date night with auntie mimi

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20131130-IMG_0288 all day today, everyone was saying that it was mommy’s birthday.  when sienna and i crawled into mommy’s and daddy’s bed this morning, daddy whispered to us that it was mommy’s birthday.  sienna wished mommy a happy birthday.  i said “no it’s not”.  when we went downstairs, gung-gung wished mommy a happy birthday.  i told him that it wasn’t mommy’s birthday — her birthday is tomorrow.  and then when i went with mommy to uncle henry’s house to do a puppy placement, he wished mommy a happy birthday, too.  “it’s NOT mommy’s birthday!” i told him.  “mommy’s birthday is tomorrow!”

i know mommy’s birthday is november 30, but all day, i thought that today was the 29th.  by the time evening rolled around, i realized my mistake.  and i finally wished mommy a happy birthday.

20131130-IMG_6877daddy has never taken mommy out on a date night for her birthday before — at least not in the past 4 years, which is forever, as far as i’m concerned.  we usually just spend family time together, cuz’ what better gift is there than quality time with me? 😀  but this year, auntie mimi scheduled a playdate with sienna and me, so daddy and mommy were free to go out by themselves.  daddy told mommy that the restaurant that he was going to take her to would be determined by her level of hawtness.  and then he looked at her and told her that she was headed for taco bell.  taco bell???  aaack!  mommy immediately went upstairs to change.

20131130-IMG_6880when mommy came back down, she was wearing nice clothes, and get this… she not only brushed her hair, but she curled it.  CURLED it!  i don’t think mommy has curled her hair in the whole time that i’ve been alive.  no joke.  but that’s not all.  mommy then put on make up.  auntie mimi took out her camera to capture photo evidence that mommy actually owns a curling iron and make up.  sienna and i both insisted on taking photos with her.  (sienna’s came out cute, but my eyes are closed in my photo. :()  but wait, there’s more.  mommy also slipped on some real shoes.  you KNOW it’s a special occasion when that happens, because mommy almost always wears flip flops — even in the snow!  i guess she wanted to make extra sure that she didn’t end up at taco bell for her birthday dinner.  (she didn’t.)

anyway, auntie mimi, gung-gung, sienna and i had a playdate while mommy and daddy were out.  we mostly just ate dinner and made birthday cards for mommy, so there wasn’t all that much playing.  but we had a fun time together.  sienna and i always love hanging out with auntie mimi.  mommy and daddy said that they had a nice night out, but i bet they really missed us and wished that they were home with us, instead.


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boys vs. girls

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it’s not often that our family splits up to do separate activities.  at least, not for the whole day.  but today we did.

we had tickets to the sharks game today.  it was my turn to go (since sienna went last time) but i insisted that i didn’t want to.  sienna didn’t want to either.  daddy’s feelings were hurt.  sienna always wants to be with mommy, and daddy is used to that.  but i had always loved going to sharks games in the past, and i especially like going to games with daddy because he lets me eat pizza and pretzels!  so why not today?  it took mommy and daddy a little while to figure out that i don’t like going to games without my earmuffs.  (we lost them somehow when we moved to our new house.)  the games are too loud, and those disposable foam ear plugs don’t stay in my ears.  so i agreed to go to the game if i had my ear muffs.  luckily, logan let me borrow his.

20131129-IMG_0237in the morning, mommy went to have brunch with her high school friends (auntie jo and auntie cheryl) and their families.  we see auntie cheryl’s kids (logan and mason) pretty often, though not as often as when we lived in the south bay.  we see auntie jo’s kids (sierra and sofia) only a few times a year because they live in socal.  but today, they all met up together.  mommy brought sienna with her.  i missed out because i was going to the game with daddy.  i heard that the brunch wasn’t all that good anyway.  but the company was great!  they all played on the planter outside the restaurant and then walked over to starbucks afterwards.  i wish i could have had some bubble milk from starbucks.

20131129-mikewhile mommy was brunching with her friends, daddy and i made some art projects and played wii bowling.  and then we were off to the tank (with a small detour to the brunch spot to pick up logan’s ear muffs).  as usual, we had pizza for lunch, and then i had a giant pretzel for snack.  meat, cheese, and carbs.  mmm….  the game was exciting, and the sharks continued their winning streak.

after the game, we headed to grandma’s house.  mommy and sienna met us there later.  when i saw mommy, i proudly told her that the blues got 3 and the sharks got 5.  and i got to see everyone throw their hats inside (on the ice)!  yup, i saw my very first hat trick.  how exciting!

so who do you think had the better day today?  the boys or the girls?

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lots to be thankful for

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thanksgiving is a time when we take time out to celebrate all of the things we are thankful for.  earlier in the week, when mommy asked me what i was thankful for, i said “optimus prime!”  but the next day, i made a turkey at school, and on each of its tail feathers, my teacher helped me write the things i was thankful for:  TEACHERS, MOM & DAD, TOYS, HOUSE, FOOD.  mommy was curious if i came up with those things on my own, or if those ideas were influenced by teachers or friends at school.  so at bedtime that night, we had a talk.

mommy and i talked about what it means to appreciate the things we have and not take them for granted.  we have a house and warm clothes.  some kids don’t have those things.  “why don’t they have a house or clothes?”   mommy explained that their mommies and daddies might not have enough money to buy a house or warm clothes, so they have to sleep on the street and wear the same clothes all the time.  “but why don’t they have money?”  mommy explained that they might not be able to find a job like she and daddy have.  and so on.  i had many more questions, but i eventually understood.  i am glad that we have a house and clothes to keep us warm.

we also have a mommy and a daddy.  some kids don’t have that.  “why don’t they have a mommy and a daddy?”  as i thought about that, i got really quiet, and then i began to cry.  instead of answering my question, mommy just held me really tight and told me that she and daddy love me so so so so much.  she never gave me a straight answer, but i let it go.  it was a pretty heavy bedtime conversation, and i was exhausted.

by the way, when sienna’s teacher asked her what she was thankful for, she said “mommy and daddy”.  she was the only one in her class who said that.  (others were thankful for their toys or for ABC’s.)  do 2 year-olds even understand what that means?

20131128-IMG06anyway, thanksgiving dinner was a fun family gathering.  we went to uncle mike’s and auntie zhelia’s house.  it was my first time in their new house, and i really liked it.  they have something called a bay window, but it basically looks like a stage.  check out the show that sienna, cousin zoey, and i put on.  (scroll down to see the video.)  our show is really not all that interesting, but mommy just wanted to document how silly we are when we get together.

20131128-IMG_0230as always, everyone brought so much food for our thanksgiving feast.  my favorite was the berries with whipped lemon marscapone that mommy made.  and sienna… she would have eaten nothing but candied yams and cranberry sauce for dinner if we let her.  we had a nice time seeing all of our family, and i had fun acting crazy with cousin zoey.  check out our family photo.  can you believe that all 21 of us are looking at the camera?  amazing!

we didn’t get to see grandma and grandpa today, but we will go visit them tomorrow.  happy thanksgiving!  gobble gobble.

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movin’ on up

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20131124-IMG_0145 earlier this month, sienna and i started swimming at a new swim school.   my first lesson was so boring — all i did was try to float.  at AVAC, i was well beyond floating.  i guess the criteria to advance to the next skill must be different at happy fish.  when mommy told auntie cheryl about my first swim lesson, auntie cheryl suggested that i might be off to a slow start, but that i would probably progress through the rest of the skills more quickly.  we hoped so.

20131124-IMG_0150there are 7 skills that you have to master to pass the starfish level.  after my 2nd (maybe 3rd?) class, i finally got ONE of them checked off the list.  then after class today, my teacher pulled out his pen and started checking off more skills.  and more and more and more.  he checked off the entire list!  auntie cheryl was right!  i completed the level and got my starfish ribbon.  now i’m a dolphin.  cool.

while checking out the levels and the skills required to pass each one, mommy noticed that the waterbabies (babies under age 3 who have to swim with a grown up) class has 2 levels.  when we started at happy fish, sienna was well beyond the skill level required to pass both levels.  but she can’t move up until she turns 3, so she’s going to have to be in the same class for a long time.  mommy asked the lady at the front desk what sienna would have to do to get a ribbon for the first level waterbaby level.  she left for a few minutes and came back with a pink waterbaby ribbon (whale) for sienna.

yay!  sienna and i both got ribbons today, and we’re movin’ on up! 🙂

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’tis the season

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’tis the season that mommy is taking lots of staycation days because she has lots of vacation to burn.  and even though she says that all she wants to do is take a nap, she always ends up planning fun stuff for sienna and/or me to do.

today, sienna played hooky from school.  i wasn’t happy that she got to stay home and i didn’t, but mommy reminded me that i got to stay home from school a couple of weeks ago when i went to work at leapfrog.  oh yeah.  i guess that’s fair.

20131122-IMG_0127sienna had a playdate planned with her friend caylie today.  before caylie arrived, sienna kept saying that she wanted to go to school.  can you believe that?  i guess sienna really likes school.

when caylie arrived, they played a little, ate lunch, played a little bit more, and that was it.  after that, it was time for naps.  i forgot how boring playdates were at that age.  sienna and caylie had a fun time though.  caylie likes playing with sienna because she is gentle, unlike the older boys that she usually plays with.  (sienna, gentle?  are you kidding me???)  and sienna likes playing with caylie… well, because she is one of her only girl friends.  plus, caylie is younger, so sienna probably likes having someone to boss around.

well, like i said earlier, ’tis the season.  so if you want to hang out, sienna and i don’t mind playing hooky from school.  just have your people text my people, and we’ll synch it to our iCalendars.

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dibs on mommy’s lap

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20131120-IMG_0112sienna doesn’t like it when mommy holds other babies.  she even tells mommy, almost daily, “i don’t want you to hold other babies.”  but still, she insists that she wants a baby sister.  mommy asked her who would hold baby sister.  “kyden.”  sienna seems to have it all figured out.

well, we went to uncle henry’s house today to meet his newest foster puppy.  sienna loved the puppy.  that is, until mommy held him.  it appears that according to sienna, mommy’s lap is off-limits to everyone.  no babies.  no puppies.  no nothing.  sienna has permanent dibs on mommy’s lap.

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shark teeth

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20131119- 20131119-IMG_0093i had a dentist appointment today.  sienna came to watch me, so i had to show her what to do so that she’ll be ready for when auntie margaret counts her teeth next year.  sienna got right up in my grill, and watched very closely.  i was extra good today during my cleaning.  and when the dental assistant let me pick a toothbrush, i picked a princess one for sienna.  i’m such a thoughtful big brother.

i got x-rays for the first time today.  while examining my films, auntie margaret thought she saw something unusual, so she had me take another set of x-rays.  oh no.  cavities.  that’s what mommy thought.  but it turns out that i don’t have any cavities.  it’s something worse.  do you see anything weird?

i 20131119-Tanaka Kyden PA 11 19 13have extra teeth!  i have an whole extra row of teeth just like a shark (but only two in that row, that we can see).  i outlined the extra teeth to make them easy for you to see.

i’ve always said that koda and i have a lot in common.  well, here’s one more thing to add to the list — we both have extra teeth.  yup, koda had 2 extra teeth, but one of them got badly chipped and had to be extracted.  so now he has one extra.  i’m going to have to have my extra teeth extracted, too.  it won’t be for another 1-3 years (about the time when my baby teeth start getting loose and my permanent teeth start wanting to come in), but oral surgery is in my not-too-distant future.

i guess sienna is not the only mutant in the family.  all of us are mutants — sienna, me, and even koda.

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mommy has friends

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mommy and daddy always say that they never see their friends anymore because their calendars revolve around my and sienna’s social schedules.  it’s true.  but this weekend, we made an exception.  mommy got to hang out with some of her old friends and sienna and i got to make some new friends.

E33C9249-Editon saturday, we went to see some of mommy’s sorority sisters from college.  i had met all of the aunties before, but not all of the uncles or the kids.  we all met at auntie sandra’s house in danville, which is pretty close to us.  she has three boys, and they have a lot of toys.  i want to go play at their house all the time!  auntie jenny came and met us there.  she has 3 kids.  and then there was auntie di.  her kids are claire and bella.  we knew them the best out of everyone because they’re closest to our age, and we’ve been to the oakland zoo with them a couple of times.  all of the grown ups had a great time catching up, and us kids had fun playing together.  we hope to make this an annual get-together.  this photo was taken my claire and bella’s daddy.  he’s a professional photographer, so i hope i don’t get in trouble for posting this on my blog.

on sunday, some new friends came to our house.  auntie jen is mommy’s childhood friend, and her kids are the same age as me and sienna.  sienna had met braylon before, but that was a long time ago.  they didn’t remember each other.  and it was our first time meeting ashton and their daddy, uncle mike.  we all had fun playing together, and now that we live close by, we hope to see them a lot more often.

see, so don’t let mommy fool you when she says that she never gets to see her friends.  she does.  every once in a blue moon.

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NOT a morning person

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i always hear my aunties and uncles complain that they never get to sleep in — even on the weekends — because their kids wake them up so early.  i know how they feel.  i like to sleep in, too, but nobody gets to sleep in around here.

usually, it’s daddy who wakes me up in the morning so i can get ready for school.  but for the past couple of weeks, he has been leaving home really early because he has been in a training class at work.  and actually, he wasn’t even at home from tuesday through thursday of this week because his training class was in oregon.  anyway, since daddy hasn’t been around to wake me up in the mornings, i thought i was going to get to sleep in.  i was wrong. watch this.

auntie alyssa says that cousin zoey sleeps like a teenager, just like me. maybe it’s a quon thing.

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school photos: it’s a racket!

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20131112-kyden and sienna falling leavessienna and i took school photos for the first time last month. we both wore new outfits and practiced smiling.  mommy even had an idea for a shot where sienna and i would be throwing leaves up in the air and catching them as they fell.  well, it turns out that sienna is not good at throwing leaves on command, and even worse at catching them.  do you see the leaf that landed right on her face?  good plan.  poor execution.

well, we got the prints back last week, and we’ve been trying to decide whether or not we are going to buy any of them.   most of the photos aren’t very good (bad composition, eyes not in focus) but there are a few that are okay.  here are the best of the bunch.  what do you think?  mommy was conflicted.  on one hand, mommy and daddy take so many photos of us that are so much cuter than these.  but on the other hand, mommy felt like she had to buy our school portraits because… well, i dunno.  as a keepsake from this school year?

well, we ended up buying one sheet of photos for 3 different poses — one of sienna, one of me, and one of both of us together.  each sheet has 3 photos.  i figure that one will go to grandma, one to bak-bak, and one will sit in a box somewhere and collect dust.  and then in 15 years or so, when we pack up our stuff to go away to college, we’ll find the box photos and laugh about how dorky we looked back in the 10’s and how primitive 2-D photographs were back then.

oh, and the best part…  as soon as mommy paid for these photos, she found out that we are going to be taking photos again in the spring.  the portrait studios and schools are partnering to milk parents for every penny that they’ve got.  it’s a racket!

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