lose LA! go SJ!

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as usual, the sharks were strong during the regular season.  and as usual, the sharks had home ice advantage in round 1 of the playoffs.  but when they went up 3-0 in the series against the kings, it was a good sign that this post-season was going to be different than usual — this might actually be the year that we make it to the stanley cup finals!

but then, game 4 came around and the series went to 3-1.  and then game 5 came around and it was 3-2.  and while we were watching game 6, i made up a cheer.

it didn’t work.  i don’t know what the heck sienna was doing — making faces at the kings players, i guess — but that didn’t work either.

the kings tied up the series 3-3. we were disappointed that the sharks lost, but then i heard mommy say “i guess we’re going to game 7 on wednesday”, and  i got so excited! yay, we get to go to a sharks game! mommy quickly corrected me and explained that when she said “we”, she was talking about her and daddy. i protested and whined about it. sienna joined in too. but to no avail.

20140430-IMG_3143 20140430-IMG_2684mommy and daddy went to game 7 and left us at home to watch it on TV. at least we didn’t have to sit next to a bunch of kings fans like daddy did. sienna and i cheered for the sharks, and we even wore our team gear. sienna wore my jersey (which actually fits her perfectly) and i wore mommy’s (which she forgot to bring). we did the “lose LA” cheer that i made up, too. but none of it helped. the sharks blew their 3-0 series lead and let the sharks take the series.

i keep asking when the next sharks game is going to be. mommy and daddy tell me that the sharks are taking a break to rest, so we won’t get to see them play again until september. what do they need to rest for? they couldn’t have been playing all that hard when they gave away their 3-0 lead! it’s tough being a sharks fan.

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mean boys

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you always hear about the mean girls in high school and about the grade school bullies who steal lunch money from smaller kids.  but nobody ever talks about the mean boys in preschool.  they’re there.  yes, it starts that early.

today, mommy picked us up from school and we went to t-ball, just like any other tuesday.  and when we got home, sienna and i played while mommy cooked dinner.  i was trying to do tangram puzzles, but whenever  i placed a piece, i would slightly bump another piece already on the board.  i got so frustrated and upset — to the point of tears.  mommy suspected that i was upset about something more than just the tangrams, and she was right.

she asked me probing questions about my day, and i finally told her (through sobs and tears) about the boys at school who were mean to me.  there are two boys who always play together and  they ganged up on me today.  they didn’t hurt me physically, but they said mean things like “i’m gonna flush you down the toilet!” and “i’m going to take all your money!”  i told them that i didn’t like it and i asked them to stop, but they didn’t listen.  they really hurt my feelings and made me cry.

20140429-IMG_2682mommy and i talked for a long time about mean people and how to deal with them.  she said that i will run across mean people my whole life and that there are even some mean grown ups.  can you believe it?

mommy’s #1 piece of advice to me was this:

you do NOT have to be friends with mean people.  if someone says something you don’t like, ask him to stop.  if he doesn’t stop, walk away.  play with other friends who are nice to you, because you have lots of friends who treat you nicely.

it’s true.  i have lots of nice friends.  if you’re wondering  (like mommy was) why i’m even friends with those boys, it’s because they are usually nice to me.  mommy helped me realize that they didn’t really mean the things that they said.  they can’t flush me down the toilet — i won’t fit!  and they can’t steal my money because i never bring any money to school!

and that leads me to another important lesson that i learned today.  unkind words can hurt people’s feelings, even if you’re just kidding.  once in awhile, i say mean things to sienna and gung-gung just as a joke, like “i’m going to flush you down the toilet.” (now mommy knows where i got that from.)  i’m going to try not to say stuff like that anymore because i know how it feels.

i’m a pretty great kid as it is, but i’m going to try to be even nicer.  so please be nice to me too, otherwise, i might not be your friend any more.  mommy says that i don’t have to.

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ding ding ding! i am a jellyfish!

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20140427-IMG_2657before when i would pass a level at swim class, it was cool, but it wasn’t that big of a deal.  but i was stuck in the green dophin class for a long time.  5 months.  FIVE.  and actually, it’s just been that one final passing skill that i was stuck on for a long time.  i think it took me over 2 months just to get that one last circle checked off.

20140427-IMG_2662i finally did it today!  i passed the dolphin level and i am SO PROUD of myself.  (i think my new swim clothes helped.  i told mommy that they make me float.)  i was beaming and telling everyone that i’m a jellyfish now.  and i got to ring the bell!

being a jellyfish is a big deal because it’s the start of the intermediate levels at my swim school.  until now, i was just learning water safety and breath control and stuff like that.  but now that i’m at the blue jellyfish level, i’m actually going to be learning how to swim.  that means arm strokes and side-breathing and everything.

i could tell that sienna was a little envious of all the congratulations that i was getting.  she still has 1.5 skills to complete in her dolphin class, but at the rate she is progressing, she’ll catch up to me in no time. 🙂

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children’s fairyland

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20140426-IMG_2524mommy used to go to children’s fairyland in oakland when she was little.  that was a really long time ago, so she doesn’t remember much about it — just that she liked it.  sienna and i don’t read fairy tales at home (mommy thinks they’re all really violent and creepy), but we recently had a theme month at school when we learned about some fairy tales.  so mommy thought it was time that we checked out children’s fairy land.  we met logan, mason, caylie, and nathan there today.

20140426-IMG_2519fairyland is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  there are a bunch of storybook sets that depict various fairy tales come to life.  some are structures that you can play in/on, some have real animals, and there are even some very low-thrill rides.  there is a carousel that sienna tried to get on, but she was not tall enough.  not even on her tippy toes.  when the gate opened, sienna ran onto the carousel, but the ride operator told mommy that sienna was too small.  sienna was so sad.

20140426-IMG_2505each storybook set has a talking storybook box that you can activate with a magic key (available for purchase at the entrance).  if you insert and turn your key, the box plays a song and/or tells you the story that goes with that fairy tale.  i liked hearing the stories in english and spanish.  i didn’t understand any of the spanish, but i insisted on hearing them anyway.

20140426-IMG_2501for me, the best parts of the day were sliding down jack and jill’s hill and getting lost in alice in wonderland’s card maze.  i liked seeing humpty dumpty since i know that fairy tale, but there wasn’t really anything we could do with that set except for look at it.

t20140426-he best part of sienna’s day was seeing caylie.  she loves caylie.  she and caylie walked around the whole park holding hands.  that is, until they reached the water tower slide at the end of the old west junction.  sienna loves slides, but caylie doesn’t like them.  so sienna ditched her and slid down that slide again and again and again.

mommy doesn’t really remember what fairyland looked like when she was little, but from its retro look,  i’m guessing that it looks exactly the same today as it did back then.  mommy and daddy didn’t think that there would be enough there to entertain us all day, but we all had a great time.  and we didn’t even get to see the entire park!  sienna and i can’t wait to go back again. 🙂

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kids @ work

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20140424-Scan0001every year, daddy’s work has a kids@work day where kids get to go to work with their mommies and daddies.  last year and the year before, it was just daddy and me.  and it was super fun.  this year, against my better judgment, sienna came along.

we both got badges with our pictures on it and for every door we passed, sienna and i insisted that we would each swipe our badge to get through the door.  sienna wasn’t tall enough to reach the badge scanners so daddy had to pick her up every time we reached a door.

daddy’s office has so many fun things to play with:  elevators, soda machines, spinning stools, bean bags, and lots of notebooks and pens to draw with.  we met daddy’s co-workers and they watched us play foosball.  foosball is my favorite thing inside daddy’s office.

20140424-mikewe ate lunch in the cafeteria and after we were done eating we got to ride a bus to all of the games. sienna didn’t want to go on the bus and she started to cry when the bus pulled up the curb. i told her that the bus was going to be fun and she should try it because she might like it. when we got on the bus and it started driving, sienna loved it!  she said that it drove so fast like a roller coaster.

20140424-mike2once we got to the field of games we waited in line to play some games. we played a mini golf game and a bowling game, but the lines were long and sienna started to get really tired. we decided to walk around the field a little bit and then we headed back to the office to lounge around in the bocce ball courtyard.

daddy’s work is so much fun, it is no wonder that he comes home so late every day.

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sienna is 2 3/4

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20140422-IMG_4141sienna turned 2 3/4 today.  here’s what she’s been up to these days.

daily schedule:

her schedule is pretty much the same as mine.

things she’s good at:

  • using the potty.  sienna is officially potty trained!
  • dressing herself.  she gets dressed by herself every morning.
  • napping.  sienna is a really good napper.  not just at school.  she willingly goes down for naps during the weekends, too.  i wasn’t napping consistently when i was her age.

things she’s working on:

  • keeping things out of her mouth.  sienna still puts everything in her mouth and chews on them.  i thought babies were supposed to outgrow that phase before they turn 2!
  • putting her shoes on the right feet.  she used to get it right, but lately she’s been putting them on the wrong feet all the time.
  • dribbling a soccer ball.  she’s much better at it now that she’s playing on grass (instead of a slick gym floor), but she still trips over the ball sometimes.

favorite indoor activities:

  • painting
  • drawing
  • cutting with scisscors

favorite outdoor activities:

  • sliding
  • swimming (although, we actually swim in an indoor pool)
  • splashing in puddles

favorite book:  any doc mcstuffins book

favorite TV show:  kai-lan

favorite song:  do you wanna build a snowman?

favorite mobile app:  car wash (by happy touch)

favorite foods:  pasta.  good thing there are a lot of gluten free options!

favorite character:  cat in the hat

favorite animal:  sometimes pigs, sometimes cows

favorite color:  pink

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egg-cellent hunting

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20140420-IMG_2437happy easter!  we joined in on our neighborhood egg hunt and brunch last year, but this is our first official easter living in our new house.  and actually, the easter festivities take place in cousin zoey’s cul de sac, so this morning, we walked across the park to her house.  we all lined up at the end of the cul de sac, did a countdown, and then everyone was off and running.  everyone except sienna, that is.  she casually strolled along, wearing the new easter dress that grandma sent, and daintily carrying her new hello kitty easter basket from uncle henry.  daddy says that he’s raising her to be a princess.  she shouldn’t have to work for things — things should come to her.  i think she’s learning well.  see for yourself.

20140420-IMG_2430most of the eggs were not very hidden — they were laying out in plain sight. some were a little harder to get though, like the ones up in the trees. i quickly filled up my bucket, dumped it out in cousin zoey’s house, and went back out for round 2. i filled up my second bucket, and sienna eventually filled up her hello kitty basket. by that time, all of the easy-to-find eggs were gone. so we were done. sienna and i headed inside to play at cousin zoey’s house.

IMG_2436all of the other kids (and adults) were out mingling in the cul de sac or trampling gardens in their quest for the golden eggs. the golden eggs had numbers in them, and prizes were awarded according to the number inside. sienna thought she had found a golden egg, but it turned out to be a fake.  (it’s metallic, but more green than golden.)  mommy eventually found an authentic golden egg and gave it to me. i turned it in for a matchbox car, a punching balloon, and pack of fun dip. i refused the fun dip even though it was offered to me repeatedly. everyone thought that sienna and i were just being anti-social hanging out inside, but i later told mommy that i didn’t want to be outdoors because it was too hot.

20140420-IMG_2448we eventually went back out to join the festivities. there was a potluck lunch, a slip ‘n slide pool combo, and even a shave ice machine! i really wanted to play in the slip ‘n slide, so daddy went home to get my swim clothes. i jumped in, and immediately jumped back out. the water was icy cold! i only swim in 92 degree water. i don’t think i’ll ever be able to swim in a normal pool. i was perfectly happy with my icy cold shave ice though. sienna too.

20140420-IMG_2451when we got home, sienna took a nap while i opened our eggs and sorted our stash. we got a lot of chocolates and starbursts for daddy. we don’t get to eat any of the candy, but that’s okay because we got a giant bouquet of fruit (sent by uncle randy, of course) while we were out :). we also got a few stickers and a handful of quarters. quarters! those went right into my money jar. we don’t have to tell sienna about those. next year, we’re going to pay more attention to which house has the quarter-filled eggs and start collecting eggs there from now on.

happy easter!

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egg-cellent easter prep

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IMG_2409 IMG_2407when i woke up this morning (the day before easter), i told mommy that i had a dream about painting easter eggs with sienna.  well, thanks to uncle henry, dreams do come true!  uncle henry had brought over an easter egg decorating kit a few weeks ago, and mommy had put it away with no intention of using it this year.  but after that dream i had, she had to bring it out.

IMG_2414sienna and i wrapped, dyed, and stickered our eggs.  and then we put them in the fridge.  what are you supposed to do with eggs after you decorate them?  well, i asked mommy to make a deviled egg for me.   i didn’t actually know what it was called, but i was able to describe it well enough for her to figure it out.  sienna had to steer clear because of her egg allergy.  poor sienna — she’s missing out.  deviled eggs are so yummy.

the neighborhood easter egg hunt that we’re going to tomorrow is not in our cul de sac, but we want to contribute, so we stuffed a few dozen eggs.  most families stuff their eggs with candy, but we went for a healthier (though less tasty) option.  we filled ours with stickers and erasers.

with our real eggs decorated and plastic eggs stuffed, we are all ready for easter!

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spring photos

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last fall, sienna and i took school photos for the first time.  mommy complained about the technical quality of the photos and how she prefers the ones that she takes of us.  but still, we bought some.  mommy predicted that the photos would sit in a box somewhere and collect dust, and she was mostly right.  i can’t say for sure that they’re in a box, but they’re definitely collecting dust.  mommy put them away in a safe place — a place so safe that we have no idea where they are.

20140414-sienna barn20140414-kqt cap and gownwell, now it’s spring, and we took school photos again.  this time, mommy loves sienna’s photos.  she says that this photo of sienna is among the top 3 of sienna’s all-time cutest photos.

and what about mine?  mommy and daddy don’t like any of my photos. 🙁  i’ve somehow developed a fake smile.  can you blame me?  after 4.5 years of having cameras pointed at you every day, your smile would start to look painted-on, too.  but given that this is my last year of preschool, i really want to buy the cap and gown photo.  what do you think?

here’s a link to the rest of the photos if you want to take a look.  we have another couple of weeks to decide.

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tourist for a day

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20140412-1E7A3922when uncle jim and auntie lana got engaged, mommy wasn’t on facebook to see the announcement.  (she gave up facebook for lent.)  luckily for mommy, uncle jim had texted her to tell her the good news, so she already knew.  that’s a good friend, huh?

20140412-1E7A4087anyway, uncle jim and auntie lana asked us to take some engagement photos of them today.  they chose san francisco as the location.  mommy and daddy both wanted to shoot, so they weren’t sure what to do with me and sienna.  eventually, they decided to bring us along and let us be their assitants.  i was the designated reflector holder.  i even practiced holding it beforehand.  the reflectors are bigger than me!

i20140412-1E7A4089t turned out that we didn’t use the reflectors at all.  but sienna and i still got to help by being practice subjects, and i also directed uncle jim and auntie lana on how to pose.  sienna and i even got to take some pictures of each other.  what do you think?  are we natural photogs?

we had a 20140413-IMG_4086really fun time seeing the sights in san francisco.  we went to the legion of honor, the palace of fine arts, fort mason, and north beach.  my favorite was fort mason because we got to see the red gate bridge.  i know it’s really called the golden gate bridge because we learned about it in school.  but “golden gate bridge” is a really silly name for a bridge that’s red.  so i call it the red gate bridge.  i’m going to bring the picture of me to school this week to show my friends on share day.

mommy and daddy’s favorite location was north beach.  that’s because we didn’t take any pictures there (so they didn’t have to keep track of sienna and me while also focusing on taking photographs).  we just ate dinner there with uncle jim and auntie lana.  yup, dinner in north beach on a saturday night.  mommy said she felt like she was back in her pre-kid days.  that was the most exciting saturday night dinner that she and daddy have had in a long time!

we had so much fun spending the day in the city taking photos and seeing a lot of the great tourist spots.  and we are so happy for uncle jim and auntie lana!

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