wanna come out and play?

Posted by kyden on Wednesday Aug 31, 2011 Under sienna

during the week, most of my friends go to daycare while i stay home with miss denise, my nanny.  we do fun stuff at home like coloring, reading, learning numbers and ABC’s, and playing with my toys.  we also go out every day to walk with koda, play with the ducks at the pond, and run around at the playground.

ever since baby sister came along, mama has been playing hooky from work and taking her out.  no fair!  i like staying home with miss denise, but i want to go out to fun places with mama, too!  so baby sister and i made a deal.  some days, i’ll stay home and mama will go out with baby sister.  and some days, baby sister will stay home with miss denise and mama will take me out on playdates.  good plan, right?  but then i remembered that most of my friends are in day care 🙁  but not edison!

today, edison and i met up at pump it up jr.  i had been there before for maddie’s 2nd birthday, and i hated all the bounce houses.  mama wasn’t expecting me to have much fun in the inflatables, but she figured that i could play on the slides and ride in the cozy coupes.  plus, it would be cool just to hang out with edison.  but guess what.  i had SOOO MUCH FUN!  edison and i climbed, slid, ran, and bounced all over the place.  what a blast!  and even after mama got kicked out of the inflatables (she wasn’t wearing socks, which is required for all jumpers) i ran around and played by myself.  mama couldn’t believe that i was having so much without her.

one of the best parts of the day was playing with the water fountain.  mama has never let me drink out of a water fountain before, but she didn’t have the energy to stop me, today.  i climbed up on the step stool, pressed the bar to turn it on, and stuck my face into the stream of water.  some of the water made it into my mouth, but most of it drenched my shirt.  mama had to take my shirt off and wring it out over the sink.  good times 🙂

edison and i had such a fun time today!  mid-week playdates are the best because all my local hotspots are less crowded than on the weekends.  so if anyone wants to play hooky from daycare, gimme a holler!

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growing up too fast

Posted by kyden on Monday Aug 29, 2011 Under sienna

baby sister was under-weight at her 2 week checkup, so our doctor told her to eat more and get chubby.  umm…  i think she’s gone a little too far.  she’s been packing on the pounds, and now, she is growing up too fast!

mama is sad because baby sister is outgrowing all of her cute clothes.  and she never even had a chance to wear some of them!  baby is not even 6 weeks old, and she is already too big for all of her newborn outfits.  she can barely even fit the 3-6 month onesies that she has!  yesterday, mama made her wear one of her newborn outfits just so she could wear it one time and have her photo taken in it.  mama is so mean, huh?  poor baby sister couldn’t even extend her legs in that thing 😛

i am sad that baby sister is growing up because that means that she’ll be going out without me more often.  she had her own playdate today!  she went out for sushi with her friend malia, who is my friend maddie’s little sister.  can you believe that baby sister is 1.5 weeks older than malia?  i didn’t think she was older than anyone — but she is growing up so fast.  (if you can’t tell, that’s malia on the left and baby sister on the right.  the waiter at the restaurant thought they were related.  it must be because they have matching hairdos :P)

when baby sister got home from her lunch date, i laid down, stretched out my arm, and patted the ground so she would lie down next to me.  i put my arms around her and kissed her.  i missed my baby sister!  i don’t want her to grow up too fast.  although, it would be nice if she would play with me instead of just sleeping all day.

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non-grad weekend

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this was supposed to be a big graduation weekend for me.  friday was my last gym class of the summer session, and today was my last swim class for the summer, too.

for my first two sessions at the gym, the last week of class was a “show week”.  we invited our families to come watch and we showed off all the skills we learned all session long.  at the end of class, we had a graduation ceremony.  last time, we even stood on a podium and the teacher presented us with medals!  i assumed that we would do something similar for this session, so i invited gung-gung and auntie mimi (and of course, mama, dada, and baby sister) to come see me graduate.  they all came, but there was no show week.  no graduation ceremony.  no medals.  auntie mimi said she felt gypped.  sorry auntie mimi.  apparently, there is no graduation for summer session 🙁

oh well.  at least everyone got to see me climb the rock wall.  mama and auntie mimi used to go climbing together all the time, but they don’t go anymore.  mama says she doesn’t climb because she is busy hanging out with me.  dada says she can’t go because of her bad shoulder.  that’s okay, they can just watch me climb!

today was my last day of swim class for the summer.  it’s probably my last day of swim class for the year, because it’s too cold to swim during the fall and winter.  yes, the pool is indoors (and heated), but who wants to swim when it’s cold outside?  it was just a normal class until the very end, when the whole swim school gathered together and we all did the hokey pokey together.  after that, i waited around for our graduation ceremony, but there was none.  the teacher just handed out ribbons — it says “o-fish-al pollywog”.  it was like deja vu.  i’m pretty sure i received a ribbon just like this, last year.  i feel gypped!  mama and dada said that i’ll keep getting the same pollywog ribbons until i’m 3 years old and i can swim by myself.  boo…

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family fun

Posted by kyden on Saturday Aug 27, 2011 Under sienna

baby sister and i have been getting a lot of visitors lately.  everyone says they’re coming to meet sienna, but i know that they are coming to see both of us, because they bring presents for me, too.  i have such great aunties and uncles 🙂

today, a lot of family from mama’s side came to visit — aunties, uncles, and cousins.  (gung-gung has been staying with us, so he was here too.)  and guess who else?  bak-bak.  she’s our great-grandma.  lots of kids have grandparents, but sienna and i are super lucky because we have a great-grandma!  how cool is that?

dada was at a bachelor party, so he wasn’t home.  he missed out, because we had a party of our own.  we had a fun time eating and hanging out all day long.  of course, mama was happy to see her family and catch up with them.  but she was also very grateful to have them around to hold baby sister while she was busy helping me eat lunch and putting me down for my nap.  yay for family!

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making the 2’s less terrible

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lately, when i get tired or frustrated, i like to scream, kick, hit, spit, and/or throw things.  sometimes i slap the walls or other hard surfaces and it stings my hand.  mama and dada just laugh at me and say “maybe you shouldn’t hit the wall, huh?”.  everyone assumes that i’ve been acting up because of baby sister, but it’s not her fault.  i love baby sister — i always take care of her and treat her very gently.

so now, everyone figures that i’m going through my terrible 2’s and acting age-appropriately.  the other day, dada told me that he knows that i’m just going through a phase, but he asked me to be “a little less terrible”.  i’ve always been a little bit ahead of the curve with my physical development, so it makes sense that i would start my terrible 2’s early, right?  mama actually thinks that i entered that phase when i was 15 months old, but i’ve recently kicked it into high gear.

but why now?  so mama thought about all the changes in my life and thinks she might have figured it out.  before baby came along, mama used to take me and koda out somewhere fun (park, ponds, creek, etc.) every day after my nap.  but now that dada is back to work, mama hasn’t dared to try taking me, baby, and koda out by herself.  today, we finally did it.  we just went for a stroll around the neighborhood (i led the way), but mama made it seem like it was a huge accomplishment.  i don’t get what the big deal was.

we’ll see if getting my evening exercise helps make me any less terrible.  mama and dada sure hope so.

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she’s perfect

Posted by kyden on Monday Aug 22, 2011 Under sienna

baby sister looks perfect.  that’s what doc said at her one-month checkup.  she weighed in at 9 pounds 4 ounces (50 %ile) and measured 21 inches long (44 %ile).  her head circumference is 35.5 cm (18 %ile).

umm… i know nobody is asking, but that doesn’t sound so perfect to me.  that sounds more like she’s overweight and has a pinhead.  but like i said, nobody asked me.

oh, and baby sister finally got poked with the big needle today.  she screamed really loudly for two seconds, but that was it.  let’s see how long it takes until she gets traumatized by the sight of the white crinkly paper (on the exam table) like i do…

p.s.  that photo looks familiar.  oh, that’s cuz mama took the same photo of me at my one month checkup!  she sure is good at making sure our private parts aren’t showing.  thanks mama! 🙂

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baby sister is 1 month old!

Posted by kyden on Sunday Aug 21, 2011 Under sienna

happy 1 month birthday to baby sister! i guess she takes after me. she likes and dislikes a lot of the same things as i did when i was her age. (and just in time for this milestone, she had her first diaper blowout yesterday :))

things she likes:

  • being held upright
  • trying to hold up her head
  • winking
  • hiccuping and sneezing
  • tracking movement with her eyes
  • bathtime
  • sleeping at nighttime. mama is going to get mad at me for jinxing her, but for the past few days, baby sister has been sleeping for almost four hours in between nighttime feedings!
  • snacking. during the day, she eats practically every hour. mama can’t believe how often baby sister wants to eat. i guess she is a snacker, just like mama.
  • screaming. she doesn’t cry much, but when she does, she is LOUD. even when she is downstairs in the living room, i can hear her screaming all the way from my room!

things she doesn’t like:

  • being swaddled. she wiggles and kicks to unwrap herself.
  • having a dirty diaper. she cries when she poops so that her diaper will get changed right away.
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out on the town with baby sister

Posted by kyden on Thursday Aug 18, 2011 Under sienna

after baby sister was born, dada took three weeks of paternity leave.  i dunno what that means, but he got to stay home from work and hang out with us.  yay! paternity leave is awesome! dada didn’t let baby go out much, so she mostly stayed home (or in the hospital) with mama.  once in awhile, mama and i hung out while dada took care of baby.  but on most days, dada and i went out and did fun guy stuff together.

last thursday, dada went back to work.  so for the past week, dada hasn’t been home during the daytime.  that has made it pretty easy to help baby sister sneak out of the house.  she has been out to lunches and starbucks runs, and i’ve even shown her around at some of my regular local hotspots — like the little gym (where i go to gym class) and almaden valley athletic club (where i take swim lessons).

yesterday, baby sister and i went out on our first real outing — gilroy gardens!  the day started out great.  we all went on the train ride together.  after that, i wanted to drive the fire engines and race cars, and even ride on bulgy the flying goldfish, so we waited in all those lines.  i even got in and strapped on the seat belt, but once i realized that baby sister wasn’t allowed to ride with me, i changed my mind and got out before the ride started.  so then we decided to go on the rainbow gardens boat ride because we thought that we could all go on that ride together.  but when we got to the front of that line, the operator told mama that baby sister would have to sit in her own seat and wear a seat belt.  mama just looked at him like he was insane.

i felt bad that baby sister barely got to go on any rides.  but mama said that baby had fun strolling around the park, watching me play in the water attractions, and just hanging out with me all day long.  how nice.  my baby sister is pretty awesome.

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quick study

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i’ve been teaching baby sister my old tricks, and i hafta say, she is  a quick study!

she already learned to poop in the bathtub.  she did that on the first try, and she’s kept it up in all of her baths so far.  she even managed to keep some in the reserves to poop in her towel immediately after her bath!  that’s more of an advanced skill, but she’s already got it down pat 😛

baby sister has also mastered the hourly feedings and the hungry hippo look.  everyone thinks it’s a growth spurt that occurs at 2.5 – 3 weeks, but we are really just keeping our parents on their toes.  just as they are getting used to the feedings every 2-3 hours, we change it up to keep things interesting.

peeing on the doc is something that i didn’t do until i was 4-months old.  (it was revenge for all those shots!)  baby sister doesn’t have the “equipment” to aim and pee on him, but she flooded his scale today!  way to go, baby sister!

i am not the only one that she is learning from, though.  at her last check up, doc instructed her to “eat more and get chubby“.  well… she did!  in 11 days, she gained 28 ounces.  she now weighs 8 pounds 8 ounces (40 %ile, up from 11 %ile).  that’s craaazy!

baby sister takes direction well.  i can’t wait ’til she gets older so i can teach her some really fun things…  mwahahahaha!

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soiree at swaray

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i went to celebrate my buddy matthew’s 2nd birthday today.  he had it at a place called swaray.  dada says that most people don’t know it, but that is the correct spelling of the french word.

swaray is a big indoor play gym for kids.  there’s a big room with two jumpy houses — one for the big kids and one for us under four.  dada knows i don’t like the jumpy houses, but he shoved me in there with my buddy edison, anyway.  as soon as i could, i slid down the mini-slide and made a break for it.  also in the big room is a disco ball.  i love disco balls.  they are so mesmerizing.  i was just staring at the disco ball in the middle of the room when all of a sudden some other kid ran right into me!  that was enough for me, so i got outta there and headed over to the small room.

the small room had a train set in it.  i had a blast playing with thomas (the tank engine) and his friends.  after a while, i got bored and found some musical instruments in the hallway.  i made a friend there in the hallway — we formed a band and played music together.  i call the band “kyden and this other kid”.

after all of the fun and games we ate this really healthy, super organic, makes-you-strong food.  well, that’s what dada called it, and that’s what he told mama it was.  i think dada is confused because it sure looked like pizza to me.  after lunch, matthew blew out his candles and we called it a day.  happy birthday matthew!

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