best. park. ever.

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20150117-IMG_5565we’ve been hearing about the awesome new park by our house called rancho san ramon.  ever since it opened (about 3 months ago), everyone has been talking about it — cousin zoey, baby emma, all the people in our neighborhood — but we never bothered to check it out.  a park is a park, right?

we met up with isaac this morning to see for ourselves how awesome this park was.  we had really high expectations and we thought there was no way it would live up to the hype.  well, lemme tell you… best. park. ever.

the park has 3 separate play areas.  there are lots of interesting climbing and play structures, a curvy bouldering wall, and lots more.  the ground even makes music when you dance on it!  our favorites were the long bumpy slide and the zip line.  that’s right, the park has a zip line!  how cool is that?

here are a few videos that show you some of the super cool features of rancho san ramon park.

just above the park is an open field with a dirt track.  because there wasn’t enough to do in the playground areas (kidding), i ran around the track a few times while daddy timed me. that was fun, too. good times.

we hope that we get to go to this park all the time!  the only bummer is that we cannot ride our bikes there.  it is only 2 miles away, but there is a steep(ish) hill and a busy street between our house and the park.  oh well.

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pumped up about the new pump it up

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20150111-IMG_554820150111-IMG_5547mason has his birthday party at the all new pump in up in santa clara.  that place is awesome.  we had so much fun!

sienna and i have been to pump it up a bunch of times, and they’re all kind of the same.  but not this one!  at this pump it up there were lots of inflatable activities that we’d never seen before.

sienna liked playing dodge ball inside the obstacle course, and of course, she loved the giant slides.  my favorite was the bazooka war — logan and i totally took edison and greyson!  i also liked the batting cages.  the balls were easy to hit because they were just floating in the air. 🙂

when it was time for cake, daddy said sienna could have one bite of his cupcake.  with that one bite, she ate almost the entire cupcake (along with daddy’s finger)!

daddy said it wasn’t funny, but everyone else was laughing, so i guess they disagreed.

happy birthday mason!  thanks for the fun party.  i’m totally having my next birthday party at the new pump it up!

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winter break is awesome

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both sienna’s and my school were closed for winter break (the week between christmas and new year’s).  that’s a whole week of no school!  mommy always takes that week off of work, so we get to go do fun things.  two of the funnest things we did were watching “walking with dinosaurs” and rockin’ and jumping at rockin’ jump.  and auntie barbara was in town and we got to hang out with her, so that made it extra fun.

20141228-IMG_5404on sunday, we went to the shark tank, but there was no hockey and no sharks.  there were dinosaurs.  we got a big group together (including gung-gung, grandma and grandpa, uncle randy, auntie barbara, and even matthew and his family) to see “walking with dinosaurs”!  the dinosaurs looked so real that i thought they might eat me.  they didn’t.  it was a pretty cool seeing all those big dinosaurs, but sienna i will probably get more out of it in a few years.  mommy thinks that kiara (uncle henry’s dog) must be part dinosaur because she has the same brindle coloring as the stegosaurus that was in the show.

20141228-IMG_5402after the show, we all went out to eat at vung tau.  that’s the place that we seem to always end up at when we go to downtown san jose with matthew.  they have noodles and a parking lot, so you can’t really go wrong there.  and after that, some of us went out to get pearl tea.  (daddy and auntie audrey love their pearl tea.  mommy and uncle alan are more coffee drinkers.)

today, we wanted to go on a super fun trip with mommy and auntie barbara.  we actually planned to do an overnight ski trip to tahoe, but the below-freezing weather forecast killed that idea.  so we thought we’d head east into strawberry and go sledding for the day, but the snowpark’s facebook page reported icy conditions AND sell-out crowds.  apparently, our idea was not an original one.  so instead, we slept in, had a lazy morning, and headed over to rockin’ jump.

20141229-IMG_542220141229-IMG_5421what started out as a lazy day turned into a very active afternoon.  rockin’ jump is SO FUN.  the place was packed, but we avoided being trampled by big kid (and grown up) trampoliners by staying in the toddler area.  auntie barbara taught us how to do toe touches!

we also played basketball (i still can’t dunk, not even with the help of a trampoline) and jumped into the foam pit.  there was also a dodge ball arena and a joust pit. we had no interest in dodge ball, but sienna and i waited in line to joust to our deaths (or until one of us fell off the balance beam into the foam pit). we were turned away because we are too little. 🙁 even still, we all had so much fun that we can’t wait to go back.

winter break is awesome!

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roaring good time on mother’s day

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20140511-IMG_310220140511-IMG_3094we wanted to do something a little different to celebrate mother’s day this year.  so instead of our usual brunch, we took mommy and grandma (and the rest of the family) on a train ride!

first, we met grandma, grandpa, and uncle randy for lunch.  we ate at chez sovan, one of the places that mommy misses most about the south bay.  then we all headed down to roaring camp, which is in a little town called felton, near santa cruz.  grandpa said that he had taken the family there when daddy was little, but daddy didn’t remember it.  for mommy, me, and sienna, it was our first time.

20140511-IMG_305920140511-IMG_3099there are a couple of different routes you can take from roaring camp.  there’s a 3 hour beach train to santa cruz, but nobody believed that sienna and i would be able to sit still for that long.  we chose the stream train through the redwood forest.  while we waited for our train, sienna and i entertained ourselves by played in the little “town”.

the train ride was about 90 minutes long (round trip), including a stop at the top of bear mountain.  throughout most of the ride, sienna alternated between providing sound effects and signing “let it go” at the top of her lungs.  luckily, the train was pretty loud, so she didn’t embarrass us too much.

20140511-IMG_3087when we got to the top of the mountain, we went for a short walk. i was so excited because i’ve never actually been in the woods before.

20140511-IMG_3095after the train ride, we got off, and i spotted some big troughs where people were panning for gold.  i wanted to find gold!  so we all gathered around and a man demonstrated for us, proper panning technique.  mommy asked to see a sample of the gold so we would know what we were looking for.  the man showed us a gold flake in a small vial.  i asked in disbelief, “that little dot?!”

we found the first gold flake pretty quickly.  but we couldn’t go home with just one, because sienna and i would surely fight over it.  it took us a long time to find the second one, but we eventually did, and quickly found a few more after that.  we ended up with 6 little dots of gold in total.  maybe 5.  one of them is so small, it’s hard to tell. 😛

20140518-IMG_3150when we got home, sienna and i gave mommy the special cards that we made for her.  daddy helped us trace our hand prints and connect them with a folded strip of paper that says “i love you this much!”  when i was making the card, i told daddy that i love mommy more than that, and i wanted a strip of paper that was much much longer.  he said he didn’t have one.  but that’s okay, i made sure mommy knew.

me: i love you more than the moon.

mommy: i love you more than the moon and all the stars.

me: i love you more than googol.

(i recently learned that googol is the biggest number in the whole world.)

happy mother’s day to mommy and grandma.  we hope you had a roaring good time on your special day!

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children’s fairyland

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20140426-IMG_2524mommy used to go to children’s fairyland in oakland when she was little.  that was a really long time ago, so she doesn’t remember much about it — just that she liked it.  sienna and i don’t read fairy tales at home (mommy thinks they’re all really violent and creepy), but we recently had a theme month at school when we learned about some fairy tales.  so mommy thought it was time that we checked out children’s fairy land.  we met logan, mason, caylie, and nathan there today.

20140426-IMG_2519fairyland is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  there are a bunch of storybook sets that depict various fairy tales come to life.  some are structures that you can play in/on, some have real animals, and there are even some very low-thrill rides.  there is a carousel that sienna tried to get on, but she was not tall enough.  not even on her tippy toes.  when the gate opened, sienna ran onto the carousel, but the ride operator told mommy that sienna was too small.  sienna was so sad.

20140426-IMG_2505each storybook set has a talking storybook box that you can activate with a magic key (available for purchase at the entrance).  if you insert and turn your key, the box plays a song and/or tells you the story that goes with that fairy tale.  i liked hearing the stories in english and spanish.  i didn’t understand any of the spanish, but i insisted on hearing them anyway.

20140426-IMG_2501for me, the best parts of the day were sliding down jack and jill’s hill and getting lost in alice in wonderland’s card maze.  i liked seeing humpty dumpty since i know that fairy tale, but there wasn’t really anything we could do with that set except for look at it.

t20140426-he best part of sienna’s day was seeing caylie.  she loves caylie.  she and caylie walked around the whole park holding hands.  that is, until they reached the water tower slide at the end of the old west junction.  sienna loves slides, but caylie doesn’t like them.  so sienna ditched her and slid down that slide again and again and again.

mommy doesn’t really remember what fairyland looked like when she was little, but from its retro look,  i’m guessing that it looks exactly the same today as it did back then.  mommy and daddy didn’t think that there would be enough there to entertain us all day, but we all had a great time.  and we didn’t even get to see the entire park!  sienna and i can’t wait to go back again. 🙂

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partipalooza party place

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today, i went to princeton’s birthday party at partipalooza.  it wasn’t the first party for a school friend that i was invited to, but it was the first that i was able to attend.  the invitation didn’t say that siblings were invited, so i assumed they weren’t.  i told sienna that she couldn’t go, so she stayed home with daddy.  but once i got there i felt kinda bad because everyone else brought their siblings.  one of sienna’s classmates was even there.

partipalooza is a really fun party place that’s sort of like a pump it up.  the party starts in one room, moves to another, and then finally to the party room where the birthday kid sits in a giant throne while everyone eats pizza and cake.  the first room had a few inflatables.  i climbed up and slid down the giant slide a few times, but i quickly lost interest once i noticed the air hockey table.  i love air hockey.  that’s princeton, the birthday boy, playing with me.  and the girl who’s grabbing me from behind is one of my friends from school.  when she saw me, she yelled my name like i was a celebrity and then ran over to grab me.  mommy thinks she likes me.  after a marathon session of air hockey, i made my way over to the foosball table.  i had never played foosball before, but it was so fun.  now i’m hooked.  i didn’t care about the jumpy houses at all.  air hockey and foosball all day long.  mommy says that i’m a frat boy in the making.

20140208-IMG_129520140208-IMG_1296the next room was sort of like an arcade.  there was a mini bowling alley, rock climbing wall, a basketball game, and some arcade games that i didn’t pay attention to.  i bowled and bowled and bowled.  at the very end, mommy (strongly) encouraged me to try some other activities so that other people could have a chance to bowl.  so i shot some hoops, but that got old quickly because i couldn’t make any baskets.  so i moved on to rock climbing, but only got half way up before it was time to go eat.  but that’s okay because i didn’t want to go any higher anyway.

so then it was off to the party room for pizza and ice cream cake.  what kid wouldn’t be happy about that?  me.  i just wanted to get back into the activity rooms to play some more, and i was so upset that i wasn’t allowed.  i had so much fun at princeton’s party, and partipalooza was such a nice change from the usual birthday party places that we go to all the time.  happy birthday princeton!

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super fun BDO at super franks

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i’ve been to super franks a couple of times for friends’ birthday parties, but today, we had a BDO there.  make that boys (plus sienna) day out.  in the morning, sienna and i met edison at super franks at 10am right when it opened.  the safari adventure room was open, and of course, the arcade, but the fun stuff (bounce house, foam pit, zip line) were in rooms that were closed until the afternoon.  apparently, they were having birthday parties in those rooms.

20140125-IMG_1123so after an hour of climbing up and sliding down an inflatable slide, we headed back to our house for a lunch break.  matthew, jeffrey, and logan joined us there.  we hung out at home for a couple of hours and we were having so much fun playing that i wasn’t 100% sure that we were going to go back to super franks.  but we eventually made it.

20140125-cherylwe headed straight upstairs to the fish tank where we jumped in the bounce house, flopped into the foam pit, climbed up and slid down the plastic play structure, and raced around on ride-on jet skis.  after that, we went to the mini gym to ride plasma cars, shoot hoops, and play a game of dodge ball.  by that time, all my friends were tired and headed home.  but sienna and i rallied because at 3:30pm, they opened the zip line!

sienna was too little to ride the zipline by herself, but she still had fun.  the last time i rode a zip line was at edison’s 1st birthday party, and i hated it.  i cried through the whole thing.  today, i meant to ask the guy to push me slowly, but i forgot to.  so i went FAST.  and i loved it!  sienna and i both couldn’t get enough of the zip line, but they closed it at 4pm. here are videos of me and sienna zip lining.

after they closed down the zip line, we were ready to go home.  on our way out, we passed by a dance party going on in the main lobby.  it was a kiddie rave complete with music, lights, bubbles, and even a dancing stuffed animal (but unlike miley cyrus, this was a non-twerking G-rated stuffed animal).  i didn’t want to get up on the stage at first, but when i saw sienna up there getting her groove on, i eagerly joined her.

after the kiddie rave, they announced that there would be a flashlight safari coming up.  i wanted to stay for that, but mommy and daddy insisted that sienna had to get home to take a nap.  awwwww.  i hope we can go back again and stay for ALL the activities.  super franks is super fun — it’s an all day party over there!

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final day of freedom

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20140101-IMG_0773today was our last day of vacation, so we made the most of it by spending the day with local friends:  ice skating with ashton and braylon, then movie night with isaac.

in the morning, we headed out to a new ice rink in livermore called tri valley ice.  none of us kids had ever skated before, so our parents were prepared for it to be a very short outing — especially for me, because i have a very low tolerance for being cold.  as daddy and i were stepping onto the ice together, he announced to mommy “you know i don’t know how to skate, right?”  wait, what? why was i just finding this out??? daddy did okay, though.  he only let me fall a few times.  daddy and mommy each took me around the ice a couple of times.  it was fun, but i was ready to leave.  but then… we discovered the buckets!

once i found the buckets, i was able to skate all my myself!  it was so fun and i was so proud of myself.

sienna wanted nothing to do with the buckets. she loved skating with mommy though. i was ready to leave after about 8 times around the rink, but sienna wanted to stay and skate all day.

we all had fun, but we were ready to leave after less than an hour — except for sienna, who kept saying “but i’m not done yet!”.  even the grown ups were ready to leave because their ankle bones were getting chafed and bruised. they thought it was such a brilliant idea to go to a new ice rink with brand new rental equipment, but new skates are really stiff and really uncomfortable!  we worked up a big appetite, so we stuffed our faces (and defrosted) at a nearby pho place.

later in the afternoon (when sienna woke up from her nap), we headed over to isaac’s house.  we had planned to finish watching the movie “tangled” that we started last week, but we had too much fun playing together that we never got around to watching the movie.  (i think it’s the grown ups who really want to finish the movie.  we could care less.)

isaac and i always have a lot of fun playing together, and sienna sometimes gets in our way.  so we gang up on her and aren’t very nice to her sometimes.  i say we’re just toughening her up for her own good, but we kept getting in trouble.  mommy had to remind me that even when i’m having fun with my friends, sienna is still my sister.  and i know that family always takes care of each other.  so am i supposed to stand up for her?  or is she supposed to learn to stand up for herself like the strong independent girl that we want her to be?  i am so confused.

well, our vacation is officially over.  we’re back to school tomorrow, and mommy and daddy are back to work.  happy new year!

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we are all on vacation for the week between christmas and new year’s — mommy and daddy don’t have to go to work and sienna and i don’t have school.  so in addition to all the christmas festivities, we planned some fun things to do with friends.  today was bowling with matthew.

it had been over a year since the last time we went bowling, but i’ve been practicing for the past couple of months by bowling on our wii. i’m pretty good at it, so i was pretty sure that my game was going to improve.

well, it turns out that the ball is much heavier in real life (6 lbs.) than on the wii.  at first, i put the ball down then pushed/rolled it down the lane.  a couple of times, i threw/dropped the ball onto the lane, but that made the ball go really slow.  in fact, it went so slowly one time that it stopped in the middle of the lane.  how embarrassing.  but after mommy showed me how to hold the ball properly using the finger holes, my form improved dramatically.  check me out!  daddy has never been so proud.

20131227-IMG_066820131227-IMG_0653matthew, uncle alan, and daddy were the only ones that bowled with me.  i got off to a slow start, but it was a close game between the other 3.  uncle alan ended up stepping it up in the 10th frame and beat us all.  but matthew did awesome.  he even beat daddy!  but daddy will tell you that it’s because he let sienna bowl one of his frames. 😛  and also because he was using a house ball and shoes.  (he couldn’t find his this morning.)

even though i’m not as good at real bowling as i am at wii bowling, we had a great time.  i’m even going to have my next birthday party at a bowling alley!  (unless i change my mind in the next 9 months.)

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water play

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all summer, sienna and i been swimming on sundays, but the session ended a few weeks ago.  we miss it, and we’ve been telling mommy and daddy that we want to swim again.  so today, when mommy and daddy said that we were going to go swimming with matthew, we figured that he was joining us for lessons at AVAC.  it took a lot of explaining until it sunk in that we were just going to play, and that mommy and daddy and sienna and i were all going to swim together.  we were so excited!

20130915-IMG_1611first, we met matthew and his family for lunch, and then we all headed over to the silliman aquatic center in newark.  it’s an indoor water park.  auntie audrey found a groupon deal for that place and invited us to join them.  she is always finding fun new places to check out.  matthew is so lucky!

well, we all got into the water, except for auntie audrey.  i’m not sure if she didn’t play with with us because she had to sit out and watch our stuff, or if it’s because she’s 8.5 months pregnant and didn’t feel like putting on a swimsuit. 😛  the water was pretty cold.  mommy was sure that i would complain about it, but i didn’t.  i was too excited to notice.  i was jumping up and down and yelling “i’m so excited!”.

20130915-IMG_4483there were a handful of different areas to play in, but we mostly stayed in the little kid area.  we wanted to go on the big water slide (like the ones you see at regular outdoor water parks) but we are too little.  in the little kid area, there is a play structure with a rope net to climb, some slides, a rope swing… basically a playground in the middle of a really shallow pool.  sienna and i both loved the slides.   we both checked out the lazy river too, but we were too little for the inner tubes, so mommy had to float with us so we wouldn’t slip through the middle.  i’d had enough after one lap around, but sienna really liked it and stayed in there for awhile.  matthew steered clear of the slides and tubes, but he liked playing in the spouting water fountains.  we all had so much fun that we stayed and played until our lips turned blue.

20130915-IMG_4502but the fun wasn’t over after we got out of the water.  after changing into dry clothes and getting warm, we played in the lockers.  sienna kept trying to photo bomb matthew and me, so we let her join us.  she sure looks grumpy for someone who insisted on being in the photo, huh?

matthew, thanks for inviting us to play at the water park.  we had so much fun and we can’t wait to go again.  but be warned:  your mommy said that she is going to dunk you in the water next time.  don’t tell her i told you.

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