sienna soccering

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20130129-IMG_1208sienna started her first soccer class today.  she was so excited to finally get to try out a real “team” sport (swimming and gymming don’t count).  i went to sienna’s class with her to cheer her on, just like she does for me at my basketball class.

the soccer class is being held inside a gym, which i thought was weird because my soccer classes have always been outdoors on grass.  i think the slick floors made it harder for sienna (and the rest of the kids) to learn to dribble, but they did alright.

20130129-IMG_1210since sienna is still so young, this is a parent participation class.  but during the part when the coach asked the kids to kick the ball through their parents’ legs, i stepped in to help.  although, i think sienna might  have done better with mommy because mommy’s legs make a bigger tunnel.  but at least the ball fit through my legs.  sienna’s legs are so short that the ball got stuck a couple of times when i tried to kick it through. 🙂

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putt putt party

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20140126-IMG_115420140126-IMG_1149a couple of days ago, i was invited to a classmate’s birthday party.  mommy was typing the RSVP email as i was dictating: “kyden wants to go bowling first, then have pizza.”  and that’s when mommy and i had the talk about birthday parties and how the birthday boy/girl gets to choose what to do.  on my next birthday, i want to have a bowling party, and all my friends will bowl with me.  but at my friends’ birthday parties, they will choose the activity, and i will do whatever they choose.  okay.  got it.

today, greyson had a putt putt party to celebrate his 3rd birthday.  i’m not sure why it’s called “putt putt” when really, it’s miniature golf.  but you play the whole course with a putter.  oh.  i just got it.

20140126-IMG_1151anyway, greyson plays mini golf 2x/week, so he’s a regular.  we have a putting green in our backyard, but sienna and i had never been mini golfing before.  it was so much fun!  we golfed and golfed, but we also had a big shaded picnic area where we ate lunch and hung out between rounds.

20140126-IMG_1147i had a blast and didn’t want to stop playing, but sienna, not so much.  she didn’t even get through the entire course one time.  her form is terrible, which might be why it wasn’t as fun for her.  we all kept trying to help her, but (like everything else in her life) she insisted on doing it herself.

between the mini golf, the pizza, the pinata, and the chocolate cupcakes (which i got to take 4 bites of), we had a great time.  since it was greyson birthday and he picked golf, we all had to play.  he made a good choice.  happy birthday greyson!

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see kyden read

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i love to read.

i’ve been reading for a long time, but nobody believed it.  mommy and daddy just thought that i had memorized all the books in our house and that i was reciting rather than reading.  but then christmas rolled around and i got a bunch of new books that i had never read (or heard) before.  and guess what.  i was able to read them all by myself.

mommy and daddy were so shocked.  i still need help with new words sometimes, but i can often figure them out through context.

after mommy recorded this video, i wanted a do-over. i was embarrassed that i didn’t know some of the words and i knew i could do better. but mommy said the whole point was to let me read a new book that i had never seen before.

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super fun BDO at super franks

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i’ve been to super franks a couple of times for friends’ birthday parties, but today, we had a BDO there.  make that boys (plus sienna) day out.  in the morning, sienna and i met edison at super franks at 10am right when it opened.  the safari adventure room was open, and of course, the arcade, but the fun stuff (bounce house, foam pit, zip line) were in rooms that were closed until the afternoon.  apparently, they were having birthday parties in those rooms.

20140125-IMG_1123so after an hour of climbing up and sliding down an inflatable slide, we headed back to our house for a lunch break.  matthew, jeffrey, and logan joined us there.  we hung out at home for a couple of hours and we were having so much fun playing that i wasn’t 100% sure that we were going to go back to super franks.  but we eventually made it.

20140125-cherylwe headed straight upstairs to the fish tank where we jumped in the bounce house, flopped into the foam pit, climbed up and slid down the plastic play structure, and raced around on ride-on jet skis.  after that, we went to the mini gym to ride plasma cars, shoot hoops, and play a game of dodge ball.  by that time, all my friends were tired and headed home.  but sienna and i rallied because at 3:30pm, they opened the zip line!

sienna was too little to ride the zipline by herself, but she still had fun.  the last time i rode a zip line was at edison’s 1st birthday party, and i hated it.  i cried through the whole thing.  today, i meant to ask the guy to push me slowly, but i forgot to.  so i went FAST.  and i loved it!  sienna and i both couldn’t get enough of the zip line, but they closed it at 4pm. here are videos of me and sienna zip lining.

after they closed down the zip line, we were ready to go home.  on our way out, we passed by a dance party going on in the main lobby.  it was a kiddie rave complete with music, lights, bubbles, and even a dancing stuffed animal (but unlike miley cyrus, this was a non-twerking G-rated stuffed animal).  i didn’t want to get up on the stage at first, but when i saw sienna up there getting her groove on, i eagerly joined her.

after the kiddie rave, they announced that there would be a flashlight safari coming up.  i wanted to stay for that, but mommy and daddy insisted that sienna had to get home to take a nap.  awwwww.  i hope we can go back again and stay for ALL the activities.  super franks is super fun — it’s an all day party over there!

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love letter

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20140127-IMG_1185in the past, i’ve talked about a lot of different girls and the dates that we’ve gone on.  there was maddie, murci, and plenty of others, too.  but this time, i’ve found a real girlfriend.  her name is maria.  (huh.  i guess i have a thing for girls whose names start with M.)

20140123-IMG_1092maria is in my eagles (pre-K) class at school.  she is 4 years old (but everyone thinks she’s older because she’s the tallest kid in class) and she has golden hair that is so beautiful.  we hold hands, we dance together (she even spins me), and every day when mommy picks me up, we always hug each other goodbye.  like me, maria doesn’t nap.  so during nap time, we lay down next to each other and just look at each other.

and if you still aren’t convinced that this one is for real, look at the love letter than she gave me today.  it’s a picture of me and her together with our future dog.  i guess that’s not really a letter, but it counts, right?

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kyden’s kuts

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20140122-IMG_1087whenever mommy gives me a haircut, gung-gung asks for one too.  mommy also used to cut daddy’s hair, but lately, daddy gets his hair cut for $8 by some vietnamese lady near his work.  i’m not sure if it’s just more efficient that way or if he didn’t like the way mommy cut his hair. 😛

anyway, my hair has been touching my ears, so it was time for a trim.  but today, mommy wanted to cut gung-gung’s hair first.  and i wanted to help.  gung-gung is so easy-going that he let me do it!  that’s love.

did you know that po-po was a professional hairdresser?  she worked in a salon before mommy was born.  and then after mommy came along, po-po quit her job, but she still did a lot of her clients’ hair out of her garage.  i guess mommy learned a few things by watching po-po work.  i guess i’m following in her footsteps.

kyden’s kuts is open for business.  walk-ins welcome.

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sienna is 2 1/2

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sienna turned 2 1/2 today.  she was so excited that she walked around telling everyone “today is my 1/2 birthday!” we’ve never celebrated our 1/2 birthdays before, but sienna was so excited about hers that we couldn’t resisted sticking a candle in a (gluten-free) lemon bar and singing “happy 1/2 birthday to you…”!

20140122-IMG_3840here’s what she’s been up to.

daily schedule:

her schedule hasn’t changed much from a few months ago, but when she wakes up in the morning, she always looks for mommy.  if mommy is already downstairs working, sienna goes downstairs and hangs out with her until daddy wakes up.  if mommy is still in bed, sienna crawls into bed with her and lays down on her arm.  then she pulls mommy’s arm around her because she wants to be held in a certain way.  she always wants mommy to face her too, so if mommy’s head starts turning away from her, sienna grabs her face and whips it back toward her.

the only other change is in sienna’s blankets at bedtime.  she used to want 2 1/2.  now she wants none.  strange girl.

things she’s good at:

  • getting dressed by herself.  she gets SO MAD when someone tries to help her.
  • counting to 20.
  • swimming.  mommy says that sienna is a better swimmer than i am, and that’s saying a lot.  sienna can swim the length of the (small) pool, on her back, by herself.

things she’s working on:

  • good manners.  she is demanding and sometimes needs to be reminded to say “please” and “thank you”.  but now that i think about it, she is very good as saying “excuse me” when interrupting a conversation.
  • sharing mommy.  she cries real tears when mommy holds another baby, or even when mommy puts her arm around daddy or other friends.
  • using the potty.  sienna stays dry all day at school, but she’s not potty trained yet.  she still wears a pull-up because mommy and daddy learned their lesson in potty training me too early.  sienna is pretty good about telling someone when she needs to go, and she can take off her pants, do her business, wipe, and flush by myself.  (she’s not as good at wiping herself when she poos though.)  maybe it’s mommy and daddy who need to work on making the leap and ditching the pull-ups.

things she does that make mommy and dada angry:

  • hitting me for no reason.
  • running away whenever she needs to stay still.  like, when mommy or daddy is fixing her hair or trying to put lotion on her.
  • talking back.  sienna is SASSY.

things she does that make mommy and dada forget about all the things that made them angry:

  • feeding m&m’s to daddy and almonds (or whatever snack she’s eating) to mommy.
  • telling them (mostly mommy) “i love you”, unprompted.
  • when someone gets hurt, she stops whatever she is doing to check if that person is okay.  she asks “are you okay?” with genuine concern (and has the sweetest little voice).

favorite things to say:

  • “can you check on me?”  if daddy puts sienna to bed, sienna asks mommy to check on her before she goes to sleep.  (mommy checks on us every night before she goes to bed.)  if mommy puts sienna to bed, she asks daddy to check on her before she does to sleep.  i don’t think daddy ever does.  =P
  • “NO!  DON’T HELP ME!”, “I WANNA DO IT MYSELF!”, “MOVE YOUR HAND!”, and various other proclamations of independence.
  • “i took a nap today” (when mommy asks if i took a nap that day at school), “i’m not whining (when i’m whining), “i’m being a good listener” (when i’m not being a good listener).  she’s always trying to act like the goody-goody, but we know the truth.
  • “it’s nice to kiss.”  usually, she says this when she does something bad and we tell her “that’s not nice”.  she responds with “it’s nice to kiss” and she then she kisses her victim.  and that works.  IT WORKS!  how are the grown ups around here so gullible???  *rolling eyes*
  • “i have a booger.”  no context needed.

favorite indoor activities:

  • helping out in the kitchen — soda streaming daddy’s water, hand-mixing whatever mommy is baking, scooping rice into the rice cooker…
  • pretend play.  she plays dress up at school and takes care of her baby doll at home.
  • story time.  she can’t read yet, but she loves to have books read to her.

favorite outdoor activities:

  • driving my old lightning mcqueen e-car.
  • sliding.  she can slide all day.  i think that’s all she does during outside time at school.  climb up, slide down, repeat.
  • whatever i’m doing.  if i’m shooting hoops, she wants to shoot.  if i’m playing golf, she wants to golf.  if i’m running around, she wants to run.

favorite book: “super sweet dreams”.  it’s a kai-lan bedtime story.

favorite song: tiny tim the turtle.  i had never heard of this song before.  in case you haven’t either, you can click here for the video.  she also really likes the duck song.  this is one of my favorites, too!

favorite iphone apps: she doesn’t really play games, but she does love watching youtube videos of herself (and me).

favorite foods that i’m only allowed one bite of: jello, lemon bars

favorite characters: doc mcstuffins, kai-lan

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football viewing playdate

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20140119-IMG_1074today, we hosted a football party disguised as a playdate.  weeks ago — before we knew that the  49ers would be playing in the NFC championship game — we had invited logan, mason, caylie, and nathan (caylie’s new baby brother) to come over and play.  so they came over.

20140119-IMG_1065<– that’s baby nathan with his grandma.  (actually, she’s logan and mason and caylie’s grandma, too!)

we played outside, we played in the front room, we ate, we played in the living room, we played in loft, and we ate some more.  after koda calmed down, he even got in on the fun.  the grown ups watched football, watched football, and watched more football.  they great thing about a big game day is that there’s more focus on football than anything else.  we probably could have gotten away with a lot of stuff and nobody would have noticed.  the grown ups were so busy watching TV that i’m not even sure if any of them ate anything.

but anyway, sienna and i had a fun time hanging out with our friends, and mommy and daddy had a fun time watching football with theirs.  winners all around.  well, except for the 49ers.

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mid-winter pool party

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20140118-IMG_1062a guy with one pretty girl is lucky.  a guy with 2 girls has got game.  a guy with 3 girls?  gay.  at least, that’s how the saying goes.  so what do you call a boy with a dozen girls?  me!  or maybe hugh heffner.  but in this case, me.

kai-kai and i were the only 2 boys invited to maddie’s all-girl pool party.  we felt so special.  yes, it was in middle of one of the coldest winters since the ice age (something about a polar vortex causing record low temperatures across the US and canada), but hey, this is california.  we may have hit record lows in the bay area (in the 30’s), but it was nothing compared to negative temps in other parts of the country (chicago recently hit -82 degrees with wind chill!).  mommy says that the high cost of living here is a “weather tax”.

20140118-IMG_1047maddie’s party was at AVAC (our old swim school in san jose), so we felt right at home.  sienna could barely keep her head above water even while standing on her tip toes like a ballerina, so daddy swam with us.  but really, there wasn’t much swimming going on.  we mostly just splashed around, tossed around a beach ball, and squirted each other with water toys.  it was way more fun than swim lessons!

after an hour of splashing, we had pizza and fruit in the party room.  and even though the whole party was a girly “under the sea” (little mermaid) theme, i got a special boy-themed good bag. 😀  thank you, maddie.  and happy birthday!

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20140116-IMG_0995tonight, after dinner.

mommy:  we have just enough bananas to make scones or banana bread.  what should we make for breakfast tomorrow?

sienna:  banana bread.

me: scones.

sienna:  banana bread.

me: scones.

sienna:  banana bread!

me: scones!

sienna:  banana bread!

me: scones!

sienna:  banana bread!!!

me: scones!!!

mommy:  okay, you two need to work this out and come to an agreement.  let me know when you decide which one you want to make.

then after a few seconds of thought…

me (to mommy):  i have a good idea.  daddy will buy more bananas so we can make banana bread AND scones!

me (to sienna):  sienna, that is called compromise.

mommy (chuckling):  actually, that’s not a compromise.  but it’s really good problem solving!

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