halloween is super!

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last year, i decided that halloween was my favorite holiday because it was so much fun.  and this year was even better!

we didn’t carve pumpkins this year, but sienna and i decorated pumpkins at madison and kailyn’s birthday party.  i think they came out pretty good, don’t you?

and since we had so much fun last year, matthew came over to go trick-or-treating with me again.  as soon as he arrived, we scarfed down our dinners.  then we rushed to get dressed in our halloween costumes so we could hit the streets before the storm rolled in.  i was superman.  sienna was supergirl.  matthew was a different kind of hero — a firefighter.  with outfits like ours, you’d think we would be protecting the neighborhood, right?  we pillaged it.

matthew and i are trick-or-treating pros, but it was sienna’s first time.  at the first house, matthew and i knocked.  when the people opened the door in their costumes, matthew and i yelled “trick or treat!”.  sienna cried.

at the second house, sienna didn’t cry, but she didn’t really know what to do.  she just stood there and looked bewildered.  it took a few houses for sienna to get into it.

we ended up hitting 4 cul de sacs, including our street.  that’s a LOT of houses!  at most of the houses, matthew and i knocked and yelled “trick or treat!”  we held out our treat bags and collected candy, then i grabbed sienna’s bucket to make sure she got some, too.  while matthew and i ran off to the next house, sienna stood on the porch and waved.  the people in the houses didn’t want to close the door on her, so a lot of them gave her extra candy (hoping that that would get her to turn around and leave).  she’s so smart!  why didn’t i think of that?

all of our treat bags got so full that uncle alan had to lighten our loads by stuffing his pockets with our candy.  even still, our bags were too heavy, so auntie audrey and uncle alan helped us carry them.  sienna kept dropping her bucket and spilling her candy, but she refused to let anyone help her.  every time mommy tried to take her bucket, sienna protested loudly.

when we got back home, we dumped out all our loot, and the grown ups picked out the candy that they wanted to keep.  (they said something about a halloween parent tax.)  that’s okay, we didn’t care about the candy.  we just had fun dressing up, knocking on doors, and carrying glow-in-the-dark swords and flashlights.  we poured the rest of the candy into our bin.  there was a LOT of candy.  for the rest of the night, we let trick-or-treaters take as much candy as they could grab with two hands.  and we still have lots leftover!

i had such a fun time trick-or-treating that i can’t wait to go again.  matthew, do you want to come over and go trick-or-treating again tomorrow? 😀

(click here to see the rest of our halloween pics.)

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“blue button” sighting

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today was a fun mommy-and-me day.  first. mommy picked me up from school right after lunch.  she was going to her office to pick up her new laptop and she was bringing me with her 🙂  i was so excited.  daddy’s work may have carnival games and cotton candy, but mommy’s work has the blue button!  on the way to the office, i kept asking mommy if i could press the blue button. she had no idea what i was talking about. but as we started walking from the parking lot to the entrance of her building, i got sooo giddy and started yelling.  “the blue button!  i see it, mommy, i see it!”  then i ran to the entrance and told mommy to stand back and wait.  i did a countdown, and then…  i pressed the blue button!!!

inside mommy’s office, i got to see uncle david and auntie mimi. mama did a little bit of work, then we took auntie mimi with us to go play. we went to starbucks, we went to look at model homes, and we went to the dentist.

yup, i had a dentist appointment. my dentist office is the best — i wish we had gotten there earlier so i could have had more time to play. i’m not sure if they got new stuff or if i just never noticed it before, but they have an electric guitar and a touch screen TV with kiddie video games! i was so brave and sat in the magic chair all by myself during my cleaning.  then auntie margaret (my dentist) counted my teeth (i have 10 on top and 10 on bottom) and painted vitamins (fluoride) on my teeth, like usual. i don’t have any cavities (yay), but apparently, i’m not very good at brushing my teeth way in the back (boo).  i was so good that i got lots of stickers and three prizes from the toy chest.  (i picked out a soccer ball and some new rubber duckies. can’t have too many bath toys, right?)

since i was sooo good at the dentist mommy said we could go get froyo. then we went to watch uncle henry and uncle ritchie play volleyball. auntie margaret was there watching, too. i like having her as a dentist, but i told mommy that i like it much better when we are just hanging out 🙂

we were planning to eat dinner with the whole volleyball team, but i was getting hungry.  so mommy, auntie mimi, and i went to eat sushi and noodles (my favorites). look at the special training chopsticks that they made for me! they were already rigged up like this when they brought them to our table. or maybe those were supposed to be for mommy. i dunno. anyway, i thought that was pretty cool. but even with special training chopsticks, it’s really hard to pick up edamame.

well, that was my fun day with mommy (and auntie mimi). i can’t wait to go press the blue button again. too bad mommy only goes into the office about once a year 😛

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halloween birthday

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remember madison and kailyn, my friends who are twins?  they were born on halloween, so they get to have super cool halloween-themed parties.  we celebrated their 3rd birthday with a costume party at the kona kai  swim and racquet club today.

first, we selected our own pumpkins to decorate.   i chose a perfect round one for myself and i picked the littlest one for sienna. because she’s little.  i’m going to put them out on our porch so all the trick-or-treaters can see them on halloween.

we also played fun games to win prizes.  we fished for ducks and threw bean bags into a pumpkin’s mouth.  i helped sienna with the games so that she could get prizes too.  what a great big brother i am, huh?

with all the fun stuff there was to do, you’d think that there wouldn’t be time to play in the playground.  but this playground is the coolest one i’ve ever been to — it has a digger!  once i discovered the digger, i didn’t want to do anything else.  i could have played on it all day.

i barely ate lunch because i was too anxious to get back to the digger, but i did take a break to sing happy birthday to my friends.  i like singing 🙂

happy birthday madison and kailyn!

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pre-halloween fun

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i finally got this pumpkin patch thing figured out.  i used to think it was about the pumpkins.  but who wants to carry big heavy pumpkins from the pumpkin patch all the way to the parking lot, which is usually very far away?  not mommy.  not daddy.  not me.  and sienna is too little.  but it’s okay, because i figured out that it’s not about the pumpkins AT ALL.  it’s about the rides.

today, we met maddie and malia at uesegi farms, and i loved it.  it is my favorite of all the pumpkin patches that i’ve been to (spina and lemos farms).  they have the best rides, and the lines were really short, even though it was the saturday right before halloween.  mommy and daddy also liked it the best because it was so pretty, well laid-out (not crowded), and easy to get to.  the only downside is that the rides are pretty expensive.  but i’m worth it.  sienna too, i guess.

we went on a cow train ride, a real train, hayride, a pony ride through the garden (not like those ponies that just walk in circles in a corral), and went through a kiddie corn maze.  i liked all of the rides except for the hayride.  it was too bumpy.  daddy thought that i was getting motion sickness like he was.  sienna liked it though.  she was standing up and leaning out of the truck the whole time.  sienna is fearless.  can you believe that she even rode on the pony?  mama walked with her so she wouldn’t fall off, but at least she went on it.  i was so proud of her 🙂

we only spent two hours there.  we would have stayed longer to watch the live performers (i love live music!) but everyone was too hungry.  we left without even looking at any of the pumpkins!

later in the evening, we went to greyson’s halloween party.  it was a costume party, so everyone dressed up.  even mommy!  (daddy is not in the picture because he was still wearing his clark kent outfit.)  what do you think — do we look SUPER?

sienna and i spent most of the evening in greyson’s play room hanging out with chloe, kaylen, ehren, and emily.  we were having so much fun that we stayed up way past our bedtime.  we were just about the last kids to leave 😀

thanks greyson for a spooktacular time!

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non-sleeping beauty

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i need help.  during sienna’s nap time is when i used to get my one-on-one time with miss denise.  we would play hopscotch, blow bubbles, “wash dishes” (i.e. splash around in a sudsy sink), or whatever i wanted to do.  but for the past couple of months, sienna has been refusing to nap in her crib.  she naps well anywhere else — carseat, stroller, mommy and daddy’s bed, the floor, even on koda’s bed.  and the strangest thing is that sienna sleeps great in her crib at nighttime.

most of the time, miss denise tries to put sienna down for a nap in her crib.  there is a lot of crying (a LOT) and a lot of wasted time.  and that means sienna is not getting enough rest and i’m not getting my fun one-on-one time.  booo…

i remember when i was sienna’s age, i hated napping in my crib, too.  i used to take naps on a big down comforter on the floor in my room.  i can’t remember how i got back into the routine of napping in my crib again.

until we figure it out, maybe we should just let sienna sleep on that big down comforter or on koda’s bed, like she did today.  (of course, koda’s bed is filled with cedar chips, and since sienna is allergic to cedar, we cover it with a blanket before we let her roll around on it.)  that’s better than hearing hear cry all afternoon and her not getting enough rest.

does anyone have any better ideas?  please help!

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the magic of starbucks

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about a month ago, i wrote about how i was going through a clingy phase.  i had been crying before gym class and not wanting to go into the gym without mama.  well, we’ve found a solution to that problem.

a few weeks ago, mommy picked me up from school and we headed to gym class, like usual.  i wanted to go to starbucks (like we often had in the past), but mommy said we didn’t have time.  i kept begging.  so we made a deal.  we’d stop at starbucks before class (it’s on the other side of the parking lot from the gym) if i would go into class by myself without throwing a fit.  deal.

so we stopped at starbucks, and mommy got her latte.  when we arrived at the gym, i kept my end of the bargain — i went into class by myself, without a fuss.  we were 5 mintues late, but mama said that it was totally worth it.  so now, mama picks me up from school 15 minutes early to make sure that we have plenty of time for our pre-gym starbucks run.  the magic of starbucks has been working like… well… like magic!

mama can’t understand why i love starbucks so much since i never get to order any fancy drinks.  (i always asking to go there any time we go out.)  well, i’ll tell you why.

  1. i like to rearrange all the packages of coffee beans in the baskets.  (don’t worry, i put them back where they belong before i leave.  mommy taught me how to match the label on the packaging with the label on the sign.)
  2. once in awhile, mommy will buy me an overpriced banana.
  3. i get to lick the coffee stirrer that mommy uses to stir the cinnamon into her latte.
  4. recently, i’ve started to pay by holding mommy’s phone up to the scanner.  that’s cool.
  5. i get to meet a lot of people who seem to really like talking to me.

like today, i was propositioned by an asian lady who looked like she could have been one of my aunties.  she started a conversation with mommy.

lady (to mommy):  how old is he?

mommy (to me):  how old are you?

me:  i’m 3!

lady (to mommy):  what’s his name?

mommy (to me):  what’s your name?

me:  my name is kyden.

lady (to mommy):  what a great name.  how do you spell it?

me:  K-Y-D-E-N.

lady (to me):  you are so cute!

lady (to mommy):  maybe we can arrange a marriage between him and my daughter.

mommy:  how old is your daughter?

lady:  she turned 2 in august.

mommy (to me):  do you want to marry her daughter?

me:  no.

lady:  let me show you one of my favorite pictures of her.  *pulls up a photo on her phone*

mommy (to me):  do you think she’s pretty?

me:  yes.  *smiling sheepishly*

we chatted for a bit longer, and then the lady left without giving me her daughter’s contact info.  i quickly realized my mistake!  “i DO wanna marry her, i DO!”  but it was too late.  and now i may never get to meet my would-be bride.  her name is aria, and she goes to a daycare near my gym class.  if you see her, please tell her that i will wait for her.  not for too long, though.

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well-visits are boring

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sienna had her 15-month well-visit today.  the waiting room at our doctor’s office was all dressed up for halloween.   i guess sienna didn’t like it because she redecorated.  she moved some of the pumpkin cutouts and removed one of them altogether.  and then once she got into the exam room, she started rearranging stuff in there, too.

anyway, here are sienna’s stats:

  • weight: 19 pounds 7 ounces (6 %ile)
  • length: 30.25 inches (43 %ile)
  • head circumference: 45.4 cm (35 %ile)

our pediatrician used to be an allergist, so he was really interested in all of sienna’s allergies.  he talked mama’s ear off for 45 mins about allergy tests, epi pens, and sienna’s elimination diet.  after that, the nurse came in with the immunization tray.  sienna protested “no no no!” but the nurse didn’t listen.  she got 2 shots.  compared to all of the visits she’s had with her specialists lately, this one was very uneventful.

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bad mommy moment #1021: the cake batter incident

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mommy promised that if i took a nap today, we could make apple cake when i woke up.  so the first thing i said when i woke up was “mommy?  we make apple cake now?”  so we got to work.

we weren’t making a healthy wheat-free egg-free version.  we were making a full-sugar full-fat sour cream apple coffee cake that would be full of deliciousness (and allergens).  after we had poured the cake batter into the pan, i went off with daddy to help him with something upstairs.  mommy turned her back to the counter to get some ingredients for the crumb topping, and when she turned back, sienna was standing on my step stool.  she had dipped her fingers into the raw cake batter and was trying to shove her entire hand into her mouth.

mommy tried hard not to laugh, but she couldn’t help herself.  she wanted to stop to take a photo, but given sienna’s confirmed allergy to egg (and positive blood test for wheat) — both of which were in the cake batter — there was no time to waste.

sienna’s face and hands turned red and broke out into hives immediately upon contact.  she started scratching her neck and chest.  (the photo was taken just seconds after mommy wiped the cake batter off of sienna’s face.)  mommy thinks it was the raw egg in the batter than caused such an immediate reaction.  daddy went out on a benadryl run, and mommy stood by with the epi pen.

by the time daddy came home with the benadryl, the hives had spread to sienna’s torso.  mommy gave her 1/2 of the doctor’s recommended dosage, and that did the trick.  no epi pen needed.  darn.  i mean, whew!

doctors always say that benadryl can make a kid either sleepy or hyper, so we weren’t sure how it would affect sienna.  well, it knocked her out.  cold.  her bedtime routine was much quicker and earlier than usual.  i hope mommy doesn’t get any ideas about “off-label” benadryl usage 😉

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playing tour guide at “the zoo”

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matthew and i went to the palo alto junior museum and zoo (“the zoo”) today.  it was his first time there, so i showed him around.  (sienna was sleeping in the car.)  we did a quick run through the museum, spent a few minutes looking at bugs, and then hit the zoo.  i showed matthew all the animals that i’ve seen so many times before.  i was especially excited to show him the rabbits.  matthew noticed that the big snake had shed his skin.  that was cool.  and there was a new animal at the zoo — a giant turtle!  he was being fed while we were there, so we watched him eat bok choy and other vegetables.  and then we saw some baby turtles near the pond where the ducks hang out.  (do you see them?  matthew is pointing at them.)

after making a couple of rounds through the zoo, we went back into the museum.  i was a lot more interested in the solar power machines this time than i ever have been in the past.  i don’t really understand it yet, but it’s fun to make the fan, buzzer, and lights turn on 🙂

i also spent  a long time with the butterfly exhibit.  when sienna finally woke up, i taught her how to open all the drawers and doors on the butterfly display cabinet.  i think she liked opening them more than looking at what was inside.  after that, i made everyone sit down on a bench to watch me climb the giant spider (rope) web.  i showed everyone to their seat, and i told them “i don’t wan’t you to talk.  watch me.”  they did.

it was fun to show matthew around some place for once.  usually, he is the expert on everywhere we go  and i just follow him around!  we had so much fun at the junior museum and zoo that we didn’t even have time to go to the nearly playground afterwards.  but we got to feed froggy (donation bin) on the way out, and that’s always one of my favorite things to do at the zoo 🙂

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sienna is 15 months old

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things she likes:

  • saying “no”.  that is her favorite thing in the whole world.  “no no no!”  she says that ALL THE TIME.
  • rolling around.  she rolls (like a log roll) from one end of the room to the other.  that’s her version of a temper tantrum.
  • dancing.  she likes to dance, and she actually has rhythm, unlike me.
  • reading.  right now, she just looks at the pictures, but she really likes to do that.
  • going down the stairs on her butt.  she scoots on her bottom instead of sliding down on her tummy like she is supposed to.  i always try to show her the right way, but she doesn’t always follow my example.
  • amusement park rides.  she loved the disneyland rides that take you on an adventure through changing surroundings.  she’s not as into the ones that just go around and around in a circle.  although, she does love the carousel when the horse goes up and down!
  • dairy products.  daddy accidentally fed her some cow’s milk, so she has been eating dairy for the past week (and doing okay).  she loves yogurt and cheese.
  • being fickle.  sometimes, in the middle of a meal, she’ll decide that she doesn’t want to eat anymore.  she’ll thrash around like a wild shark and/or spit out her food and throw it.  and then she’ll sign that she wants to eat.  mama and dada can’t always figure out what she wants, so she just goes hungry.  that’s fine, except for when she wakes up in the middle of the night, staaarving.

things she doesn’t like:

  • napping in her crib.  still.  she sleeps so well in her crib at nighttime.  but during the day, she doesn’t like to nap in her crib.  she’ll nap anywhere else (even in the middle of the floor), but not in her crib.
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