food, fireworks, and “the game”

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20140216-it’s that time of year again when people bring oranges to our house and give red envelopes to me and sienna.  yup, chinese new year.  auntie mimi and her family had a huge celebration at their new house and we were lucky enough to be invited.

20140216-1606941_10100948054248483_297197876_nmommy and gung-gung feasted on their favorite traditional dishes like jai, daddy and i had our fill of noodles and potstickers, and sienna gorged herself on fruit.  (with all of sienna’s allergies, there’s not a whole lot that she can eat when it comes to chinese food.)  somewhere around our third plate of food, a 3-year old boy named lane came over and invited me to play hot wheels with him.  i didn’t pay much attention to him because i wasn’t interested in playing cars.  i wanted to play “the game”.  mommy  didn’t know what i was talking about.  i tried to show her, but we were intercepted and diverted to the courtyard to do fireworks.

20140216-IMG_1391after the fireworks, i took mommy over to “the game”.  all evening, i had been watching grown ups (who i didn’t know) noisily spread tiles all over the table, stack them up, and then one by one, throw them back into the middle of the table.  apparently the game is called mahjong.  i wanted to play too.

20140216-IMG_1395so after everyone else was done, mommy taught me how to play.  we played 3 rounds, and i won all 3.  mahjong is the best game ever!

thanks for inviting us to your awesome chinese new year celebration, auntie mimi!  gung hay fat choy.  happy year of the horse!

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may the snake be with you

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today is the start of the chinese new year.  it’s the year of the snake.  i don’t think i know any snakes.  i’m an ox.  oxen are most compatible with rats, which is mommy’s sign.  maybe that explains why i love mommy so much.  i keep telling her that i’m going to marry her when i grow up.  she always tells me that i can’t because she is already married to daddy. no fair. anyway, back to chinese new year…

last year, auntie mimi invited us to join in her family’s chinese new year celebration.  we got to eat all of the traditional dishes that are prepared during that time of year.  not this year, though. tonight, we had a quiet evening at home watching kai-lan and eating hot pot.  that’s about as chinese as we get in the tanaka household.  but even though we didn’t have a big party, that didn’t stop sienna and me from collecting lai see (red envelopes).  i earned mine.  watch the video 🙂

gung hay fat choy and may the snake be with you!

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a real chinese new year celebration

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gung hay fat choy!  today is the first day of the lunar new year.  last year, our chinese new year celebration was a quiet dinner that mommy cooked at home.  it was a good dinner, but mommy doesn’t cook traditional chinese food.  luckily, auntie mimi invited all of us to join her family’s chinese new year dinner at their house.  she said that the dress code was “gold and red”.  i wore the one red shirt that i have.  baby sister had plenty of clothing options and a selected a brand new red dress out of her closet.

auntie mimi and her parents cooked a feast fit for a king. or maybe an emperor.  make that 100 emperors.  there was chicken, pork, fish, chinese broccoli, mushrooms, sticky rice, nian gao (traditional chinese new year cake) and lots more.  they even cooked jai!  gung-gung kept talking about jai last year, but i had no idea what it was.  now i know.  jai (also called “buddha’s delight” or “monk stew”) is a very traditional stew that is usually only prepared for chinese new year.  it’s made with exotic ingredients like tree ear fungus, ginko nuts, black moss, golden lily buds, and other strange-looking stuff.  mommy ate three servings.  gung-gung was loving it, too.  dada wasn’t daring enough to try it.  i ate my share, though, and everyone was so surprised that i would eat such an exotic dish.  dada missed out.  (baby sister missed out too, but only because she doesn’t have teeth to chew with).  oh well.  more for me.

aside from the food, another great thing about a real chinese new year celebration is all the red envelopes.  i thought they were so cool that i kept collecting the ones that were laying around — even the ones that i had previously handed out to other people (from mommy and dada).  i saw one peeking out of auntie mimi’s back pocket, so i pick-pocketed her.  she didn’t even notice 😉  check out these super-cool red envelopes that baby sister and i got that night.  did you that they come with money inside of them?

thank you auntie mimi (and family) for inviting us over for such a special chinese new year celebration.  gung hay fat choy!

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gung hay fat choy

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thursday was the start of the chinese new year.  starting at midnight, there were firecrackers going off all throughout my neighborhood.  my peeps really know how to party!  apparently, the celebration lasts for 15 days.  i sure hope that there won’t be 15 nights of firecrackers cuz they’re really noisy.

for our chinese new year dinner, mama made broccoli chicken with oyster sauce and steamed egg custard. she said it was chinese food, but gung-gung begged to differ. he wanted traditional dishes — like jai (monk’s stew) — that bak-bak (great-grandma) used to make. i dunno what he was complaining about though, cuz i loved it! and then today, we went out to lunch at a chinese restaurant. we never go out to chinese places because mama doesn’t like the food, but i guess she made an exception since it’s chinese new year. i’m sure glad she did. we ordered hot and sour soup, mu shu chicken, mongolian bbq, and steamed sea bass. i gobbled it all up. and when i was done, i devoured my chinese dessert: a soft-serve ice cream cone. it was delicious! mama said i ate like a little piggy. i sure do love chinese food (especially the dessert).  daddy says that comes from my japanese side.

there are 12 more days of the chinese new year celebration, so i hope we get to go out for chinese food a few more times before it’s over. gung hay fat choy to me!

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