rainy day in monterey

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i have been to aquariums in long beach and on maui, and i’ve even been to sea world in san diego.  but i’d never seen the fishies swim right near our home.  so when matthew invited me to check out monterey bay aquarium, i was super excited!

it was raining really hard when we got to monterey.  dada dropped us off right in front, but we still got rained on while walking to the aquarium entrance.  we were all wet, just like all the fish in there.

the monterey bay aquarium is so big.  we spent hours there, and i don’t think we saw everything.  there were sharks, starfish, otters, seahorses, and lots of other really cool animals.  there was even a play area that had a slide and talking tubes for big kids like matthew and me, and a separate section with a water bed and bubble walls for babies like sienna.

when i was little, i used to be scared of sharks, whales, and other big sea creatures when they swam right up to me.  not anymore.  i think they’re cool, now.  (there was a weird fish called a scuba diver that sort of made me nervous though — it was almost human-looking.)  sienna definitely did not like it when the big sharks got right up in her face.  the starfishes and penguins were more her speed.

one of the coolest things at the aquarium is right outside the jellies area.  there are about a zillion sardines swimming laps in the ceiling.  i don’t think it’s an actual exhibit, but i was mesmerized by them.  everyone thought i was getting hypnotized, but i was actually trying to count them.  i kept losing track at 14.

after running around the aquarium for a couple of hours, we headed to a pasta place down the street for lunch.  matthew is so lucky — he got to order a whole plate of pasta with butter and french fries!  i guess he’s carbo-loading so he can bulk up.  i ate grilled chicken and veggies.  (i obviously wasn’t going to eat seafood after spending the day with all those sea creatures, right?)  boring.  next time we go out to eat together, i’m definitely sitting by matthew so i can sneak food off his plate when nobody is looking.

we had planned to go to the dennis the menace playground after lunch, but it was pouring.  so instead, we went back to the aquarium and visited more sea creatures. good thing we did because that’s when we met the alligator fish.  it’s a fish that looks like an alligator — how funny!  we also checked out the jellies experience, which ended up being my favorite part of the aquarium.  there were lots of jellyfish, of course, but there were also fun interactive things to play with that taught us about jellyfish, how they grow, and how they move.

thanks for a fun day out, matthew!  next time, we’ll definitely hit the dennis the menace playground.  and i call dibs on the seat next to you at lunch 😉

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i’m a super beast at my super new gym

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i love gym class.  i have been taking classes at the little gym in milpitas since before i could walk.  that’s a long time.  but something bad happened last week.  my gym closed!  i’m going to miss the teachers that i’ve gotten to know so well over the past 3.5 sessions when i was a bird… then a bird again…. then a beast… then a beast again.

i had a choice of two gyms to transfer to.  they are a similar distance from our house, so i planned to do a trial class at each to check out the teachers and test out the equipment.  last week, i went to the little gym of stevens creek.  it’s a brand new facility, bigger than my old gym.  i am supposed to be in the beast class (19 – 30 months) but for the trial, i went to a super beast class (2.5 – 3 years).  and guess who was there — my buddy matthew!  SOLD!  i immediately confirmed my transfer to that gym and switched to the super beasts class.  i’m going to be 2.5 in a few days anyway, so it’s a perfect time to move up.

tonight was my first official class as a super beast at my new gym. my new gym is super!  the best part is that it has a water cooler in the lobby where i can get water all by myself, anytime i want.  i need to get some of those things for home — one for milk and one for apple juice.  the only thing that i don’t like about my new class is that there are so many of kids (~16 yesterday).  maybe everyone heard about the awesome water cooler in the lobby.  i think i’ll stay at my new gym, though.  after all, i get to see matthew in class every week!  i convinced logan to join our class too — i told him that it’s where all the cool kids are, and he couldn’t argue with that 😉

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party party party!

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i think that DLE day (that’s dada’s, logan’s, and edison’s birthday) might be my new favorite holiday. okay, so i didn’t get any presents, but mommy says that it’s better to give than receive.  i dunno about that.  but, i got to eat fried chicken, pizza (two days in a row!), and three different kids of cupcakes.  don’t worry, i burned off all those extra calories at back-to-back gym parties.  what a fun weekend 🙂

on saturday, we went to lunch for dada’s birthday.  a couple of months ago, dada won a fantasy football pool (he’s so smart!) sponsored by bon chon chicken, so we went there to collect his prize.  (the prize was chicken.  duh.)  dada invited a few of his friends to help eat his winnings and to help celebrate his birthday.  mommy made cupcakes in dada’s favorite flavor — boston creme pie.  YUM!  cupcakes are my new favorite food.

saturday evening was logan’s party at my new gym.  (more about my new gym in a later post.)  it was sort of like gym class — all the equipment was familiar, and my old gym teacher was there leading the party — but we didn’t have to do any skills.  we just played games and went on “rides”.  how cool is that?  the parachute ride was my favorite.  it was so much fun that i wanted to take sienna on it, but dada said no.  something about her being too little and flying off.   umm, that’s the funnest part!  anyway, after playing in the gym, we went to the party room for pizza.  i heard there was ice cream cake too, but i didn’t get any.  dada ate some though.  he also ate mommy’s piece.  and sienna’s.  and mine.

on sunday, we went to edison’s party at the california kids sports centeredison had brought me there last year, so i sort of knew my way around.  he has some friends and cousins that are really old (6?) and some that are babies, so there weren’t a whole lot of organized activities.  we mostly just had free time to play, which was fun because sienna got to join in, too 🙂  after playtime, we had pizza and cupcakes (three different kinds!).  mama let me try one bite of each cupcake flavor, and then i kept asking for more and more and more.  i told you that cupcakes are my favorite food.

three parties in one weekend!  whew.  i can’t wait until DLE weekend next year.

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happy birthday dada!

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today is the birthday of two of my best buds, logan and edison.  and every year, logan and edison coordinate their parties to make sure that they don’t schedule them at the same time.  dada gets mad that nobody asks him about when he wants to celebrate his birthday.  he’s so silly.  doesn’t he know that he is too old to have a party?

so even though this is going to be a busy weekend celebrating with my friends, we wanted him to know that we didn’t forget about him.  happy birthday dada.  i love you big much!

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sharing: it’s a one way street

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sienna started crawling today.  not just army crawling, but real up-on-all-fours crawling.  she is still pretty slow, but i know that she’s only going to get faster and faster.  soon, she will be too quick for me to snatch my toys away from her.

sienna drives my car, reads my books, and plays with my favorite toys.  (toys that i haven’t been interested in for years become my favorites as soon as sienna starts playing with them.)  mommy and dada tell me that i have to share with sienna, and i do… sometimes.  but it’s not fair because she doesn’t have much to share with me.  most of “her” toys are my old ones and all of her clothes are too small for me.

so today, i insisted on using baby’s crib for my nap.  mommy didn’t think i was actually going to nap in there, but i curled up, closed my eyes, and tricked her into believing that i had fallen asleep.  i never really intended on sleeping, but the crib did feel very comfortable and strangely familiar…

after mommy left the room, the fun began.  i jumped up and down on the mattress like a trampoline.  then i tried to wind up the mobile to play music for myself, but i ended up breaking it.  i knew i was going to be in trouble, so i had to escape.  i looked around and spotted a nearby bookshelf.  i knew that if i could get onto the bookshelf, i could safely climb down from there.  i knocked the monitor off the shelf to clear my path.  just as i was climbing out of the crib (one foot already on the bookshelf), mommy walked in and caught me.  busted.

i bet that’s the last time mommy lets me fake-sleep in sienna’s crib.  hmmm…  what else does she have that she can share with  me?  i know — hair accessories!

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sienna is 8 months old

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happy 8 month birthday to sienna!

things she likes:

  • standing. she is starting to pull herself up to stand. and sometimes, she just stands around and watches me play for 20+ minutes at a time. if she could eat and sleep standing up, she would.
  • army crawling and lunging forward on all fours. now that she can get around, my toys are not safe!
  • swimming. she did great at her first swim lesson last weekend. pretty soon, she’ll be almost as good as me. almost.
  • pulling on cords/cables. if you know our family at all, you know that we have a LOT of electronics. and that means there a LOT of cables around here.
  • electronics. phones, remote controls, laptops… these are the things that have motivated her to get moving (army crawling).
  • fruit. she hasn’t eaten a lot of fruit because it used to irritate her skin. but now that she’s tolerating it better, she gets a little bit with each meal. pears are her favorite so far.
  • grabbing my food. actually, she grabs everyone’s food. she wants to eat everything that’s not hers. i guess she’s getting tired of eating mush.
  • brushing teeth. she only has two of them, but she brushes them good! i set a good example, of course.

things she doesn’t like:

  • bottles. she refuses to drink from a bottle.
  • sitting down. when someone tries to put her into a sitting position, he straightens her body stiff as a board. when her feet touch the ground, she ends up in a standing position. sneaky, huh?
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springtime swimming

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for the past two years, i’ve been swimming during the summertime.  but mommy didn’t want to wait that long to get sienna in swim lessons, so we started today.

daddy dropped us off and went to park the car.  mommy stopped at the front counter to check us in, but i walked straight past the counter, through the viewing room, and headed for the pool.  mommy caught up with me just in time to stop me from following another class right into the water.

luckily, my class was first.  mommy swam with me while dada and sienna watched.  i sat on the edge of the pool and jumped right on in without hesitation.  all the skills were review for me, but it was fun to be back in the water for the first time since last summer.  we all got to pick a water toy to throw across the pool and swim after.  i picked tinkerbell 🙂  i had a BLAST and was grinning from ear to ear through my entire class.

after my class, it was sienna’s turn to swim.  we have the same teacher!  during sienna’s lesson, i kept trying to dive back into the water but dada kept pulling me back.

it was sienna’s first time in a pool, ever.  she did great!  she kicked her legs while swimming after her water toy (she picked the dragon) and she even put her face into the water to glide across the pool.  babies don’t usually do those skills in their first lesson, but sienna was ready.  she must have been taking notes while we was watching me.

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the stages potty-training

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i went into full potty training mode two weeks ago.  since then, i’ve learned a lot and i want to pass on this tidbit on to my younger friends:  mommies and daddies will do just about anything to get you to sit on the potty.  take advantage of this opportunity to play with your parents’ phones, eat junk food, watch TV, and basically take any bribe that you can think of.  imagine the possibilities!  and the best part — you can get out of doing anything and get your mommy’s undivided attention just by saying that you have to pee.

if you want more detail about all my potty-training stages, read on.

days 1-6 were really exciting and frustrating at the same time.  it was super exciting to pee in the potty and i was so proud of myself.  mommy and dada were proud of me too, of course.  but it was so frustrating to have someone asking me if i had to go potty every 5 minutes.  okay, maybe it wasn’t really that often, but it sure felt like it.  i got so annoyed by all the nagging that i would sometimes say that i didn’t need to pee, then immediately run to another room and pee in my underwear.

during days 7-11, i got better at telling someone when i needed to go.  i used the toilet when we were out and about (friend’s house, park, even gym class!), and i even had an accident-free day.  this is when i started use this potty training thing to my advantage.  if i didn’t want to eat my vegetables, “mommy, pee-pee potty?”.  i’d be excused from the dinner table, mommy would stop feeding sienna to bring me to the bathroom, and i’d get to play “alligator game” (where’s my water?) on mommy’s iphone.  sometimes, i’d just pretend that i had to go just so i could play games for 20+ minutes.  there were days when mommy spent hours (literally) sitting by the bathroom waiting for me to go.  mwahahahaha!

day 12 was a turning point.  i wanted to wear my underwear all the time — even during my nap.  but mommy said no.  and just as she was putting me down for my nap, i told her that i had to pee.  she thought i was just trying to avoid napping, so she called my bluff and told me to go by myself.  so i did.  by the time mommy realized that i wasn’t bluffing, i had made it to the bathroom, pulled down by pants, removed my diaper, peed in the potty, poured my pee into the toilet, and flushed.  mommy was stunned.

on days 13 and 14, i wore underwear during my nap and stayed dry!  and i got to use the special toilet seat that mommy installed for me.  it has a hide-away kiddie toilet seat that i can pull down by myself.  now i can use the big toilet instead of my potty.  COOL!  (definitely writing a product review about this.)

i’m getting the hang of this potty-training thing.  i still have accidents, but mommy is happy not to be doing laundry every day anymore.

there are a couple of things that i just don’t get, though.

  1. now, i wear a diaper at night when i sleep.  will i  have to wear a diaper forever?  how will i know to go pee in the toilet when i’m sleeping?
  2. why do grown-ups tell me to sit on the potty when i pee?  everyone knows that boys pee standing up.  and if i sit, i can’t watch the pee come out of me!
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my toys aren’t safe

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two days ago, sienna learned to pull herself up to a stand.  yesterday, she started army crawling.  i wonder what’s in store for today.  walking?

she’s the slowest crawler ever.  but still, my toys aren’t safe anymore.

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family bathtime

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part of my regular bedtime routine is taking a shower with dada.  he usually puts me to bed while mommy puts sienna to bed.  (that’s right, i said it.  sienna.  although, it comes out more like “c…n…uh”.)  anyway, even though i usually take showers, mommy still gives me baths once in awhile as a special treat.  tonight, i got an extra special treat — sienna and i took a bath together!

it’s fun having someone to play with in the bathtub.  sienna kept splashing me, so i started to squirt her with one of my squeeze toys.  don’t worry, i didn’t squirt her in the face.  at least, not while mommy was watching 😉  i just squirted the water right in front of her.

oh, and guess who finally learned to pulled herself up to stand?  in the bathtub… of all places.  what a safety hazard!  i guess she didn’t like the way i was washing her hair.

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