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mommy and daddy are always doing things to empower me and sienna to be independent.

like buying the 5 step stools for our house.  yes, 5.  regular sized step stools for me, and taller ones for sienna.  ‘cuz she’s short.  we can both brush our teeth, wash our hands, and help out in the kitchen.

like, moving all my clothes to the bottom 3 drawers of my chest of drawers.  i can reach all my clothes and get dressed by myself.  sienna’s dresser is only 3 drawers tall, so she can reach all of her clothes and get dressed on her own, too.  sometimes, that’s not a very good idea.  like, the other day, she put on the pink supergirl halloween costume that she wore when she was 1 year old.  (i have no idea how she fit into that.)  it’s a onesie with an attached skirt.  over that, she wore a green plaid skirt, and then she put on purple leggings with white polka dots.  usually, mommy and daddy let her wear whatever crazy (embarrassing) outfit that she assembles, that that’s where mommy drew the line.  she made sienna change into something… uh… less costumey?

20140330-IMG_2238and today, daddy installed a kid-height hanging rod in our closet.  now, sienna and i can choose which jacket we want to wear each day.

20140330-IMG_2239so yes, all of these things allow sienna and me to do things for ourselves.  but i’m on to them.  they don’t do these things for us.  they do it for themselves.

all those step stools?  those are there so that mommy and daddy don’t have to drop everything they’re doing to help us go potty.  or wash our hands.  or get ready for bed.

the strategic placement of our clothes?  that was so that they can sleep an extra 10 minutes while sienna and i get ourselves dressed in the morning.

the kid-friendly closet?  that’s there so that mommy and daddy don’t have to go through the morning routine of “here’s your jacket.”  “i don’t want that jacket.”  “okay how about this jacket?”  “no, not that one, either”  also when we get home, sienna and i can now hang up our own jackets instead of throwing them on the closet floor.

see what i mean?  everyone thinks that they’re teaching me and sienna to be independent from them, but they’re actually gaining their independence from us.

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hooky bowling

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20140328-IMG_2234it seems like sienna gets to play hooky from school all the time to have playdates with her friends.  without me.  today, it was my turn.  while sienna was in school, i went bowling with murci!

20140328-IMG_2235it was murci’s first time bowling, so i showed her how it’s done.  we were only planning on playing one game, but we had so much fun that we convinced our mommies to pay for another.  i’m not as good at real bowling as i am at wii bowling, but i did pretty good.  i got a spare AND a strike!  murci did a good job for her first time, too.

hooky bowling is so fun!  actually, everything seems more fun when you get to skip school to do it.  i have to plan more mid-day playdates while i still can.  next year i’ll be in a real school with a strict attendance policy!

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big birthday party (and pizza) weekend

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20140322-IMG_2193the weekend around march 24th is always a super busy one for us because march 24 is logan’s, edison’s and daddy’s birthday!  but instead of celebrating logan’s birthday last weekend, we celebrated mason’s (logan’s brother’s) instead.  don’t ask.  actually, go ahead and ask, but ask auntie cheryl.  not me.

on saturday, mommy went to a fancy baby shower for auntie serene.  and since mommy wasn’t home to make lunch for me and sienna, daddy fed us pizza.  yummy!  we love pizza.

20140322-IMG_2199 later in the afternoon, mommy met me, sienna, and daddy at pump it up in sunnyvale for edison’s 4th birthday party.  edison has a lot of friends.  a LOT.  there were so many of us that we could barely fit in the picture!

sienna and i had so much fun.  i really liked the giant slide and the games that were projected onto the ground (like kick the soccer balls and squash the bugs).  sienna loved the obstacle course where she climbed up walls and dove through holes.  everyone was so surprised that she could get through that whole course by herself.  especially the climbing wall.

after playing on the inflatables, it was time for pizza and cake.  yummy yummy.

20140323-IMG_2202on sunday, we went to swim lessons like usual, then to isaac’s house for a frozen viewing party.  uncle warren picked up pizza for lunch.  i really liked the movie and sat through the whole thing.  sienna enjoyed the movie too, but she just couldn’t sit still for that long.  we both sang along with the songs in the movie. 🙂

20140323-IMG_2213sunday night was mason’s 2nd birthday party at the little gym (my old gym in sunnyvale).  the activities were geared toward little kids like mason and sienna, so i thought i might be bored.  no way.  air trac and bubbles are fun for all ages, so we all had a great time.

20140323-IMG_2216after playing in the gym, we had pizza and cupcakes.  and if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll realize that that was the 4th meal in a row (not including breakfast) that we ate pizza.  BEST.  WEEKEND.  EVER.

20140324-IMG_2219and now it’s monday, daddy’s actual birthday.  mommy and daddy usually play volleyball together on mondays, but they are between seasons this week.  and since uncle henry was already planning to come over to help gung-gung put sienna and me to bed, mommy took advantage of the kid-free time to take daddy out for a nice birthday dinner at blackhawk grille.

happy birthday daddy!  and happy birthday to edison and logan, too. 🙂

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winter sports

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when you think of winter sports, you think of ice skating and snowboarding, right?  not us.  this winter, sienna played her 1st session of soccer, and i played my 3rd session of basketball.

20140318-IMG_1830remember when i first started playing basketball and i couldn’t dribble?  i still can’t.  after a few bounces, the ball gets away from me (which is actually an improvement from when i first started).  but give me a break — the sessions are only 4 weeks long (which means 4 total classes) and only one of those classes is focused on dribbling.  so i’ve had exactly 3 days of dribbling practice in my life.  same goes for shooting.  but at least i can make a shot once in awhile.  like on this video.  (don’t tell anyone, but the shot i took right before this one was an air ball.)  the best part of my basketball game is my defense.  i am good at “shuffle shuffle shuffle defense!” (stretching out my arms and shuffling laterally).  sometimes, i guard mommy and daddy while they’re walking around the house or the store or wherever.  they don’t like it because i’m always in their way.  duh.  that’s the point.  told you i was good at it.

i really like basketball, but i’m not sure if i’m going to get to play again next session.  i already do karate and swimming year-round, and i really want to sign up for tee-ball and tennis in the spring.  mommy says that there are not enough days in the week for all of my activities.

20140319-20140319-IMG_1832during the winter session, sienna took her first mommy & me soccer class.  in that class, they didn’t play real scrimmages, they just did silly games with the coach to learn some basic skills.  sienna says she liked it but she didn’t always seem to be into it.  she especially disliked one of the games that they played on the last day of class.  the coach pretended to be a pinata.  the kids were supposed to kick a soccer ball to hit the coach, and if they hit him, he threw “candy” (colored discs) into the air.  sienna refused to kick the coach.  that game really upset her.

sienna isn’t very good at dribbling a soccer ball.  i think the slick surface of the gym floor made ball control a challenge.  she really wants to play again next session, and since it’ll be springtime, the class will be held out on the grassy field.  mommy thinks that will help her with ball control.  i just think that’ll make her more tired.  i don’t like playing soccer outdoors because the grass makes the ball go shorter distances when you kick it and the sun makes me all hot and sweaty.

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zula what?

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have you ever heard of zula patrol?  no?  me neither.  at least, not until matthew invited us to go see zula patrol at the de anza planetarium.

20140315-IMG_1807to prepare for the show, we watched a couple of episodes of zula patrol.   it’s a cartoon about some aliens and their adventures in space.  they teach you about planets and solar science.  it’s okay.  we never really got into it.

but the show at the planetarium was really cool.  it was our first time in a planetarium.  the seats are big and comfy and they recline way back.   and the coolest part is that the show was projected on the dome-shaped ceiling!  i enjoyed the ~20 minute show, but sienna couldn’t sit still for that long.  plus, she didn’t like the dark truder, the “bad guy”.

20140315-IMG_1818after the show, the ceiling turned into the night sky as the moon and stars were projected onto the domed ceiling.  a man told some corny jokes and taught us about some constellations.  that was okay.  i bet the older kids enjoyed it.  i just thought it was cool that they had a grown up version of my twilight turtle.

the best part of the evening was running around (and around and around) with our friends after the show.  and after that, dinner at galleria!  it was just like old times. 🙂

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fat storage

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20140313-IMG_1786a couple of weeks ago, mommy noticed a lump about the size of a small grape on koda’s chest.  it didn’t seem to be bothering him but we figured we should get it checked out.  just in case.

so today, koda went to see dr. laura.  she examined the lump and then extracted some samples.  koda was so good and stayed very still while dr. laura stuck a needle in him.  twice.

after dr. laura examined the samples, she determined that it was mostly fatty tissue in there.  that’s good news.  that means that the lump is a harmless lipoma, just like we thought.

all this time we wondered how koda stayed so skinny.  now we know.  he stores all his fat in a lump in his chest — just like i do with my neck rolls and sienna does with her chipmunk cheeks!


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loft camping

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when i was 6 months old,  i had my first sleepover.  but at that time, logan was only 9 days old and didn’t sleep much.  he wasn’t very good company.

20140308-IMG_1777this weekend, i had my first real sleepover.  kai-kai came and spent the afternoon with us, had dinner with us, and then spent the night.  his mommy (auntie victoria) stayed too, so i guess you could say that mommy also had a sleepover. 🙂

after dinner, kai-kai and i washed up for bed, and then we crawled into the tent that daddy pitched for us.  i had never slept in a tent before, so i was very excited to go camping.  you’ve heard of car camping?  this was loft camping.

20140308-IMG_1776we knew it was going to be a bad idea to let sienna sleep in the tent with us, especially because (1) i am a very active sleeper and (2) sienna has a really hard time falling asleep when there are distractions.  but she threw a fit when mommy suggested that she should sleep in her own bed, so into the tent she came.  (it was no accident that i was in the middle between kai-kai and sienna.)  the three of us were giggly and wiggly for awhile, but we eventually quieted down and started to fall asleep.

mommy and auntie were downstairs watching “apocalytpo“, a movie that mommy described as the most graphically violent movie that she’d ever seen.  and i thought that mommies watched chick flicks when they hang out together.  i had fallen asleep, and everything was fine.  that is, until i accidentally rolled over onto sienna’s pillow.  (i wasn’t kidding when i said that i was an active sleeper.)  sienna forcefully moved my head off her pillow by head-butting me really hard.  twice.  i cried.

daddy took sienna out of the tent and put her into her bed, but she was hysterical and would not calm down.  she promised to be nice, so she got one more chance to sleep in the tent with us boys.  but guess what.  she blew it and landed herself back into her own bed.  the two strike rule is in full effect in our house.

kai-kai and i learned from sienna’s example, and we were on our best behavior.  we settled down quickly and didn’t make a sound.  we went straight to sleep and didn’t leave the tent the entire night.

we had a really fun time hanging out and we hope that kai-kai and auntie victoria can sleep over again soon.  next time, mommy is going to pick the movie, though.

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sienna’s mermaid song

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i think it’s kind of odd when people are into music that is before their time. like, if mommy or daddy liked doo-wop, that would be weird because they weren’t around in the 50’s and 60’s when that music was popular.

well, sienna and i have a new favorite song. sienna calls it “my mermaid song”. you might know it as “part of that world” from “the little mermaid” movie (which we’ve never seen). the movie came out in 1989, 20 years before we were born. i guess that makes us kind of odd.

remember when i said that sienna could sing in tune? i was wrong. so very wrong.

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beet blood

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20140302-IMG_152120140302-IMG_1518we’ve been eating beets since we were babies (mommy used to make pureed beets for us), but we don’t eat them very often anymore.  so when we found them on our dinner plates tonight, we weren’t very excited. they looked spicy.  red things are usually spicy, right? mommy promised us that they wouldn’t be spicy, so we ate them. reluctantly.

then mommy took a photo of our beet-dyed tongues, and that was SO cool. beets suddenly became very exciting.

mommy took the photo of sienna, but mine is a selfie.

what do you think?  daddy says we look like rabid animals. i say vampires.

now, we want to eat beets all the time!

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close to home

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when we first moved to san ramon, one of the things that we missed was all the kid activities that used to be so (relatively) close to home.  we were no longer near the children’s discovery museum, or happy hallow, or gilroy gardens, or theatres/arenas that hosted performances like “sesame street live”.  but we’re settled in our new house now, and we love it.  we still go out to do fun things sometimes, but we really enjoy just hanging out at our house and in our neighborhood.

20140301-IMG_1508don’t worry.  we have not become recluses.  we still see our friends.  like last weekend, isaac came over to our house and we rode our bikes to the park and played there all afternoon.  we stayed close to home and hung out with friends this weekend, too.

20140301-IMG_1506on saturday, maddie and malia came to hang out with us.  yup, me and three girls.  now i know how sienna feels all the time when she plays with me and my buddies.  sienna and malia mostly played doll house, but maddie and i had fun with my garbage truck and i taught her a game that i invented using the fake money from my cash register.

and then on sunday, i had my first playdate with a friend from school.  jero lives in our neighborhood, so mommy and i walked over to his house while daddy was putting sienna down for a nap.  jero has a bunch of movies, so he asked me which one i wanted to see.  mommy was hoping that we’d pick “frozen” (which is not out on DVD yet), but we decided on the one that jero said had a garbage robot and another robot that shoots.  how could a boy say no to that?  can you guess what movie that is?  “wall-e”.  sooo exciting.

yes, it was so exciting that we watched about 5 minutes of it and then got bored and went to play.  ava came over to play with us, too.  she is a girl from school who lives a couple of doors down from jero.  one of the reasons why we chose the school that sienna and i are currently going to is so that we would make friends who live close to us.  the plan is working!   also, jero will be in my transitional-K class next year.  and the following year, ava will join us in our kindergarten class.  too bad my girlfriend maria lives on the other side of our community and will be going to a different school than us. 🙁

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