heyyy batter batter!

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i got to go to my first baseball game today!  uncle henry got a bunch of my aunties and uncles together to watch the A’s play their last home game of the season. he even got us seats in the shade just for me!

mommy told uncle henry that she and i were going to wear SF giants jerseys because we don’t look good in green (not to mention that she’s more of a giants fan).  mommy was just kidding, but uncle henry wasn’t taking any chances — he bought me an A’s shirt to wear.  thanks uncle henry 🙂  does that mean that i hafta be an A’s fan, like you and daddy?

as professional sports go, mommy and daddy have taken me to lotsa hockey games, and now a baseball game, too.  baseball is not as fun to watch as hockey.  the players were mostly just standing around and they weren’t all that exciting to watch.  so to entertain myself between plays, i climbed on the seats, threw things several rows down in front of me, ate peanut shells off the ground, and pulled uncle henry’s soda out of his cup holder and poured it upside down.

but despite the differences between hockey and baseball, there are some important similarities.  i have been paying attention to both sports and i’ve learned a lot.  and mommy and daddy wonder why i like to swing big sticks and hit things (and people)…

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my new ‘do

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daddy says that you should get your haircut one week before a big event.  it takes about that long for it to grow in nicely so it’ll look good on the day of the event.  and since my party is next saturday, i had to get my haircut today.

my hair is wild.  i have two cowlicks at the back of my head, and my hair splits like a fishtail at the nape of my neck.  and if that wasn’t bad enough, the hairs right at the front of my hairline grow to the right, and the layer of hair just above my hairline grows straight down my forehead.  wild.  mama knew it wasn’t gonna be easy, but she was up for the haircut challenge.

mama stood behind me with clippers and scissors in hand.  i kept hearing buzzing and snipping and i was so curious about what she was doing.  i wanted to see what was going on, so i kept whipping my head around to try and sneak a peek.  i’m lucky that all those sudden movements didn’t cause my ears to get snipped!

here are before and after shots.  what do you think? (click on the image to see more photos from my very first haircut.)

mama kept saying that she feels sorry for me because my hair is going to be impossible to manage when i grow up.  and i can’t rock a buzz cut because i have a funny-shaped head — it’s trapezoidal!  i guess i better start looking into extra-strength styling products.  anyone have any tips?

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it counts! it counts!

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okay, for all you non-believers…  it might be more of a waddle, but it still counts as walking, right?

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walk this way

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starting a long time ago, i was able to take 1-2 free-standing steps followed by a faceplant.  i kept practicing and practicing and i got really good at faceplanting.   but i got pretty good at taking steps, too!

a week and a half ago, i got up to 5 steps before the faceplant.  i was so excited!  then the next day it was 7 steps, and 5 became old news.  then it was 10.  then 22.  but i wondered when everyone would stop counting my steps and realize that i was actually walking!

so, now that i can take more steps than i can count, i can pivot, and i can even stop to bend down and pick up a toy, i’m making the official call.  look out world, i am now walking!

walking tips for my younger buddies (and their parents):

  • electronics gadgets (mobile phones, cordless phones, remote controls, etc.) made good motivators for me.  and when they were high off the ground, i was more likely to walk, rather than crawl, toward them.
  • i was more likely to walk while holding something in my hands.  i got distracted by what i was holding and then i was off and walking before i realized it!
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social butterfly

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mama and daddy are always saying that they don’t have time for their own lives because they are ruled by my social calendar.  it’s true.  but that’s the way it should be.  and besides, they’re old and they don’t need to party like i do.  this past weekend was just like all the others — packed with my social activities.  the highlights of my weekend were playing at the playground with my friends and finding king kong’s beach house!

sierra was visiting from LA, so logan and i met her at the playground in central park by lake elizabeth.  she ran circles around us — literally!  i don’t get to go to playgrounds very often because they are usually filled with sand or bark, both of which i would love to eat.  mama and daddy were pleasantly surprised to see that this playground had a rubberized ground covering.  good for mama and daddy.  bad for me.

my thoughts on playgrounds:  love the slides, hate the swings.  mama is really surprised that i don’t like swings because i looove hanging upside down and being tossed in the air.  maybe i just need to try them out more often.  (sierra’s gung-gung took a picture of me on the slide — which i loved.  i’ll post that once sierra emails it to me.)

i didn’t want koda to be left out of all the weekend fun, so we took him out to spend an afternoon in dog-friendly los gatos.  we shopped, ate froyo, and just strolled around.  and guess what we found — king kong’s beach house!  i mean, i don’t know for sure that it was king kong’s house, but look at the size of those flip flops!  who else could they belong to, right?

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double date

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i went on a double date today, and you’ll never guess with who.  logan?  nope.  matthew?  nuh-uh.  zachary?  not him either.  do you give up?  it was koda!

yup, koda had a date with his girlfriend, and he brought me along so that i could meet her “sister”.  koda’s girlfriend’s name is shasta.  they were just friends for a long time, but at the end of last month, shasta spent almost a week with us at our house.  (this photo is from that week.)  i guess their romance blossomed during that time, and they took their relationship to the next level.  with all those late nights that they spent together — alone in the dark — i guess it was to be expected.  koda couldn’t take his tongue out of her ears!

koda doesn’t know this, but shasta was actually born in our house.  mama and daddy even named her!  doesn’t that make shasta koda’s step-sister or something?  ewww.

anyway, shasta’s “sister” is celine.  it turns out that celine and i had actually seen each other before before, but that was 7 months ago, so we didn’t really remember each other.  i knew she looked familiar though!

celine has an entire playroom full of fun toys and books that she shared with me.  i especially liked playing in her kitchen and chewing on her fake lettuce.  that’s right — i didn’t choose the pizza, but the lettuce.  the shape of the fake lettuce fit just right against my gums, which have been really hurting because of my molars cutting through.  yup, i officially have 9 teeth now, with 3 more molars on their way.  owie.

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my new throne

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i got a new throne.  (and no, i’m not talking about a potty :P)  i got a cushy new convertible car seat.  i used to wonder why it was called a convertible, but now i know.  just like a convertible car, it doesn’t have a cover on top.

i went for a spin in my new throne yesterday.  NOT a fan.  since it’s a convertible, there’s no cover to protect my face and eyes from the bright sunlight.  i’m still too young to sit front-facing, so when i extend my legs, my feet get jammed up against the back seat.  and i’m not sure why, but these straps chafe my neck rolls more than my other car seat did.  and my biggest issue with my new throne is that it’s just… not… comfortable.

i kept trying to nap in my new car seat, but with my head flopped backwards, i couldn’t get comfortable.  and even when i finally fell asleep, i woke up every 5-10 minutes squirming and wiggling to get into a better position.  however, i realize that it’s only been one day.  maybe after a couple of weeks, this new seat will be molded to the shape of my butt, just like my old one was.  i was so looking forward to ditching my old car seat, but i guess that’ it’s just like an old pair of sneakers — perfectly broken in.  (daddy thinks that i won’t be happy in any car seat cuz i just don’t like being restrained.  period.)

so, i think i’ll hold off for awhile on writing the product review.  maybe even until i am old enough to turn it around to face forward.  being able to finally see where we’re going might just trump all the other issues i’m having with my not-yet-molded-to-the-shape-of-my-butt throne.

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renaissance man

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over the long weekend, i had another date with my girl maddie at the children’s discovery museum.  now that we’re both card-carrying members, i think that CDM is going to become a frequent rendezvous spot for us.  even though i’m a regular there, something different grabs my attention every time.  yesterday, it was the art studio.  actually, it was maddie that wanted to get creative, and i didn’t want her to go into the studio without me.  (you know, with all those other boys in there.)

i was so excited about my dough sculpture, that i fell out of my seat — literally!  really, that’s how i got the bruise on my cheek and the bump on my head.  no, really.  that’s mama’s story and she’s sticking to it.  so you can call off child protective services.

today, i had my regular (every tuesday) workout at the little gym.  of all the gyms that i’ve tried out, this one is my favorite.  compared to others, this class is more focused on a real physical workout.  pull-ups, back flips, tumbling…  i still need a spotter for most of the activities, but i was able to hang from the uneven bars by myself today!  i need to stay fit if i’m gonna impress the girlies, right?  so i signed up for an annual membership.

so, that’s a lot of memberships that i have, right?  but wait, there’s more.  i am currently a card-carrying member at all these places:

  • children’s discovery museum:  to get some culture and nurture my creative talents
  • almaden valley athletic club:  to get my cardio workout in the pool
  • the little gym:  to do my strength straining and get hubbed out like governor schwarzenegger
  • the tech:  to get my geek on (actually, mama is a member, but i get to go with her for free!)

i’m a renaissance man in the making.  now if i could only get a season pass to disneyland…

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hanging with the quon clan

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i never got a chance to meet them, but some of the coolest old ladies in my family were born on double days — august 8 (8/8), september 9 (9/9), october 10 (10/10).  double days… get it?

po-po (grandma quon) was born on september 9.  she went to heaven before i was born, but i often hear about what a wonderful person she was and how much she would have loved me and cousin zoey.  and even though she’s not around, we all still think about her often.

so, on po-po’s birthday weekend, the quon clan came together to honor and remember her.  hi po-po!  we love you! plus, it was a just good excuse to go out for a yummy lunch and for gung-gung to see both of his grandkids together 🙂

cousin zoey is growing up so fast.  she is walking and talking like a real little girl!  she looks just like her mommy, auntie alyssa.  and everyone says that i look like daddy.  so i guess that means that the quon genes aren’t very strong?

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i am 11 months old!

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happy 11 month birthday to me 🙂

things i like:

  • standing up, unsupported
  • clapping (i can even multi-task — clap while standing!)
  • signing “i’m #1!” (daddy thinks i’m pointing)
  • waving
  • “redecorating” the house (bringing mama’s knee-high boots up the stairs, sliding mama’s iphone across the floor into the kitchen, taking gung-gung’s exercise gear from his room to the living room)
  • rowing (rocking back and forth) on mama while we sing “row row row your boat”
  • drinking out of a straw
  • working out at the gym (i did assisted pull-ups at the little gym this week!)
  • watching koda play with his friends
  • tugging on koda’s ears and turning them inside out
  • feeding myself finger foods (and smearing them all over my face, and rubbing them in my hair, and feeding them to koda…)
  • ramming my ride-on cars into people’s shins
  • riding on my ride-on cars (finally learned how to ride on them instead of walking behind them)
  • playing with the pop-up sink drains in the bathtub and sinks
  • dancing (i’m really just standing in place and bouncing, but auntie jill says that it counts, since that’s how most grown-up men dance :P)

things i don’t like:

  • staying still (i have to be moving around ALL the time.  and as i get faster and faster, it makes it hard and harder for anyone to photograph me!)
  • when mama tells me “NO” in her i’m-not-playing voice
  • walking (i take 1-2 steps, then faceplant)
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