that bites!

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a few days ago, sienna got bitten on her hand.  of course, it wasn’t koda.  it wasn’t even an animal or an insect.  she was bitten by a boy in her class!

don’t worry, she wasn’t hurt — the bite didn’t break her skin or even leave a mark — but she was upset about it.  as soon as we picked her up from her classroom, she told mommy that she got an owie and she demonstrated how she was bitten.  and of course, she ratted out the “friend” that bit her.

we have lots of friends that have been bitten by other kids before.  most of their parents shrug it off like it’s no big deal because it’s “developmentally appropriate” and apparently very common.  but i have never been bitten, so it was a shock to all of us when it happened to sienna.  mommy and daddy did not take it lightly.

the next day, mommy talked with the school directors about the policy for dealing with behavioral issues.  they explained that they had already scheduled a conference with the biter’s parents and that they would develop a joint plan to curb the aggressive behavior.  they were also very sympathetic and apologetic about what happened.

20130904-IMG_1570when daddy dropped sienna off at school today, the rest of her class was eating their morning snack.  the biter was sitting at the table with an empty chair on either side of him, separating him from the rest of the kids.  and then when mommy picked sienna up after school, the biter was sitting by himself while the other kids were on the other side of the classroom engaged in a different activity.  coincidence?  or does he always play by himself?  or is this part of the “joint plan”?

mommy and daddy are glad that the school is being proactive about the issue, but mommy is concerned.  for one thing, it doesn’t seem like the kid was being aggressive.  he wasn’t lashing out at her — the bite was unprovoked.  sienna was just standing next to the boy, and he bit her for no apparent reason.  he must not have bitten her hard since he didn’t leave any marks.  maybe he was just trying to get her attention?  but more importantly, mommy says that dogs who don’t play well with others need more socialization, not less.  isolating them only aggravates the problem and leads to more aggressive behavior.  i bet it’s the same with kids.  is this how serial killers are born?  i dunno.  i just hope that sienna doesn’t get rabies.

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gun control

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20130826-IMG_1510a couple of weeks ago, sienna and i went to a birthday party and we got goodie bags with a bunch of stuff in them.  one of the things in my bag was a water gun.  mommy wasn’t sure if she was ever going to let me play with it, but she eventually gave in to my pleading.  so we had the gun talk.

guns are dangerous.  i am not to point the gun at sienna or anyone else.  i am not to point the gun at koda.  i am not to point the gun at my own face.  blah blah blah.  if i do any of those things, my water gun will be taken away.

i don’t understand what mommy was making such a big deal about.  i just wanted to water the plants like i usually do when i play with water.

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bittersweet goodbyes

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20130825-IMG_1506yesterday was our last swim class for the summer session.  on the last day of each session, the whole pool stops to do the hokey pokey together.  sienna is still a pollywog, even though she looked like a rhino today.  see that mess that daddy tied up on her head?  when it got wet, it tapered into a point and curled forward, just like a rhino’s horn.  well, an upside down rhino horn.  anyway, sienna got her 3rd pollywog ribbon.  she will stay at that level until she turns 3.

20130825-mikei didn’t pass the jellyfish level, so i only got a participant ribbon.  it’s plain white and it doesn’t even have an animal on it.  as soon as i got it, i crumpled it up into a little ball.  (mommy and daddy still aren’t sure why i did that.)   in order to advance to the next level, i have to perfect my glide.  that means pushing off the wall, extending my arms in front of me, and holding my body position (and my breath) for 10 feet.  i can do it pretty well, but i sometimes break position reaching for the wall.  i wasn’t able to master that skill all summer, but mommy thinks that she can get me gliding perfectly after just 30 minutes in the pool with me.  too bad we don’t have a pool.

it doesn’t really matter though.  sienna and i won’t be back at AVAC for the fall.  goodbye, AVAC.  we are planning to find a swim school closer to home.  i won’t miss the long drive to swim class, but i will miss hanging out at grandma’s house after class every sunday.

today, we got a call from edge gymnastics, the gym near our house that we trialed the week before last.  i had been wait-listed for the class time that i wanted, but they just opened up some more spots.  so now, sienna and i will both be taking classes at edge.  goodbye airborne.

i am glad that we’ll be going to gym classes closer to home.  i really hate the long drive to gym class every week and i always whine about how far it is.  i won’t miss the drive, but i will miss seeing matthew in my class and eating noodles at galleria every thursday.

after being contra costa residents for 4 months, we are finally cutting some of our ties to the south bay.  it’s bittersweet.

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school is for the birds

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all summer long, we are “visiting” other countries as part of our school program.  we learn about new countries every week.  a few weeks ago, it was south africa week.  at the end of that week, we had visitors from africa at our school — a giant african millipede and a tenrec (and a couple of other really cool animals from the zoo).  this week was brazil week.  so to top off our visit to brazil, we parrots came to visit us.  they did all sorts of silly things like play basketball and ride a unicycle backwards.  one of them flew around the classroom and landed on people’s heads.  i hope he was potty trained!

so… animals from africa and parrots from brazil. but no pandas for china week and no bengal tigers from india. discrimination, i say.

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when i grow up…

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when mommy was putting me to bed last night, we had this conversation.

20130822-IMG_1486me:  mommy, when am i going to be a grown up?

mommy:  why do you want to be a grown up?  don’t you like playing all the time?

me:  but i like to work.

mommy:  what do you want to do for work?

me:  i want to make pictures.

mommy:  oh.  do you want to take pictures with a camera?  or do you want make pictures by drawing them?

me:  by drawing them.

mommy:  oh okay.  so you want to be an artist?

me:  yeah.  and then i want to be superman.

yeah, superman.  i think that’s a reasonable thing to strive to be when i grow up, don’t you?

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babes in our ‘hood

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we’ve been wanting to spend more time in our neighborhood, so that’s what we exactly did this weekend. we hung out with the babes in our hood.  and when i say “babes”, i mean “babies”.

20130817-IMG_1466 on saturday, we went to josh’s 1st birthday party. it was at athan downs park in san ramon.  sienna had been there before with caylie, but it was my first time there.  i love that park.  i had so much fun at the playground that i never wanted to leave.  i even told mommy and daddy that i want to have my next birthday party at that park.  (i’ve also said that i wanted to have it at airborne, our gym.)

20130817-IMG_1475so you might be wondering… who’s josh?  that’s a good question.  it turns out that josh is the little brother of one of sienna’s classmates, hannah.  hannah apparently insisted on inviting her best friends from school to josh’s party.  she invited 3 friends, and sienna was one of them!  (in the photo, hannah is in the middle.)  i am so proud of sienna for making friends at school.  i had no idea. 🙂  unfortunately, hannah is moving up to the next classroom starting next week.  and actually, hannah is 3 years old, so she might move into my owl class later this year!

on sunday, we did make the trek down to the san jose for swim lessons, but after that, we headed home for naps.  we had to rest up because baby emma was coming over for dinner.  who’s baby emma?  another good question.  she lives in our neighborhood, just on the other side of our local elementary school.  mommy met emma’s daddy on our neighborhood DL, and they were instant friends.  (a little weird, right?)  when sienna and i met emma several months ago, we were instant friends, too.

emma is still a baby — not even 1 year old yet — but sienna and i like to teach her things and show her how to play with our toys.  emma is like the baby sister i’ll never have.  oh wait, i have a baby sister.  emma is like the baby sister that sienna will never have.

oh, and i almost forgot…  isaac came over to play with us at our house on friday night and saturday morning, too.  he’s not a baby, but he’s going to have a baby sister next month.  that’s close enough to go with the title of this post. 😛

we all had a great weekend and we are happy to be making new friends close to home.

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gym shopping

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i like my gym.  even though it’s far away from home, i’m having fun. and my confidence is growing every week.  when i first started this class, i wouldn’t even attempt to climb the rope web.  and then i climbed 2 rungs.  and then i got high enough to reach the bottom of the scarf.  and now i can touch the top of the scarf!  but the main reason why we continue going to airborne is so i can see matthew every week (and mommy and daddy can see auntie audrey and uncle alan).

20130812-IMG_1454 well, matthew is going to have a little brother pretty soon.  and after his little brother comes, matthew is going to take a break from gym class so that he can stay home and take care of the baby (and so that auntie audrey can recover).  unfortunately, airborne is going to make matthew drop the class and they won’t save his spot.  well, if matthew is going to have to drop, then i’m dropping too. (we’ve been thinking about leaving airborne anyway.)  leaving airborne will be a good opportunity for us to find a new gym closer to home, and it’s a perfect time to find a class for sienna, too.  so we went gym hopping this week.

20130812-IMG_1436on monday, sienna went to check out my gym.  no, not airborne, the gym is called “my gym”.  she had a great time.  it’s similar to the little gym.  they sang songs, played with bubbles and balls, tried out the kid-sized apparatuses, and learned a couple of skills.  it’s a lot of “play”, which is fine for little kids like sienna.  sienna loved it.  mommy thought it was okay, but she didn’t love the tiny facility or high-pressured sales pitch.  plus, it doesn’t really seem like that gym would be very good for bigger kids like me.

20130816-IMG_812020130816-IMG_8196on friday, sienna and i both went to a trial class at edge gymnastics. we were running a little late so mommy shoved me into the warm up circle with the rest of my class, and then she rushed off to sienna’s parent participation class.  mommy was worried that i’d get upset and want to go with her and sienna, but i was totally fine.

edge is pretty much just like airborne.  it’s a hard core gymnastics training center in a humungous facility.  it took sienna a little while to warm up to the class — maybe because it’s a lot of skills, and not a lot of play.  but she eventually got into it.  i loved my class at edge.  i want to start going there instead of airborne.  there is a friday time slot that has a class for both me and sienna.  the only problem is that it starts at 3:45pm, which is not the most convenient time for any of us.

for now, i’m committed to airborne until the end of the month.  i’ll probably switch to edge after that.  not sure what sienna is going to do.

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party at our new gym

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matthew had his birthday party at airborne, tonight.  this is the 4th saturday in a row that we’ve spent in the south bay for birthday parties or activities.  and we swim in the south bay every sunday, so that means we’re pretty much spending all of our weekends down there.  what the heck?  didn’t we just move away from the area?  and poor daddy has been doing that commute every day.  not just M-F, but every single day.  i think we should start spending more time closer to home.

20130810-IMG_1390anyway, we’ve been to several airborne parties before, and they’re always really fun.  but this time was different because it’s now my (and matthew’s) regular gym and our coach was one of the party leaders.  also, sienna is now big enough to really participate in the obstacle course and all of the activities, so she had a great time too.

one of our favorite things about airborne is the tumbling track (which is basically a long trampoline) that finishes with a big slide into a foam pit.  here is a video of me and sienna jumping down the tumbling track.  mommy says this is what two rag dolls would look like on a trampoline after one too many drinks.  i don’t know what she’s talking about.  my trampoline skills are fantastic.  i even showed sienna how to do a seat drop into pike position.

20130810-IMG_1385here’s a video of me and sienna sliding into the foam pit.  even though i’ve been down this slide many times, i cautiously roll onto my stomach, slide down feet first, and slow my descent as much as possible with the friction from my hands.  sienna eagerly dives in head first.  she only hesitated because daddy was yelling at her to wait until i got out of her landing zone.  if she could have figured out a way to slide faster, she would have done it. sienna may have slid down faster, but she couldn’t climb out with my help.

this video pretty much illustrates our risk profiles.  sienna is definitely the adrenaline junkie in our family, and she is likely to get herself into situations that she won’t be able to get herself out of.  i, on the other hand, am the more cautious (read: smarter) one.

happy birthday, matthew. we had a great time at your party!

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2 year check up with our new doc

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20130809-IMG_1370sienna had her 2 year check up today.  she was seeing our new doctor for the first time, so there were a dozen forms to fill out, medical history to review, family history to discuss, and blah blah blah.

first things first.  now that sienna is a big girl, the nurse wanted to measure her height standing against the wall (instead of lying down).  sienna was screaming her head off and wouldn’t stand still.  mommy even got down on her knees and held sienna’s hands.  FAIL.  the nurse also tried to weigh sienna standing on the scale.  sienna refused to step on the scale, even after mommy showed her how it was done.  another FAIL.  sienna was eventually measured lying down and weighed in the bucket scale for babies.

  • height:  34 inches (50 %ile)
  • weight:  23 pounds, 12 ounces (6 %ile)

20130809-IMG_1373sienna was whiny and fussy while waiting for the doctor.  she eventually calmed down after mommy gave her some of the forms to “help” fill out.  since it was her first appointment, the doctor talked to mommy for a long time about sienna’s medical history as well as the health of mommy, daddy, and all our grandparents.  mommy had two takeaways from that discussion:

  1. sienna might be able to find a pediatric dermatologist who has seen palmoplantar keratoderma (her peeling hands and feet issue) at UCSF
  2. mommy should see a cardiologist because po-po (her mom) had a quad bypass when she was in her 40’s.  apparently, heart disease in someone that young points more to genetics than age/lifestyle.

after all of that talking, it was time for sienna’s shots.  she only needed one vaccine, so she got stabbed in the leg.  she didn’t cry, whimper, or protest in any way.  (really?  a scale makes her cry, but a big needle… nothing.  weird kid.)

our doctor’s office also has flu vaccines available for this season.  sienna got to have her flu vaccine administered in a nasal spray instead of a shot.  i’m not sure if that’s because she has an egg allergy or if it’s just because our new doctor is AWESOME.  i guess i’ll find out when i go for my check up in a couple of months.  maybe i should start faking an egg allergy now, just in case.

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untraining wheels

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i have been riding my run bike for a little over a year. i have gotten pretty good at balancing and lifting my feet and gliding, so we decided that it’s time for me to get a big boy bike.  mommy and daddy wanted to get it this summer so that i could ride it for a couple of months before the weather starts getting cold and rainy.  so we did some research.  if you’re about my size and you’re in the market for a bike, pay attention.

standard kids bike sizes are 12″, 16″, 20″ and so on. those in-between sizes (like 14″) are only sold in department stores, and those stores typically only carry novelty bikes (like the incredible hulk bike or the pink fairy bike). i test drove both types of bikes, and mommy and i both liked the standard bikes over the novelty ones. we decided on a specialized hotrock coaster.

20130804-IMG_1363the 12″ was just the right size for me, but i would probably outgrow it by next summer.  the 16″ was a little bit big, but i could grow into it and definitely ride it next summer.  so we got the 16″.  it seemed like the obvious choice at the time.  but once we got it home, mommy immediately realized that it was a big mistake.  i’ve spent the past year learning to balance and glide on my run bike, so the transition to a big boy bike was supposed to be easy.  but when the bike is too big for your feet to touch the ground, it shakes your confidence.  a lot.

i tried to ride it one time without the training wheels, but after that, i insisted that the training wheels go back on.  and now, i’ll only ride it with training wheels.  mommy is so mad at herself for getting me an oversized bike, which quickly caused me to become dependent on training wheels, which quickly undid my year of two-wheel “training” on my run bike.

now that i have a pedal bike, sienna inherited my run bike.  she loves riding it, and was sooo proud of herself, but she is so slow.  i asked mommy why sienna is so slow.  mommy showed me the video from when i had a “slow bike”.  i just laughed. 😛  here is a video of sienna’s first ride.  it looks pretty much the same as mine, huh?

i love my new bike because it has pedals and a bell.  mommy loves it because of its high-quality construction of lightweight aluminum.  but she is seriously considering going back to our local bike shop and picking up the 12″.  don’t tell daddy.  he is already rolling his eyes at her for buying me bike that’s nicer than his.

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