dada: my BFF

Posted by kyden on Saturday Jul 30, 2011 Under sienna

ever since baby sister came along, mama hasn’t been able to spend as much time with me as usual.  it seems like she is feeding baby sister all the time.  but that’s okay — it has given me and dada a chance to do some male-bonding.  like, if mama is busy when it’s time for lunch/dinner, dada makes my meals and helps me eat.  and if mama isn’t available to do my bedtime routine, dada helps me wash up and puts me to bed.  and if i get up in the middle of the night, dada comes to tuck me back into bed and stays with me until i fall back asleep.

dada says that baby sister is still too young to go out in public (and you thought i was going to be the overprotective one!).  and since mama has to stay home to feed her, dada and i have been going out by ourselves a lot more, lately.  dada takes me to gym class, he swims with me during swim class, and we go out to do other fun things, too.  the other day, we went to the park with grandma and auntie barbara to have a picnic and play in the playground.  fun!

tonight, we went to pump-it-up for clare’s birthday.  it was a pajama party.  how cool!  it was my first time getting to go out and play in my pajamas.  since i have never liked jumpy “earthquake” houses, mama and dada thought i was going to hate it there.  well, i’m still not a fan of the earthquakes, but i had a blast playing on the slides!  both dada and i got a good workout.  plus, i made a new friend and got some awesome toys to take home in my goodie bag 🙂  happy birthday clare!

i’ve been having a great time hanging out with dada — he’s my new BFF.  but i hope baby sister can come out with us soon.  i can’t wait to introduce her to all my friends and show her all my local hotspots!

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baby sister’s one-week checkup

Posted by kyden on Thursday Jul 28, 2011 Under sienna

baby sister had her one-week checkup today.  when i had my first checkup, i was 4 ounces lighter and 0.75″ shorter than i was when i was born.  so i sort of expected the same thing for baby sister.  and because the high bilirubin levels made her so sleepy (sometimes too sleepy to eat), i thought she would have lost even more weight.  but here are her one week stats:

  • 6 pounds 11 ounces (17 %ile)
  • 19 inches long  (22 %ile)

she is only down 3 ounces from her birth weight.  i guess she packed on some ounces in the hospital because she was getting a supplemental bottle-feeding after every time mama fed her.  and she didn’t shrink at all.  doc said that since she was born so fast, she didn’t have time to get a cone-head — she was born with a perfectly round normal-shaped head.  lucky girl!

the blue lights in the hospital must have done the trick because doc said that baby sister looked good as new.  she didn’t even have to get her heel pricked again.  yay!

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while mama and dada were in the hospital with baby sister, koda stayed with his sister at uncle henry’s house.  he came home earlier this week.  i sure missed him!  mama said that he probably loved his kid-free vacation — nobody to step on him, nobody to run into him with ride-on cars, nobody to use him as a body pillow…

baby sister was sleeping when koda came home, and since she went back to the hospital later that same day, they never really got the chance to get to know each other.  but she finished her baby tanning session today, and now she’s finally home to stay.  yay!  we were all happy to welcome her home.  and koda was finally able to give her a proper greeting.  it reminded me of the first time that i met my furry brother.

mama says that poor koda will soon have two crazy kids torturing him.  but if you ask me, i think he’s lucky to have a brother and a sister who will take care of him.

wait a minute…  i just realized that i am now a middle child, aren’t i?

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baby tanning booth

Posted by kyden on Tuesday Jul 26, 2011 Under sienna

just when i thought baby sister was home to stay, she went away.  and she took mama with her.  i didn’t know where they went, but when i woke up from my nap yesterday, they were gone.  all evening i asked dada, “mama?  baby?  mama”  baby?”  so dada and i went to the hospital (again) to see them.  they sure seem to like hanging out at that place.

baby sister was sleeping in a fish tank.  it looks like the fish tank that uncle henry has, with florescent lights and everything.  it didn’t seem right to me that she was trapped in there — she’s not a fish!  i kept tapping on the glass to let her know that i was there to save her, but she didn’t wake up.  i guess she wouldn’t have seen me anyway because she was wearing some really dark purple sunglasses.

auntie barbara called it triple-bank phototherapy.  mama said baby was just a pacifier away from being at a baby rave.  dada told me that the lights are like the sun, and they will help make baby all better so she can come home.  like the sun??? i sure hope that baby finishes tanning today so that she and mama can sleep at home tonight.  (and i hear that when she comes home, she won’t glow like an alien anymore!)  sheesh, girls sure are high-maintenance.

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i <3 baby sister

Posted by kyden on Sunday Jul 24, 2011 Under sienna

if you watched the video from when i first met baby sister, you know it didn’t seem like love at first sight. that’s only because we met in the hospital, and i wasn’t sure if she was going to come home with us or not. and even if she did, i didn’t know if she was mine to keep. lots of babies come to visit, and once in awhile, they even spend the night (like baby logan did). but now that baby sister is home with us and i know that she is here to stay, i am 100% in love. everyone thought that i was going to be jealous of baby, but i’m not. not even one tiny bit.

i like to take care of baby sister. i help feed her. i cover her with a blanket when she’s cold. i (try to) put her hat back on her head when it falls off. i bring wipes when she needs to be changed, and i throw away the dirty diapers when she’s all done.

when i wake up in the morning, instead of calling for mama or dada like i used to, i call “baby? baby?” and i stumble into mama and dada’s room to look for baby.

even though baby sister doesn’t say or do much, i just like to look at her. sometimes, i just lie down next to her and watch her sleep. i like being able to see her so i know that she’s okay. like when mama hides baby under her nursing cover, i pull it open so that i can keep an eye on her. (mama was a little concerned that i might want to nurse when i saw baby sister nursing, but no way. drinking from my cool new sippy cup or regular adult cups is way better.)

i don’t know what everyone was so worried about. i am so happy to be a big brother and i love baby sister sooo much.

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not my mini-me

Posted by kyden on Saturday Jul 23, 2011 Under sienna

everyone says that baby sister looks just like me when i was a baby. she does seem to have my triple chin, but other than that, i don’t think we have much in common at all.

  • i think she might be an alien. she glows blue and she has a tube coming out of her that looks like a vacuum cleaner hose. i think it’s weird, but nobody else seems to be concerned about it. mama and dada said that the blue light is helping lower her bilirubin levels. i dunno what that means, but i am definitely not an alien.
  • she has a black stick growing out of her belly button. i keep pointing to hers, then lifting my shirt to show mama and dada what a normal belly button should look like. but again, they don’t seem to be concerned.
  • she was born with more hair than i have now.
  • she has freakishly long fingernails, fingers, and toes. mine are normal-sized.
  • she sleeps a lot. and i mean a LOT. when i was her age, i was alert and active all night long.
  • when she cries, she is LOUD. mama and dada said that newborns are supposed to have “cute” cries, like i did. she didn’t get that memo. how come i have to use my inside voice, but nobody tells her that she has to?

<– here’s a current photo of baby sister.

here’s a photo of me when i was about the same age –>

so whaddya think? does she look like me?

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since so many people have asked, here are the details about my baby sister.

  • name:  sienna q. tanaka. that’s right, sienna.  like the actress sienna miller.  or like the crayola color burnt sienna.  or like the toyota minivan.  i pronounce it “e-nano”.
  • birthdate:  july 21, 2011 @ 3:57pm. that means that the winners of my baby pool are auntie ting and auntie jessica.  they both guessed that the baby would be a boy, but they’ll get prizes for partial credit.  congrats, aunties!
  • stats:  6 lbs, 14 oz.  19 inches. she’s tiny!  mama is very grateful that sienna was smaller than me because she came out so fast that mama didn’t have time to get an epidural or even a lidocaine injection.  owie.
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i have a baby sister!

Posted by kyden on Friday Jul 22, 2011 Under sienna

when i woke up yesterday and didn’t see mama, i figured she must have gone to texas again.  but i thought it was weird that dada wasn’t home, either.  instead, grandma greeted me as i wandered down the hallway in the morning.  i hung out with grandma all morning until miss denise came at her usual time, and we went about our usual day.  i kept telling her to check her phone because i was waiting for mama to call, just like she always does when she goes to texas.  but mama never called.  i guess she was busy 🙁  dada came home for dinner, we hung out in the evening, and then he put me to bed.

then as soon as i woke up this morning, dada, grandma, and i piled into the car.  dada said that we were going to go see mama.  i thought that was weird.  why wouldn’t mama just come home?

when we finally saw mama, she was lying in a bed at the hospital.  i was so happy to see her that i climbed into bed and sat with her.  and guess what.  there was a tiny little baby there, too.  mama told me that it was my baby sister.  wait… I HAVE A BABY SISTER!

i was very curious about baby sister.  i didn’t say a whole lot, but then again, neither did she.  i waited for her to wave, or give me a high five, or something, but she didn’t do much of anything.  i even tried to feed a graham cracker to her, but she didn’t want it.  she just slept the whole time that i was there.  how boring.

i didn’t know if baby sister was going to come home with us, but i thought for sure that mama would.  she didn’t.  both of them stayed in bed.  i guess they were tired.  so i gave baby a hug and a kiss and we said goodbye.  i hope they come home soon.


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diving practice

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in swim class last weekend, we learned how to dive.  we raise our hands up above our heads, bend at the waist, and lean forward to “dive” (fall) into the water, head first.  the teacher said that this is a very important skill because if we just jump straight in, we could hit the back of our heads on the edge of the pool.  i don’t want to get a concussion or brain damage, so i’ve been practicing diving at home.

i have been using the first step on the stairs as my diving platform.  i dive head first, splat onto the ground, and then whimper “mama” while i lay sprawled out on the carpet.  and then i get up and do it again.  and again.  and again.  mama keeps telling me that diving is only for swim class, but i have to practice somewhere. and it’s better to dive onto the carpet than onto the tile, right?  just wait until i advance to the “high dive” — the armrest on the couch.

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unplanned weekend

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usually, our weekends are packed with my social activities.  but mama was so sure that the baby was going to come last weekend, that we didn’t make any plans at all.  in fact, mama came thiiis —> <— close to telling dada not to go to work last thursday.  she even packed her bag for the hospital.  but nothing.  and then last night, mama was so sure (again) that the baby was coming that she took a shower and got all ready to go to the hospital.  but after she got out of the shower… nothing.  next time she says that today is the day, i’m not going to believe her.

but even though we didn’t have anything planned this weekend, it was an eventful one.  everything we did was a game time decision, but it worked out great.

on friday night, i went to gym class.  uncle henry came to visit, and we all had dinner together.  he was planning to take koda home with him since mama was so sure that she was going to be in the hospital.  but since there was no baby, koda stayed home with us.

on saturday, i met matthew and chloe at CDM.  now that i know how to peel bananas by myself, i kept trying to peel the one in the wonder cabinet.  it was defective.  mama said it was plastic.  (why would they put a fake plastic banana on the dining table?  that’s just mean.)  there is also a new mammoth discovery! exhibit at CDM, so matthew and i went on a dig for fossils.  chloe didn’t want to help us.  i guess girls just don’t like getting dirty.

in the evening, auntie mabel and auntie jillie drove down for an impromptu visit and we all went out for hot pot.  i had fun staying out past my bedtime hanging with the quon girls 🙂

on sunday, i had swim class.  after class, we saw auntie jan, uncle harvey, and their new goldendoodle puppy, huey.  (dada called him a “snickerpoodle” :P)  then we went to visit grandma and had lunch at her house.

busy weekend, considering that we had no plans, right?  and then i realized that the baby didn’t come because we had no plans.  i’ll bet if we had organized a big party, the baby definitely would have come last weekend.  that’s how i know that the baby’s a girl — she’s waiting for a big crowd to gather before she makes her grand entrance.

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