can’t stop singing

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after swim class, we picked up lunch, went to grandma’s house to eat it, then headed downtown (san jose) to see elmo.  i thought it was silly that we were going to san jose to see elmo, because he lives on sesame street.  but mommy explained to me that he comes to visit san jose once a year.  i get it.

we always go see sesame street shows with matthew, and this was our third time.  (sienna’s second).  this year, we got there a little early and saw ernie, bert, and cookie monster putting on a pre-show performance in the hallway!  guess who paused to high-five sienna during the song? 🙂

20130630-IMG_0978when i went to give cookie monster a high-five, daddy said “cookie monster is my favorite!” i said that elmo is my favorite. i hope i didn’t hurt cookie’s feelings.

we made it to our seats, and edison joined us there. just like last time, we got seats up front near the stage, and right on the aisle. that way, we would definitely get to meet elmo and his friends when they came down off the stage to dance with the kids in the audience.

20130630-audreythis year, the show was called “can’t stop singing”.  elmo got a hold of abby’s magic wand and cast a spell on all his friends.  everyone was singing all the time and they couldn’t talk!  abby spent the whole show looking for her wand.  i kept telling her that elmo had it, but she wasn’t listening to me. we kept waiting for the sesame street friends to come down off the stage and dance with us. we waited and waited, but they never came.  we got gypped.

we all agreed that we didn’t enjoy this show as much as last year. within the first 20 minutes, i asked mommy “why is it not over yet?” sienna was so unimpressed that she slept through the whole thing. maybe we were just tired (no naps) and hot (it was like a sauna inside the theater — mommy was worried that elmo and friends would pass out under the hot stage lights). i’m glad we went, but i’m not sure if we’ll be going again next year.

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YOU have been holding me back!

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i am back at my old swim school for the summer. mommy and daddy have been taking turns swimming with sienna while the other one watches my class. since sienna’s class starts first, we watch her swim for 15 minutes, then we walk over to the other end of the pool where my class is.

20130630-mikewell, the swim school had placed me in the jellyfish class, skipping past the guppies and seahorses. but last week, mommy found out that even though i am in the jellyfish class, i was still at guppy level. what happened? it turns out that one of the skills required to pass the guppy level is to walk out onto the pool deck with the teacher and to be comfortable in class without parent(s) present. oops. we had no idea. mommy/daddy have only been sitting on the pool deck to get an unobstructed view for taking photos for my blog. YOU (my readers) have been holding me back!!! but not to worry — my teacher said that i could demonstrate the skill by walking out to class with her 3 times (over the next 3 weeks).

20130630-IMG_0970so today, after watching sienna swim for a few minutes, daddy and i went to the viewing gallery. it has wall-to-wall glass so that mommies and daddies can watch their kids swim. when it was time for my class, my teacher came and called my name, and i walk out to the pool with my swim friends. daddy watched me from behind the glass.

i had a great lesson (as always), and when i climbed out of the pool after class, i got TWO ribbons — guppy and seahorse! i was surprised that they advanced me today because everyone had said that it would take 3 times (walking out to the pool deck on my own), but i’m not complaining. i am now legit in the jellyfish class!

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car wash (talking about the car wash, yeah)

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i’ve been going to my new school for almost 2 months, and i’ve cried at drop off almost every morning — until now.  during this past week, i didn’t cry at all.  not one time.

you’d think this would be good news, right?  well, yes and no.  remember how mommy was thinking about putting me in a different school that doesn’t have pizza parties every other day?  well, she pulled the trigger.  she enrolled sienna in a different school (she will start when she turns 2) and gave our official 30-day notice to my pizza party school.  i’m supposed to start at “sienna’s school” in a few weeks.  we drive past it every day, and mommy always asks me if i’m excited to go there and be an owl (that’s the classroom that i would be in).  i have always said yes — until this week.  i’ve recently start saying that i don’t want to be an owl.  i want to stay at my current school.  mommy is torn.  she would prefer to have me and sienna at the same school (and also likes sienna’s’ school for other reasons), but doesn’t want to put me through another traumatic transition.  we are both supposed to start in a few weeks after sienna turns 2, but we’ll see what happens.

20130629-IMG_0966but anyway, back to my good news story.  i have been wanting to go to a drive-thru car wash for a long time, and there happens to be one that we always see on the way to the freeway.  mommy and i made a deal.  after one full week of tear-free drop offs, we would celebrate with a trip through the car wash.  so today, we did it.  we went to the car wash!  it was so cool seeing the rainbow colored bubbles and red brushes and the high-powered drying fan (just like the dyson hand dryers in some bathrooms!).

20130629-IMG_0968sienna was lucky — she didn’t even have to do anything, and she got to go to the car wash with us, too.  after we exited, sienna kept asking to go through the car wash again.  we both thought it was so cool and hope that we can go again soon. 🙂

i think mommy was the one that benefited the most from this deal, though.  she enjoyed an entire week of easy drop offs and now, a clean car!

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20130626-IMG_0943sienna has no friends.  she just tags along with me and my friends wherever we go.  so basically, she hangs out with older boys all the time.  that’s a trend that we all wanted to put and end to — the sooner the better.  so it was very exciting when caylie invited sienna to an all-girl playdate.  (remember caylie?  she’s logan and mason’s cousin who sienna met at their memorial day BBQ.)

20130626-IMG_0951this morning, after mommy and sienna dropped me off at school, sienna met up with caylie and two of her friends at a park in san ramon.  sienna was the oldest of the 4 girls.  everyone brought fruit and snacks to share, so the girls spent the first 30 minutes just stuffing their faces.

20130626-IMG_0947after that, sienna and caylie went and played in the playground while the other girls mostly just hung out in the shade to avoid the heat.  it was such a hot day — even sienna was complaining that some of the equipment was too hot to play on.  but that didn’t step her from exploring the awesome new playground.  she especially liked the conveyor belt thingy.  when you hang on it, your feet slide out from under you.  it looks so fun!

sienna only stayed for a little over an hour.  she had to get home to eat lunch and mommy had to get back to work.  sienna hopes to get invited to the next girl’s day out, and if she’s lucky, mommy will be able to juggle her work schedule to bring her again.

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sienna is 23 months old

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20130622-1E7A2947things she likes:

  • swimming
  • swimming
  • swimming
  • talking.  she talks a lot.  a LOT.  and she speaks in complete sentences.  sometimes she mixes up her pronouns, and she doesn’t pronounce some of her double consonants correctly.  so being the good big brother that i am, i correct her grammar.  my grammar is better than sienna’s, and i have a larger vocabulary, but i think her articulation might be better than mine!
  • her flip flops.  she just got her first pair a couple of weeks ago and she loves them.  she calls them “fop fop”s.
  • doing everything herself.  she protests, “self!” anytime someone tries to help her.  climbing in and out of her car seat, washing her face, getting undressed… she wants to do it all herself.  (she can’t actually undress herself, but she likes to try.)
  • annoying me.  sometimes, she does things just to annoy me, like push me, poke me in the chest, or hit me on the head.  i am not supposed to push/poke/hit her back because she is little, and i’m pretty sure she knows that (and that’s why she does it).
  • school.  sienna has visited a couple of preschools, and she had a blast. she didn’t want to leave.  she has also come with mommy to pick me up from my school a few times.  she loved it.  when i leave for school in the morning, she always says that she wants to go too.  we tell her that she can go to school when she turns 2.  she can’t wait.  (i wonder if she will still like it when she realizes that she will be going for the whole day.)
  • swimming.  have i mentioned that she likes to swim?  sienna loves swimming.  if you ask her if she’s ready to go swimming, she responds “super ready!”.  she smiles and laughs throughout her entire swim lesson.  even her teacher asked if she is always so happy.

things she doesn’t like:

  • her car seats.  at first, we thought it was just the car seat in the daddy’s car that she doesn’t like.  she still rides rear-facing in the infant carrier when in daddy’s car, and that thing can’t be very comfortable.  but she doesn’t sit in there often, so we thought it would be okay.  apparently, it’s not.  she protests, and protests loudly.  in the past couple of days, sienna started complaining about her car seat in mommy’s car too.  in there, she has a comfy forward-facing convertible car seat just like mine.  but she doesn’t seem to like that one either.  “mommeee!  i don’t like this chair!  don’t like this chair!”  it makes for some really long (and noisy) car rides.
  • hearing other people sing when she’s not in the mood.  i’m not sure, but i think she thinks that people are trying to put her to bed, and that’s why she doesn’t like it.
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life without mommy

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whenever daddy is alone with me and sienna, he writes status messages about how difficult we are and/or posts photos and videos of us crying.  (remember this one?)  this happens whether mommy is gone for an hour or for days.  this week, she’s in texas for 3 days.

20130618-mikehere’s a photo that daddy posted yesterday.  he wrote about how i was bratty and pissy all morning, and that my mood hadn’t changed when he picked me up from school in the evening.

a few months ago, mommy asked daddy if when she travels, if it makes him appreciate her more or just resent her for leaving.  he said “both”.  i think yesterday, it was more resentment than appreciation. 😛

but that’s not the point of this entry.  the point is that when these photos/videos get posted, mommy’s and daddy’s friends always wonder if:

(a) when mommy leaves, sienna and i transform from our usual angelic selves into demon spawn

(b) daddy is incapable of handling two kids on his own

(c) daddy exaggerates how tough of a time he’s having in an effort to guilt-trip mommy (so she’ll never leave us again) and/or get sympathy from his friends

when friends ask mommy what the real deal is, she responds “i’ll never know”.  sienna and i know, but we won’t tell.  what do you think?

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warm water weekends

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20130616-IMG_0925we’re back at our old swim school (AVAC) for the summer session.  everyone thinks we are crazy for taking swim lessons 45 miles from home, but it’s really close to grandma’s house, so it gives us a good excuse to drop by and visit every weekend.

sienna’s class starts 15 minutes before mine, so i got to watch her for a little while.  sienna is still a baby, so mommy swam with her.  i sat with daddy on the pool deck and cheered “good job, sienna!”  i wanted to encourage her during her first time back in the pool this year.  she didn’t need any encouragement, though.  she was so comfortable in the water, like she had been swimming her whole life.  she did a great job doing big arms and big kicks, she is comfortable back floating (with her neck supported), and she can “swim” under water.  each time sienna finished an underwater “swim”, she came up for air and immediately said “try again!”  sienna obviously loves swimming — even her teacher commented on what a great time she was having.  i think she might catch up to my swimming skills very soon!

20130616-IMG_0926last summer, mommy swam with me during my swim lessons.  but i’m a big boy now, so now i swim by myself.  the baby class that sienna is in (where mommies and daddies swim with you) is the pollywogs.  the first independent swim class is the guppies.  then the seahorses.  then the jellyfish.  i started in the jellyfish class.  i wasn’t sure if i would be ready for it, but it was just fine.  we reviewed some skills that i already knew, and we practiced some new skills like swimming with a kickboard and holding our breath as long as long as we could.

i am so happy to be back in the warm water.  sienna and i both love swimming and we are already looking forward to next sunday!

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happy father’s day x 3

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late last week, we were all having dinner together and i was telling daddy about my day at school. i whispered to him in my quietest voice, “i made a special present for father’s day.” mommy shot me a wide-eyed look and put her finger to her lips. she said “shhh… that’s a secret.” i knew it was a secret — that’s why i was whispering. duh. i don’t understand what mommy was talking about.

20130614-IMG_0928anyway, mommy usually takes me to school, but last friday, daddy took me because there was a father’s day breakfast at my school. that was just the start of our celebrations.

20130616-IMG_0898today, we had a non-stop packed day. first, we had our swim lessons at AVAC. (more on that in my next post.) after that, we headed to grandma and grandpa’s house. uncle randy met us there, and we had a father’s day sushi lunch with the tanaka family. grandma really liked the card that i made from grandpa. i think she liked it more than he did!

20130616-IMG_0911after lunch, we made a quick run to the store, stopped home just long enough for mommy to whip up a lemongrass marinade, and then headed to cousin zoey’s house for a quon-style father’s day bbq. we had originally wanted to take gung-gung out somewhere special (he really likes trying new places and “different” kinds of food), but we came to our senses and realized that it was best to eat in. cousin zoey and i bring out the crazy in each other and we really can’t go out in public together.

as soon as we were done with dinner, we rushed home. mommy threw some clothes in a suitcase, and then she headed off to SFO to catch a red-eye. her father’s day gift to daddy is 3 whole days of quality time with me and sienna. what a great gift! that sure beats the handmade cards that i made for grandpa, gung-gung, and daddy. daddy disagrees — he wants to trade in his gift for a PS4.

happy father’s day to all the super (grand)dads out there — especially mine! 🙂

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everyone says that boys develop large motor skills sooner (and more quickly) than girls.  the opposite is true for fine motor skills.  that explains why i could pull myself up to a stand, crawl, and walk earlier than sienna did.  and it also explains why sienna learned a proper writing grip and used utensils correctly much earlier than i did.

but how do you explain this?  i couldn’t do froggy jumps until after i turned 2, even with weekly gym classes where we practiced that kind of stuff.  sienna never went to gym classes on a regular basis, but she has been doing froggy jumps all month.  she would jump all day long if she had an audience.  (she loves to show off.)

p.s. when you read the title of this post, which song did you hear in your head? pointer sisters, van halen, or kris kross? mommy wants to know.

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20130613-IMG_0881matthew and i finally got called off the wait list at airborne gymnastics.  mommy is not thrilled about it that place (the gym is a little hard core for her taste) but i have been super excited about it, so we are giving it a chance.  we official started in the dyna mights class today.

20130613-IMG_0880matthew and i are the only boys in the class.  we are also the smallest.  when we went through our workout, the coach told us 10 different things at a time, and we were supposed to remember everything and rotate through all 10 stations.  matthew and i knew how to do a couple of the skills, but only a couple.  i think matthew at least went through the stations in the right order.  i just kept going back to the trampoline to bounced bounced bounced until the coach told me to move along.  i tried the rope web today, unlike the last time we were there for our trial class.  i only got up to about the 2nd rung, but at least i tried it.  and mommy and daddy always tell me “just try”, so 2nd rung was good enough for them. 🙂

after class, coach went over to our mommies to give them a report on how we did.  he said that we are “coachable”.  i think that was his nice way of saying that our gymnastics skills are not up to par, but he’ll let us stay because we are good listeners.  we’ll see how long we last at this gym! 😛

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