cake trumps lee’s

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we did a lot of stuff today.  a LOT.  just like every saturday, we started the day bright and early with soccer practice and a match.  then we all headed across the bay to jeffrey’s dol.  mommy and sienna drove separately from daddy and me because we were going to separate places afterwards.

20140927-IMG_4563the first thing we did when we arrived at jeffrey’s party was guess which object he would pick during the doljabee.  i knew what to do because matthew (jeffrey’s big brother) also had a dol when he turned one.  i predicted that jeffrey would pick the baseball, ‘cuz that’s what i would pick.

20140927-IMG_4554just like at matthew’s party there was a balloon guy at this party.  actually, there were two.  the balloon creations that they were making were so elaborate that we needed two of them to keep up with the demand!  check us out!  sienna got a hello kitty headband and wand.  on the suggestion of the balloon guy, i agreed to a teenage mutant ninja turtle outfit.  it came complete with a turtle shell, headband, and TWO swords.  i didn’t really know what the teenage mutant ninja turtles were before today, but i am definitely a fan now!  i think these guys might be the best balloon artists we’ve ever seen.

we enjoyed the buffet at jeffrey’s party, too.  buffets are the best because we get to sample a lot of different things.  we love samples — especially when they are desserts.  mommy even let us try some cotton candy.  sienna and i had one pull each, and then mommy set the rest aside.  and then mommy turned to talk to auntie ann for a couple of minutes, and when she looked back, there was no more cotton candy.  guess who at the WHOLE THING.  i’ll give you a hint — her name rhyme with “bienna” and starts with an “s”.

20140927-IMG_4580daddy and i had to leave jeffrey’s party before the doljabee because we had a sharks game to get to.  i love hockey, and the sharks are the best!  i especially love going to sharks games with daddy because we always get to eat yummy junk food like pizza and giant pretzels.  today, we got to go to lee’s sandwiches!  bahn mi is so yummy and lee’s is the best.  one of the things i miss most about our old house was that there were 6 lee’s within 5 miles.  the closest lee’s to our new house is ~30 mins away.  anyway, dinner was delicious!  oh, and we beat the ducks, too. 🙂

20140927-IMG_4571mommy and sienna stayed for jeffrey’s doljabee, and guess what.  he picked the baseball.  i was right!  i guess that means that he is going to grow up to be an athlete.

2014927-mimiafter that they went to auntie mimi’s new house for her house blessing and birthday party.  auntie mimi never actually gave them an address and she never answered her phone.  but based on landmarks that auntie mimi had referenced and house photos that mommy had seen, they found the party.  once they got there, sienna got to play air hockey on a mini table and eat lots of yummy food including s’mores pudding and chinese cake.

the next morning, sienna and i compared notes about our evening activities to see who had the better night.  i rubbed my lee’s sandwich in her face, but she trumped that with s’mores pudding and chinese cake.  i think sienna might have won this round, but i didn’t tell her that.

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happy anniversary to mommy and daddy

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every year on their wedding anniversary, mommy and daddy go out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate.  this year, their anniversary fell on a monday, the day that they usually play volleyball.

20140922-IMG_4503wait, i don’t know if i ever told you that daddy has a new job now.  he started working at stubhub (an ebay company) about a month ago.  oh, and his new office is in san francisco.  that’s good news for his commute because he can now take BART to work instead of sitting in traffic for 2-3 hours/day.  but it’s bad news for volleyball because it’s now logistically impossible for daddy to get to the south bay in time for first serve every week.  so no more volleyball for daddy.  mommy is going to play without him.

20140922-IMG_4525tonight is the first night of the season, but mommy skipped volleyball to spend the evening with daddy.  she drove out to SF, met him at his office, and then they walked over to quince.  in case you didn’t know, quince is a 2-star michelin restaurant.  daddy didn’t know.  he felt under-dressed and was definitely not prepared for the 4-hour dining experience that was in store.  i think mommy must have forgotten what it’s like to eat a fancy prix fixe meal because she made the dinner reservation for 9:30pm.  (she wanted to get sienna and i fed before she headed out to the city.)  when it got past midnight, mommy and daddy were ready to ask for the rest of the meal to be brought out all at once. =P

they made it through all ~13 courses and had a nice night out.  but i’m pretty sure that next time, they’ll plan on starting their meal much earlier in the evening.  and so that mommy doesn’t have to worry about preparing dinner for us before she heads out, sienna and i will just go with them next time. 🙂  i mean, hanging out with gung-gung and uncle henry all night is cool and all, but that hazelnut torte looks delicious!

happy 7 year anniversary to mommy and daddy.  mommy says to bring on the 7-year itch.  i have no idea what that means.

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paint and splash party

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20140920-IMG_4482last weekend, we went to a party for one of sienna’s ex-school friends.  today, we went to a party for one of my ex-school friends.  siri and i were both in the eagles pre-K class at the goddard school.  both of us also also have late birthdays, so we are too young for kindergarten but eligible for TK.  i decided to go to TK, but siri decided to stay at the goddard school and repeat pre-K in the eagles class (rather than attend a new school for one year and then transition to her resident school for kinder).

20140920-IMG_4483siri is a cool chick.  she did the same triathlon that me and my buddies did over the summer, and she also did the wipeout cancer obstacle course this year (i recruited her).  so even though we don’t go to school together any more, siri and i are still buddies.

20140920-IMG_4485she invited me and sienna to her paint and splash birthday party.  the party was at the clubhouse near her house, and they have a playground and a pool there.  so we kicked off the party by playing in the playground while the taco caterers were setting up.  then we had made-to-order tacos for dinner.  after tacos, we all got to pick a pottery piece and paint it.  how cool is that?  we’ve never been to a pottery painting party before.  i painted a train and sienna painted a cupcake.  (check me out painting left-handed.  i still haven’t decided if i’m left- or right- handed.)  apparently, the pottery people are going to take our painted pieces back to their studio to fire and glaze them, and then we’ll get to pick them up in about a week.  after painting, the plan was to go swimming in the clubhouse pool, but nobody else wanted to swim.  i didn’t care — i went swimming by myself.

sienna and i both had a fun time and we can’t wait to pick up our masterpieces.  happy birthday siri!

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the rise and fall of my little pony

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20141019-IMG_4460mommy always says that sienna is a mean girl, but i think she must be one of the popular girls.  she has been invited to way more birthday parties for school friends than i have.  and today, we went to a party for someone that had been in sienna’s class for a short time, but then moved to another school.  it was ahnnika’s birthday party.

we don’t really know what the etiquette is for school friend parties.  if you get invited to a party for a school friend and the invitation doesn’t say “siblings welcome”, do you bring your siblings?  mommy made up her own rule.  if the party is at a park, she contacts the parents to ask if it is okay to bring a sibling.  if the party is at a venue where there is limited capacity and/or they charge by child, she assumes that siblings are not invited.

20141019-IMG_4456anyway, ahnnika’s party was at the same park where sienna had her birthday party.  we really like that place.  i was really looking forward to all of the planned activities like the scavenger hunt, tug-of-war, and other games.  a game of tug-of-war broke out just as we were leaving, but none of the other activities happened because we were having too much fun playing in the playground.

20141019-IMG_4446we also spent a lot of time eating because there was a crazy ridiculous amount of much food at this party: a whole table of chinese food, a whole table of indian food, a whole table of filipino food, and a whole table of vegetarian food.   everyone even got to bring home a to-go container — we piled ours up with homemade chicken adobo.  yum!

most of the pinatas that we’ve seen at friends’ parties are the pull-string kind, but ahnnika had an old-fashioned swing fest with a my little pony pinata.  there were a lot of older kids there, so we used a real bat, a blindfold, and a rope to make the pinata move up and down.  by the time the big kids had their way with that little pony, it was a double amputee decapitated horse with candies spilling out of its bodily orifices.  mommy was a little traumatized.  how is that not horrifying for kids? 😛

we had a great time and scored giant bags of candy.  i’m glad that ahnnika’s mommy said that it was okay for me to go to the party.  what do you think?  what’s the official rule on siblings attending school friend birthday parties?

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flag sparring and frozen partying

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i20140913-1E7A5217t was another busy saturday that started out with soccer practice and a soccer game.  i really love playing soccer.  right after the game, i had to rush over to my martial arts studio for my very first tournament.  mommy has always been against me competing (for now), but this was an in-house tournament.  we were just competing against other students in the dojo and we earned an extra tip for participating, so of course i wanted in!


so how do 4-6 year olds compete in a martial arts tourney?  well, you’ve probably heard of flag football, but have you heard of flag sparring?  apparently, it’s a thing.  that’s what we did.  instead of scoring
points for punching/kicking our opponents, we just had to steal each other’s flags.  in the individual round, i didn’t win.  i don’t even think i scored one point.  but in my defense, the boy who beat me was a blue belt (i’m yellow) and he ended up winning the whole thing.  i did much better in the team event though.  i beat my opponent and helped my team win!

20140913-IMG_4425i got a participation medal for the individual event and a 1st place trophy for team sparring.  it was my very first trophy and also the first time that i actually won an award (rather than earning a finisher’s medal or ribbon for passing a class).  i am SO PROUD of this trophy!  when mommy congratulated me and told me that she was proud of me, i thanked her and told her that i couldn’t have done it without her.  smooth, huh? 😉

20140913-shirmommy volunteered to be a time keeper for the tournament.  so after i was done with my matches, i got to help mommy with the big kids.  she managed the stopwatch, and if time ran out before the match was decided on points, i got to throw the towel (which was more like a soft stick) into the ring.  i did a pretty good job, except for the one time that i hit someone in the head. =P

20140913-mikewhile i was at the tournament, daddy took sienna to abby’s “frozen” (the movie) birthday party.  daddy said that sienna mostly enjoyed playing in the sandbox in abby’s backyard.  i missed out on he fun activities, pinata, taco caterer, cake, and of course seeing abby and my friends, but i don’t have any regrets — i earned a 1st place trophy!

happy birthday, abby.  sorry i missed your party!

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lab specimens and finger pasta

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20140912-IMG_4414today, sienna had her regular once-every-4-months check up with her dermatologist at UCSF.  no new news.  her genetic skin condition (pityriasis rubra pilaris, type IV) continues to progress slowly.  there’s still no cure.  and mommy still doesn’t want to have a biopsy performed on sienna.  so basically, mommy took the day off of work to take sienna into the city… to be examined by more new doctors and learn no new info.  sienna’s primary doc told mommy that she hopes she doesn’t feel like sienna is a lab specimen.  mommy said she does, but she gets it.  i sort of think that this is how her appointments are going to be for awhile.

20140912-IMG_4418after the appointment, mommy and sienna were hungry.  sienna said she wanted finger pasta (penne) for lunch, so mommy looked for italian restaurants in the city.  she found a michelin-starred place, but it ended up having a dress code and they were way under-dressed.  so instead. they ended up at a fancy italian restaurant in walnut creek called massimo ristorante.  mommy and sienna had a nice mommy/daughter lunch date and enjoyed the warm afternoon on the patio.  so i guess the day wasn’t totally lost. 🙂

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littlest hula girl

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since things didn’t work out with the halau in danville, sienna has been looking for other dance classes. uncle henry actually found a dance studio in livermore that is enrolling new dancers for a holiday performance of “frozen”. perfect! we love that movie and we know a lot of the songs!

so today after school, we headed out to the dance studio to observe a class. we figured that livermore wouldn’t be too far — that’s where our swim lessons are. but… our school is little bit farther in the wrong direction, we got caught up in rush hour traffic, and this dance studio is DEEP into livermore. we never actually made it there. mommy decided that we couldn’t do this drive every week, so there was no reason to go to the class today.

on a whim, we decided to stop by the halau in pleasanton. they just started offering a wednesday evening class (today was the first) that would be perfect for us. unfortunately for sienna, they also just raised their minimum age from 3 to 4. we stopped by anyway.

when we entered the dance studio, the kumu introduced herself as “auntie gloria”. she was so warm and welcoming toward all of us, and she invited sienna to participate in the class.

after the class was over, mommy talked to auntie gloria and asked a few questions, just like she did at the halau in danville. these two halaus are so opposite of each other! this halau in pleasanton doesn’t compete at all (but they do perform a couple of times a year). auntie gloria teaches just for the love of hula, hawaiian culture, and of course, the kids. (she even taught preschool for many years.)

mommy braced herself, and then broke the news to auntie gloria that sienna had just turned 3 years old and didn’t meet the new age requirement. without hesitation, auntie gloria said she would make an exception for sienna. she was more concerned that mommy was feeling comfortable about sienna actually learning and getting value from the class. (if you watched the video, you probably noticed that sienna was mostly just sitting and watching.)

well, sienna is now an official hula girl.  if you’re interested, the name of the hula school is halau makana lani. i’m pretty sure they’ll be performing at the art and wind festival in san ramon next memorial day weekend, so mark it on your calendar!

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happy birthday po-po

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20140907-IMG_4734po-po always wanted grandkids.  she talked about it all the time.  ALL the time.  at one point, her friends even bought her a baby doll to strap into the back seat of her car.  everyone talks about what a wonderful person she was and how much she would have loved me and sienna and cousin zoey, but she became an angel before any of us were born.  we never got to meet her. 🙁

well, po-po’s birthday is in a couple of days, and even though she’s an angel and we can’t see her, we still get together every year around her birthday to remember her.  and it’s not like anyone would ever forget her — it’s just an excuse for all of us to get together.

po-po would have turned 65 this year.  she would have retired, moved into an in-law unit attached to our house, fed cookies to me and sienna when mommy wasn’t looking, and taught me and sienna how to use a computer (she built and ran the computer lab at the elementary school she worked at).  at least, that’s how she had planned it.  but she would have been way behind on the computer training because sienna and i are already experts. 😛

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grown up fun vs. kiddie fun

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20140906-IMG_4381we’ve always made it a point to reserve our saturdays for playdates and parties.  so basically, no activities or recurring commitments.  but now that i’m playing soccer on saturdays (we didn’t have a choice), saturdays are now booked with back to back events.  today, we were actually double booked.

20140906-IMG_4731mommy went to lunch and “wicked” (the musical) with gung-gung and some other quons — auntie mabel, auntie jillie, and uncle mitchell.  uncle henry went too, but i guess he’s the one that took the photo.  while they were there, kyden and i took daddy to isabelle’s 1st birthday party.

20140906-IMG_4733at first, i was pretty upset that i didn’t get to go with mommy, but i’m pretty sure that we had more fun.  gung-gung really liked the musical — so much that he didn’t even nod off once!  and if you know gung-gung at all, that’s saying a lot because he’s nodding off all the time. 😛  but no matter how good the show was, it couldn’t have been better than isabelle’s party.  even though it was a baby party, she had a taco caterer, a jumpy house, a movie playing in the theatre room, and of course… cake!  it doesn’t get much better than that, right?

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i have a soccer mom

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20140906-IMG_4369i have played a lot of sports over the past few years, but those were just classes.  but now i am playing “real soccer” on a real team.  my team is the mighty minions.  we have a coach, uniforms, practices, and the moms take turns bringing snacks every week.  that’s right, mommy is a bona fide soccer mom!

20140906-IMG_4365on my team, there are 2 kids (including coach’s son) who i’m pretty sure are going to be professional soccer players when they grow up.  there’s also a kid whose dad was a soccer player and seems to want his son to be a professional soccer player when he grows up (he gets yelled at a lot). there’s a boy who really doesn’t seem interested in playing at all, and also a kid who wears an old hand-me-down uniform that doesn’t match the rest of our team.  and then there’s me.  athletics is not my gift, but i don’t totally suck at soccer.

20140920-1E7A5336in this league, we play 3-on-3 against other teams, we don’t have a goalie, and we don’t keep score.  mommy says that it’s not about winning and losing — it’s about doing our best, improving our game, and having fun.  whatever.  i keep track and announce the score after every goal.

i love real soccer.  it is so much fun that i don’t even mind having to get up earlier on saturdays than on regular school days.  (mommy, however, is not excited about the 8:00am start time for practices.)  and one of the really cool things about my soccer league is that a lot of my friends (mostly kids that i recently met at my new school) are playing also.  after our games, we meet at the park’s playground and play together for a little while.

here are some photos that mommy took of our game.  take a look at the expressions on our faces, and you tell me if you think that anyone is out there “just for fun”. 😛


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