eggs were found.  the other 4 were discovered throughout the summer, and one of them was just found a couple of weeks ago!

20130331-IMG_0211 when it was time for the egg hunt, all of us kids lined up at one end of the street.  sienna and i were a little intimidated, especially by the kid holding the industrial-sized pail and the one wearing a helmet.  we didn’t realize that egg hunting was a contact sport.  when we got the signal to go, all of the kids sprinted off to collect eggs.  there was special area roped off for little kids under 3, so don’t worry — sienna didn’t get trampled.  we found so many eggs that our baskets were overflowing.  i even found a golden egg (with mommy’s help) and got to trade it in for a special prize!  i picked a giant bubble wand.

20130331-IMG_0214after all the eggs were found (hopefully), there was a potluck brunch in the middle of the cul de sac.  two of the girls even brought out a platform and did a dance performance for us 🙂  i sat and ate with mommy and daddy while sienna wandered off and mingled with the boys.  no joke.  at one point, we lost track of her.  it turned out that one of the boys and his friends had raided his big brother’s egg stash, and sienna had gotten in on that action.  she was sitting in one of the neighbor’s garage with a bunch of older boys.  i hope this is not a sign of things to come.

sienna and i had so much fun that we asked to go on another egg hunt after brunch.  mommy and daddy said we had to wait until next year.  i can’t wait until next easter!  but in the meantime, i hear that there are lots of other neighborhood parties to look forward to.

everybody asks us why we are moving so far away.  well, this is why we’re moving.  yes, the schools are fantastic.  yes, the neighborhood is very safe and family-friendly.  yes, we have family in the area.  but it’s this kind of community environment that mommy and daddy look forward to us growing up in.

happy easter, everyone!

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sweet easter love

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i learned early on that holidays are pretty awesome around here.  i get to spend time with family and i get presents on every holiday — not just christmas.   this easter was no different.  grandma and grandpa brought a big box of clothes and puzzles for me and sienna, uncle randy brought an easter cookie decorating kit, uncle jamie gave sienna two big bags of clothes, and even though auntie barbara wasn’t here, she had an easter fruit bouquet delivered.  some would say that sienna and i are spoiled.  i say that we are well-loved 🙂

on most days, i do some kind of arts & crafts.  my usual medium is crayons on paper or chalk on concrete, but yesterday, my art project was frosting on cookies.  yup, the ones that uncle randy brought for us.

i squeezed the icing onto the cookies, and i carefully placed each candy dot, sprinkle, and every piece of duckie/bunny candy.  i decorated cookies in the shape of eggs, flowers, and butterflies.  and to make sure the frosting set properly, i sneezed all over them.  AAACHOOO!  they are works of art.  i titled the collection “sugar high”. 

gung-gung encouraged mommy and dada to eat my cookies to show me that my hard work was appreciated.  they refused.  i guess they don’t appreciate my art.  gung-gung saw me sneeze all over the cookies, but he ate one anyway.  if that’s not love, i don’t know what is.

there are still 5 cookies left.  who wants to come over for dessert? 🙂

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our eggless, bunnyless easter

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i was traumatized by the easter egg hunt that i went to last year.  remember?  all those cheaters took all the eggs and left none for me.  and then there was that easter bunny who stalked me and photobombed me and maddie.  so this year, we decided to steer clear of bunnies and egg hunts.  (plus, we had max’s birthday party yesterday and we were in monterey last weekend, so there just wasn’t time!)

so just like always, we spent easter with family.  grandma, grandpa, and uncle randy came over for lunch, and we hung out all afternoon.  then we met zoey and uncle jamie for dinner.  (auntie alyssa was at home because she wasn’t feeling well.)  i was so exhausted from last night (i was up ’til almost midnight because of the sharks game) and i hadn’t napped all day, so i passed out on the way to the restaurant.  i hear it was a good time.

so that was our easter.  no eggs.  no bunnies.  no cheating egg-hunters.  just quality time with the family.  who could ask for anything more?  i guess i wouldn’t have minded having some chocolate eggs…

happy easter!

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i have a stalker!

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i went to my very first easter egg hunt this weekend.  it was for kids age 2-12.  even though i’m below the minimum age limit, i had  no trouble getting in.  i wonder if mama had a fake ID made for me or if i just look older than my 18 months.  either way, i’m set for when i want to start hitting the club scene!

anyway, there was a no-grown-ups-allowed rule at the easter egg hunt, so mama was concerned about me getting trampled by the bigger kids.  but she was relieved to see that there was a special little area designated for 2-3 year-olds.  yay.  we were waiting for the countdown to begin, but then all of a sudden, parents started taking their kids inside the hunt zone and taking all the eggs!  what the heck?!  CHEATERS!!!  when the starting bell went off, mama lifted me into the hunt area (while she followed the rules and waited outside) and encouraged me to find eggs to put in my basket.  but there were NONE.  all the cheater parents and their kids already hoarded all of them.  hmph.  everyone who didn’t get an egg got a prize ticket instead, and i redeemed my ticket for bubbles.  yay!  i liked blowing bubbles with daddy way better than searching for stupid plastic eggs filled with candy that mama and daddy wouldn’t let me eat, anyway.

maddie shared her eggs with me so that i would have something to put in my basket.  mama made me put on my sunglasses before she took the picture because she didn’t want everyone to see my black eye.  (she photoshopped out the scrape on my face.)  and then maddie and i tried to pose for a photo together, but then easter bunny snuck up behind us!  maddie saw her and ran away, but i wasn’t quick enough.  bunny grabbed me — again!  what the heck?  first, she showed up at my gym a couple of weeks ago, and now she shows up at the egg hunt?  how did she know where i was gonna be?  she must be stalking me!

i’m not sure i want to go to another public egg hunt next year where the easter bunny will find me (and where there will be cheating parents and kids) again.  maybe i’ll just stay home and decorate eggs with mama and daddy.

there are a few more photos from the easter egg hunt (including hard evidence that bunny grabbed me again).  if you wanna see them, click here.

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early easter

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i went to a party at the little gym yesterday.  they called it a “spring fling”, but it must have been an easter party because the easter bunny was there.  i’m not sure why though, cuz mama says easter is not for two more weeks.  but all the kids were standing in line to see bunny, so i lined up too.  when it was my turn, i waved to bunny then ran off with her entire basket of eggs.  when i went back to return the basket (mama said i had to), bunny grabbed me.  i screamed and ran away.  isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when strangers grab you?  i know that she just wanted to take a picture with me, but sheesh!  i just met her.

aside from the easter bunny, there was a guy playing the guitar (i had fun dancing to the music), lots of food, drinks, and easter candy. daddy ate nestle eggs and mama ate laffy taffy, but they only let me eat oranges.  hmph.  that doesn’t seem fair, does it?

the party was for all little gym members, so the gym equipment was setup for kids of all ages.  i got to try out lots of super fun big kid apparatuses:

  • climbing the rock wall
  • jumping off the foam block and swinging on the rings
  • balancing on the inclined high beam
  • and my favorite… climbing the steep incline with a rope, then sliding down the other side!

i wonder if the easter bunny is going to try to grab me again when easter really comes later this month.  why is there an easter bunny anyway?  bunnies don’t lay eggs.

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hoppy easter

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everyone says that christmas is the best holiday for kids because we get lots of presents.  but i seem to get lots of presents on every holiday — halloween, thanksgiving, valentine’s day, chinese new year, st. patrick’s day…  i am such a lucky kid 🙂  for easter, grandma and grandpa tanaka brought me a basket filled with goodies, including a “hoppy easter” outfit.  mommy washed it right away so i could wear it and be dressed appropriately for the occasion.  and guess what else they brought me — a big chickie balloon!  (which reminds me, i forgot to mention in my 6 month post that i LOVE balloons.  i’m gonna go back and add it — just in case my friends re-read that entry one day to look for wish list ideas for their 5 or 6 month birthdays.)  i liked the chickie so much that i asked her to join me in the photo with my grandparents.  she’s a little shy so she’s hiding in the back.

gifts are always great (and very much appreciated), but the best part about all these holidays is that i get to spend them with my wonderful family.  (and there is always a ton of food, but i don’t get to enjoy any of it yet.)  grandma and grandpa tanaka, uncle randy, and gung-gung came over for brunch and spent the day with us.  too bad auntie barbara couldn’t make it.  she was at home in san diego getting rattled by the 7.2 quake in baja california (~150 miles away from her).  she said that some of her drinking glasses fell and broke, but lucky there was no major damage.  whew.

later in the evening, gung-gung treated the quon clan to dinner so i got to see uncle jamie, auntie alyssa, and cousin zoey!  i know what you’re thinking, but that’s gross.  yes, i have my hand on her knee, but i wasn’t getting fresh with her.  she’s very cute, but she’s my cousin!

i don’t really understand why, but mommy says that i have to find eggs next easter.  what if i don’t find them all?  will they stay hidden and get all smelly until the following year?  some holiday traditions are weird.

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