it’s not ladylike to drool

Posted by kyden on Tuesday Nov 29, 2011 Under sienna

guess who cut her first tooth today.  no silly, not me.  i already have 20.  it’s baby sister!  and it’s about time.  baby sister is already more than 4 months old.  i was less than 3.5 months old when i got my first tooth.  she’s slow.

she’s not a drooler though.  i didn’t drool nearly as much as my friends did, but baby sister barely drools at all.  she doesn’t even wear a bib.  and i thought that girls like to accessorize.  i guess it’s just not ladylike to drool.

mama sure hopes that baby sister isn’t a chomper like i was.  yeah, i used mama as a teething ring while she was feeding me.  sorry mama.

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playdate crashers

Posted by kyden on Sunday Nov 27, 2011 Under sienna

baby sister is always tagging along on my playdates, so i crashed one of hers over the weekend.  friday, we went over to keira and megan’s house for lunch.  more twin girls!  i’m a lucky guy, huh? 😉

baby sister and her friends have boring playdates.  all they do is lie around and sleep all the time.  but… keira and megan have a super fun house.  they have a magic garbage can.  it’s SO COOL — you just wave your hand over it, and it opens!  actually, they have two of them, but one is for diapers.  i didn’t want to open that one and let all the stinkies out.  and, they have squirrels and birds.  at first, i just meowed at them from inside.  (everyone thought i was trying to scare the squirrels, but actually, i meow at squirrels because i think they’re the same as cats.)  and after lunch, i even got to go outside to play with them.  it’s just like when i go to the park, but they were right there in the backyard!

i guess baby sister’s playdates aren’t so bad after all.

baby sister crashed my playdate today.  i guess she couldn’t really help it because it was at our house.  and it’s not so much that she played with us as it was that she slept nearby while we played.

isaac came over to eat lunch and play trains with me.  and now that i think about it, i’m pretty sure that he likes playing with my toys more than he likes playing with me.  but that’s okay.  i’m still happy that he moved back to the bay area (from atlanta) so we get to see each other a lot more.

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thankful for desserts

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before i tell you about my thanksgiving, lemme say this:  two thanksgiving celebrations in one day is TOO MUCH!

we started off the day at cousin zoey’s house.  auntie alyssa is a vegetarian and cousin zoey is allergic to eggs.  so… guess what was on the menu.  tofurkey, vegan stuffing, and vegan pumpkin pie (made with tofu).  dada was very scared.  but uncle jamie took pity on dada and also served a real turkey, a real pecan pie, and lots of other yummy stuff like dungeness crab and brie mac and cheese.  i didn’t eat much, though.  cousin zoey and i were too busy playing with all her toys.  i made the wheels on her pink bus go round and round, and we made coffee and baked pies in her play kitchen.  good thing i’ve had so much practice making real coffee and baking real desserts.  (baby sister just sat around all day in zoey’s bumbo.)

one thing that i did take time to eat, though, was magic cream.  i watched auntie alyssa pour milk into the mixer.  then it turned into bubble milk.  then it turned into magic cream!  she called it whipped cream.  i call it delicious on top of pumpkin pie.  or on jello.  or by itself.

after lunch, uncle jamie thought that we might like to play at the park near his house.  actually, i think he just needed to work off all those pumpkin pie calories, so we went for a wagon ride to the park.  that was fun.  baby sister wanted to come too, but there wasn’t enough room for her.

i was having so much fun that we stayed until 4pm — way past my nap time.  so i slept in the car and we went straight to grandma and grandpa tanaka’s house for dinner.  i had a few bites of food, but i was having too much fun playing the piano and running around in circles (literally) to eat dinner.  but once again, i took a timeout from playing to eat dessert.  there was a real pumpkin pie, cream puffs, seven layer jello, and coffee cheesecake.  uncle randy made the cheesecake, and it’s best darn cheesecake i’ve ever had.  it might be the only one, but it was the best!

i always say that one of my favorite parts of thanksgiving is seeing family.  but now, i think that it’s a tie between family and desserts.  i only got like three tiny bites of dessert, but that’s more than i’ve ever had.  okay, i’m crashing from my sugar high now.  zzzzz…

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girls, girls, girls

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kailyn and madison came over today.  i hadn’t seen them in a really long time.  they said they were coming over to give sienna some of their old clothes.  how nice of them, right?  but they never even met baby sister before.  why would they be bringing stuff for her?  i’m pretty sure that they just used that as an excuse to see me.

the twins sure are chatty.  they wanted to talk all day.  talk is cheap, though.  i’m a man of action.  i just wanted to play.  kailyn really liked my jumpy trampoline and playing on my piano.  madison was more into playing trains with me.  yay.

when mama was getting ready to take a picture, i climbed on the couch to pose, but mama said it was a girls only photo.  but look at it!  isn’t it obvious that none of them wanted their photo taken?  i, however, love being photographed.  (mama had to promise to take a photo of me so i would get out of the girls photo.)  i dunno why i wasn’t allowed in the photo.  i’m pretty sure that they were here to see me.

wait a minute…  is baby sister trying to steal them?  she is trying to steal all my friends!

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baby sister is 4 months old

Posted by kyden on Monday Nov 21, 2011 Under sienna

happy 4 month birthday to baby sister!

things she likes:

  • rolling from tummy to back.  when she does it, she gives a big smile and celebration dance.
  • being tickled.  she is sooo ticklish!
  • grabbing and holding things.  she’s getting better and better at it.  she can even hold her own teething ring.  sort of.  i still help her sometimes.
  • watching me.  sometimes i dance, sometimes i read to her, sometimes i’m just minding my own business and watching videos on my iphone.  but whatever i’m doing, baby sister likes to watch me.
  • my cheater chair.  it helps her sit up like a big kid.  and now that she’s using it, i like to sit in it too.  so we share 🙂
  • her fingers.  she sometimes sucks on her thumb when she’s sleeping, but she prefers sucking on 2 or 3 of her fingers when she’s awake.
  • the dr. seuss crinkly paper at the doctor’s office.  she smiles at the cat in the hat and tries to grab him right off the paper.  one day, she’ll be traumatized by crinkly paper, just like i am.

things she doesn’t like:

  • rolling from back to tummy.  she doesn’t like it because she can’t do it yet.  she gets frustrated because she can’t quite clear her shoulder.
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baby sister monster

Posted by kyden on Monday Nov 21, 2011 Under sienna

what kind of monster is flat-headed, toothless, and hairy?  baby sister!  haha, i’m so funny.

baby sister went to her 4 month checkup today.  her flat head is less flat, which is good.  the doctor said that she probably has a mild case of blah blah blah and not blah blah blah.  actually, she said it’s probably positional plagiocephaly, and not craniosynostosis, but that’s the same as “blah blah blah” to me.  what that means is that baby’s head is probably flat because she lays on the same side all the time.  hopefully she doesn’t have prematurely closed sutures, and hopefully she doesn’t need surgery.  she is gonna see a specialist just to be sure.

here are her stats:

  • weight:  13 pounds 3 ounces (41 %ile)
  • length:  24.75 inches (68 %ile)
  • head circumference:  40.0 cm (24 %ile)

just like me at my 4 month visit, baby sister  drank some yucky medicine, got two shots, cried for two seconds, and then was done.  unlike me, she doesn’t have any teeth yet.  i already had two teeth by the time i turned 4 months old!  yay, i have her beat in the teeth category.  (she had me on hair from the moment she was born.)

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chuck e. cheese’s 2.0

Posted by kyden on Sunday Nov 20, 2011 Under Uncategorized

my cousin lindsey celebrated her 4th birthday today at chuck e. cheese’s.  how did i get a 4-year old cousin that you’ve never heard of?  no, uncle randy didn’t discover an illegitimate child.  lindsey is actually gung-gung’s cousin’s granddaughter.  i dunno what that makes her to me, so i just call her my cousin.

mama and dada hadn’t been to chuck e. cheese’s in a really long time, and they were both sort of hesitant to go.  they thought it was going to be run-down and creepy (rat heads popping out of the ceiling are creepy, right?) and that it would give me nightmares.  but family is family.  so off we went.  we were all pleasantly surprised!  if you haven’t been to chuck e. cheese’s in awhile, lemme tell you about it.

  • the restaurant is well-lit, clean, and modern.  there are plasma TVs on the walls and automatic ticket exchange machines (no more counting strips of tickets at the prize counter).
  • they do NOT mess around when it comes to child security. a bouncer guards the entrance. you and your family get stamped with invisible ink, then the bouncer lets you through the ropes. and get this… on your way out, the bouncer checks your hand stamp under a black light to make sure that you’re leaving with the same people that you came with!
  • animal heads do not come out of the ceiling.  instead, animals (whole ones) sing and dance on stage.  chuck the rat even came out onto the show floor to sing “happy birthday” and “if you’re happy and you know it” with us!
  • half the arcade is for big kids.  i tried playing some games on the big kid side, but most of the machines were too tall for me.  and i definitely couldn’t reach the pedal in the driving games.  mama says i am a terrible driver.  i disagree.  i wanted to go off-roading and drive into oncoming traffic.  it’s more fun that way.
  • half the arcade is for little kids like me.  i played lots of games, but my favorite was the hungry froggy.  when the frog opened his mouth, i pressed the button to launch the colored balls into his mouth.  i won lots of tickets playing that game, but i could have cared less about the tickets.  i just wanted to feed the frog all day long.  the little kid games were still too big for baby sister.  there was nothing for her to do, so she fell asleep.

basically, chuck e. cheese’s is awesome.  it’s like a dave & buster’s, but for kids. happy birthday lindsey!  thank you for introducing me to chuck e cheese’s.  i hope i get to have a party there one of these days 🙂

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underused thumbs

Posted by kyden on Saturday Nov 19, 2011 Under sienna

i found my thumb when i was just over 2 months old.  it was so exciting for me to discover that i had a built-in pacifier!

baby sister is almost 4 months old.  she has been sucking on her fists and fingers for awhile now, but she just found her thumb about a week ago.  finally!  but the thing is, she’s not nearly as excited about it as i was.  when she’s awake, she doesn’t even suck on her thumb — she prefers her fingers.  she only sucks her thumb sometimes when she’s sleeping.  weird, huh?

dada thinks that she doesn’t need her thumbs (like i did) because she never used a pacifier.  she never had anything inside her mouth to suck on, so she doesn’t know what she’s missing.  personally, i think her thumbs are just too tiny.  that’s why she usually sucks on at least two fingers at a time.

i wonder why baby sister never got a pacifier.  i guess mama and dada really do love me more.

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miss denise brought over some sidewalk chalk last week. so now, we practice drawing shapes and letters in the driveway, and she even helped me make a hopscotch course in front of our house. when i play hopscotch, mama says that i look like woody (from the “toy story” movies) with my shoulders shrugging and my arms flopping wildly. i dunno what she’s talking about — i’m a great hopscotcher. see for yourself!

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hair: the long and short of it

Posted by kyden on Monday Nov 14, 2011 Under sienna

some of you have been asking how baby sister gets her monchhichi hairdo. (did you know that “monchhichi” has two h’s?) i always assumed that it was au naturel, like the fauxhawk that i had at her age.  and i guess it sort of is — she doesn’t use any product.  but i think she gets her hair to stand straight up by hanging her head upside down all the time.  mama often lays baby sister in her lap, and baby sister extends her legs against mama and launches herself backward.  mama thinks that baby is just exercising her strong legs, but i think she purposely hangs her head upside down so that her hair will stand straight up and look crazy.

i, on the other hand, prefer a clean cut look.  i don’t like my hair looking messy and wild.  mama was going to let me grow my hair out (think justin bieber), but she wanted to clean up the straggly ends hanging over my ears.  but i didn’t let her stop with a little trim, though.  i insisted that she use the clippers to cut my hair short.

mama was shocked.  the last time she cut my hair, it ended up all crooked because i made her stop part way through.  i didn’t like the clippers! but after looking at all the photos that i’ve been taking of myself lately, i realize that i’m just not cute with shaggy long hair.

dada says my hair is crooked.  mama insists that my hair is cut evenly, but since it grows all different directions it looks crooked (and sticks up in some places).  *sigh*  i just can’t win.  i guess i’ll need some really good styling product.

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