sleep update

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it’s been awhile since i’ve given a sleep update.  sienna is sleeping pretty well on most nights.  she goes to bed around 9:00pm.  since she is not nursing at nighttime anymore, mommy doesn’t always have to be the one to put her to bed.  as long as she has minnie mouse and her two blankets, she’s fine.

sienna wakes up around 6:00am every day.  mommy gets sienna out of bed, brings her into her bed, and then nurses her.  that used to be enough to get sienna to go back to sleep for a little while, but not anymore.  i think that mommy isn’t making much milk these days, so there isn’t enough to fill sienna’s tummy.  mommy can sometimes stall sienna for about 30 minutes, but after that, sienna insists on going downstairs to eat breakfast.

i used to wake up at 6:00am every morning, too.  but now, i can sleep ’til 7:30 or 8:30am.  mommy is really looking forward to the day when sienna can sleep in that late because that means she will get to sleep in, too!

i am a really good sleeper.  at nighttime, i don’t need someone to stay with me until i fall asleep anymore.  i haven’t needed that for a few months, actually.  mommy or daddy can leave my room while i’m still wide awake, and i will just lie in bed until i fall asleep — as long as they leave my door open.  on some afternoons, i will even go up to my room by myself (reluctantly), and lay down and take a nap.

mommy can’t wait until sienna is as good of a sleeper as i am.  when i was 2 1/4 years old, i was sleeping in until 7:00am.  but maybe that’s because i was going to sleep at 10:00pm.  i think i will try to get sienna to stay up an extra hour with me.  maybe that will shift her sleep schedule and let everyone start getting more sleep around here.

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edison’s playhouse

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mommy always says that playdates are more for mommies than for us kids.  i think that was true when i was baby kyden, but not anymore.  i like playing with my friends.  i ask about them all the time and i even ask to see them sometimes.

when the weather was warmer, edison used to meet me and sienna at the park every week.  but since it’s been cold and rainy lately, we haven’t seen him as much.  so today, we went over to edison’s house for a playdate.

i like going to edison’s house because he has so many fun toys to play with.  we played for hours (inside and outside) and then ate a yummy dinner that auntie ann cooked for us.  we could have called it a night at that point, and it would have been a pretty good playdate.  but it got better.

after dinner, we got to use the “mixer for making cookies” (stand mixer).  we mixed together flour, cream of tartar, salt, oil, water, and food coloring…  guess what we made.  sounds like bread, right?  wrong.  we made play-doh!

edison, sienna, and i each got our own station with a big ball of blue-green play-doh, a rolling pin, cookie cutters, molds, cars, trains, and even a birthday candle.  sienna and i made pretend cookies and cakes and we decorated them with real spices (like coriander and mint) and real candy sprinkles in fun colors and shapes.  edison preferred to make a mountain with his play-doh and drive his trains all over it.

but wait, there’s more.  after all the play-doh fun, we moved the party to the mini indoor play structure.  we all played on it, but sienna loved loved LOVED the slide.  climb, slide, run back, repeat — she was in a continuous loop.  she went on that slide dozens of times and would have stayed there all night long if we let her.

we had a great time playing at edison’s house.  it was like one of those toddler cooking classes + art studio time at the children’s discovery museum + open play at studio grow, all rolled into one.  edison can charge admission for playdates at his house.  i would buy a lifetime membership!

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sienna is 19 months old

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things she likes:

  • piggy back rides.  she “holds tight” around mama’s or daddy’s neck and hangs on — they don’t even have to hold her up!
  • filling koda’s bowl with food.  sometimes she only gets a few pieces of kibble in the scoop, and sometimes she spills a lot on the floor.  sienna and i alternate scoops so that it doesn’t take 15 minutes to fill koda’s bowl.
  • playing fetch with koda.  sienna can’t throw the ball very far, but she seems to like it anyway.  i think it’s more fun for her than it is for koda.
  • elmo, minnie mouse, and mickey mouse.  she calls them by name and gets so excited when she sees them in books, on boxes, on tv, or anywhere.
  • my mickey mouse clubhouse CD.  as soon as she hears the first words of the song, she starts rocking out.  i’m going to have to make a video of it some time.  it’s so cute.
  • pronouncing final consonants.  i used to make fun of her for saying “meel” instead of “milk”, “daw” instead of “dog”, and stuff like that.  she is getting so much better at saying words correctly.
  • oranges, apples, and cheese.  those are the snacks that she always asks for.  she also loves almond butter, and i’m sure she would ask for that if she knew how.
  • nursing.  she is down to one time a day (first thing in the morning) but she still asks for it often.
  • wearing hair accessories.  i think she actually likes wearing them, but i bet it helps that i always tell her “you look so pretty!” whenever she puts on a headband or hair clip.
  • fire.  she likes to (and asks to) burn logs in our fireplace.  on spare the air days, she settles for lighting candles.
  • pushing buttons.  buttons run the world.  they open elevators.  dry our clothes.  make smoothies.  wash our dishes.  the list goes on.
  • being carried.  this started a couple of weeks ago when sienna had the flu.  she was really needy and clingy and wanted to be carried everywhere.  but now, she’s healthy and feeling fine but still wants to be carried ALL THE TIME.

things she doesn’t like:

  • being spoon-fed.  she always insists on feeding herself.
  • sharing mommy.  i figured it out.  i used to think that sienna didn’t like it when mommy worked on her computer.  or when someone else (like me) sat on mommy’s lap.  but sienna just doesn’t like to share mommy with anyone or anything.  ever.
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reverse reverse psychology

Posted by kyden on Tuesday Feb 19, 2013 Under sienna

mommy has always used reverse psychology to teach me lessons about “bad” foods.  like that time that i wanted to suck sriracha straight out of the bottle.  mommy squirted some onto her finger and let me taste it.  WAAAHHH!!!  or that time that she warned me not to play with the wasabi, but i didn’t listen.  she didn’t stop me from touching it, and i ate some.  WAAAHHH!!!  i’ve learned my lesson.  now, when mommy tells me “you can try some, but i don’t think you’ll like it”, i believe her.    i don’t even want to try it.  i totally trust her.

well, i’ll tell you what.  the reverse psychology does not work on sienna at all.  when mommy lets her taste “bad” foods in an attempt to turn her off to them, sienna likes it.  and then she asks for more.

the other day, sienna insisted on trying mommy’s hot sauce.  mommy let her have a taste to prove that it wasn’t marinara sauce (or whatever sienna thought it might be).  sienna ate the whole cup of hot sauce.  with a spoon.  and the time that she took a sip of mommy’s black coffee, she wanted more.  no sugar.  no cream.  black.  yuck!  (don’t worry, it was decaf.)  mommy often orders her soon dubu jigee (korean tofu stew) and tom yum gai (thai hot and sour soup) extra spicy.  sienna likes it.  she eats it and doesn’t even need to guzzle milk after each bite.

clearly, reverse psychology does not work on sienna.  at least, not when it comes to food.  i think there is something seriously wrong with her taste buds.  either that, or she’s just way smarter than i’ve been giving her credit for.

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gung-gung’s birthday excitement

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even though gung-gung’s birthday is not until tomorrow, we celebrated today.  just like every year, he picked a special restaurant for his birthday celebration, and cousin zoey (and uncle jamie and auntie alyssa) met us there.  do you remember what happened last year?  that was when we drove all the way to a restaurant in redwood city and i threw up all over myself.  gosh, that seems like so long ago.

anyway, there was a little bit of excitement this year, but it was not nearly the adventure that last year was.  gung-gung picked vung tau for his birthday lunch.  the restaurant was featured on one of his favorite shows, “check, please!“, so he wanted to check it out.  he didn’t realize that we had eaten there before.  remember when i ate frog legs?  that was at vung tau.  when we arrived at the restaurant, i told mommy, “we’ve been here before!”.  that’s right, you never forget your first frog leg.

anyway, lunch was yummy and everyone liked their lunch.  and when mommy brought out the cupcakes, we all got really excited — especially me and cousin zoey.  zoey took one bite of her strawberry-filled vanilla cupcake and then started freaking out.  she started screaming and sticking out her tongue and wouldn’t put it back in her mouth.  everyone thought that she was just acting crazy, but then we realized that she was having an allergic reaction.  her chin and mouth were breaking out and her tongue was itching.  i guess that’s why she was sticking it out.

zoey has outgrown her egg allergy, is still allergic to sesame, and has a newly-discovered almond allergy.  but we have no idea how a strawberry vanilla cupcake could cause so much trouble.  she has an epi pen with her at all times, just like sienna does.  it’s getting harder and harder to eat out with the girls in this family.

happy birthday gung-gung.  can’t wait to see what kind of excitement your next birthday will bring!

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valentine’s fun

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every year on valentine’s day, we get cards in the mail from auntie barbara. we also get a fruit arrangement send to our house from uncle randy. but other than that, it’s just like any other day.  but this year, i found out how much fun valentine’s day can really be!

last night, sienna and i made valentines giraffes to give out as presents.  they came out pretty nice, don’t you think?  can you tell which one i made and which one sienna made?  mommy helped sienna, but i did mine all by myself (except mommy helped me glue the eye.)  mommy also helped me buy scratch and sniff valentines day cards, and i picked out which ones to give to each of my friends at school.

at school today, we had a special valentine’s day party.  we all wore red or purple shirts, we exchanged cards, and we got to eat a special treat (brownies).

look at all the cards and candy that i got!  sienna only got one card (from auntie barbara).  i’m not counting the fruit arrangement and balloon from uncle randy because that’s for both of us.  sienna thinks it’s all hers though because i wasn’t home when it was delivered.  she tried to eat all the grapes before i even got home.  how rude.

oh, and i almost forgot…  at school, i made a card for mommy and daddy.  i told them that i made it for them because i love them sooo much.

happy valentine’s day everyone!

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may the snake be with you

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today is the start of the chinese new year.  it’s the year of the snake.  i don’t think i know any snakes.  i’m an ox.  oxen are most compatible with rats, which is mommy’s sign.  maybe that explains why i love mommy so much.  i keep telling her that i’m going to marry her when i grow up.  she always tells me that i can’t because she is already married to daddy. no fair. anyway, back to chinese new year…

last year, auntie mimi invited us to join in her family’s chinese new year celebration.  we got to eat all of the traditional dishes that are prepared during that time of year.  not this year, though. tonight, we had a quiet evening at home watching kai-lan and eating hot pot.  that’s about as chinese as we get in the tanaka household.  but even though we didn’t have a big party, that didn’t stop sienna and me from collecting lai see (red envelopes).  i earned mine.  watch the video 🙂

gung hay fat choy and may the snake be with you!

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saturday is sharks day

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just like every year, uncle randy made a family calendar for us for christmas.  on my calendar, mommy writes all of my and sienna’s activities, parties, and other social engagments.  i like looking at the calendar every day, but i know our routine even without having to look.

  • miss denise comes to take care of us on all the days except S days (saturday and sunday).
  • on sundays, i go to swim class, but only during the warm months.  when i swim, sienna goes to gym class.
  • on tuesdays, i go to school.  after school, i play soccer, but only during warm months.
  • on thursdays, i go to school.  after school, we go to starbucks, then gym class, then galleria, then home.

the square on my calendar for today says SHARKS GAME!  i’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time.  when we looked at the calendar this morning, i asked daddy why can’t every saturday be SHARKS GAME day? 😛

daddy and i had a fun day out.  we went out for a pre-game lunch at sonoma chicken coop.  then we walked to the shark tank, 0.6 miles away (yes, i walked the whole way there and back by myself).  i had so much fun at the game yelling “GO SHARKS GO!”, doing the shark chomp, and eating chunks of salt off of the pretzel that daddy bought for me.  after the game, daddy and i went out for froyo.  what a great day!

when we got home, i told mommy about all the fun we had.  she asked if the sharks won.  (they didn’t.)  i told her they did.  it’s what she wanted to hear.

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our new house

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look!  this is our new house.  we have been talking about it for awhile now, so i knew that it was in san ramon.  and i knew that it was near cousin zoey’s house.  but i didn’t know it was this house.  as soon as we pulled up, i asked mommy “this is our new house?  we went here before with cousin zoey.”  last time we went to the house, uncle scott and auntie emily (old family friends of mommy’s and uncle jamie’s) were still living in there.  now, it’s empty.  and now, it’s ours!

mommy and i went to the house today to pick paint colors.  but first, i had to pick my room.  there were two bedrooms for me to choose from.  one is a lot bigger than the other and has a walk-in closet.  but the smaller room has a window that looks out to the front of the house.  guess which one i chose.  the one with the front-facing window, of course!  mommy is going to buy me a window bench so i can climb up there and watch the mail man and garbage man when they come.

mommy has been asking me what color i want to paint my room.  orange.  she keeps asking me if i’m sure.  yes, i’m sure.  orange.  mommy says that we’ll compromise and use orange accents or something.  for sienna’s room, i picked pink.  i don’t think mommy went for that, either.

earlier, when i said that the house is empty, that’s wasn’t entirely accurate.  there are a few things in the house.  downstairs, there’s a big TV, an area rug, diet coke in the fridge, and my step stool!  upstairs in the loft are all the toys that sienna and i got for christmas.  they are sitting there unopened, just waiting to be played with.

the painters are coming this weekend, and then we’ll be able to start moving.  i can’t wait to live in our new house!

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super bowl XLVII

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the 49ers played in their 6th super bowl today. they’ve never lost a super bowl before, so i hosted a get together to watch them win another championship. i know you’re thinking that it was really a grown up party, but it wasn’t. really. i invited 3 of my buddies: logan, greyson, and isaac. mommy put on her 49er’s jersey, sienna put on my old 49er’s pj’s, and i wore my football shirt. daddy doesn’t have a football shirt — he says it’s because mommy didn’t buy him one. anyway, we made lots of food, and we were ready for our guests to come over.

well, isaac came with his family. but guess what. logan was sick, so he couldn’t make it. but auntie cheryl (logan’s mommy) came, and she brought mason. and greyson was sick, so he couldn’t make it, either. but auntie char (greyson’s mommy) came. so it ended up being more like mommy’s party after all 🙂

the 49ers got off to a slow start, but they came back and made the 2nd half exciting. they ended up losing to the ravens 31-34, but it was a well fought game. and we got to use the projector in our house one last time 🙂

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