5 year check up

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20141002-IMG_4626i had my 5 year check up today.  it was a short appointment because i was there less than 4 months ago to get some shots and a hearing test to get all my medical forms filled out for school.

today, i measured 41.5 inches (22 %ile) and weighed in at 37.5 pounds (26 %ile).  the nurse gave me an eye exam, which was kind of fun because i got to wear these really cool horse glasses.  i passed.  20/20.

20141002-IMG_4629my doctor gave me a quick check up and then asked me some questions.  what kind of exercise/activities do i do?  do i always wear a helmet when i ride my bike?  what i would do if a stranger asked me to help him find his puppy?  stuff like that.  easy questions.

then it was time for my flu shot.  but instead of getting a shot, i got a special flu vaccine that i just had to smell (flu mist).  no needles!

this was my easiest check up ever.  the only bummer is that my doctor predicts that i’m only going to be 5’8″.  that’s okay i guess, but i have been really looking forward to being the tallest person in the whole family when i grow up.  if i’m only 5’8″, i’m not sure that i’ll be taller than daddy.  he says he’s 5’8″, but that might only be on his good hair days.

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time for a check up! time for a check up!

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sienna turned 3 almost a month ago, but she just had her 3 year check up today.  sienna is such a trooper with all the doctors that she has to see on a regular basis, and she usually doesn’t complain.  but today, she really didn’t want to go to the doctor because she didn’t want to any more tests.  i guess she remembered the skin prick test that she had done in june which made her really itchy and uncomfortable. mommy promised her that there would be no tests — just a check up, like doc mcstuffins!

20140819-IMG_4174time for a check up!  time for a check up! i’m gonna check your ears check your eyes find out how much you’ve grown… then i listen to your heartbeat, fix you up ready to go… it’s okay if you giggle. this will only tickle a little… 

the nurse weighed and measured her, and i helped.  she is 36.7 inches tall (38 %ile) and weighs 28 pounds (20 %ile).  the doctor said that she has gone from really really thin to just really thin.  i dunno what she’s talking about.  have you seen sienna’s belly? there’s nothing thin about that.

the doctor asked sienna a bunch of questions that i was quick to answer.  mommy told me to let sienna respond, but when she was asked if she eats her vegetables, i couldn’t keep quiet.  i had to point out that she always eats them last!  the doctor also asked sienna to draw some shapes and walk across the exam room.  i guess she passed all those tests.

20140819-IMG_4178sienna’s check up went exactly like the doc mcstuffins song.  she even giggled a little (actually, a lot) when the doctor checked her tummy. 🙂

the doctor gave mommy the option of having sienna’s hearing tested today or waiting until next year.  sienna is only 3!  i was tested when i was 4, and i failed miserably.  mommy opted to wait until next year.  the doctor agreed and said that sienna’s hearing is probably fine because she is very advanced verbally.  actually, she said that both of us are.

the best news of the day was that sienna didn’t need any shots.  yahoo!

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4yo check up

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20131002-IMG_1779i have a new doctor.  sienna has met her before, but today was my first time.  i got weighed and measured.

  • height: 39.375 inches (25 %ile)
  • weight: 34.5 pounds (25 %ile)

at my 3yo checkup, i was 36 %ile in height, so it seems that my growth is slowing.  but i guess that’s okay because  i wasn’t destined to play basketball anyway.

20131002-IMG_1782after i got measured, i had my vision and hearing tested.  i am happy to report that my eyesight is 20/20.  however, i failed the hearing test.  the nurse told me to raise my hand when i heard sounds through the headphones, but i never heard anything.  it reminded mommy of when i failed my hearing test at the hospital when i was 1 day old.  that was daddy’s fault though.  today, daddy wasn’t there for me to blame.  nobody seemed to be concerned that i am completely deaf.

my new doctor asked me a ton of questions:  what do i like to eat?  what activities do i do?  how high can i count?  what should i do if a stranger asks me to help him find his puppy?  do i fight with sienna? etc.  i guess i passed that part or the test because she seemed satisfied with my answers.  then she checked me out, and she said i looked good.  she said (to mommy) to let daddy know that my penis is bigger than it looks right now.  apparently, i still have a lot of baby fat obscuring part of the shaft.  i know she was just trying to be funny, but what a weird thing to say, right?  sorry, no photo.  you’ll have to take my word for it.

my visit ended with two shots.  one of the shots was the flu shot.  i was going to get the flu mist (nasal spray), but my doctor was hesitant to do it once she learned that gung-gung is immunocompromised and lives with us.  she and mommy discussed the risks (to gung-gung) and mommy ultimately decided that since i had to get another shot anyway, one more wasn’t a big deal.  no fair — sienna got the flu mist a couple of months ago!  but whatever.  i was tough and didn’t cry.  not even a little bit.  i’m 4 now and i’m a big boy. 🙂

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2 year check up with our new doc

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20130809-IMG_1370sienna had her 2 year check up today.  she was seeing our new doctor for the first time, so there were a dozen forms to fill out, medical history to review, family history to discuss, and blah blah blah.

first things first.  now that sienna is a big girl, the nurse wanted to measure her height standing against the wall (instead of lying down).  sienna was screaming her head off and wouldn’t stand still.  mommy even got down on her knees and held sienna’s hands.  FAIL.  the nurse also tried to weigh sienna standing on the scale.  sienna refused to step on the scale, even after mommy showed her how it was done.  another FAIL.  sienna was eventually measured lying down and weighed in the bucket scale for babies.

  • height:  34 inches (50 %ile)
  • weight:  23 pounds, 12 ounces (6 %ile)

20130809-IMG_1373sienna was whiny and fussy while waiting for the doctor.  she eventually calmed down after mommy gave her some of the forms to “help” fill out.  since it was her first appointment, the doctor talked to mommy for a long time about sienna’s medical history as well as the health of mommy, daddy, and all our grandparents.  mommy had two takeaways from that discussion:

  1. sienna might be able to find a pediatric dermatologist who has seen palmoplantar keratoderma (her peeling hands and feet issue) at UCSF
  2. mommy should see a cardiologist because po-po (her mom) had a quad bypass when she was in her 40’s.  apparently, heart disease in someone that young points more to genetics than age/lifestyle.

after all of that talking, it was time for sienna’s shots.  she only needed one vaccine, so she got stabbed in the leg.  she didn’t cry, whimper, or protest in any way.  (really?  a scale makes her cry, but a big needle… nothing.  weird kid.)

our doctor’s office also has flu vaccines available for this season.  sienna got to have her flu vaccine administered in a nasal spray instead of a shot.  i’m not sure if that’s because she has an egg allergy or if it’s just because our new doctor is AWESOME.  i guess i’ll find out when i go for my check up in a couple of months.  maybe i should start faking an egg allergy now, just in case.

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wait weight wait

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sienna had her 18 month checkup today.

  • weight:  20 pounds 10 ounces (5 %ile)
  • length:  32 inches (58 %ile)
  • head circumference:  46.2 cm (39 %ile)

according to my growth chart for weight, sienna has been hanging out in the 5-15 %ile range for the past year.  but according to our doctor’s chart, she’s been right around 20-25 %ile.  wait… what?  my weight chart is wrong?  if my chart is wrong, then my percentile for weight (which i was pretty close to my percentile for height) is actually higher.  and if my weight percentile is higher than my height percentile, that means… i’m overweight!  oh well.  it’s a good thing that we’re already at the end of january, so it’s too late to make any new years fitness resolutions.

anyway, back to sienna’s appointment.  the first thing the doctor did when he walked into the exam room was ask her to share some of the cereal she was eating.  she did.  she gave him 3 pieces.  he then saw mommy ask her to blow her nose.  she did.  the doctor also saw that sienna was in a pull up diaper, which led to a conversation about how sienna has been potty training herself.  the doctor noted that sienna is very advanced in “cooperative development skills”, or something like that.  i think that just means that she does what people tell her to do.  that’s true.  she listens pretty well.

the doctor finished checking out sienna, the nurse gave her one shot, and that was it.  sienna didn’t like her shot, but she is really diggin’ the snoopy band-aid that she got afterwards 🙂

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well-visits are boring

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sienna had her 15-month well-visit today.  the waiting room at our doctor’s office was all dressed up for halloween.   i guess sienna didn’t like it because she redecorated.  she moved some of the pumpkin cutouts and removed one of them altogether.  and then once she got into the exam room, she started rearranging stuff in there, too.

anyway, here are sienna’s stats:

  • weight: 19 pounds 7 ounces (6 %ile)
  • length: 30.25 inches (43 %ile)
  • head circumference: 45.4 cm (35 %ile)

our pediatrician used to be an allergist, so he was really interested in all of sienna’s allergies.  he talked mama’s ear off for 45 mins about allergy tests, epi pens, and sienna’s elimination diet.  after that, the nurse came in with the immunization tray.  sienna protested “no no no!” but the nurse didn’t listen.  she got 2 shots.  compared to all of the visits she’s had with her specialists lately, this one was very uneventful.

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the day i turned 3

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i have been looking forward to my birthday for a long time.  for the past few months, when someone would ask how old i am, i’d tell them “i’m 2.  be 3 in october.”  it’s finally october.  and now i’m 3!

mama took the day off to spend my birthday with me.  i wanted waffles for breakfast, so she made waffles for me.  and then off to the doctor we went.  (a trip to the doctor???  what kind of birthday present is that?)

i stood on the scale to get weighed, and i stood against the wall to get measured.  i am 37 inches tall (36 %ile) and weigh 30 lbs. (31 %ile).  once i got into the exam room i recognized the bucket scale.  i told mama that that was for little boys (holding my hands close together to show “little”), but i didn’t use it because i am a big boy.  i also had my blood pressure taken for the first time.  the doctor said i didn’t need any immunizations, but flu S-H-O-T’s were available if i wanted one.  mama asked me if i wanted a flu shot.  she said it would prevent me from getting sick. can you believe that i said yes???  i didn’t cry at all.  i really am a big boy.

after the shot, my arm got really sore.  i complained to mama that my arm hurt.  my eyes were watery and i looked at mama like “why would you do this to me on my birthday”?  she felt terrible.

after that, mama said we could go anywhere i wanted — the zoo, the aquarium, the discovery museum, anywhere.  i wanted to go to costco. “anywhere but coscto”, mama added.  our plan was to stop home, grab a camera, and then head out for the day.  when we got home, i saw some presents waiting for me.  (they were from friends who gave me gifts last week, but i was waiting until today to open them.)  i opened my presents and then insisted on playing with my new toys!  that killed the rest of the morning.

when we finally got going again, we headed to the park for a picnic lunch.  we had a picnic in the park — just me and mama.  i love having mommy and kyden time without everyone else.  after our picnic, we played in the playground for a short while, but it was SO HOT and the sun made a lot of the playground structure too hot to play on.  i ran around a little bit, though.  check out the photo.  who says that you can’t be in two places at once — i can be in 6!

after playing for a little while, we got outta there and went out for froyo.  i like froyo.  white (plain) froyo is my favorite.  whenever we get froyo, i get to have one gummy bear on top.  today, i got 3.  cuz i’m 3!

happy birthday to me 🙂

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day trip to LPCH

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sienna spent most of her day yesterday at lucile packard children’s hospital (LPCH).  she had already planned to be there in the afternoon for monitoring of her kidney issues.  but after all the excitement about her food allergies last week, she squeezed her way in for a last-minute appointment in their allergy clinic.

when sienna arrived, a nurse weighed and measured her.  she’s 19 lbs. 9 oz. (11 %ile) and 29.9 inches (48 %ile).  the nurse also took her blood pressure, heart rate, and O2 saturation levels (all within normal range).   sienna sat there so calmly while she was being stretched, cuffed, and clipped.  all the nurses who walked by stopped to comment on how good sienna was.  she’s used to it because she goes through this every time she goes to LPCH, which has been pretty often lately.

so then sienna was off to see the allergist.  mama is very confused by all the information that she has been reading on the internet, so she talked with the doctor for a long time.  bottom line is that the allergy tests only tell you how likely you are to react to an allergen, and they give no indication about how severe the reaction will be.  that is true of both the blood tests and the skin tests.  the only reliable way to test for a food allergy is to do an oral food challenge.  sienna may do that next month, but for now, she just did the skin prick test.

so a nurse came in a poked sienna with like 20 different needles and then wrote all over her with a ballpoint pen.  i bet that’s how cosmetic companies test their products on animals.  within seconds, the patch of eczema on her cheek turned bright red.  two of the pricks also turned into big red welts.  guess which ones.  egg?  no.  peanut?  no.  cedar and cockroach!!!  this is very confusing.

sienna had a HIGH reaction to cedar.  i guess that explains why her eyes and cheek turned red when she took a nap on koda’s cedar-filled bed.  and cockroaches?  COCKROACHES?  she cannot eat cockroaches???  the doctor explained that even being around cockroaches could cause her to break out into a rash or have respiratory problems.  her reaction to the cockroach allergen was off-the-charts HIGH, so i guess i might get to use that epi pen one of these days after all.

so now, we don’t think that sienna has any “traditional” food allergies, but there is still a good chance that certain foods are causing her eczema flare ups.  mama is starting her on an elimination diet:  no egg, wheat, or oats for 2 weeks.  we’ll see if that clears up her eczema.  if it does, then she’ll add those foods back one by one, and see what happens.  (i think mama forgot about her upcoming business trip to new jersey.  i hope dada remembers what foods to avoid.)

after a 15 minute lunch break, it was time for sienna’s ultrasound.  slime, scan, turn.  repeat.  and repeat again.  she squirmed around a lot toward the end, but she eventually got through it.  after that, she was off to her urology appointment.

sienna’s day at LPCH ended on a high note.  her kidneys are normal-sized and her kidney collecting systems are normal-sized.  i guess she “grew into” her kidneys just like everyone said she would.  sienna has been officially released from the care of her urologist.  hooray!

so that was sienna’s day trip to LPCH.  i can think of better ways to spend a day than by being cuffed, pricked, and a slimed by half a dozen different nurses and doctors, but at least there was good news.  sienna was able to cross a doctor off of her list of specialists that are monitoring her.

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adhesion and articulation

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sienna had her one year checkup today.  she did great.  the nurse was so impressed at how cooperative she was, sitting still while being weighed and measured.  here are her stats:

  • weight: 18 pounds 4 ounces (9 %ile)
  • length: 28.25 inches (24 %ile)
  • head circumference: 45.0 cm (48%ile)

sienna is continuing to fall down the growth chart, but our doctor (who was concerned about her low weight at her 9-month checkup) didn’t mention it at all today.  check out sienna’s 1st year growth chart compared to mine.  they look pretty similar.  notice how we were both tall and fat for the first 6 months?  i have a theory.   i think that mama’s milk fattened us up.  but once we started moving around and eating more solids, all that healthy organic food was just a little too healthy and we started losing all of our baby fat.

so, no concerns about sienna’s weight, but there were other issues.  but before i tell you about those issues, i have to tell you about our doctors.  yes, doctors.  with an “s”.

we have two pediatricians.  my primary doctor is an older white guy with many years of experience.  he has seen it all and he trusts his instincts.  he has an “eh, don’t worry about it and it’ll be fine” attitude.  sienna’s primary doctor is a younger asian woman who is more conservative and more “textbook”.  she has two young children and she understands that moms will always worry about their kids, even when doctors tell them not to.

our doctors work in the same group practice, so mama takes us to whichever doctor suits her needs.  i mostly see the old guy because i have never been sick or had any health concerns.  sienna, however, mostly sees the younger lady doc because of her flat head, big kidneys, and dry skin issues.  but since this was just supposed to be a quick checkup with a few shots and no issues, sienna saw the old guy today.  but guess what.  more issues.

during her exam, doc noticed that sienna has a thin transparent membrane covering her girl parts.  i don’t know why mama didn’t think to ask what the proper medical term for this condition is, but based on internet research, she thinks it’s labial adhesion.  apparently, this is not uncommon in girls under 6 and it usually resolves on its own.  doc gave the option to use a hormone cream to thin out the membrane or to just wait and let it thin out on its own.  mama opted to wait.  don’t worry, sienna can still pee just fine.  but now she has a built-in chastity belt.  i wish there was a way that i could make it stay there forever!

the other issue that our doc noticed is not with sienna, but with me.  ME!  it wasn’t even my appointment, and he’s telling me that i have a problem???  hmph.  doc thinks that i might have an articulation disorder.  mama has been suspecting this for awhile, so she purposely brought me to sienna’s appointment today so that she could get an informal assessment.  and since the “eh don’t worry about it” doc thinks there might be an issue, it must be serious!

because i am comprehending things, i am very chatty, and i have a large vocabulary, my doc is not worried about my hearing or speech and doesn’t suspect any developmental delay.  that’s good news.  however, i seem to have trouble articulating certain sounds.  doc doesn’t think that the issue is urgent, so he suggested waiting until i turn 3, at which time i can get a free evaluation from the public school system.  hmmm, okay.

so what’s the first thing that mama did when we left the doctor’s office?  she called the young lady doc (who provided several other options) and she emailed my friend jacey’s mom (who is a speech therapist).  the old guy doc will probably end up being right, and we probably won’t do anything until i’m 3, just like he said.  but when it comes to sienna and me, mama likes to explore every option and worry about nothing.  a lot.

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just say NO!

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sienna had her 9-month checkup today, and i wanted to go with her to the doctor’s office.  mama asked me if i wanted to go see the doctor to get shots, and i responded “kyden like shots, uh uh.  kyden see baby shots.”  in case you are not fluent in kydenese, that means that i don’t like shots, but i wanted to go watch baby get her shots.   mama said that wasn’t very nice.

sienna cried through her entire appointment.  mama thinks it’s because she was tired — her appointment was right when she was supposed to be taking her morning nap.  i think she was crying because she knew that the needles were coming.  here are sienna’s stats:

  • weight: 16 pounds 7 ounces (15 %ile)
  • length: 27.5 inches (49 %ile)
  • head circumference: 44.5 cm (36%)

the doctor is a little concerned about baby’s weight dropping from the middle of the curve down to 15 %ile.  umm, have you SEEN her cheeks and her thighs?  there’s no way that girl can be underweight.  but doc said she is, so it must be true.  he said to increase her milk intake to fatten her up.  well, since sienna refuses to drink milk from a bottle, and mama is going out of town next week, that’s going to be a problem.

other than that, sienna checked out great.  and it turned out that she didn’t need any shots at all.  what a nice surprise.  but the doctor wasn’t going to let her get off that easy — he ordered labs to do a routine screening for anemia.  if you’re not fluent in medical lingo, that means “needles”!  but guess what.  mama said no.  wait, WHAT?!  she said NO?  mama didn’t want to further traumatize sienna (who was still crying) with a blood draw.  uh, WHAAA?!  you can do that?  why didn’t anyone tell me?  i would have just said NO instead of letting them take my blood when i was 9 months old.  i am definitely going to just say NO to shots from now on!

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