back on track

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i had a couple of rough days recently.  last week, i had a hard time at school.  and over the weekend, i had a freakish flukey potty day.

i started school at the beginning of the month.  i go to school 2 days a week, afternoons only.  on my first day, i cried for 15 minutes when mama dropped me off.  on the second day, i cried for 5 minutes.  and after that, no more crying.  each time i went to school i got more and more comfortable, and miss shawna (my teacher) said that my personality was really starting to show.  i’d been having so much fun that when mama came to pick me up in the evenings, i was always so busy playing (usually cooking in the play kitchen) that i wouldn’t want to leave.

so last wednesday, when mama came to pick me up from school, she was shocked and heartbroken to find me sobbing uncontrollably.  miss shawna was holding me, and i was trying to say “kyden needs mama”, but i was crying too hard to speak.  i hadn’t been crying all afternoon — just for 15 minutes or so.  mama thought something must have happened, like maybe another kid was being mean to me or something like that, but miss shawna assured her that that wasn’t the case.  after i finally settled down, i told mama that nothing happened, i just missed her.  i had skipped my nap that day (which i have been doing about 2 times/week), so that explained a lot.  i can get really fussy and emotionally fragile when i don’t nap.

PROBLEM:  crying at school.  SOLUTION:  nap.

so that was last wednesday.  and then on sunday, after having used the potty successfully for almost 3 months, i pooped in my underwear.  on purpose.  and then i did it again.  and again.  that’s right, three times.  on purpose.  did i mention that i did it on purpose?

mama and dada were frustrated, but mostly just confused.  they didn’t understand what the heck was going on.  and i didn’t give them any clues, either.  but then mama found out that one of my friends did the same thing for an entire year.  and the problem was that she was constipated.  i was a little constipated that day, too.  don’t you get it?  for one thing, it’s easier to push when you’re in the asian squat position (my location of choice was under the table) than when you’re sitting on the potty concentrating on not falling into the toilet.  and for another thing, who wants to strain and grunt in front of their parents?  how embarrassing, right?  another mystery solved.

PROBLEM:  non-accidental poopie “accidents”.  SOLUTION:  more fiber.

so yeah, it was a tough couple of days, but i’m happy to report that i had a good day at school today.  and i haven’t had any potty “accidents” since that triple poop sunday.  aside from my no-nap days (which are happening more and more frequently), i think it’s safe to say that i’m back on track.  whew!

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big brother responsibilties

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i have a skating buddy!  usually when i go skating, i go by myself.  mama and koda come too, but they walk.  and sienna usually cruises in my cozy coupe.  today, kai came over and we went skating around the neighborhood together.  fun! 🙂

about half way down the block, i insisted on pushing sienna in the cozy coupe.  when i stopped to put “gas” in the tank, sienna leaned out to see what i was doing.  and kai didn’t waste any time making his move — he got right up in there and put his hand on sienna’s!  WTH?  i didn’t wait around to see what he was going to do next.  as soon as i saw what was going on, i made my way over there (a little unsteady on my skates) and smacked his hand and swatted it away.  (dada said it was his proudest moment.)

you might think i am overreacting, but i’m not.  all day long, kai had been hugging on sienna.  and at one point, he went upstairs to my room, got a stuffed animal to give to her, and then invited her to go upstairs with him.  i’m not joking.  and don’t forget that this is not the first time that kai and sienna have “hung out” together.

i like having a skating buddy, but i’m gonna have to keep a close eye on that kai when sienna is around.  it’s tough being a big brother.

(click here for more skating photos.)


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snow white and the six tall, dark, and handsome boys

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matthew, logan, and i used to be the three musketeers.  we’ve been on lots of fun adventures together.  we’ve hung out at CDM.  we’ve trick-or-treated at happy hollow.  we’ve played at gilroy gardens.  we’ve ridden thomas the train.  we’ve even gone bowling together.  well guess what.  our posse is growing.

today when we went to gilroy gardens, there were 7 of us (not including parents)!  it was the three of us musketeers, plus edison and greyson and mason and sienna.  between the membership card photos (since it was our first trip of the season) and all the diaper changes and potty breaks, we didn’t make it on to very many rides.  that’s okay though, it was fun hanging out with everyone.  and we did manage to ride on the train — that’s my favorite.  we got to drive the old-fashioned cars, too.  mama and dada thought my driving skills might have improved since i’ve been practicing around the neighborhood in my lightning mcqueen motorized car, but that did not seem to be the case… at all.  see video.

and in case you didn’t notice, sienna spent the day with 6 boys.  (i hope this is not a sign of things to come.  ugh.)  i guess we’re not the three musketeers anymore.  maybe we’re more like snow white and the six dw–  hey wait a minute…

(click here for more photos from our gilroy gardens outing.)

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smart butt

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mama says that i am a smartass.  i didn’t know what that meant, so i googled it.  it means that my butt is smart.  i disagree.  all of me is smart.

when dada tells me not to put my feet on the dinner table, i put my hand on the table and rest my foot on my hand.  dada should be happy that my foot is not on the table, right?

when mama is cooking, she tells me not to touch certain things on the counter.  so i don’t.  i put my hands in the oven mitts, and the mitts touch the things on the counter.

when mama asks me to put my head on my pillow to take a nap, i get into a downward dog yoga pose.  but i make sure my head is on my pillow, just like mama asked.

i find solutions that make everybody happy.  see how smart i am?  it’s not just my butt that’s smart.

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sienna is 10 months old

Posted by kyden on Monday May 21, 2012 Under sienna

happy 10 month birthday to sienna!

things she likes:

  • blowing kisses.  she can’t do it by herself yet, but it cracks her up every time.
  • singing songs and doing the hand motions (with help).  her favorites are “itsy bitsy spider” and “if you’re happy and you know it”.
  • books.  she especially likes books that have textures to feel and flaps to open.  she also likes to turn the pages when people are reading to her.
  • petting koda.  i show her how to “be gentle” and pet koda nicely, but she likes to pull on his ears and fur.
  • grinding her 4 teeth.  uh oh.  i think she might have gotten this from me.  except, i only do it when i sleep.  sienna does it ALL the time.
  • talking.  we have lengthy conversations.  mama always asks me what sienna is saying, but i’m not telling.  it’s our secret.
  • strawberries.  we used to think that her skin was sensitive to strawberries, but she is doing just fine with them now.  and she loves them!
  • puffs and O’s.  i think she just likes feeding herself.

things she doesn’t like:

  • strangers.  she doesn’t like it when people who she doesn’t know well try to hold her.
  • walking.  sienna is the opposite of me.  i used to take steps, fall flat on my face, then get up and do it again.  sienna is more cautious.  she will only take steps if there is something for her to hold on to.  i guess she doesn’t like to fall down.
  • crawling backward down the stairs.  whenever i try to teach her to crawl down, she always climbs up instead.
  • shoes.  she wore shoes one time (when we went bowling) and her feet turned all red and yucky.  it looked like a really bad eczema flare up.  mama took a photo, but it’s too gross to post.  we’re thinking that sienna might actually have a leather allergy (or actually, sensitivity to the the chromium used in the tanning process of leather).  should we do an experiment and just let her wear one shoe for a few hours?
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making stuff at the maker faire

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we went to the maker faire today.  mama said it’s like a DIY exploratorium.  i’d never heard of it before, but i like to make stuff, so it sounded fun.  it took us forever to get there because everyone else in the bay area was trying to get there too.  i kept telling dada to drive fast, but he couldn’t because there were so many cars all around us.  when we finally pulled into the parking lot, i had to go potty.  so mama and i ran into the exhibit hall while dada put sienna (and everything else we needed for the day) in the stroller.

after i went potty, i insisted on walking around the exhibit hall.  it was dark in there, but i could see some lighted robots that i wanted to check out.  apparently, adam savage (from mythbusters) was giving a talk, so the place was packed.  i just wanted to see robots, but because i’m so short and it was so dark, i kept getting trampled in the sea of people.  mama put me up on her shoulders and we got outta there.

okay, off to make stuff.  we met up with dada and sienna and headed to the bubbles.  i used chopsticks and a strip cut out of a t-shirt to make a bubble wand.  i dipped it in a bowl of soapy water, and the wind started blowing giant bubbles!  cool!  after that, we headed into another hall and i got to make a light.  i taped a LED to a watch battery, and the light went on!  TA-DA!  (i like saying “ta-da!”)  i learned that if i twist the leads together, the light turns off.  there were lots of other materials to build things like cars and animals, but i was perfectly happy with my little light.  i entertained myself for the rest of the day, turning the light on and off.

there was so much stuff at the maker faire — we didn’t even get a chance to see everything.  i was particularly fascinated with the old fashioned grandfather clocks, the electric train made of legos, and of course… my LED light.  sienna was wide-eyed in awe, looking at everything.  she didn’t get to play, though.  she’s too little.  maybe she’ll get to play next year.  making stuff is fun.

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pet parade

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yesterday, mama asked me if i wanted to go to a parade where i could see a lot of puppies.  i love puppies, so of course i said yes.

i was so excited as i was getting ready go to the parade this morning.  but mama didn’t let me pick out my outfit like i usual do — she dressed me in a light blue polo and brown shorts.  mama and i matched!  the only difference was that mama’s shirt had a pound puppy rescue logo on it.  mama said that there weren’t going to be a lot of potties around and that i should wear “special underwear” (a pull-up diaper), but i refused.  mama didn’t have time to argue because we were running late.  so we grabbed koda, and off we went.

as soon as we got into the car, i asked mama for apple juice.  remembering that we wouldn’t be near a bathroom for hours, mama tried to stall me.  but i insisted.  i got my juice.  mama got nervous.

we made it to the los altos pet parade, and guess what.  we actually got to be in the parade!  all of us, even koda!  how cool is that?!  we marched with pound puppy rescue, which is why we had to wear light blue and brown — pound puppy colors.  we even got blue ribbons to wear on our shirts.  apparently, mama and koda march in this parade every year, but this was my first time.

mama volunteered me to hold the big banner at the front of our group, but i am too short.  oh well.  maybe next year.  it was so fun to get to walk in the middle of the street and see all the people on the sidewalks watching me and taking pictures.  one guy even got right up in my face with a big video camera.  look me for me on tv 🙂

it was so cool to see all the police motorcycles, hear the bands play, play with the puppies, and march in the pet parade.  but about half way through, i turned toward mama: “mama carry kyden”.  she knew i couldn’t be tired from walking (since i walk much farther when we walk around the neighborhood), but she carried me anyway.  and then she realized that i just wanted a better view so that i could count all the puppies.  i counted out loud to 38 (skipping a couple of numbers here and there), and then i lost track.  i had such a great time that i am already looking forward to next year.

(oh, and guess what…  i didn’t pee in my underwear.  see, i don’t need those “special underwear” that mama tried to make me wear.)

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climbing genes

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look!  sienna is a climber, just like me.  climbing must be in our genes.  either that, or i’ve taught her really well! 😀

part of me is worried that i won’t be able to keep my stuff out of her reach for much longer, so but part of me is so proud.  i wonder when she’s going to start climbing out of her crib.  climb, baby, climb!

auntie judy says that she wants to take me rock climbing when i’m old enough.  now, i wonder if she’ll want to take sienna instead 🙁

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tricycle or run bike?

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i like going biking.  dada takes me on bike rides all the time.  and last time i went to matthew’s house, he let me ride his special run bike.  that was fun.  but i’m ready for my own bike now.  i’m not sure if i should get a tricycle or a run bike.  which one do you think will help me qualify for the amgen tour of california?

i want to ride the tour next year, but only stage 3.  it starts about a mile away from our house.  miss denise, mama, and i actually went to go check it out today.  luckily, miss denise lives less than a block away from the start, so we parked at her house and walked.

there were lots of bikers hanging out in the middle of the street, and a guy was saying the names of all the riders in a super loud voice — like 10 times louder than my outside voice.  so cool!  then just a few minutes later, all the bikers rode away.  and suddenly the excitement was all over.

watching a bike race is kind of boring because it starts and ends so quickly.  but i think being in a bike race might be more fun.  so what do you think — tricycle or run bike?  either way, look for me in the 2013 tour of california!

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proud parents

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we had an action-packed fun-filled weekend.  and somewhere in there, i managed to make mama and dada so proud.

dada really likes bowling and he has always wished that mama would like it as much as he does. she doesn’t. but i do! (see video). i see lots of daddy/son bowling dates in our future. dada is so proud (and so happy).

and when we went shopping to buy new shoes, mama gave me my choice of shoes at stride rite. i picked the flip flops! they are a little bit hard to walk in because they fall off sometimes, but they are my new favorite shoes — i show them off to everyone. i want to wear my flip flops all the time, just like mama does. mama is so proud.

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