the other woman

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since the beginning of the month, both mommy and daddy have been working. and even though mommy works from home once in awhile (okay… most of the time), she has to concentrate on work and can’t give me her undivided attention. so i got a nanny!

gung-gung told me about a theory that boys who have nannies grow up to be cheaters. apparently, it introduces the concept of the “other woman” who cares for and caters to their physical needs. hmmm… it’ll be a few years before we can validate this theory. but in the meantime, miss denise (our nanny) is here to stay.

here are the top 10 reasons why we love having a nanny:

10)  i get to stay home with mommy and koda. my nap/sleep schedule, meals, and all the developmental changes that i’m going through are a little bit easier because i am in familiar surroundings.

9)  her hours are flexible. so if daddy has to go to work early, or if mommy has a late meeting, miss denise just hangs out with me for a little bit longer. or, if mommy finishes work early, miss denise just goes home early.

8)  i get one-on-one attention. this is especially important now that i am crawling around super fast and trying to walk everywhere (and falling down often, and hard). this also means that i get to go on walks around the neighborhood and to the park.

7)  i make my own schedule. i nap when i’m tired, i eat when i’m hungry, and my diaper gets changed as soon as it’s dirty.

6)  when i am napping, miss denise plays with koda and takes him on walks.

5)  miss denise is a germaphobe. she keeps my exersaucers, my play area, my high chair, and all my toys super clean and free of koda hair.

4)  when mommy is not around, miss denise helps me (and koda) write emails and send text messages to her so that she knows we’re thinking of her.

3)  miss denise is very respectful of the way that mommy and daddy want to raise me, but she offers excellent advice based on her experience raising her own 4 kids (including a set of triplets!).

2)  mommy gets to see all my “firsts” 🙂

1)  and most importantly… if i grow up to be a womanizer, it won’t be my fault! 😛

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my day without mommy

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when i was still inside mommy’s tummy, she took me on airplane trips to fun places like austin, seattle, dallas, and san diego.  i was traveling with her up until 6 weeks before i was born!  but lately, we haven’t gone anywhere.  sure, we go on fun car trips, but i haven’t been on an airplane since my birthday.

yesterday, mommy had to go to work in dallas.  i wanted to go with her, and even daddy wanted me to go with her, but she said no.  so instead of flying out the night before her meeting, she flew to dallas and back in the same day.  crazy, huh?  mommy left the house at 4:30am and got home just before midnight.  she says that she scheduled it that way to make things easier for daddy, but i think the truth is that she didn’t want to be away from me overnight.  since mommy usually works from home, yesterday was the first time she was away from me for more than 3 hours.

i missed having mommy around, but i had a  good time playing with my nanny and koda all day long.   i even wrote mommy 2 emails and texted her a photo of myself so that she would know that i was thinking about her.  koda was a copydog and he wrote mommy an email too.

when daddy came home from work, we got to hang out for a couple of hours before my bedtime.  everyone thought that daddy was going to have such a hard time taking care of me all by himself, but he handled it like a pro.  in fact, i think we should have more one-on-one guy-bonding time!  we texted mommy a photo so she wouldn’t feel left out of all the fun we were having without her.

we all made it through the day okay.  i didn’t eat very much though, cuz milk just doesn’t taste the same coming out of a bottle.  daddy says the same thing about diet coke.  i think mommy had the roughest time out of all of us.  she had to pump milk throughout the day so that she could continue to make milk for me.  when the old TSA agent questioned her about her breast pump and battery pack, mommy offered to demo it for him 😛  haha, she’s so funny!  the worst part of it all was that mommy couldn’t even save the the milk that she pumped.  she had to flush it down the toilet.  waaah!  that’s my foooood!

when mommy came home at midnight, i was zonked out.  but when i woke up for my next feeding, i was sooo happy to see her that i didn’t want to go back to sleep — i wanted to stay awake all night and spend time with mommy.  so i did.

i hear that kids my age often have separation anxiety, but i think that mommies get bad cases of it, too.  i wonder what will happen next week when mommy has to go to work in austin for 2 WHOLE DAYS.  eek!!!

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kicked to the crib

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about a month ago, i started sleeping in my crib.  but since i was still waking up 2-3 times per night, mommy would bring me into her room and let me sleep in the co-sleeper bassinet for the final stretch before morning.  well. those days are gone.  i’ve been officially… say it with me… KICKED TO THE CRIB!

last weekend, i blogged about how i had given up on crawling. of course, the very next day, it just happened naturally!  i guess that’s how many things are in life — you find things when you aren’t looking for them, or things come to you more easily when you stop trying so hard.  life is weird like that.  anyway, i’ve been crawling around the house all week, and i have also been practicing pulling myself up to a standing position.  so you know what that means?  the co-sleeper can no longer contain me.  so all week, i’ve been sleeping by myself in my crib all night long.

the good news:  i usually “sleep through the night” (defined as a 5 hour stretch).  the bad news:  that 5 hour stretch is usually from 8pm – 1am.  and by the time mommy feeds me then unwinds for the night, she doesn’t get to bed until 2am.  that gives her only 2.5 hours of sleep until i wake up for my 4:30am snack.  before, mommy could just roll over to plop me in the co-sleeper after feeding me.  but now, she has to come into my room, pick me up from my crib, feed me, lay me gently back into my crib, wait til i’m fast asleep, then walk back into her room and crawl back into bed.  then i wake up again between 6 and 7am.  sometimes i can fall back asleep for an hour or so, but by that time, i’m usually ready to start my day.

so, being kicked to the crib is a big step for me…  a big win for daddy…  and less sleep for mommy.  sucks to be her 😛

now, i’m working on climbing out of my crib.  i wonder what mommy and daddy will do once i figure out how!

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mascot for hire

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i got to stay up waaay past my bedtime tonight, but only because it was a very special occasion — the sharks are in the stanley cup playoffs!  we went to game 5 tonight, and the sharks won 5-0!

i stayed awake through the entire game.  i didn’t want to miss a moment of the excitement.  plus, it was SO LOUD in the tank (even with the ear muffs) that i couldn’t have napped even if i wanted to.  i wonder how long it will take me to get back to my regular sleep schedule after staying up until 11pm tonight.  eeek!  oh well, it’ll be worth it 🙂

i must be a good luck charm.  anyone know of a sports team that wants to hire me to be their mascot?  one of your volleyball teams, perhaps?  i work for cheap, i can scream really loud, and i make a darn cute puppy 😛

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swim before you surf

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i’m planning on surfing in hawaii later this year, so there are a few things i need to do to prepare:

1)  learn to swim  (you know the saying “crawl before you walk”?  well, i say “swim before you surf”!)

2)  improve my balance so i can stand up without holding on to anything

3)  look cute in a rash guard

i heard that babies are born with a “dive reflex” — the natural instinct to open our eyes and hold our breath underwater.  aaand, until about 6 months of age, we move our arms and legs in a swimming motion when placed face down.  that means that babies less than 6 months old are natural swimmers!  well, i missed the window by a couple of weeks, but i figure… better late than never, right?

so, i went swimming with my buddy isaac today.  it was just like bathtime — i got to kick and splash and get mommy all wet.  the only differences were that there were lots of people in the bath with me and that i was wearing a rash guard instead of my birthday suit.

mommy dunked me in the water over and over again to test my dive reflex.  isaac’s mommy is nice, so she didn’t subject him to the chinese water torture.  so, my study ended up having a sample size of only 1, but it appears to prove that the dive reflex really does exist.  yup, i’m a natural swimmer.  it helps that i’ve mastered spitting because i was able to spit out the pool water that got into my mouth, rather than swallowing it.  check me out!

(i already look good in my rash guard, so now i just gotta work on standing up by myself.  i’ll be surfing in no time!)

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i get around

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i have been practicing crawling for months now.  i usually end up crawling in place, moving maaaybe 2 inches or so (and sometimes in the wrong direction :()  i just can’t figure out how to coordinate the movement between my hands and knees.  but that’s ok, i’ve found other ways to get around.

rolling: i can roll and roll and roll.  i find that this is the most efficient way to visit the four corners of my crib every night.

crab walk: i can get up on my hands and feet, stick my butt up in the air, and “walk” around a little bit.  i don’t move sideways, but mommy says that i look like a crab.

lunging: i can get on my hands and knees, rock back and forth to build momentum, then lunge forward.  i especially like doing this in front of the mirror.  and if you’re wondering…  yes, i do crash my forehead into the mirror.  repeatedly.

rotating: i can rotate around and around like the hands on a clock.

army crawl: i can get around pretty well, dragging myself on my elbows with my belly on the ground.  i learned this trick from koda’s sister, kiara.  she is the best army crawler around.  staying low to the ground, we can sneak around, undetected.  this is also good practice for adventure racing.  logan doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to be my racing partner.

cruising: i can hold onto chest-high objects (coffee table, ottoman, exersaucer) and cruise around.  in fact, i don’t like to sit in my exersaucer anymore — i just stand and “walk” around the outside of it.  and rather than sit in people’s laps, i roll onto my tummy and slide down to the ground so that i can cruise along the couch.  i usually end up falling to the floor after just a few steps, but sometimes koda is there to break my fall.  how nice of him, huh?

so yeah, yeah, i can’t crawl.  it’s mommy’s fault.  gung-gung says she never crawled.  but i’m tired of being on the ground anyway.   so today, i pulled myself up from the ground and stood up — ALL BY MYSELF!  i think i’ll skip crawling and go straight to walking, just like mommy did.

i hope daddy doesn’t lower my crib mattress.  i’m gonna try to vault myself out of my crib tonight.

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what’s for dinner?

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now that i’m eating solids, mommy has been having so much fun using my food mill to make food for me to eat.  and not only have i been enjoying eating it, but also rubbing it into my eyes and painting mommy with it.  mommy looks good accessorized with spinach.

currently, my twice daily meals consist of a grain, a green veggie, and a “sweet” veggie.

  • grains:  rice cereal is ok.  my friends jacey and matthew recommended oatmeal, so daddy bought some for me.  i’m looking forward to trying it soon.
  • green veggies:  spinach and broccoli are yummy.  what should i try next?  zucchini?  green beans?
  • “sweet” veggies:  i love organic carrots, but regular carrots are yucky.  they taste like dirt.  (mixed with rice cereal and some formula, the dirt carrots are edible.)  i wanted to try beets next (mommy just bought some fresh ones!) but they’ll turn my lips red and make me look like a girl.  maybe i’ll go for yams, like uncle henry suggested.

i also get an afternoon snack — a piece of fruit in a mesh feeder.  so far, i’ve tried cantaloupe, apple, and strawberry.  i am definitely a fan of the cantaloupe and apple, but undecided about the strawberries.  mommy thought i might be allergic to strawberries because she noticed some red splotches around my mouth and chin.  so you’d think that she’d keep those things away from me, right?  but no!  she actually tried to force feed strawberries to me today.  i swatted them away, but she kept shoving them in my face!  when i grow up hating strawberries, please remind her that it was her fault for traumatizing me at a young age.

<TMI warning>

lots of people have been asking me if it’s fact or fiction about poop changing after you start eating solids.  this is a fact.  my poops are much bigger and less frequent than before.  and for the first few days, my food looked the same… before and after.  i.e. carrots and spinach going in = orange mush with green specks coming out.  gross, i know.  but you failed to heed the TMI warning, so you asked for it!

what about solids making your poop stinky?  fiction!  yes, mine is stinky, but it has been that way for months.  don’t blame the yummy yummy carrots!

</TMI warning>

another thing that has changed now that i’m eating solids is that i have been brushing my 6 teeth every day.  who wants spinach stuck in their teeth, right?  not me — especially since i have paparazzi for parents!

speaking of teeth, when will i get to use mine?  mushed veggies are getting old.  bring on the pizza!

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hoppy easter

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everyone says that christmas is the best holiday for kids because we get lots of presents.  but i seem to get lots of presents on every holiday — halloween, thanksgiving, valentine’s day, chinese new year, st. patrick’s day…  i am such a lucky kid 🙂  for easter, grandma and grandpa tanaka brought me a basket filled with goodies, including a “hoppy easter” outfit.  mommy washed it right away so i could wear it and be dressed appropriately for the occasion.  and guess what else they brought me — a big chickie balloon!  (which reminds me, i forgot to mention in my 6 month post that i LOVE balloons.  i’m gonna go back and add it — just in case my friends re-read that entry one day to look for wish list ideas for their 5 or 6 month birthdays.)  i liked the chickie so much that i asked her to join me in the photo with my grandparents.  she’s a little shy so she’s hiding in the back.

gifts are always great (and very much appreciated), but the best part about all these holidays is that i get to spend them with my wonderful family.  (and there is always a ton of food, but i don’t get to enjoy any of it yet.)  grandma and grandpa tanaka, uncle randy, and gung-gung came over for brunch and spent the day with us.  too bad auntie barbara couldn’t make it.  she was at home in san diego getting rattled by the 7.2 quake in baja california (~150 miles away from her).  she said that some of her drinking glasses fell and broke, but lucky there was no major damage.  whew.

later in the evening, gung-gung treated the quon clan to dinner so i got to see uncle jamie, auntie alyssa, and cousin zoey!  i know what you’re thinking, but that’s gross.  yes, i have my hand on her knee, but i wasn’t getting fresh with her.  she’s very cute, but she’s my cousin!

i don’t really understand why, but mommy says that i have to find eggs next easter.  what if i don’t find them all?  will they stay hidden and get all smelly until the following year?  some holiday traditions are weird.

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my practice little brother

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i want a little sister. auntie barbara says that i will have one by christmastime. so, i dunno why mommy says not to ask her about it for another year, and why daddy says that we can’t handle another baby in the family. in an effort to convince mommy and daddy how much fun it would be, i adopted logan as my little brother for the night.

before i ever met logan, i knew he was special because he was born on march 24. only the coolest of cool guys have that birth date — like daddy! plus, he is a blogger, so he must be cool. we went to visit him in the hospital where he was born, but i wasn’t allowed to meet him. (i think it’s weird that i, a baby, was not allowed into the “mommy & baby” ward. oh well.)

i finally got to meet logan at his house on wednesday, earlier this week. we said our hellos, but we didn’t get to spend much time together because he ran off to go eat. that kid is eating all the time. i remember those days, fondly 🙂 mommy remembers those days, too. but not so fondly 😉

the very next night, i invited logan over to my house for a sleepover. mommy says that i can get away with it at my age, but not when i’m older. she said that if i invited a girl to sleepover after meeting her only one time, that would make me a player 😛 (logan’s mommy, auntie cheryl, was at the hospital overnight. but don’t worry, she is doing just fine — it was just a precautionary visit.)

logan and i had a slumber party, and we had a fantastic time. i shared my co-sleeper, my clothes, and my swaddle blanket with him. i even got to help feed him. i would be a great big brother, don’t you think?

mommy and daddy and koda got a sneak preview of what it would be like if i had a little brother or sister. koda was pissed. i could almost see his thought bubble when mommy walked into the house with logan: “seriously??? another one?!” mommy is sleepy, after having taken care of logan and me all night. (but she loved it, and it made her miss the days when i was that little.) daddy, on the other hand… i don’t think he noticed a difference 😛

so can i have a little sister now?

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then and now

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you know those “then and now” photos that people take, where they find an old picture of themselves, and take a current one in the same pose? i thought i’d have some fun with that today.

that was me then…

this is me now!

who is that itty bitty wrinkly red baby in the “then” photo? i don’t even recognize him!

THEN: i was 1 month old

NOW: i am 6 months old

THEN: i weighed in at 10 pounds, 10 ounces

NOW: i weigh 16 pounds, 14 ounces (40 %ile)

THEN: i was 22.5 inches long

NOW: i am 27.75 inches long (88 %ile)

THEN: i was a cry baby (i wailed when i got just one shot)

NOW: i am a tough little boy (i got three shots today — whimpered for just a few seconds, but didn’t cry at all)

i used to be overweight, but now i am tall and skinny! i know what you’re thinking, but i don’t have a eating disorder. i’m obviously not anorexic — i eat all day long. and even though i sometimes gag myself by sucking on my fingers a little eagerly, i swear i’m not bulimic. it’s my daily cardio routine (rolling and bouncing around) that keeps the pounds off.

as for my newfound toughness, i’ll let you in on my secret. mommy! yup, mommy used to stand away from the exam table because she couldn’t bear to watch the big needle go into my little leg. i would cry, she would cry, and we would both be a mess. but today, mommy held my hands, kissed me on the forehead, and sang to me while my nurse administered the vaccinations. it was all done before i even realized it!

are you paying attention, little friends? learn from my pain, and train your mommies and daddies early 🙂

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