t-1 day

Posted by kyden on Wednesday Sep 30, 2009 Under Uncategorized

i know that y’all are not expecting me for another two weeks, but i can’t wait to meet everyone!  (did i really just say “y’all”?!  i must be eavesdropping on too many of mommy’s conference calls with her coworkers in the south.)  today was mommy’s last day of work before starting maternity leave.  she wanted a couple of weeks to put the finishing touches on my room, complete some projects around the house, and just rest.  rest?  ha!  fuhgedaboutit.  now that she’s done with work, i think it’s time.

mommy has been having contractions since last night and they continued throughout the day today.  still, she is in denial.  today, she did some touch-up painting in the living room, joined all her conference calls, and swears that the contractions are fake.  at least she finally packed her hospital bag after two weeks of hearing daddy bug her about it.

by the time daddy got home from work, mommy’s contractions were so strong that she would curl up in a ball and grimace in pain.  daddy was getting anxious and wanted to go to the hospital, but mommy refused.  she wanted to wear tight jeans and cross her legs so that i wouldn’t come out until the weekend (3 days away) 😛  but the contractions kept coming stronger and closer together, so daddy started timing them.  good thing he has an iphone — there’s an app for that!

just before midnight, daddy finally convinced mommy that it was time.

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