koda is 5

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20130806-IMG_1311koda turned 5 today.  and like usual, he planned to celebrate with his sister, kiara.

when mommy picked me and sienna up from school, we headed straight home to make some special treats for the dogs.  i told mommy that koda was so excited.  i didn’t really know that he was excited, but how can you not be when it’s your birthday?

the birthday treats that mommy made for the dogs were made from mostly organic ingredients because that’s what we happened to have on hand.  i even got to try some.  they were pretty tasty.  uncle henry brought over some fancy cookies for the dogs and zachary’s pizza for us!

koda really liked his treat.  i wasn’t sure if kiara liked hers as much because she didn’t gobble it up as fast as koda did.  but sienna and i sure loved our pizza!

mommy says that koda and kiara are now middle-aged, but still act like crazy puppies.  i think mommy is confused.  they are not middle-aged, they are only 5.  happy birthday, dogs!

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playing hooky

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20130730-IMG_1300auntie barbara came to visit us this morning.  it’s a tuesday.  since she is in town for just a couple of days, mommy let me and sienna play hooky from school so we could hang out with auntie.  and since today is auntie barbara’s birthday, we decided to have an impromptu little party for her.  actually, it was just our excuse to pull out the jumpy house that she gave to sienna for her birthday.

we had such a fun time hanging out with auntie barbara, and we wish she lived closer so we could see her all the time.  happy birthday auntie barbara.  come visit us more often!

so who wants to come play with us in my — i mean, sienna’s — jumpy house?  when you have your very own jumpy house (and slide), it’s always a party. 🙂

p.s.  shhh, don’t tell daddy that we played hooky from school to jump… jump… jump around!

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wipeout cancer obstacle course

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auntie liner started a non-profit organization to give back to the cancer community.  as a fundraising event, they organized a sports day that included an obstacle course race for kids.  it was supposed to be for ages 4-12,  so i had to get special permission to participate since i’m only 3.  they had a committee meeting about me and decided that since i had completed a triathlon a couple of months ago (auntie liner saw me there because she was volunteering) that i must be athletic enough to finish an obstacle course.  the one condition was that mommy would have to run the course with me.  no problem.

20130727-mikeafter my registration was approved, i recruited some of my other 3 year old buddies to join me.  matthew and logan had no problem signing up.  i guess i had paved the way for them. 😉  mommy had planned to volunteer on the obstacle course, and she recruited auntie judy and auntie mimi to help out too.

on the morning of the race, we dropped mommy and auntie mimi off at the sports day event.  daddy took me and sienna to meet up with matthew and logan at an open house event at matthew’s school.  look who we met there — our favorite curious monkey!  there was story time, games, and face painting at the event.  we hung out there for about an hour, and then we headed over to the park.

IMG_7375the sports day events were cycling, volleyball, and the obstacle course.  we didn’t really see the cyclists because they were out on the course.  mommy and daddy knew some people playing volleyball, but not nearly as many as they used to know back when they used to play in these grass tournaments.  the funny thing is that a lot of mommy’s friends who used to play volleyball were there watching their kids run the obstacle course. 😛

IMG_7492my friend maddie was participating in the event too.  maddie, matthew, logan, and i (and all the other kids that i didn’t know) had a great time on the course.  there were tires, an army crawl, balance beam, horse jumps, up & overs, string trap, bungee trap, soccer dribbling, water ball transfers, and a big giant inflatable slide!  my favorite part was the jamba juice that we got at the end. 🙂

check out the photos that auntie mimi took of methanks auntie mimi!  wait a minute…  if she took these photos, who was manning the obstacle that she was supposed to be volunteering at?

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new kids at school

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20130722-IMG_1278 sienna and i started at our new school today.  it’s called the goddard school.  i am in the owl class, and sienna is in the parrot class.  when we arrived, we each had our very own cubbies already set up with our names on them!

one of the greatest things about this school is that there is a biometric hand scanner at the entrance.  that’s even cooler than the keypad at my old school that we had to enter the secret code on.

our first day went pretty well.  at drop off, sienna got a little sad and wanted to go with mommy and daddy, but she didn’t cry.  i shed one tear, and then i was fine.

20130722-IMG_1281when mommy came to pick us up, she got a report from each of our teachers that stated what we did that day, what we ate (and didn’t eat) from our lunch, and a personal memorable moment from the day.  and since sienna isn’t potty trained yet, her daily report even lists all the times they check her diaper, whether it was wet, dry, or dirty, and what times she used the potty.

mommy picked up sienna first.  when sienna saw mommy through the classroom window, she yelled “mommy!”.  and when mommy entered the classroom, sienna ran to her and sang “grown ups come back”, just like the song that daniel tiger sings.

when mommy and sienna came to pick me up, my class was in outside time.  my teacher talked with mommy about what a great day that i had, and then she asked if i knew keya from before.  nope.  mommy started to ask who keya was, but once she spotted me, it became pretty clear.  keya and i were huddled together in a corner under the play structure.  mommy and sienna hung out for about 10 minutes so that i could continue to play with my new friends.  when i got up and climbed onto the play structure, keya followed me.  when i went down the slide, keya was right behind me.  when i ran over to the water fountain, keya was right there.  i think she likes me. 😀

it was a great first day.  but remember that my first day at my Y school was great too.  the tears didn’t start until around day 3.  i’ll keep you posted on how the rest of the week goes.

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sienna’s summer soiree

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20130721-1E7A3063last year, mommy decided that she couldn’t (or didn’t want to) throw two birthday parties in 3 months.  what means for me and sienna is that only one of us gets to have a big birthday party each year.  last year, sienna had a big party. i just had a handful of friends (plus mickey and minnie) sing happy birthday to me at disneyland.  so this year, i’m going to have a birthday party, and none for sienna.  instead, sienna had a summer soiree at my old gym (the little gym).  the plan was for no decorations, no themed cupcakes, and no gifts.  (we wrote “no gifts” on the evite.  we wondered why almost everyone brought gifts anyway, and then it dawned on me…  sienna’s friends can’t read yet!)

well… even thought it wasn’t a birthday party, mommy bought minnie mouse plates, matching plasticware, party favors, and other supplies, and she packed them all up to bring to the party.  she was patting herself on the back for being super organized and prepared… and then she left all the stuff at home.  and she didn’t realize it until we arrived at the gym (40+ miles away from home).  bad mommy.

mommy ran across the parking lot to a party store and bought some essentials.  we borrowed the rest of the necessary supplies from the gym, and the party was on.  forgetting all the supplies at home threw a wrench in the plan, but there was a parachute, bubbles, balls, an air track, healthy snacks, and ice cream cake.  what else could 18 toddlers ask for? here are some photos of us bouncing around.  do you think we had a fun time? 🙂

even though it wasn’t supposed to be a birthday party, the summer soiree was on sienna’s 2nd birthday.  so we put 2 candles on the ice cream cake and we sang happy birthday to her.  she seemed to be having trouble blowing out her candles, so i helped her.  just a little. that’s what big brothers are for, right? 😀

thanks to everyone who came to sienna’s summer soiree.  we hope that everyone had fun bouncing around with us!  oh, and to everyone who brought a gift, it really wasn’t necessary, but thank you.  we love them.  and yes, i do me “we”.

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sienna is 2 years old!

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1E7A2989happy birthday to sienna 🙂

things she likes:

  • singing.  she learns new songs really quickly.  i recently taught her “i am a pizza” (a new song that i learned from school), and she is already singing along!  that is her new favorite song.  although, a couple of weeks ago, it was “five green and speckled frogs”.  so check back soon, it will probably change again.
  • minnie mouse.  she sleeps with minnie mouse every night, she loves her minnie mouse bag, and she always wants to wear her minnie mouse shirt (she only has one).
  • picking out her own outfits.  sienna has very strong opinions about what she wants to wear, and if you try to put something else on her, she will protest.
  • getting dressed by herself.  if someone helps to put her pants or shirt on her, she’ll throw a fit, take it off, and put it back on herself.  so if you see her with her clothes on inside out and/or backwards, you’ll know why.
  • buckling herself into her car seat.  she can’t buckle the bottom part yet, but she can climb into the seat, put her arms through the shoulder straps, align the chest clips and snap them together.  (i couldn’t do that when i was 2!)
  • carrying her own bags.  for example, she always insists on carrying her lunch bag over her shoulder on her way in and out of school.  i’m not sure if this is a sign of independence or if she just likes to accessorize.
  • going fast.  being pushed in the jogging stroller /shopping cart or riding in the bike seat with mama, she likes to go fast.  i know, because she says so: “go fast!”  and then she squeals with glee.
  • jumping.  she likes making big jumps, and especially loves playing in jumpy houses.
  • helping around the kitchen.  she helps mommy make smoothies in the blender, helps daddy to fizz his water with the soda stream, and helps mash the bananas when mommy makes scones for us.
  • stickers.  she likes to stick them all over the place — on the dining table, on the couch, on herself…
  • being tickled.  mommy does this tickling rhyme on sienna’s back, and sienna squeals through the whole thing.  and when mommy is done, sienna asks “try again!  try again!”

things she doesn’t like:

  • raw tomatoes, and some other foods too, but i can’t think of them right now.  mommy and i used to play this game where i would close my eyes, and then mommy would put something into my mouth and i’d guess what it was.  sienna is not down with that game.  she will inspect the food on the spoon/fork before she opens her mouth.  sometimes, mommy will put something into sienna’s mouth, and she’ll spit it out and inspect it before she decides if she is going to eat it or not.
  • staying home while i go to school.  sienna pretty much wants to do everything that i do.  so when i go off to school, she says “sienna go school”.  pretty soon, we will start going to the same school together.  sienna is so excited!
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partying it up at pump it up

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do you remember my friend clare?  probably not.  she came to my 1st birthday party.  and then i went to her 3rd birthday party.  and then she moved to taiwan.  i never heard of taiwan before, but i hear that it’s really far away.

that party was the last time that i saw clare, until today.  today was her 5th birthday party (she is so old!) and it was her little sister camila’s 2nd birthday party, too.  they still live in taiwan, but they hosted a U.S. celebration so they could see all their friends who live around here.  cool, huh?

20130720-IMG_125620130720-IMG_1242the party was at pump it up.  not pump it up junior, but the big kid pump it up.  i loved going through the obstacle course, just like the one at pump it up junior.  but this place also had stuff that the junior version doesn’t have — like an air hockey table and a climbing wall.  sienna did pretty good on the climbing wall.  i tried it, but i didn’t like it.  i was in tears by the time i got 3 feet off the ground.  i loved the air hockey table, though.  i wanted to play all night, but mommy said i had to give other kids a turn.

20130720-IMG_1262after all the bouncing around, pizza and cake were served in the party room.  yummy!  we all dug right into the pizza, except for sienna, who just looked on longingly.  (see her in the photo?  how sad.)  mommy didn’t even bring any other food for her to eat.  bad mommy.

when i got my piece of cake, i only ate 3 bites (‘cuz i am 3) and no frosting.  mommy didn’t have to tell me — i know the rules.  auntie carol (clare and camila’s mommy) says i must take after mommy in not eating too much unhealthy food, but really, it’s just good training. 😛

sienna and i had a fun time and we hope clare and camila move back to the bay area soon!

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last day at my Y school

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20130719-IMG_1231for the past couple of weeks, mommy has been asking me every day if i want to go to sienna’s school or if i want to stay at my Y school.  it used to be that i would always say that i wanted to go to sienna’s school.  but more and more, i’ve been saying that i want to stay at my Y school.  mommy didn’t want to put me through another traumatic transition, but she also didn’t want me at a school where they aren’t diligent about sunscreen and they have way too many birthday celebrations (pizza and cake).  she thought long and hard about it, but what pushed her over the edge was when i was detained from recess because i didn’t eat my mac & cheese at snack time.  i finished my string beans, but i didn’t like the mac & cheese!  luckily, mommy showed up to pick me up for soccer, and she told me i didn’t have to eat the mac & cheese if i didn’t want to.  and it was decided.  i would go to sienna’s school when she started.

today was my last day at my Y school.  when mommy came to pick me up, the teacher announced that it was my last day.  all my friends (mostly girls) lined up to give me hugs.  i will miss them!  i wasn’t at the school long enough to make any lasting friendships, but maybe i’ll see some of my school friends again when i start kindergarten.

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bye bye old house

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20130718-IMG_121620130718-IMG_1210we went to go visit our old house today.  mommy said that it would be the last time that we could go visit.  i don’t really understand it, but apparently, our house is going to belong to someone else tomorrow, and someone else is going to live in it.  i asked it if was going to be miss denise, but mommy said no.

20130718-IMG_1214mommy and daddy are so happy about finalizing the sale of the house (and so quickly!) but they are a little bit sad, too.  it’s the first house that mommy and daddy bought together.  and then koda came along, and then me, and then sienna.  it was the place that our family called home.  we made a lot of wonderful memories in that house and in the neighborhood.  we will miss it a lot.

mommy is sad that sienna and i will probably have no memories of our old house when we grow up, so we took these photos to look back on one day.  our first house. our first home.

bye bye old house.  thanks for the memories!

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“la sandwiches”: part 3 of 3

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after our day at disneyland, we checked into a hotel near the park.  we didn’t want to interrupt sierra and sofia’s regular routine by staying over at their house on school nights.  plus, our hotel is walking distance from california adventure, where we went on monday.


20130715-IMG_6948we started the d20130715-IMG_1160ay with a character breakfast at PCH grill.  (not a bad way to spend a monday morning, right?)  matthew, edison, logan, and mason met us there.  matthew and i were dressed like twins, and logan and edison were, too.  totally unplanned!  we had a buffet breakfast with over-priced, but pretty good food.  the chef made a plate of gluten-free, egg-free, mickey mouse waffles just for sienna, and that made it worth every penny. 🙂  while we were eating, mickey and his friends came to dance with us and visit us at our table.  we saw mickey, minnie, stitch, pluto, and daisy.  stitch even helped us sing happy birthday to sienna. 🙂  my friends had so much fun hanging out with the characters, but sienna and i weren’t all that into it — we were too busy eating.  after breakfast, however, we all ran and jumped and danced around the stage.  we had a blast!

auntie mimi met up with us after brunch, and we all rolled into california adventure some time after noon.  it was our (the whole tanaka family’s) first time at cal adventure.  everyone else had been there before, so they led the way and we followed along.  us big boys went to watch disney junior live! and then we went to a dance party.  we thought the dance party was going to be a show, but it turned out to be an all-day kiddie rave.  while we were partying it up, mommy and auntie cheryl stayed with the sleeping babies (sienna and mason).

20130715-IMG_7093after we left hollywood land, we headed toward cars land (with a quick spin on the bumper cars in a bug’s land along the way).  we spent most of the afternoon at cars land, which was the highlight of the trip for me.  i was so excited to see mater and lightning mcqueen, and we even rode some rides while my friends were napping in their strollers.

20130715-IMG_7212next stop: paradise pier.  we (very nervously) went on the little mermaid ride.  it looked and felt like it might be similar to the snow white ride (which trauamatized us the day before), but it’s wasn’t so bad.  it helped that mommy and daddy distracted us during the ursula part of the story.  after that, we headed over to the 3-D toy story ride.  while we were in line, i had to go potty, so daddy and i didn’t get to ride.  sienna said we missed out — it was her favorite!

everyone was hungry, so we left the park and headed to downtown disney for dinner.  we agreed to go to the restaurant with the shortest wait time, so to house of blues we went.  and that was our day!  we didn’t stay for fireworks and we didn’t stay for world of color, even though everyone said we had to go see it.  oh well.  i make it through the day with no naps and no major meltdown, so that was a win.  we didn’t want to press our luck. 🙂


the next morning, auntie alice and auntie mimi met us at our hotel and ate breakfast with us.  then, we kidnapped auntie mimi so we could take her home with us.  it was pretty awesome to have an another person in the car to sing songs and play games with.  sienna travels will in the car.  i do not.  throughout the entire car ride, i whined about “why aren’t we home yet?” and “why is it taking so long?”.  sienna just chilled.

well, that was it.  that was our fun-filled, action-packed, trip to socal.  mommy wasn’t sure that we’d survive back-to-back theme park days, but we did it.  (click here for disney photos.)  sienna and i had a great time and we can’t wait to go back to disney again!  but somehow, i don’t think that’s happening any time soon.

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