trick or treat

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happy halloween from the cutest pumpkin in the patch!

i wanted to dress up and collect candy from our neighbors, but mommy and daddy wouldn’t let me.  they said it would be too cold 🙁  so instead, i stayed home and helped koda pass out chocolate to all of the spidermans (spidermen?), witches, transformers, princesses, ladybugs, and other creatures that stopped by our house on their quest for candy.  we saw about 150 kids.  yay, that means there are about 50 pieces of candy left for me!  but somehow, i have a feeling daddy is going to eat them before i get a chance.

next year, i’m going to dress up as a cowboy and put a saddle on koda.  he can take me trick-or-treating while mommy and daddy stay home and give out candy.

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the great outdoors

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as much as i love playing indoors (“dancing”, looking at books, looking at the pretty colors on the tv, etc.), i’ve been itching to venture outdoors to discover new sights, sounds, and smells.

so a couple of days ago, i took mommy, daddy, and koda with me on my first cruise in my stroller.  we walked down to the creek by our house, and koda ran into a friend that he knows from the dog park.  he was happy to see her and they ran around and played like dogs do.  then something weird happened.  when the other dog came toward me, koda stood between us and barked and growled at her.  mommy and daddy didn’t realize what was going on, but i did — koda was protecting me!  mommy and daddy are a little worried that koda’s protectiveness could be a problem, but i think it’s cool that i have my own personal bodyguard 🙂

today, i went to the park for the first time, but it was a weird park.  no playground in sight — just a bunch of big dogs running around.  whenever a dog came to say hi to me, mommy shooed it away.  i guess she didn’t want koda to get mad.  i hope we get to go to more parks like that because i love playing with doggies!

exploring the great outdoors has been fun, but the most exciting new discovery i’ve made recently has been my tongue!  i found it just the other day, and i love showing it to mommy and daddy.  sometimes i just stick my tongue tongue out to entertain myself.  it’s just so much fun 😛

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call me beckham (or nedney)

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operation freedom is complete!  mommy and daddy have finally given up on swaddling me.  hurray!  i hated being wrapped up like a burrito.  now i am free to flail my arms and legs madly about — it’s a the newest dance craze, dontcha know?   when i’m lying on my back, i can kick and kick and rotate myself 90 degrees.  mommy says that i’m going to be a soccer player so i can bend it like beckham.  but i wanna make daddy proud and be a 49ers kicker like joe nedney!

at nighttime, i like to be within arms reach of my food, so i always roll towards mommy’s side of the bed.  and when i dance in my sleep or dream about kicking that winning field goal, i inevitably kick mommy in the sternum.  she thinks i’m trying to kick her out of the bed — but why would i do that when we all know… mommy = food.

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hungry hippo

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when i turn towards mommy and open and close my mouth repeatedly, mommy calls it my hungry hippo look.  she says i look just like the hippos in the children’s board game!  that’s how mommy knows when i’m hungry — which has been a LOT lately.

these past few days have been really tough on mommy.  just when she was getting good at deciphering my various whimpers and cries, i was suddenly fussy all the time, and she couldn’t figure out why.  it took her a few days to realize that i was going through my 3-week growth spurt.  i have been hungry all the time.  ALL… THE… TIME.  no joke.  plus, now that daddy has gone back to work, mommy doesn’t have him around for moral support.  poor mommy.

but at my doctor’s appointment today, i weighed in at 8 pounds 14 ounces (49 %ile)!  i have been gaining an average of 2 ounces a day, which is 2-4 times more than the average!  that made mommy feel much better.

oh, and guess what other exciting thing happened.  i received my very own package today!  mommy and daddy get deliveries all the time (the UPS driver is koda’s best friend), and now i can be just like them 😛

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one miiillion dollars!

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the title of this entry has nothing to do with this post.  i don’t know what it means, but mommy told me to write it because she thinks it’s what i was thinking when daddy took this photo.  i don’t get it.  mommy says it’s something about austin powers.

anyway…  yesterday, mommy went out to get TDaP and flu vaccinations so that she won’t get sick and pass any bad germs to me.  she was worried about leaving daddy home alone with me for the first time.  but i took good care of him and we did just fine 🙂

mommy has also been really worried that i’m not eating enough.  mommy is my only source of food, but whenever she feeds me, i fall asleep after only a few minutes.  she tries to wake me up by poking me, stroking my cheeks, tickling my feet, stripping me down to my diaper, but nothing seems to work.  i get so comfy and warm when i’m curled up next to her that i just want to sleep.  and mommy won’t let daddy bottle-feed me because she doesn’t want me to get too attached to the bottle.

so today, after my bath (i had a real bath today now that my cute little belly button is all healed up), mommy and daddy took me to the hospital’s breastfeeding center.  we talked to a lactation consultant and i was weighed on the baby scale.  i’m supposed to be back up to my birth weight by tomorrow (the 2 week mark), but it turns out that i’m already 8 pounds 1.1 ounces — that’s 9 ounces more than when i was born!  i’m still only in the 31 %ile, but at least i’m packing on the pounds… errrm, ounces.  the lactation consultant said that whatever mommy is doing is working just fine and that she has nothing to worry about.  whew, what a relief!

can you believe that i wasn’t even supposed to have been born until tomorrow?  i wasn’t due to arrive until october 15!  i can’t imagine what these past two weeks would have been like if i was still scrunched up inside of mommy.  and mommy and daddy can’t image what these last 2 weeks would have been like without having me to hug and kiss all the time.

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daddy’s cute recruit

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once a week, mommy and daddy sit on the couch with their laptops and watch big guys on tv ramming into each other…  all day long.  they watch the live football action on the big screen in HD and they track their fantasy stats on their laptops.  today was one of those days.

i have a special outfit that i wear when i watch with them.  (and much to mommy’s dismay, i really do love watching tv.)  daddy particularly likes this outfit — not just because of the football design, but because it says “daddy’s team cute recruit”.  (the raiders should have recruited me to play quarterback — i can’t be any worse than that jamarcus russell guy!)  i have many cute shirts and bibs that say “i love mommy” or “mommy’s _____” and daddy was feeling left out.  so mommy got this outfit for me so that we could show daddy some love 🙂

mommy also got me a SF 49ers outfit, but it’s size 3-6 months.  by the time i’m big enough to wear it, the 9ers won’t be playing anymore since the NFL will be in the postseason.  shhh, don’t tell daddy i said that.  he thinks the 9ers are going to go 16-0 this year.  he is obviously delirious from lack of sleep.

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what a week

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i am one week old today.  and what a life i’ve had so far!  eat… pee… poop… sleep… repeat.  i spend most of the day wrapped like a burrito.  (i know daddy likes mexican food, but that’s going a bit overboard, dontcha think?)  i sneeze a lot to clear out all of the yucky stuff in my sinuses and i hiccup daily just to amuse mommy and daddy.  add to that all of the entertaining i’ve been doing (i’ve had so many aunties, uncles, and other relatives visiting me) and you can understand how busy i’ve been.

but unfortunately for all my adoring fans, i am nocturnal like mommy and daddy.  i am always sleeping when people come visit, so they don’t get to see me when i am awake and alert and sooo cute (usually midnight to 2am).

we tried to take a family photo today, but i just couldn’t stay awake.  what do you expect — it was well before midnite!

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chinese water torture

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mommy tortured me today!

first, she stripped me naked.  then she placed me into a plastic torture chamber.  after that, she rubbed brainwashing gel all over my hair and body.  and to finish me off, she doused me with water over and over again.

WAAAHHHHH!!!  my screaming didn’t seem to get through to mommy, so i peed all over her and the bathroom counter.  but that didn’t stop her.  she continued to pour water all over me.

when i was finally extracted from the torture chamber, i thought it was all over.  but then mommy fed me to a fuzzy frog!  she called it a hooded towel but i’m telling you… it was more like a straitjacket.  i tried reasoning with the frog to release me, but he wouldn’t give.  so i pooped on him.  that’ll show him!

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i’m shrinking!

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mommy and daddy took me to see the doctor today.  normally, the doc would have come to see me in the hospital, but since we got outta that place so quickly, we went to see him in his office instead.  he says that i look great!

i weigh 7 pounds 4 ounces and am 20.25 inches long.  that’s 1/4 pound lighter and 3/4 inch shorter than when i was born!  what?!  i am shrinking!  but i learned that it’s normal for me to lose weight in the first week and to shrink in length as my head finds its normal shape.  i am 26 %ile for weight and 58 %ile for length.

when the nurse did my bilirubin test in the hospital, she said that i was at low to medium risk for jaundice.  so to make sure i poop out all the bilirubin, mommy and daddy have been supplementing my feedings with a tiny bit (10-15mL) of formula to make sure i am eating enough.  today, the doctor said that i don’t need formula anymore now that mommy has enough milk for me.  yay!  daddy is especially happy because now he doesn’t have to get up every two hours to feed me a bottle.  double yay for him!

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i have a brother!

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our first night at home was a little bit rough.  aside from eating constantly, i had a hard time sleeping between feedings because i have a stuffy nose.  daddy went out at 4am to buy me a humidifier to help me breathe.  i didn’t think the humidifier store would be open in the middle of the night, but he found one for me.  yay daddy!

so we made it through the night, and then i got to meet another family member — my brother!  he had been at a sleepover at his friend’s house, but he came home this morning.  he sort of looks like me — we both have big ears, long legs, brown eyes, and we’re both very hairy.  yes, i am frighteningly hairy.  auntie barbara says my fur is called lanugo and that it will fall off by itself.  mommy says that if it doesn’t, she is going to shave me.

i think my brother’s name is “koda-leave-it”.  that’s what mommy and daddy call him.  he mostly just sniffs me, but when nobody is looking he licks my face.  bleccch!

in addition to my furry brother, i had lots of visitors and met some new people today.  i am so loved!  obviously, i know mommy loves me, but she keeps telling me over and over again.  she keeps saying that she never wants me to grow up so that she can always take care of me and protect me.  daddy wishes i would grow up faster and can’t wait for me to be potty trained already.

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