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last season, the 49ers played football in a new arena called levi stadium.  i asked daddy to take me to a game, but he said something about how i would have to sit still in my seat for 3-4 hours.  that doesn’t sound fun at all.  so needless to say, i’ve never been to levi stadium.  and neither had mommy or daddy.  until tonight.  tonight, they went to see the sharks play hockey at levi stadium.  weird, right?

20150221-IMG_0187in the days leading to the game, mommy and daddy talked about it and seemed really excited.  sienna and i discussed which one of us should get to go, just like we usually do when it comes to sharks games.  but then we found out that they had 4 tickets to the game.  that means that the whole family would get to go, right?  yippee!  but… no.  it turns out that mommy and daddy went to the game with auntie cheryl and uncle greg.

20150221-IMG_0182they said it was really cool to see the sharks play in front of such a large crowd.  they enjoyed seeing levi stadium.  and there were real shows (not just sharkie running contests with fans) during intermission — live performances by melissa etheridge and john fogerty, a laser light show, pyrotechnics, etc.  so, like a half-time show but not.  “intermission shows”?

BUT… they also had to park really far away.  their seats were so high up that they couldn’t see the action on the ice.  they were sooo cold.  (mommy and auntie cheryl drank wine to keep warm. that’s their story and they’re sticking to it.)  they sat right under the lights, and moths kept flying into the lights, getting fried by them, and dropping right at their feet.  bleh.  and, the sharks lost.  but the worst part of all…  they lost to the kings!!!

mommy and daddy had a fun night out, but they said that if the sharks play in another stadium series next year, they probably wouldn’t go.  i guess sienna and i had it pretty good watching the game on TV in our warm house with gung-gung and uncle henry.  but i still wanna see levi stadium when the 9ers play next season!

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