hello, wheat. goodbye, wheat.

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sienna is definitely allergic to peanuts and eggs.  but what about wheat?  in her two skin prick tests (a year ago and 4 months ago), she tested negative for a wheat allergy.  and she used to eat things with wheat in them all the time — they never made her itchy or caused any breathing difficulties.  so it was confusing that her blood tests came back moderately positive for a wheat allergy.  mommy’s theory was that it aggravated her eczema.

when sienna went to see the dermatologists at UCSF, she was prescribed some steroid ointments for her eczema.  she used it for a few days, and her eczema disappeared.   her skin has been looking fantastic for weeks.  so mommy thought it was time to reintroduce wheat into sienna’s diet, then see if the eczema flared up.

20130930-IMG_1753so monday morning, we said hello to wheat.  mommy made us muffins for breakfast.  she made them with real whole wheat flour — not the almond/arrowroot/aramath/whatever flour blend that she usually uses.  and she packed a sandwich in sienna’s lunch.  the sandwich was made with a pita — not the gluten-free wraps that sienna usually gets.

the muffins were so yummy.  i ate 3 of them.  sienna liked them too.  she liked them so much that she kept eating them even though they were making her itchy.  and sure enough, there were hives all around sienna’s chin and mouth too.  no more muffin for sienna.  and mommy had to re-make sienna’s lunch, too.

mommy was perplexed.  sienna had never reacted to wheat before.  maybe sienna was reacting to the coconut oil in the muffin?  everything else in there was stuff that she’d had before — bananas, blueberries, coconut, and fake egg.

so today, mommy did an experiment on sienna.  on one arm, mommy rubbed some coconut oil.  on the other arm, she rubbed a paste that she made out of wheat flour and water.  within seconds, sienna started complaining that the wheat paste arm was itchy.  and then it turned red and hivey.  the coconut arm looked shiny and well-moisturized.

mommy was wiping sienna’s arm with a towel and apologizing to her just as daddy came home.

daddy:  what are y20131002-IMG_1785ou doing to our daughter?

mommy:  it’s the wheat.  she’s allergic to wheat.

daddy:  uh, yeah.  we knew that.

poor sienna.

bad mommy.

goodbye, wheat.

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sienna’s summer soiree

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20130721-1E7A3063last year, mommy decided that she couldn’t (or didn’t want to) throw two birthday parties in 3 months.  what means for me and sienna is that only one of us gets to have a big birthday party each year.  last year, sienna had a big party. i just had a handful of friends (plus mickey and minnie) sing happy birthday to me at disneyland.  so this year, i’m going to have a birthday party, and none for sienna.  instead, sienna had a summer soiree at my old gym (the little gym).  the plan was for no decorations, no themed cupcakes, and no gifts.  (we wrote “no gifts” on the evite.  we wondered why almost everyone brought gifts anyway, and then it dawned on me…  sienna’s friends can’t read yet!)

well… even thought it wasn’t a birthday party, mommy bought minnie mouse plates, matching plasticware, party favors, and other supplies, and she packed them all up to bring to the party.  she was patting herself on the back for being super organized and prepared… and then she left all the stuff at home.  and she didn’t realize it until we arrived at the gym (40+ miles away from home).  bad mommy.

mommy ran across the parking lot to a party store and bought some essentials.  we borrowed the rest of the necessary supplies from the gym, and the party was on.  forgetting all the supplies at home threw a wrench in the plan, but there was a parachute, bubbles, balls, an air track, healthy snacks, and ice cream cake.  what else could 18 toddlers ask for? here are some photos of us bouncing around.  do you think we had a fun time? 🙂

even though it wasn’t supposed to be a birthday party, the summer soiree was on sienna’s 2nd birthday.  so we put 2 candles on the ice cream cake and we sang happy birthday to her.  she seemed to be having trouble blowing out her candles, so i helped her.  just a little. that’s what big brothers are for, right? 😀

thanks to everyone who came to sienna’s summer soiree.  we hope that everyone had fun bouncing around with us!  oh, and to everyone who brought a gift, it really wasn’t necessary, but thank you.  we love them.  and yes, i do me “we”.

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bad mommy moment #1113: staying out way too late

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last night, mommy kept us out way past our bedtime.  we stayed up past 11pm — even sienna!  bad mommy.

it was the 10th annual tree lighting ceremony at santana row.  as first we thought it was going to be too cold, but it ended up being a nice evening, so we decided to go.  daddy was playing volleyball, so it was just me, sienna, mommy, and gung-gung.  we met up with greyson and his parents (auntie char and uncle ed) at santana row.

as we walked toward the 40′ tree, we passed christmas carolers, free hot cocoa stands, and caught a quick glimpse of santa.  it’s definitely christmastime.  we even walked through some falling bubbles.  the grown ups kept trying to tell us that it was snow, but sienna and i both yelled “bubbles!”  we are not that gullible.  (i think they fooled greyson though.  he kept saying “it’s snowing!”)

there was a huge crowd gathered around the christmas tree waiting for it to be lit.  it was like when we watched the fireworks show at disneyland.  sienna was on mommy’s shoulders, greyson was on auntie char’s, and uncle ed was nice enough to give me the best view in the house.  uncle ed is the best!  there were live performances, including former american idol finalist (deandre brackensick) singing christmas songs, but the dancers were my favorite.

the tree was supposed to be lit at 7:00pm.  by 7:30, it still wasn’t lit, and sienna and i were starving.  mommy didn’t even pack me a snack.  bad mommy.  so we gave up on the tree and headed toward pasta pomodoro.  as we weaved our way through the sea of people, we actually got to see the tree lighting 🙂

once we got to the restaurant, the wait was over 30 minutes.  which means by the time we got seated, ordered, and started eating, it was around 8:30pm.  uncle john lives in santana row, so he joined us for dinner.  i called him “uncle mike” and “auntie john”, but he just doesn’t look like an “uncle john” to me.  auntie mimi also came to meet us for dinner.  she doesn’t live in santana row — she lives far away.  but she just loves hanging out with me 😀

after dinner, we probably should have gone home, but we went and got froyo at pinkberry.  that wasn’t mommy’s fault though.  i insisted.  and since it was such a nice night, we ate it outside in the courtyard.  sienna loved it.  (i think this might be the first time that we’ve gone out for froyo since sienna started eating dairy!)

we had such a fun night out, and sienna and i were sooo good even though it was so late.  i like it when mommy is bad and lets us stay up past our bed time 🙂

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bad mommy moment #1021: the cake batter incident

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mommy promised that if i took a nap today, we could make apple cake when i woke up.  so the first thing i said when i woke up was “mommy?  we make apple cake now?”  so we got to work.

we weren’t making a healthy wheat-free egg-free version.  we were making a full-sugar full-fat sour cream apple coffee cake that would be full of deliciousness (and allergens).  after we had poured the cake batter into the pan, i went off with daddy to help him with something upstairs.  mommy turned her back to the counter to get some ingredients for the crumb topping, and when she turned back, sienna was standing on my step stool.  she had dipped her fingers into the raw cake batter and was trying to shove her entire hand into her mouth.

mommy tried hard not to laugh, but she couldn’t help herself.  she wanted to stop to take a photo, but given sienna’s confirmed allergy to egg (and positive blood test for wheat) — both of which were in the cake batter — there was no time to waste.

sienna’s face and hands turned red and broke out into hives immediately upon contact.  she started scratching her neck and chest.  (the photo was taken just seconds after mommy wiped the cake batter off of sienna’s face.)  mommy thinks it was the raw egg in the batter than caused such an immediate reaction.  daddy went out on a benadryl run, and mommy stood by with the epi pen.

by the time daddy came home with the benadryl, the hives had spread to sienna’s torso.  mommy gave her 1/2 of the doctor’s recommended dosage, and that did the trick.  no epi pen needed.  darn.  i mean, whew!

doctors always say that benadryl can make a kid either sleepy or hyper, so we weren’t sure how it would affect sienna.  well, it knocked her out.  cold.  her bedtime routine was much quicker and earlier than usual.  i hope mommy doesn’t get any ideas about “off-label” benadryl usage 😉

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