my last super halloween

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20141031-1E7A6275 it’s that time of year again, when sienna and i dress up in costumes and go around the neighborhood collecting candy for daddy.  yup, halloween!  because “frozen” has been so popular this year (and apparently, elsa costumes have been flying off the shelves), this year has become known as the year of the elsa.   but no elsa for us.  if you ask sienna, she’ll tell you that she dressed up as a mermaid.  but actually, she was ariel the princess, not the mermaid.  no seashell bras for her!  and guess what i dressed up as.  yup.  superman.  for the 4th year in a row.

20141030-1E7A6147before we got to trick-or-treating, sienna and i had halloween celebrations and parades at our schools.  mine was yesterday.  out of the 11 girls in my class, there were 5 elsas.  no surprise there.  but what was surprising was that all of their costumes were different!  we played fun games and did some spooktacular crafts, then my classroom got to be line leaders in the parade around the whole school!

20141031-1E7A6190sienna’s halloween parade was today.  since it was raining, they just walked around the hallways in her preschool.  boring.  but guess what.  of all the princesses in siennas classroom, there wasn’t a single elsa.  that was shocking.

matthew braved friday night rush hour traffic to join us for dinner and trick-or-treating again.  it rained all day, so we were worried that our candy-collecting plans would be ruined, but there was a break in the weather right when we were ready to head out.  perfect timing!

20141031-IMGP0590last year, we really enjoyed knocking on doors and ringing doorbells — we were actually disappointed when we came across a house with a candy bowl sitting outside.  but this year was all about the candy bowls.  it was so exciting to get candy without even having to do anything!  it made it much easier to pick the ones that daddy likes rather than taking our chances with whatever got dropped into our buckets.

20141031-1E7A6247sienna, matthew, and i had so much fun trick-or-treating.  jeffrey came with us too, but auntie audrey carried him so he didn’t get any candy.  sienna is much faster now, so we were able to venture farther than we did last year.  but when we hit the houses around the park, sienna tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and sprawled out flat on her face.  her candy went flying everywhere.  she cried and cried and mommy suggested that we turn around and head home.  but all sienna really cared about was putting her tiara back on.  once she did that, she was fine.  so we carried on. 🙂

halloween is so much fun and we are already looking forward to trick-or-treating again!  i’ve already started thinking about what i want to dress up as.  maybe optimus prime — not sure yet.  but this is definitely my last year being superman.  it’s the end of an era.

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G&M farms pumpkin patch, revisted

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20141023-1E7A583620141023-1E7A5795i got to go on my very first school field trip last week.  my TK class went to G&M farms, the same pumpkin patch that we went to last year.  (mommy was a driver.)  our family had been making it a point to visit a different pumpkin patch every year, but sienna and i are okay with sticking to this one.  it has a corn box, which is the best thing ever.  we could stay in there for days.

20141026-1E7A5905anyway, when i went to the pumpkin patch with my class, it was really cool.  we started our visit with a hay ride through the cornfield, then headed over to an outdoor classroom that was set in a clearing between some giant corn stalks.  there, we learned about the life cycle of the pumpkin plant — from seed to blossom to gourd to seed again — in a fun, interactive lesson.  after class, we explored the play area where we navigated our way through the hay bale maze, played in the corn box, and said hello to the llama, cows, sheep, and chickens.  finally, we got to select some indian corn, gourds, and pumpkins (which we picked right out of the field!) to take with us.  the only problem was that each kid could only take one pumpkin.  i couldn’t get one for sienna.

20141026-1E7A5961so today after swim class, we went back to G&M farms with isaac and isabelle.  our main goal was to get a pumpkin for sienna, but we had to get in some play time in the corn box.  of course.  we were in there for over an hour.  when it was time to go find a pumpkin, we had to pull sienna out, literally kicking and screaming.

one of the rules we had for our school field trip was that the pumpkin we chose had to be small enough for us to carry by ourselves.  today, sienna didn’t have any rule like that.  so now, she has a bigger pumpkin that i do!

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sienna’s empty seat

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the last few times that sienna has gone to a sharks game, she went with mommy and auntie judy.  but sienna is too big to sit on mommy’s lap now, so today sienna got her own seat for the first time.  she had a hard time understanding why auntie judy couldn’t go with them.

20141025-IMG_4803sienna paid a little more attention to the game than she had before — at least she wasn’t flashing everyone like that one time last season. she did the cheers but she wasn’t into the action on the ice.  i think she was most excited about the continuous ring of lights around the arena.

20141025-IMG_4797even though she had her own seat, sienna still insisted on sitting in mommy’s lap.  mommy didn’t mind — she said that sienna is a pretty good lap warmer.  sienna’s seat (and actually, the 2 seats next to hers) were empty throughout the entire game.  what a waste!

sienna fell asleep during the 3rd period, which is crazy because all the scoring happened in the 3rd period.  but the sharks didn’t do enough, and they ended up losing to the sabres 1-2.  they looked terrible.

after the game, mommy and sienna spent the afternoon with miss denise (our former nanny) and her family.  i haven’t seen her in almost a year!  they had a nice visit, and i am bummed that i missed out.  but that’s okay, daddy and i spent the day doing some daddy/son bonding.  i hope to see miss denise soon, though!

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everyone has been getting sick lately. apparently, something was going around.  luckily, sienna and i have always been pretty healthy.  sure, we get the sniffles and a little cough once in awhile, but we don’t get sick with vomiting/fever all the time like a lot of our friends do.  i have never been to the doctor for an illness.  and sienna has only been one time when she had a very angry-looking rash.  just last week, mommy told her friend that sienna and i have bullet-proof immune systems.

20141018-IMG_4756and then guess what.   yup.  i started to feel sick that night.  mommy jinxed me.

i figured i’d bounce back by the next morning like i usually do, but i woke up with a fever.  i even stayed home from school.  by the following day, i felt better, but i had sores in my mouth that made it hard to eat.  i guess that’s what hand, foot, and mouth disease is all about.  bleh.  it sucked.  i was miserable (and made everyone in my house miserable with my whining) for a few days.  the only upside is that i got to eat a lot of jook (rice porridge) and popsicles. 🙂

20141019-IMG_4765by the weekend, i felt well enough to go to all of my weekend activities.  i was promoted to orange belt (hooyah!).  and we went to jero’s and lea’s joint birthday party.  daddy and i only stopped by the park to drop off gifts and watch the magic show, but mommy and sienna stayed for face painting and ice cream.

20141019-IMG_4773sienna had a mermaid painted on her arm.  why on her arm and not her face?  mommy asked her the same question.  “so i can see it!”  my sister actually makes a lot of sense sometimes. 🙂

even though i was feeling okay, i didn’t want to spread my germs and get other kids sick.  so we missed out on other weekend plans which involved sharing of food indoors in close quarters.  (sorry for missing your birthday dinner uncle steve!)

lemme tell you… being sick sucks.  thanks a lot for jinxing me, mommy.

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red egg revelry

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20141012-IMG_4716sienna and i met a new friend today — baby audrey.  mommy went to auntie serene’s baby shower earlier this year, but none of us actually met baby audrey before.  today was her red egg and ginger party.  that’s two fancy events on back-to-back days.  (don’t tell anyone, but sienna and i wore the same outfits today as we did yesterday.)

20141012-IMG_4720when we arrived at the restaurant, sienna signed the guest book for our family.  i thought she was just going to make scribbles, but she actually wrote her name.  sort of.  she started with the S and wrote the letters in her name in the correct order.  sure, she wrote them right to left, but she’s left handed, so that’s understandable.  i know how that is because i used to write left-handed.  she ran out of room for the A so she put it over on the right hand side.  i made fun of her for writing her name wrong, but mommy pointed out that sienna writes much better than i did when i was 3.

20141012-IMG_4723baby audrey’s family knows how to party.  the party she had before she was born (her mommy’s baby shower) was the fanciest shower that mommy had ever been to.  and this red egg party was no different.  there were hundreds of people, a live band, and an open bar!  we didn’t actually get to spend much time with baby audrey or her parents (auntie serene and uncle ben), but we ate a lot of yummy food and mommy enjoyed catching up with her college sorority sisters.  i saw a couple of kids that i recognized there, too.  claire and i played on daddy’s phone while our parents were socializing.  sienna just hovered around the dessert table hoping to sneak a few sweets when nobody was looking. 😛

happy red egg party baby audrey!  hope we get to hang out sometime soon. 🙂

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ring bearer for hire

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20141011-IMG_4714remember when we took engagement photos for uncle jim and auntie lana?  well, today was their wedding day.   and mommy was on a business trip in san diego all week, so she totally forgot to find a dress for sienna to wear.  so last night, we went to cousin zoey’s  house and raided her closet.  the only thing that sienna found was a hawaiian print sun dress that was a size too big for her.  and it wasn’t even wedding-appropriate, but it was the only option.  sienna loved it, of course, so that’s what she wore.

i’d been to a bunch of weddings before, and even a church wedding.  but this was the first church wedding that sienna stayed awake for (since she slept through uncle jason and auntie soomie’s entire wedding ceremony last year.)  and it was our first time attending a catholic mass for both me and sienna.  there was a lot of standing and sitting and standing and sitting.  and then the priest would say something and everyone would respond.  how did everyone know what to say?  sienna and i had no idea.  daddy didn’t either.  i guess mommy was the only one in our family who got the memo.  at one point, mommy (and everyone else in the church) said “thanks be to god.”  sienna replied, “welcome.”  throughout the wedding ceremony, sienna kept asking when “the show” was going to start.  even after it was over, she continued to ask.  “that was the show”, we told her.  i guess uncle jim and auntie lana were not entertaining enough for her. 😛

20141011-IMG_4711weddings look like so much fun.  i want to be in a wedding.  right now, i’m at the perfect age to be a ring bearer.  i’m old enough to reliably follow directions, but i’m still small enough to be cute.  so if any of my aunties or uncles are getting married soon, i am offering to be your ring bearer, free of charge!  and i’m pretty sure that sienna would love to be a flower girl once she sees the pretty dress that she’ll get to wear.  any takers?  i’m talking to you auntie barbara, uncle randy, auntie mimi, auntie judy, and uncle henry!

after the wedding, we went out for lunch, then we all went home.  but then mommy and daddy headed back down to the south bay for the wedding reception.  sienna and i were kind of mad that we weren’t invited to the reception, but auntie jillie and auntie mabel came over to play with us and then helped gung-gung put us to bed.  that was pretty fun.  it was the first time that we got to hang out with them without mommy around.

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party on at partipalooza

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20141005-IMG_4664i got invited to my first school friend birthday party, and it was today.  my friend nikhil turned 5, and guess where we celebrated.  yup, partipalooza.  it was pretty much like my party all over again.  i played a lot of air hockey and foosball in the first room.  but in the second room, i took a short break from bowling to hit the rock wall.

20141005-IMG_4668most of the friends at nikhil’s party were friends from school.  i figured that he just didn’t have a lot of non-school friends like i do.  but it turns out that all of his school friends were kids that were in his preschool class before they started TK.  so i was the new kid. i was a last-minute invite, and i’m pretty sure i only got invited because nikhil and i ran into each other on the soccer field last weekend.

i guess i was lucky to be invited, but it was obvious that nikhil and the other kids were much more familiar with each other.  that’s okay, i still had a good time.  but my party was way better. 😛

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SUPER pajama party

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20141004-1E7A5710i started planning my 5th birthday party almost a year ago.  for many months, i was sure i wanted to have a bowling party at a real bowling alley.  then i changed to pump it up.  then mini golf.  then a park party with a magician.  but i finally settled on partipalooza.

i put together my own guest list, which was really hard to do with the limited capacity.  i have all my old friends from the south bay, but i also have a lot of new friends that i’ve made here in the tri-valley.  and it seems like all my friends now have one or more siblings!

20141004-1E7A5568i wanted to have a superhero themed party — i even suggested that all the girls could dress up as wonderwoman — but mommy thought that my friends and i might not be very comfortable bouncing, climbing, sliding, and bowling in full costume.  so instead, i had a super hero pajama party.  and it sure was SUPER!

20141004-1E7A5676in the first room, there were a bunch of inflatables to jump around in/on, but i spent most of my time playing foosball and air hockey.  sienna was bouncing and sliding non-stop.  in the second room, there was another big inflatable, but there was also a rock climbing wall, basketball hoop, and my favorite… mini bowling!  i spent a lot of time bowling.  shocker.

we made our way to the party room where i got to sit in a big inflatable throne like a king!  we ate pizza and mini bundt cakes (my choice), and then i handed out my superman-themed party favors.  my favorite part of the night was sitting in the big throne. 🙂

i had a super great time at my SUPER pajama party and i hope all my friends did too.  click here for photos from the party.

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sienna got shot

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sienna was supposed to come with me to my check up yesterday to get her flu vaccine.  but when mommy called our doctor’s office, they told her they were all out of flu mist, so mommy canceled sienna’s appointment.  it used to be that kids with egg allergies weren’t supposed to receive flu shots, but some more progressive doctors have recently started allowing it.  and since sienna got the flu mist last year (and didn’t have a reaction to it), mommy thought it was best to stick with that for this year.

so when i went in for my appointment yesterday, i was prepared for the needle.  but luckily for me, my doctor got a new shipment of flu mist right before my appointment, so of course i chose that option instead.  and then mommy scheduled sienna to get hers today.

because of sienna’s allergies and other health conditions, she’s been poked, prodded, photographed, and tested so many times.  she now dreads going to the doctor for “tests”.  but mommy promised her that today’s appointment would be quick.  all she would have to do is “smell” some medicine.  no shots.  not even a check up.  i confirmed what mommy said.

mommy knew she wasn’t going to have much time this morning, so she pre-registered sienna and confirmed that the appointment would be a quick in-and-out — 15 minutes tops.  well, that didn’t happen.  because of sienna’s egg allergy (and also because gung-gung, who lives with us, take a daily dose of prednisone), the nurse who was going to administer the flu mist had to ask mommy a bunch of questions as a follow up to the form that she had filled out.  and then she had to go consult with a PA.  and then the PA went in and asked mommy some more questions.  and then the PA had to go consult with a physician.  and then the physician went in and talked to mommy and sienna for a bit.  he wasn’t our regular doctor — she wasn’t there that day.  apparently, some doctors will administer the flu shot to people with egg allergies, but flu mist hasn’t been studied enough, yet.  so even though sienna had the flu mist last year, this doctor was not comfortable giving it to sienna.

20141003-IMG_4637so, the options were to give sienna the flu shot, or to come back another day to see if our regular doctor would let sienna have the flu mist (again).  since mommy had promised sienna that there would be no needles today, they opted to reschedule.  but while walking down the hallway toward the exit, sienna changed her mind.  she agreed to have the flu shot, needle and all.  so back into the exam room they went.

as an extra precaution (due to her egg allergy), the nurse took sienna’s vitals.  then came the needle.  mommy tried to distract sienna with her iphone, but sienna insisted on watching as the needle entered her leg.  she shed a few tears, but was all smiles a minute later.  we are so proud of her for being so brave.

in case of an adverse reaction, sienna was not allowed to leave the doctor’s office for 30 minutes.  mommy tried to sneak out a couple of times, but the nurse had set a timer.  and that how sienna’s “15 minute in-and-out appointment” turned into a 75 minute ordeal.

here’s a photo of sienna from today, wearing an outfit that she put together by herself.  temporary insanity must be one of the side-effects of the flu vaccine.

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5 year check up

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20141002-IMG_4626i had my 5 year check up today.  it was a short appointment because i was there less than 4 months ago to get some shots and a hearing test to get all my medical forms filled out for school.

today, i measured 41.5 inches (22 %ile) and weighed in at 37.5 pounds (26 %ile).  the nurse gave me an eye exam, which was kind of fun because i got to wear these really cool horse glasses.  i passed.  20/20.

20141002-IMG_4629my doctor gave me a quick check up and then asked me some questions.  what kind of exercise/activities do i do?  do i always wear a helmet when i ride my bike?  what i would do if a stranger asked me to help him find his puppy?  stuff like that.  easy questions.

then it was time for my flu shot.  but instead of getting a shot, i got a special flu vaccine that i just had to smell (flu mist).  no needles!

this was my easiest check up ever.  the only bummer is that my doctor predicts that i’m only going to be 5’8″.  that’s okay i guess, but i have been really looking forward to being the tallest person in the whole family when i grow up.  if i’m only 5’8″, i’m not sure that i’ll be taller than daddy.  he says he’s 5’8″, but that might only be on his good hair days.

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