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all that hair-pulling that i have been doing has not been without purpose.  check out my new ‘do!

i have a perfect fauxhawk.  no hair product required.  this is au naturel, baby.  but wait, there’s more.

if you look at my old photos, you’ll see that i was born with a lot of hair.  well now that i have a bald ring around my head, i have a natural mullet!

you can’t make up stuff this good.

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my activity play gym has many brightly colored rings, rattles, and other toys that hang overhead.  they stimulate my brain and help to develop my eyesight, hearing, and motor skills.  most of the time, i just bat blindly at the toys, and sometimes i even hit them.  it seems obvious that my hand/eye coordination still needs some work, right?  well, this is baffling to mommy and daddy because there are some situations in which my hand/eye coordination is outstanding.

for example, i am really good at pulling daddy’s glasses off his face when i want him to pay attention to me.  when mommy de-boogerizes me, i can bat that bulb away with pinpoint precision.  and when i’m hungry, i’ve become quite proficient at pulling down mommy’s shirt for quick access to my food 🙂

isn’t it a wonder what we can do when we’re properly motivated?

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a picture is worth 200 words

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there were two things on my christmas wish list this year that i didn’t get:

  • more thumbs
  • more hair

(actually, i also wanted a baby sister, but mommy and daddy made it very clear that that wasn’t happening.  especially mommy.)

i need more thumbs for ’round-the-clock sucking.  whenever mommy sees me sucking my thumb, she pulls it out of my mouth so i won’t develop a bad habit.  and sometimes, i just can’t find it again.  don’t tell mommy, but daddy helps me find it because it soothes me.  more thumbs would make for more thumb sucking joy.

and i could definitely use more hair to fill in the bald ring around my head.  most people think that baby hair loss is caused by friction, but i’ll let you in on a secret.  we actually pull it out.  i’m not joking — mommy took a photo to prove it.  it drives her crazy when i do it.

daddy wondered if i might be left-handed because i only suck my left thumb.  but mommy is convinced that i am right-handed and that i suck my left thumb so my dominant hand is free to do other things — like pull out my hair.

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christmas times two

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everyone says a baby’s first christmas is special.  i agree.  in fact, my first christmas was doubly special because it happened twice!

we celebrated christmas eve at cousin zoey’s house.  there was a ton of yummy food and a mountain of gifts.

the next day, we went back to cousin zoey’s house to bring her more presents that weren’t ready the day before.  and guess what — i forgot to bring my diaper bag!  i normally keep one in the car, but daddy had brought it into the house to restock the diapers since i am moving up to size 2s.  cousin zoey was  nice enough to let me borrow one of her size 2/3 diapers — it was too big, but better than nothing!  whew.  disaster averted.  (i can’t imagine why, but she didn’t want it back when i was done using it.)

for christmas dinner, the whole tanaka family gathered at grandma and grandpa tanaka’s house.  once again, there was lots of yummy food and even more presents!

everyone got lots of great presents this christmas, even koda.  but i got more than anyone!  i am lucky to have so many aunties and uncles and grandparents who love me so much.  too bad i slept through all the gift opening.  koda, however, was quite adept at unwrapping his gifts – i’m gonna ask him to help me next year.

mommy and daddy say that i am spoiled, but i earned all those gifts.  it’s not easy being this cute, ya know.

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mommy and daddy have been hearing a lot about something called “sleep training”.  supposedly, it’s a way to teach me how to sleep through the night.  but since they are obviously inexperienced in that arena, they would have to read up on it to learn how to train me.  and mommy and daddy don’t like to read.  so much for that idea.

lucky for them, i’m a natural.  i trained myself to sleep through the night!  i am now sleeping about 10 hours from about 10pm to 8am, waking up only 2-3 times for snacks and diaper changes.  and after i eat, i go right back to sleep.  mommy no longer has to rock me in the glider or sing old skool slow jamz to get me to go back to sleep.  yay me!  (mommy says that if the sleep-training book says anything about how to make me sleep 10 hours without waking up to eat and have my diaper changed, someone please let her know!)

don’t tell anyone, but i’m still sleeping in mommy and daddy’s bed.  daddy wants to kick me out, but mommy likes having me sleep next to her.  she says it makes the nighttime feedings easier for her, but the truth is she just likes having me to cuddle with 🙂

anyway, i’m glad i got a good night’s sleep last night because i had a date with an older woman today.  sierra is in town visiting her gung-gung, and we all went to the children’s discovery museum.  i’m a tad too young for that place, but i had fun anyway.  i even have green paint splattered on my face and glitter stuck to my feet to prove it 🙂  but i’m so mad at mommy for not taking a photo of me with sierra!

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frat boy in the making (future lambda?)

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i am growing up so fast!  i have learned to do lots of big boy things, like sleeping at nighttime, holding my head steady, and making spit bubbles.  i can even sit up by myself (only for about 2 seconds, but who’s counting?).  before you know it, i’ll be walking and talking.

my greatest recent accomplishment is that i can burp all by myself!  and lemme tell you… my burps are long and loud.  i gotta admit, i don’t know how those big ol’ belches come out of li’l ol’ me.  mommy says that i belch like a frat boy.  and whenever i let out a good one, she gives me a high five!  i was surprised that mommy would have such an appreciation for such uncouth behavior, but then it dawned on me — now that i can burp by myself, mommy can go right back to sleep after my nighttime feedings 😛

yay me!  i am so proud of myself.

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lately, i’ve been having lengthy conversations with mommy, daddy, and even koda.  our conversations usually go something like this:





but for the past couple of days, mommy has been saying the same phrase over and over again.  “mommy, i love you.  mommy, i love you.”  i think she wants me to repeat after her.  she even told daddy that when i say “oooooh”, it really means “mommy, i love you.”

i think i know why mommy has been acting so crazy.  when we went to visit cousin zoey last week, zoey kept saying “dada dada dada”.  mommy doesn’t want me to learn from my cousin — she wants me to say “mama” before “dada”.  mommy is silly.  obviously, my first real word will be “koda-leave-it”!

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tyra, i feel you

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it’s tough being a supermodel.  mommy did a photo shoot of me and cousin zoey today, and whew, what a long day it was!

modeling by myself is hard enough as it is.  i’m expected to look at the camera and smile and sit up straight and hold still?  what the heck?  i am only 2.5 months old!  any one of those skills is an huge accomplishment by itself.  trying to remember all of those things and get another baby to do them too…  fuhgedaboutit.

after all that hard work, i hope we got at least a couple of good shots!

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it’s about time

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i am nearly 2.5 months old and guess who hasn’t held me until today.  i’ll give you some hints:

  • he calls me an alien
  • he refers to me as “it”
  • he is one of my uncles

if you still haven’t figured it out (and you don’t recognize the top of his head from the photo)… it’s uncle randy!

i’ve seen uncle randy plenty of times.  i know he loves me, but he’s never wanted to hold me.  no matter how hard i try to convince him that i am durable, he’s so afraid to break me.

normally, mommy and daddy ask uncle randy if he wants to hold me, and he runs away.  i guess that’s his way of saying no.  but today, mommy didn’t ask.  she cornered him and tossed me at him.  ha!

now that uncle randy knows he can’t break me, i wonder if he’ll play with me more.  i know he can’t wait for me to get bigger so he can take me out and teach me fun things.  i have a feeling that we are going to cause a lot of mischief together!

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at my doctor visits, the nurse always measures my length, weight, and head circumference.  if you’ve been paying attention, you know that i’ve been above the median weight and length for almost 2 months now.  but in every visit, my head circumference has measured on the small side.  i just figured that the nurse had been measuring wrong.  i always thought that my head looked normal and that other babies had big bobble heads.  but what do i know?

tonight, i went to a holiday party where i saw two of my friends.  zachary is 1 month older than me and chloe is a little more than 2 months older.  but guess what — i am bigger than both of them.  and guess what else — of the three of us, i have the smallest head!  i guess babies are supposed to have big bobble heads, and my normal-looking head is actually not so normal after all.

hmmm, now that i think about it, this explains why i have such good head control at such an early age.  mommy and daddy aren’t complaining though.  they are enjoying not having to support my head while carrying me up and down the stairs and all around the house.

i hope zachary and chloe will still be my friends when we grow up and i have a pinhead 🙁

(chloe and i are unhappy in this photo because mommy kept trying to make us hold hands.  i like older women and all, but chloe and i are still getting to know each other!)

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