bye bye 2012

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today is a special day.  it’s the last day of the year.  i understand days and weeks and months, but i’m a little fuzzy on the concept of years, so i don’t really get it.  but it seemed like a big deal to everyone, so i just went with it.

first, kai-kai came over to hang out during the day.  we played board games (sesame street chutes and ladders and hungry hungry hippo), ate lunch, and then played outside in the backyard.  it’s fun having friends my age to play with.  i like playing with sienna too, but she’s not very good at board games.  we let her play hungry hungry hippo with us because we needed more people.  we even let koda play.  koda’s not very good either.  kai-kai and i always got the most marbles.

in the evening, we went to matthew’s house for a NYNYE party.  that’s not a typo.  it was a new york new year’s eve party — celebrated on eastern standard time!  we had dinner, we played with matthew’s bazillion toys all evening long, and then at midnight EST, it was time.  we had our countdown, blew our party horns, and toasted with apple cider.  best kiddie new year’s party idea ever!

2012 was another good year for us.

  • sienna and i continued swimming and gymming, and i started soccer classes.
  • we took a family trip to san diego (with grandma and grandpa) where mommy, daddy, auntie barbara, and uncle randy ran the rock ‘n’ roll 1/2 marathon relay.
  • we went to lake tahoe for a summer beach weekend (with gung-gung, the tungs, and the nishimotos).
  • we celebrated sienna’s 1st birthday party in the park with elmo.
  • i had an awesome 3rd birthday party at disneyland (and a fun weekend in LA with the wolberts).
  • we took a family vacation to kauai (with gung-gung and the ang family)!
  • we made a lot of great new memories with our families and friends.

2012 was pretty great, but there are some exciting changes coming our way in 2013.  stay tuned!

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birthday times two

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my friend sierra lives far away.  (we stayed at her house when we went to disneyland earlier this year.)  a couple of years ago, she had a birthday party up here in northern california, so i got to go.  this year, she did it again.  but this time, it was a double party because her baby sister sofia turned 1!

sienna and i dressed up for the party, wearing new clothes that we got as christmas presents.  when sienna wears dresses i tell her that she looks nice 🙂

the party was at her gung-gung’s house.  how cool that she has one, too.  (i thought that my gung-gung was the one and only!)  we spent the day at his house playing and eating and jumping in the bounce house in his backyard.  we actually spent most of our time in the bounce house — jumping, and rolling, and bouncing.  we took breaks every so often, but we went back to the bounce house for round 2 and 3 and 4.

how lucky sierra and sofia are to get to celebrate their birthdays together.  mommy and uncle jamie were both born in november, so they had some joint birthday parties when they were little.  i wish sienna and i could do that too, but our birthdays are more than 2 months apart.  oh well.  happy birthday to sierra and sofia.  so glad that we got to join in on the fun this year!


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christmas in the park: daytime edition

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for my whole life, we’ve always gone to christmas in the park at nighttime.  but this morning, sienna and i met up with matthew and edison to see what it would be like during the day.  auntie mimi and auntie laura met us there too 🙂

i don’t remember all of the displays, but my favorite frogs from the carribean christmas were in their usual spot, and the toy train was chugging along just like in previous years.  i never knew this before, but there is a real train that you can ride, too!  we tried to buy tickets, but the train was broken.  and after seeing those rickety tracks in the daylight, mommy said that we wouldn’t be riding that train even if it was working!

we walked around the whole place, but we didn’t stay too long — maybe an hour or so (including a detour to the fairmont hotel for a potty break).  it just wasn’t the same without the pretty lights and the “snow” and the activities/performances.  plus, it was sooo cold, even with the starbucks bubble milk (steamed milk) that we picked up on the way there.

after leaving the park, we all went to eat lunch together.  and after lunch, we ran around like wild chickens up and down the alley in san pedro square.   that was one of the highlights of our day!  i guess that was one of the benefits of going to christmas in the park in the daytime (aside from being easier to take photos).  but from now on, i think we’ll stick to visiting at night.

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getting around

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we drive around a lot.  and whenever we drive, i talk about and ask questions about everything we see on the road.  “that arrow means go that way.”  “what does ‘U turn’ mean?”  “i see RXR!” (railroad crossing).  “why that sign say ‘NO’?” (as in ‘NO pedestrian crossing’, ‘NO stopping any time’).

my latest fascination is freeways.  i always want to know what freeway we are on.  about a month ago, we were on our way home from galleria (the place we go for dinner every week after gym class), and i asked mommy what freeway we were on.  “101” she said.  the next time we went to galleria, i asked mommy what freeway we were on.  she said “680”. 680?  why we not on 101?  the way home from galleria is 101! (we had taken a different way home because mommy had to stop at the bank.)

my favorite freeway used to be 101, but we’ve been driving on 680 a lot during these past couple of weeks. so that’s my new favorite freeway.

and in case you didn’t know, i have an excellent memory. so whenever i ask what freeway we are on, i remember that that’s the freeway we are supposed to take to get to wherever we are going. who needs a GPS when you have a KQT?

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i’ve been learning that around the holdiays, we give presents, and we get presents. and when we get presents, we put them under the tree and open them on christmas day. i also learned that christmas fell on a tuesday this year. so ever since last week, i’ve been asking “what day is today?” and when i got my answer, i’d follow up with “why it not tuesday yet?”

well, today is finally tuesday. and that means it’s christmas. and that means i got to open all my presents!

after breakfast, i looked under the tree and found all the ones that said K-Y-D-E-N next to the “To”. that meant that it was for me. i helped sienna find her presents too. there was even one for koda. i helped sienna open her gifts, and i said stuff like “oooh, sienna, look at that. how cool!” (just like mommy and daddy say to me when i am opening my presents.)

then we went over to grandma and grandpa’s house for lunch. auntie barbara and uncle randy were there, too. there were so many presents under the tree. and guess what — most of them were for me and sienna! i guess that’s what happens when you’re the only kids in the family 😀

after spending the day with the tanakas, we went to grandma and grandpa lau’s (our great aunt and uncle’s) house for dinner. all of mommy’s side of the family was there — everyone from cousins zoey, justin, caitlyn, and jerrod to bak-bak (great grandmother), and all the aunties and uncles in between. guess what. we got to open more presents! i think we need to buy a new house to fit all of our new toys.

when we first got to grandma lau’s house, sienna and i were both tired and grouchy. i warmed up quickly and started playing with my cousins right away. sienna pretty much just clung to mommy. bak-bak really wanted to hold sienna, but sienna wasn’t having it. toward the end of the night, mommy gave bak-bak a tiny piece of jello and told her that she could offer it to sienna to help win her over. it worked! bak-bak ran off with her, and sienna did not protest at all.

a few minutes later, mommy’s intuition kicked in and she suspected something fishy was going on. she went to the next room to check on sienna, and there she was, sitting on the kitchen counter, licking her lips, and looking giddy. bak-bak and grandma lau were feeding her frosted cinnamon buns! what’s wrong with a little sugar on christmas? it’s not the sugar — it’s the egg and wheat! (if you don’t remember, sienna is allergic to both egg and wheat.) mommy protested, and bak-bak looked confused. she knew about the allergies, but didn’t realize that cinnamon rolls had egg and wheat in them. hives started appearing on sienna’s face, but nothing serious. i didn’t get to use the epi pen. darn.

i love christmas. i love seeing all my family (especially cousin caitlyn, who i don’t get to see very often). and i really love opening presents! mommy and daddy make sure i read the tag before unwrapping my gifts so i can remember who gave me what. and whenever i wear/read/play with that gift, mommy always tests me to see if i remember. i get it right about 1/2 the time. but sometimes i just guess.

we got so many great clothes, books, and toys (and in sienna’s case, shoes and shoes and shoes) from our friends and relatives. thank you to all of you for being so thoughtful and generous. merry christmas everyone!

p.s. auntie jan asked me if santa came to our house last night. i told her no, but we saw him on the train. why would she think that santa would come to our house? was i supposed to invite him over?

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train of lights

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during the holidays, the niles canyon railway gets all dressed up in christmas lights.  matthew went last year, and he invited us (and auntie mimi) to join him this year.  i love trains and i love lights, so what’s not to love the train of lights!

it was so cool.  i liked all the lights inside and outside of the train.  and the open-air cars were especially cool because you could see the trees and mountains close enough to touch them as we passed them by. and because it was such a cold evening, mommy brought warm milk for us to drink.  i want to drink my milk warm from now on!

we rode the train from niles (in fremont) to sunol, and back.  just as we started back, we santa.  mommy and daddy have never told me about santa, so they were surprised when i exclaimed, “look!  i see santa!  santa lives in the north pole.”  mommy asked me where i learned about santa.  “miss denise.”  of course :).

when santa made his way over to our seats, i leapt into his lap.  literally.  we chatted for a minute, but i don’t remember what we talked about.  i just remember everyone laughing about how comfortable i was with this stranger in a weird red suit.  sienna, not so much.  she wanted nothing to do with him.

we had a great time on the train of lights all the way until all that warm milk made its way through my system.  i had to pee.  badly.  we had to walk through a bunch of cars to find the restrooms, and then we waited for what seemed like a very long time.  and then right when it was my turn, they shut down the restrooms.  (they ran out of water to flush.)  i told mommy that i had to go now and that i couldn’t wait 10 minutes to get back to the train depot.  so we ran up through a few more cars to find the port-a-potty.  one look at that thing, and suddenly i didn’t have to pee so badly anymore.  i actually tried to go in there, but couldn’t.  (mommy didn’t blame me.)

the train of lights was so cool.  thanks for inviting us, matthew!  if you wanna see some of the photos that auntie mimi and daddy took, click here.

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sienna is 17 months old

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things she likes:

  • giving kisses.  i know i said that she liked giving kisses before, but she’s taken it to a whole new level.  sometimes, mommy wakes up to sienna giving her mouth-to-mouth.  sometimes sienna kisses people that she doesn’t even know very well.  the worst is when i’m crying, and sienna comes up to me and hugs and kisses me.  everyone oohs and aahs about how cute she is and forgets that i am upset.
  • talking.  sienna likes to talk, but there are a lot of things that she can’t say yet.  i always ask mommy and daddy why sienna says “meel” instead of “milk”, “mama” instead of “mommy”, and doesn’t even try to say things like “good morning”.  they always remind me that sienna is still a baby.  (and actually, she talks a lot more than i did at her age!)
  • playing follow-the-leader.  but she always insists on leading.  actually, she just drags people around to where she wants them to go.
  • walking up and down the stairs.  she doesn’t like to crawl up or slide down on her tummy anymore.  i always yell at her “sienna, turn out!  that not safe!”  but she doesn’t listen to me.
  • hitting.  she doesn’t hit very hard, but she does it a lot.  i’ve been trying to teach her to pet me gently, just like everyone taught me to do with koda.
  • dancing.  i think she’s actually going to be a pretty good dancer when she gets older.  i think she wants to be a belly dancer.
  • mama’s belly button.  at this age, i liked poking mommy’s belly button, too.  but that’s because mommy’s tummy was getting really big which sienna growing inside.  sienna just likes to jam her finger into mommy’s belly button when she’s nursing.  nobody understands it.

things she doesn’t like:

  • sleeping.  she wakes up several times a night, and refuses to go back to sleep.  it’s not that she can’t soothe herself back to sleep — she flat out refuses.  sometimes, mommy or daddy camp out in her room so that if sienna wakes up, she’ll be comforted by knowing that they’re there.  but sienna tries to tip toe past them so she can go find someone to play with.
  • mommy’s laptop.  when mommy tries to work on her laptop, sienna swats mommy’s hands away from the keyboard.
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reaching the top

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my first time seeing a belly dancer was 2 years ago.  actually, that was my only time seeing a belly dancer until tonight.

we went out to dinner with mommy and daddy’s volleyball team and their families.  as we were finishing our food, a belly dancer came to entertain us.  all of us kids (there were 8 of us) gathered around to watch.  sienna got really into it, shaking her groove thing.  uncle greg asked her if she was going to be a belly dancer when she grew up, and she said yes!  don’t tell daddy.

after the belly dancer finished dancing, i wanted to tip her.  mommy gave me a dollar and told me to go tuck it into the waistband of her skirt, just like logan did.  but i told mommy that i couldn’t reach her top, so i needed her to carry me.  mommy laughed.  i don’t know what was so funny.  that’s how i learned to do it when i was 1.

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my first job

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i got a job today. it was just a one day gig (really, only 30 minutes), but i had to apply for the job and everything. and i even got paid, so that definitely counts. so what does a 3 year-old do for work? product testing for leapfrog!

when we first arrived at leapfrog, i was very excited.  the lobby of their kid testing lab has fun colorful furniture, a tv, a leappad, and lots of other things to play with.  i took my job very seriously, so i went right to work playing with that leappad.  but it turned out that my real job hadn’t started yet.

a lady came out and called me into a smaller room that had a big mirror on one wall.  she started asking me some questions, but i got a little shy and didn’t want to talk much.  mommy helped out by asking the lady her name, then introducing me to her like a friend.  that helped me get a little more comfortable.  (you would think that someone who facilitates kid testing for a living with be a little better at talking to children!)

the first thing we did was look at pictures and talk about them.  those questions were easy.  it was elmo, grover, big bird, and the sesame street gang.  i got all of them right.  and then the lady gave me a leapster explorer game system.  there was a camera mounted to it, which made it a little awkward to hold.  it also requires the use of a stylus, which is a skinny little plastic pen attached to the right side of the device.  it was hard for me to hold the stylus at all, and i kept putting it in my right hand (since that’s where it was attached) even thought i’m left handed.  there were lots of times that i touched the screen, but i had to tap several times for it to register.

anyway, i got to play a learning game where grover kept calling me “super psychic” and asking me for help doing different things.  i had to balance a boat by putting an equal number of pigs on each side.  i had to put wheels on a race car and then help it speed through town collecting chickens.  and then i had to go around a room with a magnet collecting all the metal things.  random.  it took me a little while to get the hang of it, but i had fun playing the game.  (from what mommy could see by peeking over my shoulder, she thought it was just eh.)

after we were done, i went back out to the lobby to collect my payment.  a different lady came out and talked to mommy about me and my interests.  i wanted a leappad, but she said that was out of her budget.  i ended up getting a leapfrog tag reading system.  it’s cool!  when the lady gave it to me, i announced that i was going to put it under my tree when i got home.  and so i did.

going to work isn’t so bad — it’s actually pretty fun and i can’t wait to do it again!  i don’t get why grown ups complain about work all the time.

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off off off broadway

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we had a holiday party at school today.  mommy, gung-gung, and sienna came.  daddy thought the holiday party was at my gym, so he went there.  boo.  i’m not sure if mommy needs to communicate better or if daddy needs to listen better.  what do you think?

it was a great party.  we sang and danced to 5 songs.  (sort of.)  we gave our parents the presents we made for them.  (ornaments that we decorated with our photo, some glitter, and paint.  mommy and daddy loved it.)  we ate pizza.  and as we left, we all got presents!

our performance didn’t really go as planned.  we had been practicing at school for weeks.  i’d even been practicing at home by myself.  (mommy and daddy wondered where i had learned all these new songs!)  my friends and i had been doing great during rehearsals, and our teachers had been prepping us for the big audience that we were going to have tonight.  but still, two of my friends wouldn’t even stand up on the stage.  their daddies had to sit with them.  some others sat up there next to me but didn’t really participate.  i did all the hand motions and dance moves, but sang very quietly.  i guess we all got a little bit of stage fright.

mommy started recording our performance, but her iphone ran out of storage space before the end of the first song.  she frantically deleted apps between songs, but that wasn’t enough.  and daddy…  well, he was stuck in traffic trying to drive to my school from my gym.  he missed the whole thing 🙁

our teacher, miss shawna, was disappointed that our families didn’t get to see the result of all of our weeks of hard work.  she joked that she was going to have us rehearse one more time and record it.  i’m not sure if that’s really going to happen.  so for now, you’ll have to settle for this:

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