socal trip day 1: the drive down

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mommy has been going to san diego for work a lot lately.  and every time she goes, sienna and i want to go with her.  so mommy told us that next time, we would all go to san diego together.  we picked this weekend for our trip because it was the only weekend we had free all summer.  (although we did have to reschedule some plans with matthew and jeffrey and also miss swim class).

daddy had to work a half day, but sienna and i played hooky from school.  we slept in, ate a leisurely breakfast, and then helped mommy pack for the weekend.  we drove down to daddy’s work and picked him up for lunch.  then after a yummy lunch at chez sovan (one of mommy’s favorite places to eat in the south bay), we hit the road.

20140731-IMG_3913sienna is a great on road trips.  she’ll play games and sing songs, but she’s also perfectly content singing to herself or just sitting in silence and taking in the scenery as we drive past.  she also naps in the car.  me?  not so much.  i don’t like long trips.  mommy and daddy say that i “don’t travel well”.  i need to be entertained constantly, and even still, i whine and complain.  “why is it taking so long?”  “why does auntie barbara live so far away?”  “how many more minutes?  how about now?  how about now?”  “awww, why aren’t we there yet?”  see the photo?  that was taken right after lunch.  we hadn’t even left the bay area yet, and i was already pouting.

we left home at around 11:45am, and we finally made it to auntie barbara’s house in san diego at around 10:30pm (including stops for a sit-d0wn lunch and dinner, and a couple of quick stops for gas and coffee).  that’s ~525 miles of “who am i?”, “i spy…”, the word game, and silly knock knock jokes that didn’t make any sense at all.  our “in-car entertainment” was so good that we barely noticed that we didn’t get to hear a single disney song.  but it wasn’t good enough to stop me from complaining throughout the entire drive. 😛

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koda is 6

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20140730-IMG_3899tomorrow is koda and kiara’s birthday.  but since we are going to san diego tomorrow, we celebrated their birthdays today.  for the special occasion, mommy made “apple pie” treats for the dogs.  it was a recipe from a cookbook full of organic gluten-free treats that uncle henry gave koda a few years ago.  they were made with 100% human-grade ingredients that we had in our cupboards, so i guess it wasn’t all that weird that mommy sampled them.

while we sang happy birthday to koda and kiara, they waited patiently for their special treats which were sitting right in front of them.  then when we told them to “take it”, koda gobbled his right up.  kiara sniffed hers and walked away.  she eventually ate it, but it took her a long time and it seemed like she only did it to be polite.  i guess it was just too healthy for her.  we are used to eating organic gluten-free foods in this house. 😉

happy 6th birthday to koda and kiara!

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best day of my life

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mommy and i were watching a pound puppy rescue slideshow today, and one of the songs that was used for background music was “best day of my life”. mommy sort of recognized the song but she doesn’t know it very well. so she was so surprised when i started singing along. and imagine how shocked she was when i did this!

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sienna’s mermaid bed

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while mommy and i were at the WOC sports day event 20140729-IMG_3880last weekend, daddy and sienna went bed shopping.  sienna’s new mattress was delivered that night, but daddy still had to disassemble her toddler bed and air out the new mattress, and mommy had to buy and wash sienna’s new bedding.  sienna wanted a hello kitty comforter and sheets, but mommy vetoed that idea because everything hello kitty is pink, which would not have matched with sienna’s yellow walls.  but mommy found a little mermaid bedding set which sort of matches if you squint and glance away after about 2 seconds.  (the walls in that room were baby blue when we bought the house.  the color would have matched perfectly.)

sienna loves her new big girl bed.  she calls it her “mermaid bed”.  she was so happy that she was finally going to sleep in it tonight.  that is, until mommy pulled the covers back.

sienna threw a fit.  she screamed and cried so hard that she couldn’t talk.  after she eventually calmed down, mommy figured out that sienna didn’t want ariel to be covered.  so, the pillow always has to be ariel-side up.  (the other side has a different design).  and the comforter cannot be folded over.  so, even though it’s a really warm night, sienna got under the blankets and insisted that the comforter be pulled over her so that ariel would be showing.

there is something seriously wrong with my sister.

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20140727-IMG_3868 20140727-IMG_3864i passed!  i passed!  i’ve been stuck on my last jellyfish skill for a few weeks, but i finally got it.  today, i passed the blue jellyfish level and i got to ring the bell.  now i’m a pufferfish.

one of the skills that i have to master in order to get my pufferfish ribbon is treading water for 20 seconds.  daddy says that it’s going to be really hard and that he doesn’t even know how to tread water.  i’m not worried about it at all.  i’ll teach him once i figure it out.

too bad i’m going to miss my next two swim classes.  next week, we’re going to be out of town, and the sunday after that, we have a birthday party to go to.  but i’ll be ready to swim like a pufferfish in 3 weeks!

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movie night at my dojo

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every few months, my martial arts dojo hosts a movie night for students and their friends.  for us kids, that means a fun night of games, pizza, and a movie.  for parents, it means DATE NIGHT!  but for mommy and daddy, there was one tiny little sienna-sized problem.  the minimum age for kids to attend movie nights is 3.5 years old.  sienna just turned 3.

20140726-IMG_385320140726-IMG_3863well, mommy convinced the dojo to allow sienna go to movie night as my guest.  they made an exception because they know her (since she comes to watch me in class every week) and they know that she is very independent.  we also invited isaac to join us.  we played a lot of games, we ate pizza and chips (mommy was not thrilled about me eating an entire bag), and then we laid out our blankets and pillows and watched “frozen”.  we all had a great time!

mommy and daddy took advantage of their kid-free time and went out for a nice dinner.  after dinner, they had an extra hour before needing to pick up me and sienna, so guess what they did.  yup, they went to target.  they’re wild and crazy like that.  this was the first time that sienna and i were left some place (outside of home) for the evening, so nobody was sure how it was going to go.  it went great.  when mommy and daddy came to pick us up, we didn’t want to leave.  we can’t wait to do it again, and mommy and daddy can’t wait either! 🙂

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WOC obstacle course and bike ride

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today was the second annual sports day event organized by wipeout cancer.  last year, i participated in the obstacle course with some of my friends and we all had a really fun day.  this year, not only did i want to do the obstacle course, but i also wanted to do the bike ride with mommy.  the bike rides started in the morning, and my wave for the obstacle course started in the afternoon.  the timing was perfect.

20140726-IMG_3822we chose the 10K family fun ride.  it was the shortest and easiest of all the courses, but it was still way farther than i had ever ridden before.  mommy was pretty sure that once we got to the 3 mile mark, i would be done with it.  and then she would have to carry my bike 3+ miles back to the start, while walking her own bike.  but i kept insisting that i wanted to do it, so we signed up.

luckily, t20140726-IMG_3823here were some last minute changes to the 10K route, and it ended up being a short loop through a campbell neighborhood with skills stations (and more importantly, snack stations) along the way.  we rode with logan and auntie cheryl.  mommy led the ride and auntie cheryl brought up the rear.  they did all kinds of funny stuff like making hand signals at turns and calling “car back” or “car up”.  it was the first group ride for me and logan and we had a lot of fun.  we especially liked yelling “car up!” every time we spotted a moving car (even when it was nowhere near us and not moving in our direction).

at the end of our ride, i estimated that we went 4.7 miles.  logan guessed 100.  i was closer.  we rode 5.24 miles.  not too bad for a couple of 4yos and some old ladies, huh?  i wanna go riding again.  and i also want to get a biking shirt like mommy’s that has a pocket at the back of it.  i thought that was so cool.

after the ride, we ate our lunches.  we had a lot of extra food because mommy ordered 2 extra lunches for daddy and sienna, but they ended up not coming, and kai-kai and his mommy ended up not coming either.  so gung-gung ate one of the lunches, and mommy ate 4.  when we finished eating, we had about an hour and a half before the start of my wave for the obstacle course.  so mommy left to go pick up some goggles at sports basement (a couple of miles away), and returned less than 30 minutes later.  when she returned, i was already running through the course.  we started early!

20140726-IMG_3847mommy was so upset.  she ran to me and was able to watch me through the course, but she felt like something just wasn’t right.  for one thing, i was wearing my flip flops.  (why didn’t anyone think to tell me to put on my shoes?)  my flips flops kept getting caught on the strings in the string trap.  and why did i start on obstacle #6 and not at #1 with the rest of the kids?  (mommy saw me start there while she was parking her car.)  i finished the course, but i felt gypped because i didn’t get to do the first 5 obstacles.  so i ran it again.  barefoot.

20140726-IMG_3837the obstacle course was fun.  some of the obstacles were the same as last year, but there were a lot of new ones, too.  one of the new ones was a water-filled ball and a series of long tubes.  we were supposed to place the ball into the tube, lift tube to make the ball roll to the other end, retrieve the ball, place it into the next tube, and repeat.  i quickly figured out that i could just roll the ball really hard so that it exited the other end of the tube, and then i didn’t have to lift that long tube so high.  i’m so smart, huh?  (but not smart enough to figure out that you can pretty much army crawl under the lowest strings in the string trap.)

it was a long (and HOT) day, but we had a great time.  i can’t wait for next year.  sienna is super excited because she’ll be old enough to participate next year, too!

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sienna is 3 years old!

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20140721-1E7A4996happy birthday to sienna! :)

she turned 3 years old today.  in keeping with our new tradition, sienna celebrated with her friends at school, then mommy sprung her from school early and took her to play at the park.  here are some photos from their afternoon together.

here’s what she’s been up to.

daily schedule:

her schedule is still the same as mine.  she still naps every day though.  i rarely nap.

things she’s good at:

  • using the potty.  sienna has been potty trained for several months and rarely has an accident.  she still wears a diaper/pull-up at night, but usually wakes up dry.
  • dressing herself.  she gets dressed by herself every morning.  sometimes she wears crazy outfits, and mommy and daddy allow it.  they call it self-expression.  i call it lack of fashion sense.
  • sleeping.  sienna has suddenly become a good sleeper.  she used to be such a light sleeper that mommy would have to tip toe and hold her breath when going to check on her at night.  and half the time, sienna still woke up.  but almost overnight, sienna has become a much better (heavier) sleeper.  but that’s not to say that she doesn’t still wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and try to crawl in bed with mommy.

things she’s working on:

  • identifying numbers.  she can correctly identify most numbers, but sometimes she get one wrong and just starts to guess.  mommy and daddy never noticed this because we don’t work on “academics” at home, but her teacher pointed out this issue during her parent-teacher conference a couple of months ago.  i wonder if she’s dyslexic.  i’m pretty sure i knew all my numbers well before i turned 3.
  • putting her shoes on the right feet.  she still puts them on the wrong feet sometimes.  i don’t get it.
  • sharing.  sienna is not very good at sharing, even when i ask very nicely.  she is a mean girl.  not all the time, though.  sometimes she is very sweet and affectionate, but only when she feels like it.

favorite indoor activities:

  • stamping.  she got some new stamps for her birthday and is having a blast with them.
  • pretend play.  she especially likes to play restaurant where we take orders and serve pretend food that we prepare on our pretend grill.
  • stickering.  is that a word?  she loves to play with stickers.  whether it’s a sticker activity book or just decorating things with stickers, sienna is all over it.  good things she doesn’t put stickers on the window of mommy’s car any more.  mommy didn’t like that very much.

favorite outdoor activities:

  • sliding.  that’s where you’ll find her on any playground.
  • biking.  she getting pretty good at riding her run bike.  she already wants to get a pedal bike!
  • jumping.  since she is also a climber, this is a little scary.  she likes to climb up and jump down.  i hope she doesn’t hurt herself.

favorite book:  goodnight moon.  (that’s funny, because she chooses “brown bear” to read more often than any other.  she has the animals memorized but doesn’t always get the order right.  so when she “reads” the book, she guesses at the animal on the next page.)

favorite TV show:  super why

favorite song:  twinkle twinkle traffic light.  (that’s what she says, but she sings “let it go” all the time.)

favorite mobile app:  leo’s pad.  it’s a series of interactive learning stories.

favorite foods:  pasta, bread, cake… anything made of wheat.  sienna recently starting eating wheat, so this opens up a whole new world of foods for her!

favorite character:  little mermaid

favorite animal:  dog.  just like koda!

favorite color:  pink

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cooking with swords and fire

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one of the things that mommy and daddy’s volleyball team likes to do when they’re not playing volleyball is eat.  so a couple of times a year, we get together at  auntie lanny’s house for a BBQ.  and when i say BBQ, i actually mean cooking with swords and fire.

20140720-IMG_3793we always meet at auntie lanny’s house because, well, her house is awesome.  she has 4 kids, so there are plenty of toys to go around.  and her tri-level backyard has a deck, play structure, plenty of bikes and scooters, and an amazing pool.
in addition to the kebabs in the photo, we ate tri tip, corn and rice soup, citrus soba salad, dungeness crab ceviche, cucumber salad with shrimp and avocado, zesty lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and more.  no, this was not your typical hamburger and hot dog BBQ (although there is nothing wrong with hamburgers).

20140720-IMG_3795after everyone was done eating, it was time for the pool party!  sienna didn’t get into the water because she took forever to finish her lunch.  the rest of us swam around, paddled around in an inflatable boat, and had a water fight.  that’s me with the water gun sitting on uncle greg’s shoulders.  you like how he helped me wage an attack his own family?  uncle greg is the best!

thanks to auntie lanny for hosting another fun volleyball team get-together.  we can’t wait for the next one!

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party animals

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20140719-IMG_3774my friend murci turned 4 last december.  her birthday is on christmas eve, a day when people are often out of town or at family parties.  so, instead of having her birthday party in december, she had it today.  (i’m telling you, these very belated birthday celebrations are a thing.)

20140719-IMG_3782murci’s birthday party was at a nearby park, right here in windemere where we live.  most of the other kids there were her neighbors, and we didn’t know any of them.  that’s okay though, because she also invited a guy and his 13+ animals to her party.  there were all kinds of animals, including a parrot, a tree frog, a baby chick, a turtle, a bunny rabbit, a tarantula, and even a scorpion!  the guy introduced us to all of his animals, and he was pretty funny.  he was nice too — he let us pet some of his animal friends, and we even got to hold a big giant snake!  the man said it was called a
boa constrictor.

20140719-IMG_3786 after the animals left, i played in the playground by myself for a little while and sienna just hung out by the food table with mommy.  all of the other kids were playing together but i didn’t want to play with them.  i told daddy that i like murci but i didn’t like her friends.  we were being anti-social and not very good party guests.

20140719-jadesienna and i sort of wanted to leave, but we were excited to sing happy birthday to murci first.  but guess what.  there was no singing.  murci just walked around and passed out cupcakes.  apparently, she doesn’t like it when people sing to her because she doesn’t enjoy being the center of attention.  i don’t get that, but okay.  i really liked my cupcake.  i liked it so much that when our family posed for a photo while daddy had a cupcake in hand, i leaned over and took a huge bite of his.  sorry, i don’t have that photo to show you. 😛  [8/20/2014 UPDATE:  murci sent me the photo!  whaddya think?  did i do a good job describing it?]

happy belated, uh, 4 1/2 birthday to murci!

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