no country club kids here!

Posted by kyden on Sunday Feb 15, 2015 Under Uncategorized

we celebrated gung-gung’s birthday today.  we went to a sort of fancy restaurant which was not really “kid-friendly”, but we were definitely not the only kids there.  all the other kids were all sitting quietly in their chairs and eating nicely with their silverware.  cousin zoey, sienna, and i needed constant reminders to stay in our seats, speak with our inside voices, and use our utensils.  it reminded mommy of the times when we ate with grandpa at the country club and all the kids there were amazingly well-behaved.  daddy pointed out that those kids “grew up in the country club” so they didn’t know any other way.

20150215-IMG_0090see, that’s the problem — we don’t go out to fancy places enough!  even though mommy and daddy teach us to have good table manners (even at home or at causal restaurants), it’s just not the same.  and to be honest, sienna and i are just messy eaters, and cousin zoey just brings out the silly in me.  i’m not sure if years of training could fix that.  but i bet we have way more fun than those country club kids. 😛

happy birthday gung-gung!  “40 is not old if you’re a tree” (says a sweatshirt that he’s been wearing a lot lately), but 67 is old no matter what you are. 😉

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