SUPER pajama party

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20141004-1E7A5710i started planning my 5th birthday party almost a year ago.  for many months, i was sure i wanted to have a bowling party at a real bowling alley.  then i changed to pump it up.  then mini golf.  then a park party with a magician.  but i finally settled on partipalooza.

i put together my own guest list, which was really hard to do with the limited capacity.  i have all my old friends from the south bay, but i also have a lot of new friends that i’ve made here in the tri-valley.  and it seems like all my friends now have one or more siblings!

20141004-1E7A5568i wanted to have a superhero themed party — i even suggested that all the girls could dress up as wonderwoman — but mommy thought that my friends and i might not be very comfortable bouncing, climbing, sliding, and bowling in full costume.  so instead, i had a super hero pajama party.  and it sure was SUPER!

20141004-1E7A5676in the first room, there were a bunch of inflatables to jump around in/on, but i spent most of my time playing foosball and air hockey.  sienna was bouncing and sliding non-stop.  in the second room, there was another big inflatable, but there was also a rock climbing wall, basketball hoop, and my favorite… mini bowling!  i spent a lot of time bowling.  shocker.

we made our way to the party room where i got to sit in a big inflatable throne like a king!  we ate pizza and mini bundt cakes (my choice), and then i handed out my superman-themed party favors.  my favorite part of the night was sitting in the big throne. 🙂

i had a super great time at my SUPER pajama party and i hope all my friends did too.  click here for photos from the party.

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sienna’s mermaid party

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20140713-1E7A4924we celebrated sienna’s 3rd birthday today.  she wanted to have her party at athan downs park  because she remembers how much fun she had playing there with caylie, and today is the only day this month that the park is available.  sienna really wanted to have a hello kitty themed party with a hello kitty jumpy house, but it turns out that the city of san ramon does not allow jumpy houses in any of  its public parks.  so much for that idea.  we had to go to plan B.

20140713-IMG_9285as sienna’s friends arrived, we got the party started by playing in the park’s awesome playground.  sienna and her girlfriends also entertained themselves by collecting sticks.  the grown ups sat around the picnic tables, chatted amongst themselves, and ate food.  and there was A LOT of food to eat.

20140713-1E7A4744when the mermaid arrived (oh, did i mention that we ended up having a mermaid party?) she captivated all of our imaginations with a puppet show.  the grown ups were so surprised but sooo appreciative of the rare free time that they got to enjoy while someone else was entertaining their kid(s).  us kids loved the show.  we got to meet a parrot, a bunny, a dragon, and some mice on our journey to find sienna’s birthday gift.  all of us kids were so enthralled by the puppet show — we were glued to our seats.

20140713-1E7A4853after the puppet show, the mermaid painted pictures on all of our faces.  while she was setting up her paints and glitters, i organized a sponge race.  not everyone wanted to play but the kids who played had a lot of fun, and everyone won prizes (beanie babies provided by auntie mimi!).

20140713-IMG_9475after the mermaid left, we all sang happy birthday to sienna, and we got to eat cake.  there were two kinds of cake — and there was a lot of it — so mommy cut the pieces really big.  everyone got ginormous pieces of cake.  everyone except for me and sienna, that is. 🙁

after cake, some friends started leaving to go home. the rest of us migrated back to the playground and played until it got dark.

sienna’s party was so much fun that we shut the place down.  check out the photos from the party!

for my birthday this year, i want to have a party just like sienna’s.  same park, same puppet show, and even the same sponge game.

happy birthday to my sister!

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my firetruck (4th) birthday party: school edition

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20131001-IMG_1769today, i was a king for the day.  as soon as i opened the door to walking into my classroom at school, my entire class started singing happy birthday to me.   then, they all rushed over to give me a hug, and then i was crowned by my teacher.  my crown was super special — it even had my name spelled out on the little circles at the top of the points.  i really loved it and i wore it all day.

all day long, everyone wanted to be my friend.  the girls often fight over me anyway, but today was ridiculous.  i’m not sure if it was because i looked extra powerful wearing my crown or if was because they knew i was going to be passing out special treats in the afternoon.

20131001-IMG_1772 after nap, it was time for my school firetruck party.  mommy arranged to have the owls and the eagles combined for the afternoon so i could celebration my birthday with all my school friends.  however, mommy failed to arrange for a firetrucks or fire fighters to show up at my school.  i passed out firefighter hats to everyone anyway, and most of them wore the hats for the rest of the day.  birthday treats had to be store-bought  due to allergy concerns, so we figured we’d do something different than cupcakes — jello!  nobody is allergic to jello, right?  there were also pudding cups because the jello variety pack comes with pudding.  score!  i had pudding for the first time and i loved it.

after my school party, i went to basketball class, did a quick 4yo photo shoot at the park, and then we went back to school to pick up sienna and went to dinner.  i picked the cheesecake factory for my birthday dinner because i thought they’d give me a free cheesecake for my birthday.  they didn’t.  i did get a free (mini) hot fudge sundae though. 😀

happy birthday to me.  i like being 4!

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my fire truck (4th) birthday: home edition

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i had been looking forward to my fire truck birthday party so such a long time. i wanted to invite everyone from my school in both the owls class (my current class) and the eagles class (the pre-K class that all my friends moved up to after the summer). mommy said we couldn’t because our house isn’t big enough. so we made a deal. we’d have a home party for my friends and family, and a school party for my school friends. TWO parties!

1E7A3160when i woke up on saturday morning, i told mommy that i was going to tell my friends to give me presents when they came over. mommy said that wasn’t nice and that i shouldn’t say that. but i wanted presents!

1E7A3157well, everyone started arriving and we all started playing. some friends played inside with my train table and other toys. and some friends played golf and basketball out in the backyard. and then all of a sudden, we heard a big truck outside. we all ran out and saw the fire truck! a real life fire truck with real life on-duty fire fighters! what’s a fire truck party without a real life fire truck, right?

i passed out fire hats to all my friends, and we all got to climb into the fire truck and check out the control panel with all the gauges and levers and knobs. it was super awesome for about 20 minutes, and then my friends and i were over it. we went back to playing. other friends were still trickling in, though, so the fire fighters stayed until everyone had a chance to check out the fire truck and take lots of photos (and the grown ups got to ask questions about the recent morgan territory fire and the color coding of fire hydrants and other boring stuff). some of the neighborhood kids came out and joined us, too.

1E7A32101E7A3287after the firemen left, daddy grilled up a bunch of food for us.  then we put up the jumpy house, played some more, had cake, and then it was time for the pinata. even though mommy had stabbed a bunch of holes all over the pinata, it was impossible for a bunch of 2-4 year olds to break with a plastic bat. we had fun trying though.  at first i was swinging the bat properly, but that didn’t work.  so i tried swinging it like a battleaxe, and that didn’t work either.  eventually, mommy helped by opening the holes bigger, and then i was finally able to bust it open.  all the chocolates fell out and everyone rushed to grab them, but they were melted and squishy. ewww. so my friends didn’t really take any of the candies. mommy put them in the refrigerator, and now they’re fine. more for daddy. (note to self: don’t put chocolate candy in a pinata when you’re having an outdoor party on a sunny day.)

unprompted, i walked around thanking everyone for coming to my party (which really charmed my aunties). i didn’t ask anyone to give me presents, but i got lots of presents anyway. how cool is that? i get to open one present per day. hmmm… which one should i pick to open tonight? 😀

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sienna’s summer soiree

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20130721-1E7A3063last year, mommy decided that she couldn’t (or didn’t want to) throw two birthday parties in 3 months.  what means for me and sienna is that only one of us gets to have a big birthday party each year.  last year, sienna had a big party. i just had a handful of friends (plus mickey and minnie) sing happy birthday to me at disneyland.  so this year, i’m going to have a birthday party, and none for sienna.  instead, sienna had a summer soiree at my old gym (the little gym).  the plan was for no decorations, no themed cupcakes, and no gifts.  (we wrote “no gifts” on the evite.  we wondered why almost everyone brought gifts anyway, and then it dawned on me…  sienna’s friends can’t read yet!)

well… even thought it wasn’t a birthday party, mommy bought minnie mouse plates, matching plasticware, party favors, and other supplies, and she packed them all up to bring to the party.  she was patting herself on the back for being super organized and prepared… and then she left all the stuff at home.  and she didn’t realize it until we arrived at the gym (40+ miles away from home).  bad mommy.

mommy ran across the parking lot to a party store and bought some essentials.  we borrowed the rest of the necessary supplies from the gym, and the party was on.  forgetting all the supplies at home threw a wrench in the plan, but there was a parachute, bubbles, balls, an air track, healthy snacks, and ice cream cake.  what else could 18 toddlers ask for? here are some photos of us bouncing around.  do you think we had a fun time? 🙂

even though it wasn’t supposed to be a birthday party, the summer soiree was on sienna’s 2nd birthday.  so we put 2 candles on the ice cream cake and we sang happy birthday to her.  she seemed to be having trouble blowing out her candles, so i helped her.  just a little. that’s what big brothers are for, right? 😀

thanks to everyone who came to sienna’s summer soiree.  we hope that everyone had fun bouncing around with us!  oh, and to everyone who brought a gift, it really wasn’t necessary, but thank you.  we love them.  and yes, i do me “we”.

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my destination disneyland birthday weekend

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FRIDAY (10/5)

we had planned to leave for LA right after breakfast, but because of mama’s travel ordeal, we didn’t get on the road until after 5pm.  with one stop for dinner/starbucks/target and another stop for gas, we finally made it to sierra (and sofia)’s house at around 1:00am.  i know that lots of people travel at night so that the kids can sleep in the car, but i don’t travel well.  sienna sleeps pretty well in the car, but i wake up every ~30 mins screaming.  so i need a comfortable bed to sleep in.  can you blame me?


we spend the whole day at disneyland.  it was mine and sienna’s first time there, so we didn’t know what to expect.  we ended up going on a total of 4 rides (buzz lightyear astro blasters, winnie the pooh ride, it’s a small world, jungle cruise), watched the parade, hung around toon town, and stayed for fireworks.  oh, and of course, there was my birthday party!

here are the highlights:

  • the rides.  i liked all the rides except for the buzz lightyear one.  that was too loud, and i covered my ears through the whole ride.  sienna loved it.  she kept pulling the lever to spin the pod around and around.  actually, sienna loved all the rides.  she was wide-eyed and clapping and kept trying to climb out of the car to get a closer look at everything going on around us.  in the small world ride, she even clapped and swayed back and forth with the music.  she also tried to dive overboard and swim in the “river”, but that’s another story.
  • toon town.  that was cool.  the whole place looked like a cartoon — even the sky.  i especially liked checking out mickey and minnie’s houses.
  • my birthday party.  it was so awesome to have a destination disneyland birthday party with so many of my friends and aunties and uncles!  (most of them were planning to be at disneyland regardless of my birthday party, but it was still nice that everyone took time out of their day to celebrate with me.)  i had fun decorating my cake, and i discovered that i love m&m’s.  mickey and minnie surprised me (and the other birthday boys and girls) and led us on a parade around the patio.  and as an added bonus, our spot at the plaza inn was a perfect spot to watch the parade go by 🙂

here are the lowlights:

  • the lines.  we got a late start getting out of the house on saturday morning.  and when we finally got to disneyland, there was the line to get into the parking garage, the line for the tram, and the line for the tickets… all that took over an hour!  there were lines for everything.  even a line to say hi to goofy!  luckily dada and uncle dave had iphone apps that told us how long the waits were for the rides.  mama made a rule that we weren’t going to any rides that had wait times of more than 20 minutes.  i don’t know what the big deal was — all of us kids did fine waiting in the lines.  there were so many other things to entertain us while we waited.
  • not many characters.  because we got such a late start (and we didn’t know better), we missed out on a lot of the characters.  next time we go to disneyland, we will stop by pooh’s corner to see tigger and winne the pooh.  we will also go to toon town earlier so we can see more of mickey’s friends walking around.

all in all, it was a fantastic day.  it was my best birthday party ever!  thanks so much to matthew, logan, mason, edison, sierra, sofia, allie (and their families) as well as auntie mimi and auntie alice for coming out to celebrate with me.  here are some photos taken at the party and throughout the daythank you auntie mimi for all the great photos!

SUNDAY (10/7)

after such an action-packed saturday, it was nice to have a relaxing sunday with sierra and sofia.  we went out for brunch (logan and mason came also, as well as some new friends whose daddy is mama’s friends from college).  after brunch, we just went back to sierra and sofia’s house to play.  we played.  and played.  and played.  for awhile, i played bartender, pouring glass after glass of wine for uncle greg and mama.  just water for auntie cheryl and dada.  and then while all the little kids were napping, sierra and i went to the park.

when we got home from the park, uncle dave and auntie jo made dinner for us.  during dinner, i turned to auntie and told her “auntie jo, the dinner is yummy”.  now, she thinks that i am such sweet boy.  yesss…  another auntie fooled!

after dinner, we packed up and headed home.  i know.  crazy, right?  it was such a quick trip.  i guess dada was going through borderlands withdrawals and wanted to get home to play.

thank you to sierra and sofia for letting us sleep in your room and sharing all your toys with us.  and thank you to auntie jo and uncle dave for being such fantastic hosts.  we had such a nice time spending time with the whole family.  hopefully we’ll get to see you again soon!

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happy (early) birthday to me

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for the past few days, i have been preparing for my birthday by singing happy birthday to myself. my birthday is not until monday, but today, my family came over to sing with me!

it wasn’t a big party — just the tanakas (grandma, grandpa, uncle randy) and the quons (cousin zoey, uncle jamie, auntie alyssa). i’m not having a big birthday party this year because i’m going to celebrate with mickey at disneyland next weekend. we had lunch, i opened my presents (not in that order), and i had a nice afternoon hanging out with everyone.  i had so much fun playing with cousin zoey — our parents were so impressed at how well we played together.

mama asked me what kind of cake i wanted for my birthday, and i said “purple”. so mama made lemon blueberry cupcakes with blueberry cream cheese frosting. they were only kind of purplish, but very yummy.  yup, i got my own cupcake (a healthy version, of course), and i got to blow out my candles.  1… 2… 3 candles.  because i’m turning 3!

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sienna turned 1… with elmo fun!

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i’ve always wanted to have a birthday party in the park.  but since my birthday is october, there’s always a chance that it could be cold or even rainy on the day of my party.  sienna’s birthday is in the summertime, though — the perfect time for an outdoor party!

it took us a long time to decide what kind of party to throw for her.  we decided on a cookie monster theme (i have a furry cookie monster that sienna loves) and mama thought it would be a fun surprise to invite him to the party.  but when mama called sesame street, the man on the phone convinced her that elmo is the kid-favorite.  so, change of plans.  sienna would have an elmo party instead.

if you recall, my 1st birthday party was elmo-themed.  but we made sure that sienna didn’t have the exact same party that i did.  for one thing, mine was at the little gym.  sienna’s was at a nearby park.  plus, mama learned her lesson with my elmo cupcakes — they took sooo long to make that we were almost late for my party.  so she decided to make cake pops since they could be made a day or two in advance.  well, that was a good plan… until mama had to go on a last-minute trip to go work in texas.  luckily for us, auntie mimi came over on friday night to help make elmo cake pops and elmo party bags.  auntie mimi is the best!

sienna’s party had also had elmo balloons, an elmo fruit platter, an elmo birthday candle (recycled from my party), and even elmo himself!  (some of my aunties said that mama was very committed to the theme.  some say “committed”, i say “crazy”.)  a couple of kids were scared of elmo.  mama felt terrible about that.  surprisingly, it was my (older) friends who were afraid of him — sienna’s baby friends were fine.  some kids really loved elmo and played with him for the entire time he was there (chloe even kissed him!).  but most of us bounced back and forth between elmo and eating our spam musubi.  if you’re wondering, the musubi was rectangular, not elmo-shaped 😉

after elmo left, we ate second lunch and birthday cake, and then the bubble machine went on.  everyone loved the bubbles… except for me.  they were attacking me!  these were no ordinary bubbles — they were being shot at us like bullets from a machine gun.  even cousin zoey kept asking “what’s happening here?”

park parties on a hot summer day are overrated.  but if you insist on doing it, consider these things:

  • summer breeze + balloon bouquet = tangled mess
  • no refrigeration = melted cake and dali-esque cake pops
  • slides and other playground structures are too hot to play on
  • picnic area in the shade is key.  (mama got that one right.  THANK GAWD.)

it was a fun party anyway.  thanks to everyone for helping us celebrate sienna’s 1st birthday!  and extra big THANK YOUs to our awesome friends and family who helped with food, setup and clean up 🙂  click here to see some photos from the party (mostly taken by dada, auntie mimi, auntie barbara, and uncle warren).  check back soon because there are lots more to come.

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choo-choo… i am 2!

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this morning around 10am, my friends and family starting coming over to my house.  everyone was hugging and high fiving me and wishing me happy birthday.  then all of a sudden, we heard a train whistle right outside the front door.  we all rushed out to see what was going on.  it was a train!  a real live train!

dada gave out train whistles to all my friends, and we blew them as we rode around the neighborhood.  most of my friends took turns riding the train, but i was having so much fun that i stayed on the entire time.

after an hour of train rides, we all went inside and decorated wooden trains with markers and stickers, and then we played with them on my new train table.  (we also decorated the couch, the carpet, and ourselves.)  mama also gave everyone train coloring books personalized with their own names.  we colored with a set of brand new crayons from the 1970’s.  it had colors in there that you can’t find anymore — like indian red and teal blue.  (mama hesitated to open the box because it’s probably a collector’s item now!)  cool, huh?  oh yeah, and we even had a thomas the train cake!  that’s a lot of train stuff.  mama said that my party was just as much work (but more fun) than planning her and dada’s wedding 😛

thanks everyone, for coming to my train party and making my birthday extra special!  i wish i could have invited more people, but my house just isn’t big enough to fit everyone.  (click here to see more photos from my party.)

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my 1st birthday party

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originally, mama and daddy weren’t planning on having a party for my 1st birthday.  (i know!  can you believe it?!)  they thought that i would be too young to appreciate it.  but since i have been having such a blast at the little gym every week, i wanted to invite all my little friends there for a little birthday celebration.

so i had an elmo party!  mama even made elmo cupcakes and elmo goodie bags for my friends.  i had such a fun time with all the party games and gym activities (except for the jumpy air track, for some reason) and it sure seemed like all my friends had a great time, too.

oh, but i didn’t like it when my cake was brought out and everyone started to sing.  mama and daddy thought i didn’t like being the center of attention, but actually, i was just mad.  first of all, the lights went out, so i thought that mama was going to make me go to sleep during my party.  and what made me even madder was that i didn’t get an elmo cupcake like everyone else!  mama made me a “special” cake made out of organic apple sauce, organic soy milk, oat flour, and other blah stuff.  it was supposedly good for me, but it didn’t taste very good.  daddy says that food that is good for you never tastes good.

once the lights came back on, everyone braced themselves for the mess that i was going to make of my cake.  sorry to disappoint.  i was a proper little boy and barely touched my cake until i got a spoon.  i did lunge for the candle though, while it was lit.  i like fire.  heh heh heh…

thanks to everyone who made my very first birthday special.  i have the bestest friends and family in the whooole world!  (click on either image to see more photos from my party.)

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