o-fish-al pollywog

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i knew that today was going to be my last swim lesson (for this summer session, anyway) and i wanted to make the most of it.  daddy thought that i didn’t want to swim because i kept climbing out of the pool, but i was just practicing.  i swam to the wall, climbed out of the pool (which i was not able to do by myself at the beginning of summer), and then “dived” back in.  and then i did it again.  and again.  and again.  i think i did that about seven times.  i’m not really sure though because i can’t count that high.

but somehow, i managed to spend enough time in the water to demonstrate my excellent swimming skills and graduate from swim school!  i am an o-fish-al pollywog!  (it says so on my graduation ribbon 🙂 )

my o-fish-al swim movie is below, but if you are interested in seeing my practice footage, you can see that here.

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shop ’til you drop

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i always have fun shopping with mama.  even though we usually just go to the grocery store, i like to sit in the shopping cart and wave at all the other people there.  they always wave back and do funny things to make me giggle.  grocery store people are so friendly 🙂

but yesterday, mama took me shoe shopping.  mama picked out a pair for me and then helped me walk around the store to see if they were comfy.  they weren’t… at all.  my feet want to be free!  i immediately tried to pull off the shoes, but they didn’t budge.  i tried to kick them off,  but that didn’t work either.  velcro is some powerful stuff.

mama helped me free my feet (whew!) and then told me that i could pick whatever shoes i wanted. and that’s when the fun began.

i crawled over to a display of shoes and selected a pair of pink and white pumas.  i then spotted some pink and white onesies embroidered with pretty butterflies, so i slid the shoebox across the store to get them.  cute outfit, right?  but i wasn’t done yet!  mama taught me that no outfit is complete without a coordinated bib, so i crawled around the corner to find those.  (mama took the shoes out of the box for the photo, but i did the rest all by myself!)

mama thinks that i want to be a cross-dresser, but i just want my little sister to be well-dressed.  i know, you’re thinking “WHAT LITTLE SISTER???”, right?  yeah, mama and daddy said the same thing.  oh well.  a kid can dream.

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mama’s boy

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for the past week or two, i have been practicing my new favorite word.  mama.  mama.  mama. that’s what i say all day long.  mama. when i say it to daddy, he responds “da da”.  when i say it to mommy, she responds, “yes, baby?”  it warms her heart.

and just when mommy thought she couldn’t love me more, guess what else i have been doing for the past week.  i have been… SLEEPING… say it with me… THROUGH… THE… NIGHT!!!  i didn’t mention it sooner because i didn’t want to jinx myself, but yup, i’m finally sleeping through the night (~8:30pm to ~7:00am).

it started last week when mommy came home from dallas.  at first, she thought that she was just so tired that she just didn’t hear me when i woke up.  but after a week, i think it’s official 🙂

mommy is so happy that she almost doesn’t mind that i am starting to move on from mama to dada.  (i’m actually trying to say “koda”, but don’t tell daddy that!)

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i suck! yay!

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last week, koda taught himself a new trick — he learned to scale our 6 ft. fence all by himself!  i couldn’t let the dog outdo me, so i taught myself some new tricks, too.  i’ve just been waiting for the chance to show off my new skills.  tonight was the night.

for some strange reason, mommy decided to put tonight’s dinner drink in a regular cup instead of my usual sippy cup.  she held the straw up to my lips, expecting me to chew on the straw or just play with it (like i did when i first started using my sippy cup).  but to her surprise, i drank my juice like a pro.  that’s right — i sucked!  mommy was so amazed because  nobody had ever shown me how to use a straw before.  she was celebrating by cheering and clapping…  so i started clapping, too!

WHOA!!!  now everyone was really excited and causing a commotion.  i had been practicing clapping for many weeks and was unsuccessful up until tonight.  mommy and daddy were sooo happy that i finally got the hang of it.  i was happy, too —  so happy, that i clapped throughout the rest of my dinner 🙂

that’s two new tricks for me in one night.  okay koda… show me what ya’ got!

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what’s the diagnosis?

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for many months, mommy thought i was like the cheerleader from heroes who didn’t feel pain.  i was constantly doing things like diving off the couch and conking my head, slamming my fingers in the dresser drawer, or biting my fingers until i broke the skin.  mommy let me do these things in hopes that i would learn.  but i never learned — i just did ’em again and again.  so then mommy began to think that i was just dumb.  that was the running theory for a long time.

but lately, there’s a new theory forming in my household…

  • i love ramming my new truck into things — especially people’s shins
  • when someone yelps “ow!” it makes me giggle
  • when grown-ups help me stack the people from my sillytown toy, i immediately swat them down so the sillypeople come tumbling to the ground
  • it sends me into hysterics when mommy bites my fingers with her teeth (although fake biting does nothing for me)
  • i dismembered by stuffed duckie

so what do you think this says about me?

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que sera, sera

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my buddy matthew turned 1 today.  happy birthday matthew!

i had been looking forward to his party for a long time because he was planning to have a dol, and i had never been to one before.  for this special occasion, i got dressed up in my collared shirt and argyle sweater vest.  and during lunch time, i even wore my formal bib 🙂  mommy and daddy said that i looked like a country club kid.  they must have been sooo proud of me dressed up all proper-looking and chewing with my mouth open 😀

matthew wore his special korean outfit and performed a traditional fortune telling ritual.  he picked the ball, dropped it, and then picked up the hammer.  so what’s the ruling?  does that mean he’s going to be an athlete (maybe not a very good one, since he dropped the ball), or will he be a builder?  or maybe he will become a builder after his pro athletic career is over.

there was also a balloon man at matthew’s party!  he made the most amazing balloon creations i have ever seen.  there were princesses, flying dragons, winnie-the-poohs holding baby rattles (that actually rattled), and all kinds of fancy things.  but all i wanted was a koda 🙂  i love balloon-koda, but real koda is not so much a fan.

i don’t think that balloon man is a korean tradition, but even if he is, i don’t care — i want him for my birthday party.  and now that i think about it, i want to do the fortune telling thing, too.  i’m definitely going to secure my future by choosing the wad of cash.  although… would a roll of bills mean that i’ll be rich, or will i just be a frequent patron at a gentlemen’s club?  or maybe both…

sorry, no photos of me with the birthday boy.  the grown-ups wanted to take a group shot of all us kids today, but matthew and i raced away from the paprazzi!

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two-fistin’ it

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for the past few months, i’ve been feeding myself magic puffs.  mommy and daddy have been reluctant to give me other finger foods because they knew what a huge mess i would make.  but now that i have demonstrated improvement in my fine motor skills (like high fiving and waving), they decided to let me try to eat more things by myself.  cool, huh?

it’s way more fun to feed myself than have someone else feed me!  here are some of my thoughts about self-feeding:

  1. i can stuff way more than one spoonful of food into my mouth all at once.
  2. even though i usually show clear signs of right-handedness, i eat with my left hand just as much as my right.  i am an equal opportunity face-stuffer.
  3. meal times take 2x longer than they used to.  mommy and daddy think i’m a slow eater, but i’m really just stalling so that i can stay up later at night.  (my bedtime has recently shifted back an hour to 8:30pm.)
  4. i know i’m not supposed to eat oatmeal with my hands, but i put it all over my face because i heard that it’s good for my skin.
  5. mommy and daddy think that i accidentally drop food on the ground because i’m uncoordinated.  gung-gung says it’s the rule of thirds: 1/3 of my food lands on the ground, 1/3 ends up on me or somewhere in my chair, and 1/3 actually ends up in my mouth.  but i’ll let you in on a secret — i drop food on purpose because i like sharing my food with koda.
  6. it’s not cool to take pictures of someone stuffing their face and chewing their food.  it’s just not cute.  just saying…
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party at my house!

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over the weekend, mommy and daddy went out without me — for the first time ever!  mommy felt a little anxious and guilty for leaving me, but i told her that it was about time.  it has been over 10 months, and she and daddy haven’t been out on a date night.  (and last weekend doesn’t really count because they went to a wedding.)  at first, i was mad that i wasn’t going to get to go with them, but then i realized what it could mean.  PAR-TAY at my house!

i invited miss denise to my party, and she agreed to come and bring her teenage daughter.  woohoo!  they couldn’t make it until an hour after mommy and daddy left, so gung-gung (who has been living at our house lately) and i pre-partied by ourselves.  mommy and daddy were a tiny bit concerned that gung-gung wouldn’t be able to keep up with me since i’m such a party animal, but i promised to take it easy on him.  we mostly just hung out and had some quality grandpa/grandson bonding time.

once the party got jumping, it was a huge success.  mommy made some special food and drinks for me just for that night: shredded sweet potato-infused chicken with avocado, fresh nectarines over cinnamon-spiced d’anjou pears, and virgin kahlua and breastmilk to drink.  i offered some to my guests, but they preferred to munch on the cookies that daddy made.  oh well.  more for me 🙂

i had such a good time at my party that i passed out while everyone was still at my house.  i guess i’m not a very good host.  but i had a lot of fun at home without mommy and daddy.  and from the looks of their photos, they had fun without me, too.  we should do this more often.

logan, next time our parents party together, we should party together too!

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stupid human tricks

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mommy, daddy, and koda do funny things sometimes.  and in order to fit in with my crazy family, i guess i have to do them, too.

recently, mommy and daddy started making funny “buhwuhwuhwuhwuh” noises to make me laugh.  so i thought i’d try it to see if it makes them laugh, too.  and lemme tell you — it does.  every time.

and i often see koda getting treats after he gives high fives and waves.  so i practiced doing those things so i could get treats, too.  so how come i never get nuthin’ for high fives, and whenever i wave someone usually goes away?

everyone thinks koda is so smart because he teaches me so many things, but i have been trying to teach him to climb down the stairs BACKWARDS for months, and he just isn’t getting it. who’s the smart one now, huh?

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i am 10 months old!

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happy 10 month birthday to me 🙂

things i like:

  • saying “mama” (sorry, no “dada”)
  • wiggling my finger/hand across my lips to make funny noises.  buhwuhwuhwuhwuh.
  • giving high 5’s
  • blowing kisses (i can’t do this by myself yet, but it cracks me up every time)
  • hanging upside down
  • shoes (i like to put everything in my mouth, but shoes look especially tasty — especially mommy’s fuzzy slippers)
  • taking the most direct route to my destination (even if that means climbing over koda or crawling under my exersaucer)
  • sliding (not crawling — sliding) down the stairs on my tummy
  • navigating the obstacle course that i have made for myself (army crawl through my exersaucer fort, exit at my bookshelf, pull books off the shelf to slide across the floor, climb onto my swing and take myself for a ride!)
  • hanging out with my awesome aunties and uncles.  my stranger anxiety phase seems to have passed.  hooray!

things i don’t like:

  • high-pitched whirring noises (hair dryer, blender, vacuum cleaner) — i think i have dog hearing
  • heat (mommy says i am my father’s sonduh, mommy.)
  • walking (crawling is still much faster.  mommy and daddy can’t believe that i’m not walking by myself yet.)
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